Pablo Carreno Busta vs Denis Shapovalov | US Open 2020 Quarterfinal

Pablo Carreno Busta takes on Denis Shapovalov in the quarterfinals of the US Open 2020.

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5 tough sets, 3 min highlights. c’mon us open, do better
jonathan lindstrand
jonathan lindstrand:
Crazy to think that this isn’t even his first US Open semifinal, underrated player I would say.
Haajir Yabre
Haajir Yabre:
Kyrgios: carreno busta will be outside 50 in ranking with out clay. This is a perfect response to that idiotic claim.
Shapo's aggressiveness while on point can get the better of him when he's up against a top level grinder like Busta, going for a huge winner every shot can wear you down, especially when youre opponent is willing to take a tactical bagel
althea graham
althea graham:
I'm a Shapo fan, so I wish this match had ended differently--but it was great to watch these warriors battle it out. Way to go, Denis!
st. paulitsch
st. paulitsch:
tbh: 1. why do you skip the 3rd set? 2. why isn't it possible to create longer highlights? 3. why?
This match reminded me of Federer vs. Djokovic. The relentless pressure from Djokovic, often gets to Federer.

Shapovalov put in a valiant effort, but Carreno Busto just didn't give in.
Calling him a grinder though is unfair, because on key points, he took his chances and went all out.

Zverev vs. Busta is probably going to another 5 set slugfest. I'll put my money on Pablo.
Amaury Castel
Amaury Castel:
Have a look at Shapo’s T-shirt at the handshake 😂
4 hours five-setter to a 3:20 highlight. Well done, US Open.
His celebration was so cute lol, “yaaay!”
Cosmin Ciornei
Cosmin Ciornei:
Congrats Pablo. Where s Kirgios right now?🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
Alexander Wolf
Alexander Wolf:
So proud of these Spaniards, RBA, Pablo Carreño Busta, not brilliant but they are very solid and resiliant.
vzR Tz
vzR Tz:
1:57 - CYKAAA
With the huge amount of awesome shots this game had, it's an absolute lack of respect you only put 3 min. highlights!!!!! 😟
PCB: 2
Kyrgios: 0
2:59 "YAYYYYYYYY!!!!"
Jason Rebello
Jason Rebello:
Denis is a talented boy, but he needs to exercise patience.
Ken Arthur
Ken Arthur:
Busta was so humble and kind in the interview after Joker got defaulted. Rooting for him after that interview.
Selcuk Cilek
Selcuk Cilek:
Shapo: It's getting bored with 3 players winning all Grand Slams.
Pablo Busta: I can't agree more.
Miguel Lopez
Miguel Lopez:
asi se juega al tenis, grande Carreño ......animo y suerte para la semifinal....
puzz puzz
puzz puzz:
No one:
Spaniards: EEEeaeaeae VAMOS
Congrats Pablo!
Wow!! Carreño llego a semis por segunda vez
Andrej Chalas
Andrej Chalas:
"I like that camera angle sometimes" - I dont
Best of luck for the rest of the season Denis !! 🙂 You deserve to win something big this year !
Tennis Legend TV
Tennis Legend TV:
Highlights of the third set are pure gold ! 7-6 : one point !
Carreno Busta purposely lost the Set 4 probably to conserve energy but also to drain Shapovalov's. Smart guy
"I like the camera angle sometime"
I wish we could watch from this ground-level court angle all the time :D
Tirthankar Sarkar
Tirthankar Sarkar:
Nick Kyrgios (on Twitter replying to Ben Rothenberg when PCB entered 4th round in US Open)
'If clay didn't exist, dude wouldn't even be close to top 50'

If clay didn't exist, PCB would still have 3 ATP titles, 2 Hard court semis (US Open 2017 & 2020).
Nick C
Nick C:
Maybe with the playstyle and form of Pablo Busta Djokovic thought another Chung or Cecchianato performance incoming that's why he might be angry and was defaulted after what he did😅
Vamoo ay con 2 cojone🤙🏻💪🏻
Daniel Zajic
Daniel Zajic:
Amazing backhand from PCB, he crushes it with perfect efficiency.
Kefah Khan
Kefah Khan:
Pablo carreno is so happy when won this match
Zeverev welcome to semi final
Pablo carreno I am faked up
Jamie Leroy
Jamie Leroy:
Best match of the tournament so far!
For sure!
Shapa - back hand is top quality as well!
Quality players! Pleasure watching them.
Ismail Khan
Ismail Khan:
Djokovics soul now enters in Busta body Soo he will b th winner of thz us opn
1:58 cyka 😂😂😂 so much for being "Canadian"...
Sathiya .H
Sathiya .H:
Carreno busta next legend...!It's true...
Красава, Пабло!!
loo cas
loo cas:
El Carreno gave El Shapo the L Clapo
glenn curley
glenn curley:
I really wanted Denis to win, he had his chances!
Around the net post at 1:26 should have been a winner.
They had some great rallies!
Busta has a chance against zverev. zverev was poor in the tournament overall.
1:13 that point just crazy!!!
The Great One
The Great One:
Amazing from PCB, would have destroyed Novaxx Throatovic regardless
Jerwin DG
Jerwin DG:
3:09 Did Shapo rip his shirt ? Was ripped when they shook hands and was that him yelling at himself too?
‘AHDR, 007
‘AHDR, 007:
Vamos !

from another Spaniard not Rafa !
V D:
Busta is a clever dude... That backache he had in the 4th set all of a sudden disappeared in the 5th set... He wanted to break Shapavolov's momentum...
Elquien Elquien
Elquien Elquien:
4hr plus 5 set match. Usopen: let’s go all out and add 15 seconds to the match summary.
герман титов
герман титов:
1:58., Shapovalov :"Suka!!")
Welta Squad
Welta Squad:
2:28 the ball seems to be out
Manuel Soto
Manuel Soto:
Great win...the rest of that Djokovic match would’ve been tough. Vaaaaammmos!
Sebastian Orrego
Sebastian Orrego:
1:29 Watching at 0.25 speed, that ball for sure didn't bounce twice

Norman Cook
Norman Cook:
McEnroe had commented "it feels like whoever wins this second set will win the match". Brilliantly insightful. Anyone experienced in tennis instinctively knew this would almost certainly be the case.
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez:
1st time I see Shapo playing not only powerfully but also very smartly. Carreno Busta might have stayed cooler during the decisive points though.
Сергей Казанский
Сергей Казанский:
3:06 Mr. Samuel😍😍😍
Shapovalov showed some extraordinary tennis, great match!! BUSTA would have ousted Djokovic anyway
Maine McEachern
Maine McEachern:
Jesus, Shapo looking like a young Rafa out there with his insane retrieval skills!
sunil jadhav
sunil jadhav:
Well played pablo he certainty has devloped his skills...nice too see him through..tough luck for shpovalov today but he is also great player.
1:15 That forehand shoot from PCB was fast.
Pedro Bartolomé
Pedro Bartolomé:
What happened in the 4th set? Amazing Pablo, in a GS Semifinal!!! And Shapo did a great performance during the whole tournament, he has a great future... and present!
Ali Ridwan
Ali Ridwan:
2:05 what did he say?
Literally the best match so far imo
Gilberto Utpott
Gilberto Utpott:
Toma shapovalov!!! Sifu, bem feito !!!!
Maddox Johnson
Maddox Johnson:
Shapo is a dramatic cry baby. You'd think you were watching a 16 year old in a tournament with the way he rips his shirts and screams.
Darth JarJar
Darth JarJar:
Physical match🔥
The Sarcastic Oxomiya
The Sarcastic Oxomiya:
Carreño Busta got bageled (tactically) and won the match. Shapo got a great future ahead! Vamos Busta. This has been one of the most fascinating USO ever❤️
I would like to know. What happened to that side line since 1:55?
Eladio Gonzalez Bardelli
Eladio Gonzalez Bardelli:
Shapavalov is like Massu PURE SCREAM lost energy en forma innecesaria.
1:58 SUKA!! :DDD
Carreno Busta was really solid there, he deserved the match, even Shapovalov made more Winners but more errors...
Bernardo Barron
Bernardo Barron:
Yo Gane vamooossss
All the way to the final🥇🏆🎾
US Open stingy with the highlights here.
Very pleased to see shappo out from the tournament. I hope he will never win any major in his life.
A. R. Graham
A. R. Graham:
I'm liking this spectator-less atmosphere
Amazing match. Vamos.
Ferdous Alam
Ferdous Alam:
Nice epic 5 set victory by Pablo Carreno Busta. Hope PCB Vs Zverev will be epic Semis.
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Goodness gracious! Wonderful match.
Shapo's 1st SF is coming
Aidan McGunnigal
Aidan McGunnigal:
Medvedev or Thiem surely have to win the tournament now.
Potage Potage
Potage Potage:
1:57 CYKA!
Рамиль Файзуллин
Рамиль Файзуллин:
1:57 SUKA
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs:
well played Carino ;-)
New Concept Home Improvement
New Concept Home Improvement:
What a high quality of performance, getting better and better👍
Bug de l'An 2020
Bug de l'An 2020:
INCREDIBLE!!! who knew? Careno Busta whos not the most spanish player knwon, still qualified for a semi final in New York ??
curious george
curious george:
1:52 😭❤️
Someone knows what shapo says at 2:05
Imran Sahir
Imran Sahir:
Can you please increase the highlights to at least 15 minutes. Learn something from AO.
Akira 123
Akira 123:
The most awkward celebration 3:00
Kenneth Zeller
Kenneth Zeller:
01:31 Denis hit the ball before it bounces,didn’t he?
Reminds me of Chung Hyeon and his run a few years ago at the AO
v g
v g:
Vamos Pablo!!
Steve Hansen
Steve Hansen:
Shapo has a habit of tearing his shirt when he looses a point or a match. Funny!
I can't believe I feel asleep on this match. I was pulling for Shapovalov too. Congrats Busta.
I've never seen Shapovalov angry like in this match.
Zachary Leung
Zachary Leung:
What was Shapovalov yelling?
Rohaizad Rozlim
Rohaizad Rozlim:
it was intense 😳😳👏🏻
Renan Eich
Renan Eich:
2:52 - GAAAAME CARRENO BUStãããããnnn....
Charlesstephen 2005
Charlesstephen 2005:
Carreno busta conserving energy on fourth set
Shreyas Ontivillu
Shreyas Ontivillu:
shapo had his chance....missed it this slam