Officials provide update on search for actress Naya Rivera at Lake Piru

Officials provide update on search for actress Naya Rivera at Lake Piru

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Daniel Timmins
Daniel Timmins:
it's tragic...... her son will grow up without his mother. I hope she didn't suffer for long and she is at peace. God bless and look after you xx
Kiki’s Kornerꨄ
Kiki’s Kornerꨄ:
Thank you for not being grimey like TMZ. TMZ is always way too quick to print the worst. I knew like everyone else Naya Rivera drowned but geez, can the family know the details BEFORE TMZ puts the news out!?
Sad, from the sounds of it a life jacket would have saved her.
The Gonzalez Channel
The Gonzalez Channel:
7:30 So I guess Naya saved her son because she knew she wouldn’t make it
Pensotaki Im
Pensotaki Im:
Thank you very much Naya for your game and wonderful personage in Glee. In our hearts will remain the memory of you, thank you!
Queen Nunley
Queen Nunley:
I feel so bad for her son and family and friends and fans. 😢😥😭
light & sound
light & sound:
Please people, go boating in groups or atleast in pairs. rip
Kaylita Rose
Kaylita Rose:
she knew she wasn’t gonna make it on the boat... she was protecting her child. this breaks my heart 😔
Montasia small
Montasia small:
Naya died in the same month as cory and confirmed dead the same day cory died 😳😳
gn lilu
gn lilu:
Can we please take the time and acknowledge how professional and resourceful these officers were. Thank You to all the rescue team members involved.
Very organized, they kept on trying to find her. Excellent communication with the media news. We can't blame them for the murky water. They did what they could. Naya you didn't die, you are now a star in heaven 🙏 RIP
Seems like it was an accident
Her poor son and the trauma he has endured will never leave his mind. She saved her son!! So sad. Prayers and love to her family ❤️ If only she wore her life vest, she would still be alive.
Kosovare shabani
Kosovare shabani:
Rest In Peace, Naya 😭❤️ devastating news.
Andre Avenue
Andre Avenue:
Man sad news R.i.p....enjoy it above 🙏🏽
gn lilu
gn lilu:
I feel terrible. Keeping Naya's family in my prayer. Thank You to these officers and rescue team.
Waheedullah wafa
Waheedullah wafa:
Heartbreaking, you left the world so early beautiful Angel. I wish you lived longer 🌹🌹🌹💔💔💔
Maria Rodriguez
Maria Rodriguez:
Start at 5:00 mins in 😔
Catherine Rodriguez
Catherine Rodriguez:
Very sad for the child. Glad the child is alive and not hurt. Emotionally, however, this will be very difficult to deal with later on.
Tota A.Z
Tota A.Z:
This is really sad... but at least her family had a Closure.
RIP Naya.
Rest in peace Dear Naya. To the readers, please anchor your boat before you go swimming, please wear a life vest, and please take another adults with you. Thank you.
Love, Lea
Love, Lea:
Rest in peace 😞 💓
Une Maman
Une Maman:
De tout cœur avec la famille, qu’elle repose en paix 🙏💐🇫🇷
PastelGhibli :3
PastelGhibli :3:
My heart....her poor son...this is absolutely heart breaking 💔
Ronald Meadows
Ronald Meadows:
I know this is sad. I am very glad they found her. Just think if they never found her. It really helps if you can lay them too REST.

PEACE 🇺🇸😪😪😪
Kelly Beasley
Kelly Beasley:
My condolences to her family 🙏🏾
A.A Ch
A.A Ch:
God please keep her soul and heal the pain of her family . My condolences to the family.
Megan Breanna
Megan Breanna:
why does the video only show 10 mintues when its 28 mintues long? RIP Naya
Samuel S
Samuel S:
Always go on groups when going to outdoors in case something happens, be safe everyone. She may Rest In Peace 🙏
Einstein Alberto
Einstein Alberto:
She probably got killed by an alligator/crocodile. Very sad.

Edit: The California crocodile is native to California. There’s quite a few of them. They’re have also been sightings of alligators in the past in Cali, probably pets that were released because they got too big.

Some of you suggest Naya’s death was due to currents but that does not make sense, if she was close enough to the boat to lift her son aboard, why wouldn’t she also climb aboard. In addition, her son stated to the police that right afterward she just disappeared under the water. Crocodiles are known to grab people by the foot and hold them under till they drown. If the animal is not hungry then they just leave the body untouched.

I could be wrong. Being sucked under by a whirlpool would also make a lot of sense.

Either way it’s a tragedy, may Naya Rest In Peace.
Owl Tv Music Corporation
Owl Tv Music Corporation:
Thanks for everything.Condole...😞
Lorena Gon
Lorena Gon:
Oh Naya why didn’t you bring someone else with you and your son? 💔💔💔💔 my heart is broken for your little boy 😭😭😭😭😭
Rip naya..u are beautiful..
Jeremiah Juan
Jeremiah Juan:
Naya you will be missed!
A mother right up until her last breath💔
Jimini Me Timbers
Jimini Me Timbers:
Tara Scholtz
Tara Scholtz:
Pharaohs Afro Medjay Warrior BOMANI
Pharaohs Afro Medjay Warrior BOMANI:
she don't just Drown Something probably grab her it's odd something is in that Lake Piru
MarSar Fishin'
MarSar Fishin':
I can't hear this without someone rapidly moving their hands, and making funny faces.
anthony espinoza
anthony espinoza:
Rest in peace 🙏🏼❤️ she's at a better place now. And she will always be watching her son 🕊️👼🏽 From above 👩‍👦
MaTruth N.M. Bassin
MaTruth N.M. Bassin:
Long live Nya
Misses Universales Mx
Misses Universales Mx:
Wait... so the son is alive?
jfjijdj hduhfjhd
jfjijdj hduhfjhd:
tmz said her eyes were missing, prob fish got them
Tenerife Cats
Tenerife Cats:
Very sad.
megan k
megan k:
Why wouldn't you no that was her when they found her wold she look diffrnt at that time already :( I just feel like somthing off about it i hope im wrong I just wish she wasn't gone
guera jz
guera jz:
So sad.,but why would she have her life jacket on the boat with her child.did something happen or big wave must of happen,for her save her son to put him on the boat????.
Jared White
Jared White:
wonder if ppl would care this much if i went....nope. im not a rich actor.
Mrs B
Mrs B:
It took you 4 minutes just to get to the mic. Smh
Who cares. Now this story can finally end. Next.
Daniel Timmins
Daniel Timmins:
I did not know who Naya Rivera was....never seen an episode of glee..... never watch much American TV as I live in England. ..........but I know she was too young to die...... her boy too young to loose his mommy...... her family distraught and having to deal with unimaginable grief...... this is why we should be kind,loving and giving..... who knows what is gonna happen tomorrow.....
The son's testimony sounds a little suspicious. They need to interview him again.
Angela Steaford
Angela Steaford:
Rip wow this year has been horrible 😢 we are loosing so many good people.
Hope this defund the police movement ends bc we need them for this type of rescue situation
Jane Doe
Jane Doe:
David spade killed her, a sacrifice to his FALSE GOD...she was about to rat them out
To all the people saying it was a current: Currents don't pull you down. It's likely she was a weak swimmer and panicked.
Agent Gerald
Agent Gerald:
She's dead no God will carry on your legacy
Cristan Julian
Cristan Julian:
1. She went out there got drunk and drowned...happens all the time.
2. She met someone out there and they killed her.
3. She went out there to commit suicide...The thing is is though when you're planning to kill yourself why and how would you leave your child on a boat..would you not think that perhaps he would get scared and try to swim and drown to find his mother...or try to find anyone in the matter of fact?!
suicide squad like what 200% right now because of all the covid shit...
4. I don't know the lake... but are there alligators?...and if yes why would you swim in there...
Queen Daenerys Targaryen
Queen Daenerys Targaryen:
It should have been Lea Michele ;((((
People die every day. Her death isn't special.