Ole Gunnar Solskjaer & Nemanja Matic react to Reds draw | Manchester United 2-2 Southampton

Hear from Reds boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and defender Nemanja Matic after the 2-2 draw with Southampton at Old Trafford.

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100+ comentarios:

A3DL14 S4N4
A3DL14 S4N4:
I think the only problem with man united right now is squad depth,since the restart whenever we made a sub our performance dropped so highly
At least Ole's attitude is positive. Just got to win the rest and hope for the best.
José Santos
José Santos:
I feel physically sick conceding like that
Kaine Tanton
Kaine Tanton:
need to keep positive, can’t let a last minute equaliser stop us from supporting our team.
we'll get top 3 lads no worries!
Kristoffer Johnsen
Kristoffer Johnsen:
Martial and Matic played incredibly well.
Ur Mom
Ur Mom:
In ole we trust❤️fight for top 4
Babatunde Akatunji ➐
Babatunde Akatunji ➐:
My manager, ole. He tries to look for the future and helps the players as well. GGMU let's get 3rd lads!!
90s Babeyy
90s Babeyy:
Disappointing but Let’s keep going. Let’s not lose the momentum. 🇿🇦
John B
John B:
We should have been more clinical...greenwood never got into the game unlucky with Brandon so we had to finish game with 10 men
Obafemi was created during halftime never heard of him
Connor plays
Connor plays:
Don't worry guys we will get 3 spot believe Manchester United
Manchester United Lover
Manchester United Lover:
Not the result we wanted but we go again
Ice Bear
Ice Bear:
Take it on the chin, learn the lesson and move on. Please leave Pogba or Bruno at least one of them on the pitch next time.
So we can get some chance.
zack 41
zack 41:
We still meet leicester in the final match of the season. But i think we will be in top 4 before the last match of the season.
Ronaldo Owino
Ronaldo Owino:
Stop sitting back and defend. The players can’t defend.
Tareke carty
Tareke carty:
at this level martial and rashford should be potting away those opportunity
Marital and rashford should have scored to kill the game
José PR
José PR:
Don't worry, got other matches to play left, you can't win it all sometime your going to fall but its ok, next match you guys got this 💪💪💪💪💪
Aleksandar Nesic
Aleksandar Nesic:
Matic looks mad like he gonna slap someone
banter Nbeards
banter Nbeards:
Feels like a loss 😭
Liam Gallagher
Liam Gallagher:
We need better subs. Dan James is one of the most selfish players I've seen in my life, never passes to his team mates.
Jevonie #1
Jevonie #1:
we need some better subs. There was no creativity in the midfield when pogba and bruno came off. although I dont think ole should have taken them off when we were only leading by one goal
Zainab Mohmed
Zainab Mohmed:
18 games unbeaten still come on GGMU🔴
Nasser Hossain
Nasser Hossain:
We really need to recruit quality players, no creativity from the bench whatsoever
Aleem Abdul-Kareem
Aleem Abdul-Kareem:
Man Utd had the chances to have buried the game much earlier but squandered them. Quite unfortunate, I see some level of fatigue in the team, lack of vigour, concentration and being less clinical today. All the same, all is not loss, more vim
Felipe Hernandez
Felipe Hernandez:
This result just ruined my day, but I hope we bounce back
Ryan Ford
Ryan Ford:
Please don’t blow this ❤️😔
Joe Harb
Joe Harb:
Ibraahim Abuukar
Ibraahim Abuukar:
Keep going man United
chris beesley
chris beesley:
Need to sign sancho not meet that was accidental
im so disappointed 😢😢😢😯
Daire Meehan
Daire Meehan:
Come on lads martial should had scored in first half
I challenge you To Support me
I challenge you To Support me:
Never take your key players off

Why Pogba?

I still think we can make top four but it must have been win
Tareke carty
Tareke carty:
man united rush passes today instead of settling and play the united way
Support your club, this is a massive blow. We need to win the next three. COME ON UNITED
XXdoomkid YT
XXdoomkid YT:
We bottled it once again
Viggo Norgren
Viggo Norgren:
Still unbeaten👊 Keep fighting united❤️We will get Champions league i am sure about that🔴⚪️
Laurie O'Connor
Laurie O'Connor:
Nearly got 3rd mannnnn
Endeavour San
Endeavour San:
Southampton did fergie time!
Jesse Lingardinho
Jesse Lingardinho:
Matic looks so sad😢, that’s the winner mentality
Taushiq Haripersadh
Taushiq Haripersadh:
Fight for top 4 🔥🔥🔥
Babatunde Akatunji ➐
Babatunde Akatunji ➐:
Noelle Francisco
Noelle Francisco:
So frustrating 😭
Rajat Rawat
Rajat Rawat:
We need to rotate the squad to bring the energy back or it will be same as last year....we do have match winning players in bench as well, so we can depend on them too
The United Reds TV
The United Reds TV:
ole and united i beg you get top 4, love you
EOHolis _
EOHolis _:
Like for manchester United ❤️
1K Subs with No Videos
1K Subs with No Videos:
Man utd Will bounce back
Evil Gouki
Evil Gouki:
King Ston
King Ston:
We will improve👍
The United Reds TV
The United Reds TV:
why does ole remind me of him from friday night dinner at 0:04
Keith Lim
Keith Lim:
Credits to Saints for stomping in yet we conceded, I say again, our Defence back 4 must be solid defending till the end, nothing less, it a shame, we wild have taken 3 points and in Football, it as such . We deserve a point.
I think matic is the most underrated player in the united squad right now
Gutted we definitely need to bounce back come on UTD! Chelsea will slip up! 🤞👌
Abdiwakil Dagaqool
Abdiwakil Dagaqool:
Tell us where is baily
Ryan Haripersadh
Ryan Haripersadh:
If Lester and Chelsea lose the next game or 2, I say we have a chance at UEFA you know
ftd 11
ftd 11:
Our remaining fixtures
Crystal Palace away
West ham Home
Leicester away

Chelsea remaining fixtures
Norwich home
Liverpool away
Wolves home

Leicester remaining fixtures
Sheffield United Home
Spurs away
Us home

And we can still win europa league so we definitely will be playing champions league performance but the players had no balls today
Neem Noa
Neem Noa:
We had results like this even with Sir Alex and the likes of Rooney Ronaldo Vidic Rio. **** happens. The true test is how we come back from this.
Shmoo Raa
Shmoo Raa:
So soo so annoyed, I can’t believe this
Abdull Abdi
Abdull Abdi:
When ole subtitute pogba out and Bruno we lost alot of problem
K K:
Maguire marking AWB had me in tears
Tim collins
Tim collins:
We'll be fine, cmon reds
OMAKA Nathaniel
OMAKA Nathaniel:
Love your strength Ole.
We won't remain here, we gat to move on. I love you.
Muhammad Najmi Fawwaz Radziman
Muhammad Najmi Fawwaz Radziman:
My only positive reaction after the game is we can make a comeback like against Bournemouth but this time the last header spoiled us
Paul Phiri
Paul Phiri:
We're still getting third. Keep at it 💪🏾
unbeaten run still intact! we will bounce back from this result for sure! GGMU🔴🔴
we were a bit tired. Greenwwod did´t played well or had any participation. Young lad can´t play so many games in short time.
Nga Linh
Nga Linh:
I ❤️Brandon Williams . He always played well when he was replaced 🌹. Hope he and Luke Shaw will recover soon 🙏. Fighting 💪
أبو طارق أحمد
أبو طارق أحمد:
You quickly make substitution couch.
we have to keep our heads held high. We can't let a late equalizer bring our spirits down btw were still like 18 games unbeaten!
magic hazey
magic hazey:
Come on united, never give up 👏✌🔥❤
Izbaceni Zadrugar
Izbaceni Zadrugar:
Smeagol dropped the ring again, but he will find it and come back stronger! 👿
Come on you reds 🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑🛑
Huy Nguyen
Huy Nguyen:
My stomach actually hurts after watching the game and had to take half a day off from work. :( Why Man Utd?
Dika Prasetia
Dika Prasetia:
the score is still 2-1. You have issued Pogba 😔
Ezra ‘s
Ezra ‘s:
just keep the wheels rollin!!! i believe in you guys!!!
Michael Wood
Michael Wood:
Does this guarantee our signing of Sancho now?
Afnan Studio
Afnan Studio:
Hope the lads won't settle for a draw. Keep improving United!
Considering Pogba was out most of the season, Rashford injured, finishing top 4 is the best we can aim.

Keep fighting United !
Tino Hutabarat
Tino Hutabarat:
Romeu red card!!!
Nischal Rai
Nischal Rai:
Ole dont say, it is ok to loose some game, you wont hear anything like that from top managers.
Zakir Feysal
Zakir Feysal:
Pogba gave away the ball 16 times
Bruno 17 times
kelvin smith
kelvin smith:
Bad sub killed us!!
I wonder what he was thinking when he subbed Pogba
Noda Lee
Noda Lee:
Liverpool is playing easy so our battle for Top 3 will sure be tough!
Conor Breen
Conor Breen:
Anyone else realise we have a 2 day rest to the semi final whilst Chelsea have 4??
Fluffy Mocha
Fluffy Mocha:
Big difference when ole loses vs when Jose loses big spirit and mentality from ole GGMu
come on united
David Kaboine
David Kaboine:
Sick of this team not taking chances to kill off games early and most importantly taking advantage of slip ups around them! Big chance blown away tonight!
18-Muhamad Fariz Ar Raniri
18-Muhamad Fariz Ar Raniri:
Aahhhh. come on
Baba Zuleh
Baba Zuleh:
Man City Loose and Man Utd Draw👀😮
Ole the best coach , motivating the boys ....let's hope for the best at Crystal palace
We Should have Gone for 3rd goal And Finished it.
ye yan naung soe
ye yan naung soe:
💪💪💪come on united! What's done is done ...just focus on next match ...what we r going to have to do is to get 9 points from next 3 matches...we can make it done...
1 Blizard
1 Blizard:
Make champions league and you got my support back. Just keep Marxism out of it yeah.
El Doctor69
El Doctor69:
Ole enjoyed the game w 1pt
Logen M
Logen M:
Our back line worries me under pressure
Mango Lassi
Mango Lassi:
tbf obafemi's goal was a little like solskjaer's in the ucl final 99
Yatno noh Yatno noh
Yatno noh Yatno noh:
Hmmm MU draw 2-2
Кабул Абдурахмонов
Кабул Абдурахмонов:
Raihan Fatah Am-nur
Raihan Fatah Am-nur:
Mercy Football
Mercy Football:
3 questions
Where was Greenwood?
Where was Bruno??
*More importantly*
*Where th was James??*
pupung pamungkas
pupung pamungkas:
I think we had a chance to ended the game in 4-2