Nuggets postgame interview: Nikola Jokić (02/16/2021)

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21 comentarios:

If you don't love Jokic, you got hate in your bones!
Family Lives Matters
Family Lives Matters:
It’s so rare to not only have a guy like
Joke that can do everything right on the court and everything right off the court. I still can’t believe we get to watch a future legend every other night. If he retires a nugget then I’d be so happy
Liew Wai Hins
Liew Wai Hins:
Andres Sandoval
Andres Sandoval:
Well said Jokic the younger guys are getting experience and minutes and that is what is important.
bobby smurda
bobby smurda:
Jokic is amazing 1 of a kind player.. He can do anything on offense which has never been seen before in center position. Floaters,stepbacks,hookshots,etc EVERYTHING!
Jokic u are most valuable player. Ur teamates are mvps, mediocre variant players.. fire them all
Toni Montana
Toni Montana:
Ceo balkan navija za tebe care.
Filly marada
Filly marada:
The most unique player , youre the nba best ! You should be the MVP!
It was really great JOB despite loss vs celtics
Jonathan West
Jonathan West:
Jokaza Bog igre!!!
Golden splash frost
Golden splash frost:
Man jokic and Murray carried wag to much this game
If you online people had your way MPJ and Bol would of been starting from day 1 and both need major improvement.
Filly marada
Filly marada:
Jokic - A RARE BREED !
Marko R
Marko R:
Sooon nikola soon , free agency is coming tic tac tic tac
Dragica Andrejevic
Dragica Andrejevic:
MPJ last 3 games 14.3 16.6 And now 0 for 3 points -Chinese league will not accept DENVER to trade in MEXICO with MPJ
Maxim Petkovic
Maxim Petkovic:
Imagine Jokic in Boston :)
Haha, cuje se Vojvodjanski. :D
Jokara brat!!!

Sergio Jokanov
Sergio Jokanov:
Leave Denver Jokic! If they don't give you help this year and next.
White Unicorn
White Unicorn:
Put this guy on the Kings uniform, it going to be a dangerous in the west.