NUGGETS vs TRAIL BLAZERS | Historic 4OT Instant Classic | Game 3

In the first 4OT game in the NBA Playoffs during the shot clock era (1954-55) and second 4OT game in NBA Playoffs history (Boston vs. Syracuse, March 21, 1953 Game 2 Eastern Division Semifinals), the Trail Blazers defeated the Nuggets 140-137 to take a 2-1 lead in this best-of-7 series. C.J. McCollum led all scorers with an NBA Playoff career-high-tying 41 points (18 points in the 4 overtimes combined), 8 rebounds and 4 steals for the Trail Blazers in the victory. Nikola Jokic recorded 33 points (13-25 FG), 18 rebounds and 14 assists in 65 minutes of play. Jokic is the only player in NBA Playoffs history to record such a stat line and recorded the 4th-most minutes played in a single NBA Playoff game.

Game 4 🏀: Nuggets vs. Trail Blazers:📅: May 5th , 7:00pm/et :📺: ABC

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Eric Johnson
Eric Johnson:
You know its a classic when they gotta start the video in the 4th quarter
Those fans probably didn't get home till 3 in the morning lol got their money worth tho
Respect to all players. Absolutely incredible game to watch. That's what the NBA is all about
Owl x Art
Owl x Art:
Jokic missed that ft on purpose so the game can end lmao
Blazers been putting up some classics this playoffs
Official Beam
Official Beam:
For everybody talking about the jokers stamina. U try running 250lbs up and down a court for over an hour while also pushing around grown men... U would be gassed too.
The first _quad overtime_ playoff game in *66 years*
Elijah Jukes
Elijah Jukes:
Nuggets- I can do this all day
Blazers- I know, I know
John Wu
John Wu:
best meme for this game would be captain america "i can do this all day"
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia:
I wanted the Blazers to win, but low key wanted a 5th OT cause why not
Liberty Lillibridge
Liberty Lillibridge:
that was like a 4 hour game lmao
Elijah Richardson
Elijah Richardson:
you know it a great game when its longer then endgame lmao.
Man, Jokic basically played 2 games in 1 🤣🤣
Croxbox 52
Croxbox 52:
From tip-off straight to the middle of the 4th😂
Dhaka Dhaka
Dhaka Dhaka:
Y'all just made Jokic lose weight and get shredded after this game. Y'all done messed up now.
CJ, Hood, Kanter and Harkless all made great contributions that gave Portland the W. All of those guys deserve a pat on the back incredible performance of sheer will. Rip City!!!!!!!
This game took so long that russell westbrook went to the 2020 playoffs and got eliminated first round again
Testos Tyrone
Testos Tyrone:
I'm happy for Rodney Hood. He's capable of being a solid 3rd scoring option for Portland. He & Kanter 3a & 3b.
Thouxanband Swavy
Thouxanband Swavy:
Best series to watch in the West 🔥💯💯
Lance Mitchell
Lance Mitchell:
Blazers are playing with so much heart gotta love it
Your Friendly Neighborhood Smark
Your Friendly Neighborhood Smark:
Rodney Hood wanted to go home
Respect to every single player,historic game!
Is it Dame time?


It’s triple overtime 😂😂
The Pop Bubble
The Pop Bubble:
John Havlicek, who passed away last week, and who played in the famous 3 OT Celtics vs Suns Game 5 in 1976, would be proud.
tired &hungry
tired &hungry:
I’ve been watching, playing, and studying basketball my whole life. This was some of the purest, well-played, and hard fought basketball I’ve ever seen. Both team battled hard. Both squads played for each other. This is what basketballs all about.
Hannah Frederick
Hannah Frederick:
I aged 40 years watching this game.
SlimeBall Ty
SlimeBall Ty:
you know it’s a long game when the highlights start in the 4th quarter
Leo Hicks
Leo Hicks:
My brain is still trying to process what just happened.
Moses Devadass
Moses Devadass:
About time we get a game that’s entertaining
Rodney hood is important!
salty coconut
salty coconut:
Video: starts
*ten seconds later*
Video:fourth quarter

That’s how you know your about to watch a great Game
Shaw TV
Shaw TV:
The best playoff game ever both teams wanted it more💯
Robert M
Robert M:
Now that's playoff basketball at its finest great game both teams deserve that win respect to both teams
Both teams played hard.
Tanya Jackson
Tanya Jackson:
What a great game by both teams so glad Blazers won though
Earl John Pil
Earl John Pil:
Am gonna miss this crowd reactions this year's playoffs
Portland fan. I got high respect for Denver. win or lose this.( "Pounds chest") a lot of respect.
Now imagine how interesting it would be if the blazers or nuggets made it to the WCF to face the warriors without KD!?!?!?
Omary Spraggins
Omary Spraggins:
The best game ever
the Crossover
the Crossover:
Can you imagine the intensity of the game once they went to overtime it was already intense because it's a playoff game but with every overtime like how could you even breathe
Sime'on Manzac11
Sime'on Manzac11:
5.25 out of 5 Stars

I mean,...what can I say? This game was incredible. The NFL, NBA, and NHL are just giving us instant classics that will be remembered forever. As for this game, a war of literal attrition had ensued. Both teams played their hearts and souls out for 4 overtimes and I know their tired by know. I don't want this series end to end and the Nuggets & Trailblazers should go to 7 games.
liu travis
liu travis:
What I wanna know is, how much weight did Jokic lost during this game?
Go Yammit
Go Yammit:
This was an amazing historic game I'm so glad we got the W #ripcity
F. D.
F. D.:
Kanter played 56 minutes! Absolutely, can play Kanter!!!
G Atencio
G Atencio:
One year ago today, this game was so satisfying to watch
Andreas Sanchez
Andreas Sanchez:
I love the Nuggets more and more!!! After this Year i LOVE IT so much after the Clippers
RzoneProductions 2k
RzoneProductions 2k:
I’m a kings fan but I remember watching that game and just saying “Rodney hood is a bad man” to myself lmao
based god
based god:
:30 already the fourth quarter and the video still got 9 minutes left
Nedu Dee
Nedu Dee:
This is CJ Mccollum's time. Dude got heart. Phew!
Game recap starts in the 4th quarter. Love it
Tomato Lord
Tomato Lord:
"I can do this all day"
Ryan Nelson
Ryan Nelson:
That was a nail biter.
Lj Wavy
Lj Wavy:
I went to sleep in the 3rd and I was like damn then I see there in OT
I remember watching this game in my hotel in New York and had to get to the airport at 5:30am! The game ended at 3am! Had a solid 2 and a half hour nap!
"so good! In the second half of overtime!"
glenard coleman
glenard coleman:
The historic game my nuggets lost favors my nuggets in game 4.
Kshitiz Karki
Kshitiz Karki:
What a crazy game!!
Billy Kinkade
Billy Kinkade:
This was the best playoff game this year.
This was the most insane game ever. Watch it love it was crazy! Both team fought so hard.
Bung Chew
Bung Chew:
*I feel so much pride reading all these positive comments about Portland... We've had our ups and downs, so I gotta relive moments from last year (versus this year lol)!* #ripCITY
Man, this game is so good, one of the best I've ever watched and I'm not even a Blazers or Nuggets fan
Wow what a game!
Elite Jordan
Elite Jordan:
I regret falling asleep during halftime lol
Last Of The Starmakers
Last Of The Starmakers:
Rodney Hood balling in the playoffs for his team unlike last year. Something seems funny just can't quite put my finger on it. 🤔
Jeffrey Owens
Jeffrey Owens:
Holy hell Batman. That basically sums it up.
Imagine harkless hit the full court shot 😂
Victor Rodriguez
Victor Rodriguez:
I never seen a 4 ot game in my life , this was a good game!
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry:
Great matchup I would love to see this again.
Then he kicked a home run from the three point line on a rebound, little did he know that the ball was still in play so the other team got a touchdown LETS GOOO
That rebound by CJ to hood was one of the most sneaky clutch plays I’ve seen
They were fighting. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

"And Joker says, 'Wait til they get a load of me.'" Haha. I love it.
i miss this team :(
gary morseau II
gary morseau II:
Lmao they went straight to the 4th quarter 😂😂😂
SMH I was standing up for all those overtimes!!! ... And I was in my living room!! Super intense!
*Game so cold we jump straight to the 4th cuz there's plenty of game after* 😅
that mouth watering blonde girl towards the end though, mama mia!!
Darth Maul
Darth Maul:
Wow that is crazy
M Σ N T V L:
Love how the highlights start in the 4th like 15 seconds in LOL
jonathan quintero
jonathan quintero:
7:20 Mini ladd looks so done 😂
Isaac Tarnasky
Isaac Tarnasky:
As a Blazers fan even though I know the result I still get so much stress watching this
I Do Funny Stop Motion Videos
I Do Funny Stop Motion Videos:
I love how they skip right to the 4th quarter lol
Melvin Reginald
Melvin Reginald:
Hood and Hill learned the experience with Cleveland.
SingV 1
SingV 1:
That was the best game I ever watched!
Sheeve Daily
Sheeve Daily:
I just watched a historical game
Rebellious Goat
Rebellious Goat:
I still remember when Rodney Hood scored 30 on Kobe in the first half while he was on the Jazz.
Rodney Hood Arya Stark'd the game.
Adam Almighty
Adam Almighty:
I would've loved for this series to be the Western Conference Final!
4 overtimes!!! That's crazyyyyy!
I remember watching this live, being a big blazers fan it was crazy.
Man can’t stop watching this 😆 one of my favorite games!
Oshin Boii
Oshin Boii:
Playing like it’s 1977 out there🔥
AitLin Of The Rebellion
AitLin Of The Rebellion:
we all started to forget our heroes - (McCollum) Harkless and Hood, maybe Seth :_)
Alpacha BOWL
Alpacha BOWL:
I'm crying I wish I watched this game
I remember sleeping throughout the whole 3rd quarter and waking up in the 4th OT.
Best Playoffs game I’ve ever seen
John zhao
John zhao:
I saw the title and I’m really sad this wasn’t a basketball game involving chickens.
Ricky Li
Ricky Li:
A much cleaner game than the other west semi final! This is the real NBA playoff! Respect to the players
When you're wondering why the highlights begin in the 4th quarter 👀
Beat S
Beat S:
Now thats a game! 💯💪🏼
Anthony Diaz
Anthony Diaz:
This is the most entertaining, slept on, most competitive series in the playoffs right now.