OFFICIAL Xbox Series S Price, Release Date & Specs Confirmed | Xbox Series X Price LEAK | Xbox News

Microsoft officially announced the Xbox Series S Price and Release Date yesterday and we got more information regarding Xbox Series X Price and Release Date.

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Rand al Thor 19
Rand al Thor 19:
What are your thoughts on the design of Xbox Series S and the $299 price point?
Zonked Musician
Zonked Musician:
Don't care what it looks like. Never have cared about looks when it comes to consoles. I spend 99.9% of my time looking at my TV, not the console.
Stealth Swim223
Stealth Swim223:
I think for 300 bucks that’s a beast of a machine. It’s a better sell to your parents haha. But I’m still getting a series x.
Jeremy Riddle
Jeremy Riddle:
Series X for me, and series S for my boys in the living room lol
Low Distortion
Low Distortion:
I gotta admit the series S is sounding super tempting right now.
Julian A Molina Jr
Julian A Molina Jr:
Getting a few XSS for the kiddos and Xbox Series X for me. Can't wait.
Series X in my living room, series S in my bedroom. Day one.
Jay Lundgreen
Jay Lundgreen:
Regarding the 512 gb SSD, remember, install sizes for next gen are purported to be significantly smaller due to new compression tech as part of Xbox Velocity Architecture.
Michael Devereux
Michael Devereux:
Im a PS guy. But if that's really £250 I'm definitely buying one
I'm actually starting to think these odd design choices are purely for the memes 😂. Might be a genius advertising model. Xbox definitely seems to embrace it.
Talos The King
Talos The King:
I'm definitely getting a series S.
The Noir Saiyan
The Noir Saiyan:
I like the way the console looks and yes i am a hardcore gamer with a excellent 1080p 144h 1 millisecond freesync gaming monitor i never cared 4 4k gaming. Day 1 Microsoft take my money. PERFORMANCE🔥🔥🔥🤴🏾
Kyle S
Kyle S:
The reason for the “black speaker” is to differentiate it visually from the Xbox One S. It’s bad design, but reduces the chance of confusion for the casual market.
Viking of The North
Viking of The North:
$300 bucks is pretty good man lol. I’m gonna get my brother one.
Michael Pascua
Michael Pascua:
It's a damn steal!!!
Daniel Vargas
Daniel Vargas:
Ms just pulled out their pants and showed dominance 😂
Teja Naikwade
Teja Naikwade:
I kinda like how the console look, I'm just impressed with the specs..
Jamie Jones
Jamie Jones:
So Series X for my desk/monitor “hardcore” setup and the S for my living room chill setup 👍🏼 literally forgotten about Sony at this point.
William Teichroeb
William Teichroeb:
I almost want to buy both because they’re so beautiful.
Its not a random twitter user Walkingcat is a legendary leaker he leaked the Samsung Note 20/ultra- 12 days before it was officially revealed ...leaked a bunch of surface stuff that lead to his account being DMCA'ed on twitter last week his current one is a new one created then after.
Now we also know what Rand plays to get his woman back. Reveal after reveal this week!
Loran Katoran
Loran Katoran:
As long as it runs my One X enhanced games with their enhancements and higher resolution this is my system of choice 👍🏼
Joseph Freisinger
Joseph Freisinger:
I'm digital owner so I'm getting this one
OHiWONder Gaming
OHiWONder Gaming:
Series S looks great, but I'm waiting for Series X! November 10th can't come fast enough!!
The amount of Sony ponys that don’t the difference between resolution and graphics is sad
Drew Dean
Drew Dean:
Way to go Microsoft. Now that's a low blow to Sony
Imagine in a year the kind of deals this thing is gonna have. Gotta wait for those SSD prices to drop too.
Blade Bush
Blade Bush:
Honestly, I would get the series s if it would have had a disk tray, but I think I’ll stick with the series x
Can't see sony being able to beat 500 great work by xbox
1440p is damn good for the price. I can't wait to see the games.
Manuel Gonzalez
Manuel Gonzalez:
Hmmmmm, I wonder if the thought behind the black grate design is sort of a warning sign to its purchasers to not block air flow??????
I think I'll buy the series S and use my current original Xbox one for disk games.
Edit: honestly I might spend the extra for the series x. It has more storage, more power, and whatever. I think I might save more for the series x. Especially cause alot of my games are disks
X bot
X bot:
@Mark Cerny This is Phil Spencer's "secret sauce" !!!
bonafide 227
bonafide 227:
Oh I know that this one is going to sell more than the Xbox series X
Gamers Way
Gamers Way:
I'm getting 2 Xbox Series S for my lil brothers and Xbox Series X for myself.
Hey Rand great video, that leak night was amazing. Do you think the Series S will play X enhanced Xbox One games or the regular "One S" versions in back compat?
Joshua September
Joshua September:
I literally dont care how it looks😂 As long as it waaay smaller than my OG Xbox One Im gucci, cos that thing takes up so much space on my desk.
Daryl Blackman
Daryl Blackman:
Day one purchase for me - I can't wait to get one!
I’m definitely getting one now, it’ll be a perfect upgrade for my OG One for travel. Gosh this gen is gonna be really cool with all the back compatibility games along with Gamepass. I don’t know about everyone else, but my backlog is huge!
Brad Bachand
Brad Bachand:
I imagine we get a 1tb version 6 months after launch.
Dangelo Rivera
Dangelo Rivera:
Thank you Sony for being so stubborn now we're getting a console for $300... seriously I'm so excited 😆😆
Kevin._ 10._03
Kevin._ 10._03:
If sony wants to win again there gonna have to price ps5 digital edition at $199 and ps5 $299😂
Jimmy Wise
Jimmy Wise:
Don't be to shocked when they offer different versions of the Xbox series S. Like SSD options, with/out controller, bare bones game/no game, or combinations of the sorts.
Mohammed Blooshi
Mohammed Blooshi:
Why don’t Xbox make a Xbox Series X Digital Edition
Luke Miller
Luke Miller:
I’m just waiting for XsX to come out I legit can’t wait! Hopefully preorders aren’t too far away😁
Rexford Song
Rexford Song:
I am still getting the series X. However, this is a super compelling console for entry level gamers. Wish I had these great options when I was a kid. Love the memes though hahaha
Rouge Ninja
Rouge Ninja:
Can I use my plug in hard drive that I just bought for my xb1.
what_the_fadoodlecake _
what_the_fadoodlecake _:
Me loading up google to convert $ to £, Rand al Thor: “and I think it’s £249 if you’re in the uk”
Me: 👀👌
Michael M
Michael M:
I love what they're doing here. I'm personally gonna sit out with my Xbox One X until a bad ass collector's edition comes out in the series X. Have fun this holiday guys it's a good time to be a gamer.
Autistic Avenger
Autistic Avenger:
Yeah the best meme for the Xbox: Series X and S is definitely the fridge and washer. As for the PS5 I would for sure say the best meme is the Wi-Fi router.
Clayton Thomas
Clayton Thomas:
I'll be picking up both series S and X - X for the oled in game room and s for the living room or bed room
Gamer Madden07
Gamer Madden07:
Great job Microsoft a very Affordable Entry into Next Generation even without a disk drive.The Price is Definately Right for Gamers
Exciting times! I'm curious to see the different files sizes that the smart delivery system will produce. Most of this generation of consoles were 500-1000GB so its not surprising that they remain in that range. Maybe that 512GB SSD won't be as bad as it seems.
Elias Collins Games
Elias Collins Games:
Bro, loved your channel, our opinions Match perfectly.
Loved it!
Dark web Limit
Dark web Limit:
I’m still getting a ps5 man I need that ghost of Tsushima
Roger Heflin
Roger Heflin:
That John Cusack meme was Epic. I love Memes, even when poking fun at Xbox
Donald Allan
Donald Allan:
For a machine that can play up to a native resolution of 1440p, upscale to 4K, run at 120FPS and for a price of $299.00/£249.00, the Xbox Series S is a pretty sweet deal. It will be very interesting to see how Sony responds when they eventuallyget around to revealing the price of the PS5.
I expected them to halve the SSD storage. But when I was rattling that around in my head, I was also realizing that it doesn't need to store 4K assets, which do drive up game sizes. So I think that smaller SSD will go further than if it had to store games running on Series X.
Benny Boy
Benny Boy:
I already have a 2 tb external hard drive so I’ll most likely be getting a series s
Joshua Ramirez
Joshua Ramirez:
Bro first we get a refrigerator now a stove what next.

I'm not hating.🤣🤣
Had my Xbox one since my 7th birthday. I’ve grown up with it, I’m upgrading to the series x so I’m expecting some big changes.
Ryan Hosteen
Ryan Hosteen:
Xbox Series S is going to be a game pass machine for 1080p TV's at a great price.

This is pretty damn cool actually, if I didn't have a 4K TV I would be buying this.
Captain Crunch
Captain Crunch:
I like the design(speaker) and I’m sure it’ll be an efficient beast. Kinda sad they didn’t offer an optical drive version but oh well.
Jimmy Harrison
Jimmy Harrison:
Man ,that meme with the "Place order here" 😆 Thanks for the Videos my brother.
Arturo Tiznado
Arturo Tiznado:
Im getting the x. And the s will be a gift.
Remember when Vegeta and kid trunks where training together and Trunks became super Sayian with ease while Vegeta looked with awe?

That is how I picture the Series S and the Xbox one X. An old, experienced console, surpassed by a small twat with ease
I love the design, so clean
Jeffrey Rufino
Jeffrey Rufino:
Ive been watching you the whole time, you've called it 100%!
They need to release pre orders already so I can save up for the dang series x!! I mean its only 2 months away whats the point of pre orders.
Ugh, that effin SSD... I really want the XSS but that SSD is just too small lol

Looks like I’m stuck with the XSX
PL 435
PL 435:
The antifilmic console
Jimmy Wise
Jimmy Wise:
It would be down right awesome if there was an external rom drive dropped for the XSS later 🤞
Stuffstuffington Stuff
Stuffstuffington Stuff:
Same price as a Switch. Can't complain about that.
I rather get the S over the X. I like digital over physical. Less temptation to sell my games.
D L:
Thank You good review most informative...The Price, The Specs, The Design & With Game Pass For An Instant Library Of Games Perfect For All Our Gaming Needs. We Also Have..PS4/PS3 + 💯 Games. 🇬🇧🤙🏻
bonafide 227
bonafide 227:
For me the PS5 standard edition on day one and the Xbox serious S later on this is all I need 💙💚
P A:
I'll buy the Series S for my office space where I just have a normal laptop but with a good 1080p Monitor. Series S is the ideal machine to play new games without upgrading your PC. Since I'll have the Series X too in my gaming room, I'll be able to continue my save game wherever I want which is very cool!
Super random, but your intro is somehow one of the most beautiful sounds I've heard. Seems weird to say, but it's just very... idk I like it😂
Tempo B
Tempo B:
I'm gonna get series x, but custom or variety in colours for series S would be amazing. Neon blue with orange vent. 👍
Kimberly Langston
Kimberly Langston:
Ok Microsoft take my preorder already! I want the series X 💚💚🖤💚💚
Leevi Heiskanen
Leevi Heiskanen:

I already have One X, but I want this because it looks so easily portable
Tomica & Trackmaster
Tomica & Trackmaster:
All digital is a rip off, it’s a false economy in the long term it will cost more money. As you will have fallen into Microsoft’s trap, no more cheap second hand games for you, spend extra Now on series X get a disc drive and you will have w better gaming experience and it will save you money in the long term.
Pete Petrie
Pete Petrie:
Series X for me and two Series S for the kids! No more passing down my old consoles. Way to go Microsoft 😁
Every bit of news about the Series S I heard before this video said that it was going to have the same 1Tb SSD as the Series X but Rand Al says it's only going to be 512Gb.....Damn shame but understandable as SSD's aren't cheap !!

Anyway, Cheers for the video,

Keep'em coming !!
Nebur Ralek
Nebur Ralek:
I think its a good idea... now thats xbox has a price( for the S at least) everyone's waiting for playstation to announce price. So MS can match or undercut👍
Jack American
Jack American:
It’s actually really cool. Gotta say I am digging the design I do not know why it just looks clean. I was for sure getting a Series x day 1 but now I am scratching my head since I have a 1080p monitor. And btw I don’t think Xbox should announce the series x price (at least for now).
Mogollon Mendoza
Mogollon Mendoza:
Looking pretty awesome!!
I do happy I just opened Instagram and it says 299 and I looked at it and I was like what is this and I was like ohh Shit it’s the series S damnnnnnn and I was like bro this was posted 30 seconds and I was like damn I was one of the first people to see this, I was like “X GOIN GIVE IT TO YA”
The mad king Aerys
The mad king Aerys:
It's the tower of power for me, day 1.
Buddi xD
Buddi xD:
Affordable! Its gonna sell like hot cakes
it being 512gb and digital, no thanks, not for me. I'm gonna wait for a limited edition X.
Jared Worsham
Jared Worsham:
Buying a Series X for myself in the living room. My wife is PC gaming on a 2K monitor in the bedroom and will be getting the Series S.
hamza almosoweh
hamza almosoweh:
Wish there is a version with 1tb ssd and disc drive 💿 that would be interesting to get
Serioulsy love that intro.
edward z
edward z:
Thanks for the video finally we can get ready to preorder.
John Payaso De La Muerte Reynolds
John Payaso De La Muerte Reynolds:
I like the look of it. It gives the console character. I dig it.

TBH no matter what the Xbox Series S was going to look like, people would still find something about the design to make fun of and use as meme. It looks good. C'mon people.
Zyndall Media
Zyndall Media:
Damn good prices, honestly.
Def JamBam
Def JamBam:
The memes 💀 🤣 😂 😆 😭 another great video Rand
No matter the memes the console is epic for what it does and at that price is just great. I’ll get one for my daughter and the X for me!
Bobby Correa
Bobby Correa:
I want the most convenient, powerful and affordable option. That's why i choose the series X over the series S and PC.