ONE Championship's Top 5 Unexpected Finishes

In mixed martial arts, always expect the unexpected! Relive the five most surprising finishes in The Home of Martial Arts, including Angela Lee’s submission of Xiong Jing Nan, Timofey Nastyukhin’s shocking knockout of Eddie Alvarez, and more!

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ONE Championship
ONE Championship:
What do you think is the most unexpected ending to a fight in ONE Championship history?
B the 1 U Love
B the 1 U Love:
How do you re-show every victory and then you get to Angela Lee’s victory and not re-show the final bit of it.
What’s up with that?
She’s the only reason why I’m watching you guys. Unbelievable fighter. She locked in a twister for a victory. She a submission machine.
MMA Fighters Club
MMA Fighters Club:
Woow Amazing 🔥. Thank you ONe champion ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🙏🏻.🇲🇦
New video up now!
Bryan Pryor
Bryan Pryor:
Charles Broomfield
Charles Broomfield:
Ref's in the first and second should both be fired
ryan lowe
ryan lowe: