N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo: President Donald Trump is actively trying to kill New York City

Gov. Andrew Cuomo blasted President Donald Trump on Tuesday for "actively trying to kill New York City" while airing a long list of other grievances about how the Empire State has been treated by the federal government. Cuomo criticized the president for refusing to approve or fund projects that the governor has championed, such as a proposed AirTrain to LaGuardia Airport, the Second Avenue subway line and failing to provide more federal coronavirus aid for the state and city. For access to live and exclusive video from CNBC subscribe to CNBC PRO: https://cnb.cx/2NGeIvi

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100+ comentarios:

Andres jimenez
Andres jimenez:
I don’t know. Looks to me that DeBlasio single handed has destroyed new york city. He’s a lot more dangerous than Trump if you ask me.
Nicky Krystals
Nicky Krystals:
Meanwhile DeBlasio and his wife have billions of dollars go missing!!!
Jason Lewis
Jason Lewis:
I guess trump killed those elderly people to huh???
“They are after YOU! I’m just in the way.” #DJTJ
good life
good life:
other countries that beat covid, their leaders worked with their governors - everyone was united and on the same page.
Lynn Brown
Lynn Brown:
Does anyone know why over a billion dollars was slated for the FBI building as part of first Covid relief package?
Triangle Man
Triangle Man:
DeBlasio: "Hold my beer..."
Kevin Odom
Kevin Odom:
I just learned I've been chipping in on NYC subway? wtf
Donovan Dey
Donovan Dey:
You've been working on this subway for several administrations, and you've made it a block??? I wouldn't give you any more money either!!!
Rita Burton
Rita Burton:
When does the lying end?
Bill Biker
Bill Biker:
Talking governor 👈 He only talked didn’t do anything for the New Yorker
chris chineseman
chris chineseman:
Cuomo is projecting here lol...
Jason Morgan
Jason Morgan:
U are the one playing democrat monopolt
Thomas Parrish
Thomas Parrish:
That’s exactly what cuomo is doing hahahahah
u w
u w:
Look at NY. You closed down 50% of business. We're all moving out.
James Woodman
James Woodman:
Trump knows that NY politicians will suffice off the money.
If I was the Mayor I would blame it on Fredo!
Redbeard Truth-GingerGonadS
Redbeard Truth-GingerGonadS:
This is the same guy who formed an anti corruption commission and dissolved it when he became under investigated hisself....🤔🤔🤔
First Last
First Last:
He's the real Fredo. His feminine bro is just a common pissant.
Bernie Amaral
Bernie Amaral:
What did you do with all the school money that you got we want to know
"...DJT just exercise his contitutional right... vote by feet to becoming a Floridian... are you missed him yet!?"
Tatanka Sapa
Tatanka Sapa:
Those who want respect give respect. Learn that fredo Cuomo
Christine Gower
Christine Gower:
Sheesh! Dems are threatening and terrifying their voters!! Bizarre ....
"Your life depends on it" says Obama, " The violence will only get worse if you don't vote Biden" says Kamala, ..... it's incredible .... anyone that votes for Biden/Democrat is doing out of fear from these terror-istas
Hale Roofing
Hale Roofing:
Funny Rudy had the city in great shape 20 years ago, its your favorite mayor DeBalsios AOC Nadler Schumer Gillibrand and Cuomo himself that has made NYC into the old NYC of the 80's.
Before Donald Trump came across the river to Manhattan and upgraded the city changing the skyline, building the skating rink that the city couldn't get done in 6 years he did in 9 months under budget, or the golf course on the landfill that was a city eye sore
Some gratitude for the man that did more for NYC than any other has in their lifetime.
What exactly has Cuomo done to help NY ? NOTHING AT ALL
Maurice Odekerken
Maurice Odekerken:
Cuomo will be locked up soon!
Candis Metz
Candis Metz:
Why does that subway still need more funding?! What did you do with the money that all the other administrations gave for it?!
K Kendall
K Kendall:
New york never had a second wave and yet has 3 times as many deaths as every other state. Cuomo the failure
Auburn Jewels
Auburn Jewels:
Go paint letters in the street again.
Cuomo has killed the spirit of NYC no one else
Fk AllOU
Fk AllOU:
Don't blame President Trump for your local government's short comings
Sound Elevation
Sound Elevation:
Mayor, get your city together before you criticize anyone!
But thankfully cuomo was able to protect the nursing homes .
Vanessa Wagner
Vanessa Wagner:
NY has neen failing for as long as i can remember. They play the shell game with fed aid. Been going on forever. Its what all the politicians do. Thats their game. People have been leaving this state in higher numbers for over a decade. Way longer than 4 years LOL 🤷🤦
Michelle Glo
Michelle Glo:
I guess no one took him up on his dinner date offer 😂
Roger Ward
Roger Ward:
You're in charge of new York fredo snr
Joseph Adams
Joseph Adams:
Where is all the money from the previous funding that went missing
Donna Fuller
Donna Fuller:
I guess you should really say, "I killed alot of the seniors and now I want to blame someone else for every other thing I did wrong for New York." Quit throw stones, you live in a glass house Governor.
israel mora
israel mora:
This punk wants to help the poor, meaning the Midwest lol
Bernie Amaral
Bernie Amaral:
Yeah right he dropped the ball with Coronavirus and everybody in New York aesthetic and you killed half of them
Doka Saku
Doka Saku:
What can I say after watching it- a miserable jerk
Susan Moore
Susan Moore:
I love watching great comedy 🤣
Gary Agin
Gary Agin:
He caused the hoax virus covert 19 as in the 19th nervous breakdown hey peeps it s 2020 new woild odor time
HOT 2020
HOT 2020:
I have never seen CUOMO up and around walking.. NEVER! Hes always sitting ....in the same place...
Joe Pierre
Joe Pierre:
New York City ain't going to have any police anymore what do they need the money for
Liberty Springs
Liberty Springs:
😂😂😂such a funny headline when Cuomo killed NYC by keeping too long a lockdown.
Friedrich Schmidt
Friedrich Schmidt:
You're doing a pretty good job doing that yourself, Mr. Cuomo.
Malachi Ben Abraham
Malachi Ben Abraham:
says the man who orderd covid positive patients into nursing homes causing actual death!!
🤣 Lmfaoooooo Cuomo talking about killing, he should know abou that very well, just ask the old folks at the old folks home. Oh wait you can’t !
bling 1
bling 1:
Time for u to resign Cuomo all u do is complain want more and more start with President but when u called for navy president was there shame on u .Chicago
Mike Collins
Mike Collins:
cuomo and blasio are already doing that
Nah, you already did that.
Peaceful Warrior
Peaceful Warrior:
Cuomo and De Blasio are the ones killing NYC!!!! Years of financial mismanagement coupled with the horrendous new policies of defunding police and letting criminals run the street have led to this. Also, Trump did not cause the Covid outbreak. Take some responsibility, people! Oh wait.. you’re Democrats. You just blame others.
"The media is not your friend" -Cuomo
Regalada Roman
Regalada Roman:
Cuomo sounds desperate because New Yorkers don’t listen or fall for his lies any
Cuomo and De Blasio are burying NYC.
Hahah that environmental review is a genius switcharoo move. Nice
Rogelio Torrente
Rogelio Torrente:
Let me remind you mr. Coumo, you are the governor. You always find someone to blame. What a shame!!!!
We spent ourselves into oblivion, let rioters loot our stores, chased out all the producers and builders with high taxes and GOSH DARN IT, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT won't pay us for our idiocy?


Do Democrats ever take responsibility for their choices?
Cuomo....Looting, Arson and Murder is Ok!....as long as you do it in a peaceful manner!
Vision Warrior 777
Vision Warrior 777:
Just say "NO" to Sleepy Joe!!!!
M Hartung
M Hartung:
I think Cuomo and De Blasio have done a fine job themselves........
Meat Man
Meat Man:
Chomo and deblasshole are the problems. Defund the democratic city
Jacob McPhsx
Jacob McPhsx:
Nobody, not even ME believes to you on this one; Trump has done alot bad. but this is one is on you and wilhelm de blasio
Georgeanne MacDonald
Georgeanne MacDonald:
I think you are doing a mighty fine job of killing nyc all on your lonesome
You Tube
You Tube:
Chris Cuomo: "Since when should protesters be considered peaceful"

Andy Cuomo: "Trump better have an army the next time he comes to New York"
Regan Connolly
Regan Connolly:
Quit trying to blame Trump. YOU killed NYS and NYC. You killed the people, the police and the economy.
DeWild. Dwd
DeWild. Dwd:
Use some of that money you took from law enforcement and get the schools some baby wipes.
The people who are holding property prices too high are a part of a large problem on NY. No one should pay over $100,000 for less than 2,000 sqft/ month
John B
John B:
Hey, tell us the story about how the dog ate your homework. I get it governor your helpless.
eve jar
eve jar:
search this - ( Ingraham: gunning for your rights )
Joshua 4050
Joshua 4050:
Nah I think you and DeBlasio already did that
Keep it Gansta
Keep it Gansta:
Thug life...
AshenShards1 _
AshenShards1 _:
He only said “trying” because he himself has already succeeded.
Urbino 123
Urbino 123:
Cuomo all in! Good job
Attack attack
The liar
Kevin B Willson
Kevin B Willson:
Thank you for telling the Truth please keep doing so.
germx x
germx x:
Hilarious. Put some more covid patients in nursing homes you liar
He needs to resign along with dibozo
Jerome Paul
Jerome Paul:
Cuomo, we think you've done a good enough job doing that yourself
Abbott Younes
Abbott Younes:
Where were YOU??
James Lyback
James Lyback:
Trump 2020...Keeping men strong and women beautiful.
Clark Kent
Clark Kent:
Very easy wartime tactic. Blame enemy for everything you are actually doing. Wake up people.
Also why does it takes more than 30 year's to build a subway
If you want money, then open up your state! Stop relying on bailout money, when your tax base flees New York & NYC!
michael ciprianni
michael ciprianni:
I no longer need my job with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Brendon Taylor
Brendon Taylor:
Cuomo has ruined New York! Just now allowing indoor dining has RUINED NYC
Jason Lueger
Jason Lueger:
Lol pretty sure cuomo and de blasio are doing great job killing New York by themselves do not need trump's help
Trever Whoever
Trever Whoever:
This went from daily coronavirus briefings. To daily let's destroy Donald Trump. Who else isn't suprised?
Lord Benjen Stark
Lord Benjen Stark:
When you vote for DemonRats this is going to happen. Hey NY you might want to change your ideology and try something different.
Humberto A Castillo
Humberto A Castillo:
I thought you were the governor of NY
Henry Thiery
Henry Thiery:
I no longer need my work thanks to, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Fredo, Fredo, Fredo!
Michael Eric
Michael Eric:
I stopped my 9-5 with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Debby Dooks
Debby Dooks:
Love Cuomo!!!!!
Cberyl Cacvhione
Cberyl Cacvhione:
Ill be marrying El CHAPO son in italy after election year we will be returning to USA syr.N.Y.
where is my home?who can tell me?
Salvador Avalos
Salvador Avalos:
First stop the riots and enforce the law then ask for funding.
Did he just say a virus can travel? 🦠 ✈️
good life
good life:
Hey Andrew Cuomo I love your brother's show, Chris on CNN. Him and Don Lemon. They keep it so real.
Mike Reiley
Mike Reiley:
Cuomo you and De Blasio killed NY, you kicked the wealthy out by raising their taxes NY has been failing for a long time, you are not getting taxpayers funding.
forerunner requiem
forerunner requiem:
Stop participating into this life style end it now
Eugene S
Eugene S:
The city is still locked down, had the most cases and deaths, and TRUMP is to blame???? Unbelievable.