Our First Win in Hyper Scape!

Some exclusive gameplay from Ubisoft's new Battle Royale, Hyper Scape.

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Glowing In The Dark (Instrumental Version) - Loving Caliber

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100+ comentarios:

Shawn H
Shawn H:
No fall damage? Stone is going to love this game! Great game play Aculite.
Modestas Stapulionis
Modestas Stapulionis:
Weapons seem like they lack that satisfying "oomph" feel.
This may sound so weird but you‘re like an Idol to me. Not because you‘re good at gaming, you’re awesome, but because of your personality. You‘re so calm, relaxed, having a damn great vibe and i love your outro even though i wish i could see it much later :D I am not „crazy crazy“ fan but i really enjoy your content and i just wanted to tell you that. I wish you the best!
William Utting
William Utting:
Titanfall players: have entered the chat
Bing Bong
Bing Bong:
This game is so fast paced and I got a headache watching others play before
Edit: I got it from drops and its not as hard playing.
Pit Pot
Pit Pot:
What I find cool about this game is that it really feels like a video game. Many other games focus on realism and/or futuristic/medieval settings.
But this, I can't really describe it any better, it feels like you were just spawned into a game, a virtual world. A little bit like the tron movies/comics
1mag1n3 Wag0nz
1mag1n3 Wag0nz:
This game is made for people that are insane at tracking
The TTK seems long, and with the versatility and mobility it seems like it would become annoying
Mr Peanut
Mr Peanut:
“Made by Ubisoft”

Framerate: Ight I’mma head out.
This game seems so messy, i dont think its gonna catch on
Looks fun but that streamer bs sounds like a horrible idea.
Ben J
Ben J:
This game seems good but I just don't see it becoming big like fortnite was or Warzone is...
Michael Gerbasi
Michael Gerbasi:
I dig it. Kind of reminds me of titanfall and unreal tournament with an art style like crackdown. A lot of modern shooters have slowed down movement (too many to my liking as I rather feel like a super soldier than a geriatric) and this looks like a nice throwback to arena-style, fast-twitch shooters. Seems a bit lifeless though.
Ben J
Ben J:
The map looks really cool. I don't know how I feel about the gameplay though
I need more Aculite and Hutch playing together. I love both of them so much
Aculite: "You have to use hacks"
Kevin Brooks
Kevin Brooks:
I mean, it does looks fun and the system/UI are well thought, but I don't feel any reason to play this everyday like Apex or COD...this might lead the game to die pretty quickly.
It feels more like a Darwin Project situation to me.
Louis Bowels
Louis Bowels:
In an over saturated market, this battle royal seems like it gets a lot of things right with new concepts
ItzFiber YT
ItzFiber YT:
Dude my I can’t even understand what’s happening in the game 😂
its a shame that they made such a great feature with the events yet made it so that can only happen if there's a twitch streamer in your game, which, if the game becomes more popular, that likely won't happen. i think they should make it so the people that are dead can vote on the event, or if that's not possible just make them happen randomly
Milan van joost
Milan van joost:
everybody in the comments is hating on the game but idk why. its way more dynamic then most batle royals and it really isn't that complicated. I also really like the map design.
RaptorFou 863
RaptorFou 863:
Legitally just started playing it, i gained access i love it, and theres the video i was waiting for, always that perfect timing with u <3
Played this a few hours at this point and the weapons really feel like crap. I really hope those rumors about this releasing really soon are way off but "technical test" sounds like they're mostly done which would be tragic. A lot of this game is promising but the amount of stupid, AOE weapons is annoying.
Looks pretty cool. Wouldn't mind seeing you upload more.
Emilinho 85
Emilinho 85:
Always a good day when Aculite uploads! Greetings from Germany brother 🤙🏻
Jamie Lawrence
Jamie Lawrence:
Stone and Tom sound so different, crazy
Collin Kokotas
Collin Kokotas:
Omg I heard Hutch and was so confused "I didnt click on a hutch video???"
honestly doesn't look particularly fun.
Rubber Band Man Destruction
Rubber Band Man Destruction:
This is the fastest I’ve ever clicked on a video.
Ahh classic ubisoft, they're the kings of being lazy. They literally used audio from assassins creed and siege in this game.
Kranky Duck
Kranky Duck:
I like how aculite cant hold laughter when talking about some of the features
Aculite: "This LMG is kinds nuts"
Me: Well, it's a mini gun sooo... lmao
Jose Ordaz
Jose Ordaz:
I like how the game seems really easy to play and pushes players to be active and not hid out in areas which can ruin others experiences. Also the building designs give me dishonored vibes
this reminds me of apex, hate apex and this looks even worse. sad because the ubi montreal team is spectacular.
Hugo v.d.H
Hugo v.d.H:
That one guy/girl sounds like a Rick&Morty karacter... 😂💯
Gregg Arens
Gregg Arens:
"This LMG is kinda nuts"
is a frkn minigun XD
Tyler Johnston
Tyler Johnston:
The quickness seems like a lot of fun.
The first thing that came into my mind seeing the game and having no fall damage. Stone will love this game XD
Diego Salamanca
Diego Salamanca:
Ubisoft removing buildings on purpose.. "IT'S NOT A BUG, IT'S A FEATURE"
Trayson Nichols
Trayson Nichols:
DANG ACULITE, uploaded quick af!! Congrats on the win, and thanks for all your hard work editing these and playing these games!!
Aculite 8k from 1M, really miss seeing the Apex gameplay tho
Christopher Jensen
Christopher Jensen:
Is this what everyone thought Valorant was going to be? This feels like what I expected Valorant to be.
It's Agrimm
It's Agrimm:
Can we just talk about how clean and fast Aculite reacts to situations. Dude, that's so dope.

Also, 8k more till he hit 1m. Finally!
Koustubh Jain
Koustubh Jain:
For a moment my brain was like Lord Tachanka
Andrei Generalov
Andrei Generalov:
This game actually looks so good! You can bigbrain it but still it requires skill. And the animations are sweet, not to mention the "defragging" world, which will increase fps throwout the mach. Damn, Ubisoft. Is that why we have shitty anticheat in R6S?
Rogue Squid
Rogue Squid:
Holy crap, the movement in this is SO fast paced!
Gbrunus Boston
Gbrunus Boston:
This feels like so much fun OMG, in battleroyales I often feel like we have to much PvE, but in this one ot feels gooooood.
Ubisoft: Saywhateverjustdontusethewords"ApexLegends"
I was waiting on this video literally tweeted this out in hope of a video over this game and you did
sandeep gatpalli
sandeep gatpalli:
1M hype aculite congratulations 👏 in advance
Looks hella fast, hella fun, and hella complicated to master. Maybe it’s not for me, but I’m gonna try it regardless. Great video has always. 👌
c m
c m:
thanks for the explanation of the mechanics, I was so confused watching gameplay before
Thought that was Jacksepticeye's voice for a sec...
OH MAN! Playing with my boy Hutch! This game is nuts!
Reminds me of the game Law Breakers, but now put in a BR jacket with a longer TTK.
You are an amazing creator Aculite. Your relaxing attitude, combined with skill makes any game you play a pleasure to watch. I’d watch you play Little Big Planet if you uploaded hahaha.

When it comes to the game... ehhhh idk. Not my cup of tea. Not a huge fan of all the abilities and sci-fi aspect of it. Ill keep warzone for now
Jake B
Jake B:
The movement seems very Titanfall to me and I’m loving it!!!
Serena Kwan
Serena Kwan:
5 mins ago! I’m early for once lol
chris mckinney
chris mckinney:
that looks friggin amazing can't wait to play it
Evan Umstead
Evan Umstead:
Great video man, caught the tail end of your stream today with Tomo and Stod. Always a pleasure watching! I'd be interesting in seeing more gameplay with these two, they seem really nice, and good to boot. Keep it up man!
keuliseu sagwa
keuliseu sagwa:
i like the way it shows where youre getting hit from pretty genius
As an d apex legends player and Titanfall 2 vet, this looks sick, im worried that after a few months, ubisoft will just drop development on the game...
United Bacons
United Bacons:
This doesn’t look amazing, or anything, but it looks really fun.
Edgar Herrera
Edgar Herrera:
Miss watching you play Apex, hopefully to see some soon! Cheers from Texas
Its Kawai
Its Kawai:
First one!! Aculite love the vids man!!! You gotta put out more throughout the week!!
Aditya Sidharth
Aditya Sidharth:
This game is super interesting! I can't wait to try it out
Outlander 51
Outlander 51:
I haven’t even watch this yet Aculite but I already know it’s going to be beyond cataclysmic.. I’ll stay awake a little longer hear down under... 🔫🔫
Ethan Mauer
Ethan Mauer:
This game is probably going to have a super high skill cieling
Paul Mielcarz
Paul Mielcarz:
I don't like the "sector collapse" animation. It looks very technical.
The weapon switch is amazing
Jay Schneider
Jay Schneider:
No thank you, I'll stick with Warzone.
Not to be negative and all....but this games wack....love you though, so guess I'm watching haha
Disco Pixie
Disco Pixie:
Time to kill looks too slow. Plus im getting fast paced apex legends vibes. Not for me
The game looks smooth, but we can only see 60fps on YouTube. Does the game feel smooth? Is it well optimised?
What will this be released on? Loved that game play it's so fast man I want this
Kumar Vishal
Kumar Vishal:
6:56 anyone heard Hindi audio in BG
The crown thing sounds really similar to that game in the Tower of God... for those of you who get that reference

Anyways, it's a really good solution to encourage players to actually be active in the final part of the game instead of players with low kill counts janitoring the final kill
4:36 Wanna be a baller, shot caller... No, seriously.
MSG Productions
MSG Productions:
Aculite’s content is always so satisfying to watch because his skills are insane and he destroys enemies and it’s always fun to watch. I’ve literally gone through half of his whole channel and even then he whoops everyone lol
Just saw you get another win on stream! A "crown" win? Good job!
oh my god it's TF2 on mescaline

Edit: with the damage of a spitball fight.
I've been waiting for another fast paced pvp fps ever since Dirty Bomb stopped development, this looks like it will stratch that itch. Hopefully this won't have kernel level spyware like Valorant.
How did I miss this video?! Loving this game, can’t wait to see more homie
AJ M.:
Bro, youre playing with my guy HUTCH!!!!
The movement in this game looks amazing
M C:
Absolutely love your channel man!!! But for some reason just watching this made my eyes realy hurt which then made my head hurt...i cant put my finger on it as to why..its 1st time ive experienced it...but im still guna try to watch the whole vid! Thanks for all your hard work! By far some of the best content and great attitude!
Family Guy
Family Guy:
Wow you've grown ma dude. Been here since 19k. Good luck on reaching 1 [email protected]
LyRaj NiMaj
LyRaj NiMaj:
Cheaters: Imma hack this game!
Ubisoft: No need
This world reminds me of the Framework from Agents of SHIELD
Aculite playing with the OG hutch? Didn’t even know you knew eachother
Robert Jensen
Robert Jensen:
Yet another battle royal. So exciting I just can't wait for one more no story game. Developers really are getting lazy.
This game actually seems pretty awesome. Would've had no idea it was a Ubisoft game unless you said so.
Ah, I was waiting for this video
Dawson Hardy
Dawson Hardy:
Youre playin with hutch?! I love hutch more content with him!!!
I love this game in the first day at the Release date i download it.
David Larrea
David Larrea:
This game is gonna be UNPLAYBLE on console. KILLED on console if crossplay is a ‘requirement’ like Warzone
I love Ali so much 😭❤️
Ashwin krishna
Ashwin krishna:
Waiting for that twitch game where you won with no plates 😁
Call Me Rainbow
Call Me Rainbow:
This looks pretty cool ngl. I had no idea what this was like until your vid. Thanks as always Acu <3
Train IIIX
Train IIIX:
finally a game that looks like a game and feels like a game