Paige Spiranac Embraces Her Strength & Confidence In Emotional Swimsuit Shoot | Sports Illustrated

Golf star and influencer, Paige Spiranac, takes her empowering SI Swimsuit debut to the next level in this sexy Aruba photoshoot.
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Paige Spiranac Embraces Her Strength & Confidence In Emotional Swimsuit Shoot | Sports Illustrated

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'We wanted to give her an opportunity to showcase her strength and confidence..' Yes, that's what SI's swimsuit mission is. Hilarious.
Jeff White
Jeff White:
Maybe the thong represents the wedgies that victims of bullying receive. So brave! Speak your truth!
James Timmerman
James Timmerman:
Finally, a beautiful woman that is real. Keep being you.
David Ackley
David Ackley:
Theres a whole lot of 'strong independent women' who cant seem to handle their emotions. 🤔
Padraig O Broin
Padraig O Broin:
How to overcome bullying. Take naked pictures in the desert.
Gregg Mchenry
Gregg Mchenry:
Pure beauty and sexy, great job,
paul johnson
paul johnson:
What a sweetheart. Love the looks but love the golfing, playful, sense of humor........when I see Paige, I click........such fun to see her have fun......good on ya honey....
2:26 must have been something she heard a lot in HS from jealous girls who’s bfs she kept stealing 😂
Casey Minshew
Casey Minshew:
Cyber bullying is a thing? I’ll be damned.
Colan Tchir
Colan Tchir:
You are beautiful. Believe in yourself
Lee Bowyer
Lee Bowyer:
Oh Paige, you're sooo awesome!
Dan Arcotta
Dan Arcotta:
Wow, this girl is genuine!
Phil Hofman
Phil Hofman:
Gos bless you, Paige!
Michael Nicholas
Michael Nicholas:
You know, I'm always disappointed when I see people be reductive in regard to the pain and emotional suffering of others. Like, somehow, because she's enjoyed financial and personal success, there's any less strength in a person because they get emotional, or cry.

I'm a Marine. I served, and you know who shed tears more than any group of people I've ever known? Marines. Strength isn't about having a handle on your emotions, it's about being able to muster the strength to carry on, despite them. And it takes a hell of a lot more personal strength and self-awareness to let yourself break down than it does to bottle it up, and pretend that somehow, becoming apathetic and unfeeling is a greater show of strength.

When my daughter was 5, her mother left us. It took about a week for it to really hit home for my little girl. I picked her up from daycare, after work, and we headed home. Right as we passed from our living room into the dining room, I could actually feel her stop, and knew something was wrong, before I even turned around. I turn, and my daughter is standing there, stock still, crying. And we're not talking sobbing loudly, making a show of it, like kids do when they don't get their way, or you won't let them get a toy at the store.... she was quietly streaming tears, trying to bite back what she felt, and was just shutting down.

Some complete idiots, lacking any sense of self-awareness or empathy, would have tried to make that a cheerful moment, but I knew better, because I had great parents, who taught me that vulnerability - in the right moments - garners additional strength and resilience going forward. So I took a knee in front of her, took her by the hands, and asked her if she'd tell me what was wrong. Tears in her eyes, trying to hold it together, she said, "I miss my mom." It was no longer "mommy," but "mom." This little girl was having to grow up faster than she should, because of a bad choice by her mother. And keep in mind, her mother has her own problems, and isn't the devil. If anything, her mother was a victim most of her life, whether betrayed by family, loved ones, or people she trusted, and was damaged in her own ways.

So, I told her that I missed her mother, too(a half-truth, if truth be told, to empathize with a little girl who just needed me to be her ally; brutal honesty is not always what a child needs, any good parent knows this), but that she wasn't there, because she decided to be somewhere else. She asked, "So my mom didn't want to leave me, she had to?" And that's when the honesty came into play, as it is, and not as she wanted it to be. I told her, "No, your mother didn't have to leave. She wanted to. Daddy tried to get her to stay, but she didn't want to be here anymore. That doesn't mean she doesn't love you, but Mommy's heart is sick, and she's trying to do anything she can to make herself feel better, and right now, she believes that leaving is what's best for her."

That's a complex thing for an adult to deal with, but imagine trying to balance all those powerful, complex emotions as a 5-year old girl. So, at that point, I could see in her eyes what she was feeling, and told her, "Baby, your mother loves you, and I know you love and miss her, but you still have me here, and I'm not going anywhere. I will always be here, and nothing will ever keep me away from you. And even though you love her, and you miss her, it's okay if you're mad at her, too. That doesn't mean you love her any less."

She flopped on me, continued to quietly cry, and I held her for about 15 minutes, after which point that little, 5-year old girl, overcome with emotional and mental fatigue, usually with boundless energy, passed out on me at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. I laid her down to let her rest, and woke her a couple hours later, to eat and do homework. And after that, she wasn't perfect, but she felt better, got a little stronger, and was ready to keep moving.

Put yourself in Paige's place, for just a moment. Imagine that no matter what you do, people constantly decry you as being trashy, or dressing and behaving in a "slutty" fashion, just for wearing what you like to wear, or what's comfortable, or trying to be fun and playful, publicly, in any way. Imagine being an NCAA Division I golfer, having won a Mountain West tournament against the top amateur in the world at the time, and then being told you're terrible at what you love most by a bunch of people who couldn't hope to compete with you on your best day, over and over again, simply because you were famous for being beautiful instead of simply being famous for what you achieved. Imagine them doubling down when you don't go on the LPGA Tour, and when you're offered a sponsor's exemption to play in the LGPA Dubai Classic, even the other women on the Tour trash you for doing it, and talk about how you aren't good enough, and shouldn't even have been invited, and how it was only your beauty that landed you the gig.

I've followed Paige for some time, keeping an eye on her career. That's in part because she's beautiful, but also because she seems like this incredible, beautiful person, is actually trying to put something good out into the world - in spite of the ongoing criticism of her choices, which really aren't anyone's business - and she has an amazing golf swing. I had an opportunity for sponsorship for the PGA Tour when I was just out of the Marines. Could have likely gone to Mike McGraw and Mike Holder at OSU, and played for the Mens' team there, instead(Mike McGraw was my high school coach, in Edmond, OK, after surrendering his Tour Card and leaving the PGA Tour). Then my mother's cancer came out of remission, and my father had his third heart-attack, in about a six-week span. I withdrew from college, and walked away from endorsement negotiations, and took care of my parents, because it was the right thing to do.

Since then, no one has taken me seriously. I was labeled as a genius at age 6 by Mensa, and was a professional-caliber athlete, and U.S. Marine, and here I am, struggling to regain traction still, years later, despite at one point being in college to study Human and Molecular Genetics, eventually become a doctor, and working to make my dream of competing on the PGA Tour a reality. I left it behind because I felt that being there for the people who'd always been there for me was more important than my success, and it had a price.... quite a heavy one, actually.

Likewise, taking a different bite at the apple would have also cost me, in other ways, that transcend money, as if having it suddenly makes all your problems go away. It clearly doesn't, particularly on a personal level.

Paige is just a person. One of the most beautiful and nearly-perfect(in my opinion) women ever created by God, inside and out? Probably so. But does that mean she's supposed to just ruin herself as a person, and be unfeeling, and be a good little celebrity robot, and self-medicate and become a complete train wreck, because "that's the price of celebrity?" Because that's essentially the argument I've heard made: she's successful and has money, and has been relentlessly mocked, bullied, and diminished, but so have people without her money, and that's just part of being on social media, and doubly okay because she's a celebrity, now.... the level of stupidity in that assessment and dismissal is ridiculous and inhuman.

Paige Spiranac is a talented athlete, a good person, and just happens to have the visage and body of Aphrodite herself. Hers is a face that could launch a thousand ships. That doesn't mean that she's not just like the rest of us, inside. The fact that people don't get that is just proof of the fact that our technology, as Einstein warned, continues to surpass our humanity.

What if Paige was your friend, lover, wife, sister, or daughter? Would you dismiss her pain then? Somehow, when self-interest was involved, and it wasn't just people on the internet, remotely taking pot-shots at a woman who seems to be amazingly kind and sincere, I doubt you would shed your empathy in exchange for apathy.

Take a good look in the mirror, people. A good look in your own eyes, every now and again, with the question, "Am I someone worthy of my own admiration?" might just give you the humility to start becoming a better version of yourselves, instead of manifesting into another version of something you revile. Making excuses for it, or being reductive in regard to the problem, just means you're helping it persist. Change starts within, and then requires you to act upon the world around you to sustain it. You might not be able to control anyone but yourself, in the end, but it sure wouldn't do any harm to actually try to put something beautiful and compassionate out into the world.

Paige certainly has tried, and continues to try.... now it's your turn.
Anum Rabadam
Anum Rabadam:
It is deeper what we saw, you show your soul Paige, Great!
michael shannon
michael shannon:
I love the way your legs work, really impressive
Lyudmil Kisov
Lyudmil Kisov:
Hello Beautiful, there is nothing to be ashamed of !
You know that, everyone can see that 🥰 You are men's dream in every aspect !
Be proud of yourself!💐
I wish you all the best !😃
Sloe Bone
Sloe Bone:
I like Paige, she’s beautiful and seems like a good person, but c’mon. You know who else has experienced negativity online? Every other person who has put themselves online. The thing that gets you a million subscribers and lands you in the SI swimsuit issue also brings out the haters. It’s a trade off. Don’t we all wish it was nothing but love? Of course, but it’s never going to be that way so you take it in stride.
Sherilyn Dickerson
Sherilyn Dickerson:

ග්‍රූට් මහත්තයාමට ඔබේ කාමරයේ දූවිලි ගැසීමට ඉඩ දුන්නොත් ඔබට ඒ පිදුරු උණ අඩක්වත් නරක නැහැ ඇය නැවතත් ඇගේ දූවිලි ගසා දැමුවාය පළමු වරට ස්ටීවන් කිවිසුම් යාමට හේතු වූ දිලිසෙන චේතනාවන් ඔහුගේ මුහුණ වටා වාතයේ පාවී ගියේය
josh lomax
josh lomax:
Ha haaaaa it's just like the fear and loathing in las vegas scene in the desert, l love it.
Rocco Gant
Rocco Gant:
3 million yrs of evolution gave us PAIGE ..... evolution did real good/.....
Robert Daugherty
Robert Daugherty:
Live your life.
This has to be a joke! People below will believe anything! 🤣
Christopher Melvin
Christopher Melvin:
You go girl!
Beautiful shoot and touching ending, Paige. You're too classy to be pulled into the mire. You are beautiful, smart, and athletic. Wear it proudly.
Memo L
Memo L:
I love you Paige ❤😙
Steve Robinson
Steve Robinson:
How can someone be mean to someone who is so beautiful inside and out?
What a sweet hearted individual. Good on her for speaking out against the bullying. Btw, damn she’s beautiful...inside and out.
E 3
E 3:
I think with social media it only takes the ability to ignore it's not a superpower I think she sometimes craves the satisfaction of approval which is why when she doesn't get it she reacts so emotionally
katrina crown
katrina crown:
2.36  put your self in the public eye like you do  and then wine about  it   what do you expect
Alan Sherrow
Alan Sherrow:
You are so beautiful love you
hrvium hrvarium
hrvium hrvarium:
she's so brave!
Wayne Bailey
Wayne Bailey:
Such a beautiful every way.
Wonka wonka!
Jeffrey Walker
Jeffrey Walker:
shes #1
Jessie Klingaman
Jessie Klingaman:
She should stick to modeling cut out the golf stuff......!!!
Dwight Dzierzek
Dwight Dzierzek:
Paige, I'm sorry that someone has to go through those things just for being real. I commend you for being open and honest. I'm sorry that you have to deal with things that aren't fair.
Siggy Doo
Siggy Doo:
Mark Mackenzie
Mark Mackenzie:
Sexy and can play golf. And most of all, one heck of a decent person. Funny and smart got it all.
Graham Sutton
Graham Sutton:
Love Paige! She gets the negative stuff from little men.
donald Clifft
donald Clifft:
a very sexy model
Would have been a better video if it was strictly silent or just music the whole toke..less talky
So hot! Love Paige.
Santiago MURILLO
Santiago MURILLO:
Ms. Paige Spiranac, I sincerely hope you'll read my heart felt & respectful comment: To Hell with what Ppl think, write or say about you. You seem like a genuine young lady. I've seen you hit a Golf Ball like nobody's business. Being a Champion, like you'll be one day, is very lonely, not to mention the hard work it takes just to get there. I highly suggest that you also incorporate a Boxing Training routine into your fitness schedule. If anyone every crosses your personal air space; an arms length, then lock on & fire. That's where your Boxing Training will come to help you every time. Your looks, talents, & intellect combine, that creates lots of jealousies, even from Ppl within your social circle. A Champion trains alone, & @ various times of the day/night. You have the look & eyes of a Champion. Embrace it all, but DON'T ever lose your humility. That will take you a long ways. I hope everything works out well for you Ms. Respectfully written, Santiago Murillo, Esq.
I want to with her!😋😍😝
Nunzio La Vattiata
Nunzio La Vattiata:
Look at those amazing hams!
There was a lot of crying going on for someone with Strength. Why don't you do a video on Ann Coulter if you have the balls.
Tim Sullivan
Tim Sullivan:
I wish someone would cyber bully me, and could play golf, have my picture made, and guess what I would not even cry! I would be thankful for my charmed life. Give me a break
david head
david head:
Paige you are incredibly beautiful ,you are born the way you are ,dont apologise for it. If people are jealous tough on them. Embrace your beauty and best wishes.
Cr8ive Amboy77
Cr8ive Amboy77:
I'm glad I wasnt born into social media.. otherwise i might take half of what's on the Internet seriously
John Durrant
John Durrant:
Strong woman, RESPECT!!!
Jesus Paige, you're a beautiful woman! If someone ever tell you something negative, DON'T LISTEN!!
#gosalgo gosalgo
#gosalgo gosalgo:
Thank you continue all the best
V I C H:
she had a long ass day giggity
1:11 My EOS 1D dreams of being used this hard.
Well, this year it should be called Fat Illustrated with the lineup of models they have for the swimsuit edition.

I never knew over-eating is a sport.

Fat people are all “professional athletes.” They work VERY hard to master their sport. It takes years to master, and a lot of hard work and dedication to stay at the top of their game. 🙄
david trent
david trent:
One beautiful model golfer
Neen Alladeem
Neen Alladeem:
It's good when you come to terms with what you are. I'd cry too if I was a thot.
David Martinez
David Martinez:
Paige, you r yummy
wade marchand
wade marchand:
When you started to cry my eyes filled up to. Good for you girl!
Bac Burrito
Bac Burrito:
such #metoo hypocrisy
Tim Allen
Tim Allen:
I think Paige is awesome
Jarlaxle Baenre
Jarlaxle Baenre:
oh boy
Frank Skuse
Frank Skuse:
Stop hating, you fools!
Ben Presto
Ben Presto:
Paige don't let losers get to you I love they way you love life.
Al Katraz
Al Katraz:
Thanks for being you, and sharing your thoughts, talent, and charming outlook on life. Do what makes you happy. We'll keep watching.
Rocket R W Turner
Rocket R W Turner:
Embrace it, and love yourself always! Your “shrink” buddy! Dr Rocket Turner 🚀👏
Rob New Hampshire
Rob New Hampshire:
Paige, like all of us, you are a precious gift from God above with a complexity of wonderful ingredients internal and external. Truly, one of a kind. Look to God for all your affirmation and know that thousand of us endore you too! I look at you and listen to you, and I see the unfathomable beauty of our creator. Looking at you and hearing you express yourself is like beholding an Angel from above.
Michael Chiaramonte
Michael Chiaramonte:
The haters hate themselves and hide behind a computer screen. Enjoy your life
stinkin lincoln
stinkin lincoln:
Strong. Brave. Hero
Slipknotpimp 666
Slipknotpimp 666:
What a bunch of snowflakes! Crybaby!
Jerry Valenzuela
Jerry Valenzuela:
Hope you’re enjoying yourself
Ahh, the beautiful, athletic woman got "bullied".
What some have already said, don’t take the online negativity seriously. I’ll bet the majority of the comments are positive. So don’t read the negative ones. Accept that there will be negative ones and move on. When you put yourself in the public sphere, some people are going to be jealous and negative. Know and thank your higher power, your inner spirit, for all you are blessed. Be humble and thankful. Focus on others. You bring joy to so many. Keep on. Be strong.
She cried because she got photos taken? I'm sorry but that thong only empowers old men to play with themselves.
Johnny Penso
Johnny Penso:
Glad to see Paige was able to overcome the trauma of this very tough photoshoot and is now able to show her sexy side. We all have our battles.
J C:
Paige, the most beautiful woman on the world. I Love You Paige.
Rick Collins
Rick Collins:
Absolutely stunning and beautiful.
Ken Fisher
Ken Fisher:
Your a beautiful person Paige. You are amazing at modeling and golf. I am similar in what brings me down takes me right to the top better than before. Stay positive you are a role model to little girls all over the world.
little Do
little Do:
Well she looks hot.
stephen marrone
stephen marrone:
Very cool Golfer Model I believe in negative and positive but being honest and kind. Good for you
I often wonder why there are so many ADULTS that break down into emotional train wrecks when discussing being bullied.

Did these people never learn the old rhyme “sticks and stones...?” Why do GROWN ADULTS break down over internet trolls, etc?

I’m just going to say it. If you are emotional unstable enough to break down (on camera) and cry because complete strangers make fun of you, you are not an adult. You have the emotional maturity of a child, and anyone doing business with you is effectively exploiting a child.

This needs to stop. Parents need to raise their children to be ADULTS, not simpering children in grown bodies.
If only she put as much effort into her game
Ray Anderson
Ray Anderson:
Did you just say she has dealt with bullying and negativity ????
How ???
For what ???
What could ANYONE possibly say to Paige that would bother her ?? Her self confidence should be thru the roof !
She is healthy , beautiful, AND a really REALLY good golfer !
Put on a smile and be thankful for your large amount of blessing that most every woman wishes she had .
If she were my girl she would be smiling EVERY day 😎😁
E. G. Flores
E. G. Flores:
Hang in there young lady, you are doing just fine.
Mark Johnston
Mark Johnston:
Very cool.  Now go win some tournaments.  You have a great swing!
Ray Anderson
Ray Anderson:
Her Legs Are Sick.....
Keith K
Keith K:
Paige hold your head up. You’re a talented, gorgeous person and a very good golfer. Don’t listen too the bully’s. They on crack 🤪
Dan Sager
Dan Sager:
Many can't identify with her sadness as she is beautiful, wealthy and famous yet she still seems to want us to believe how hard her life can be at times. Don't know of any human that has a perfect life or are free from all demons and I'll bet 90% of the women on the planet would trade places with her in a nano second.. I'm sure she is wonderful and totally sincere but it is hard to feel sorry when you're just an average joe fighting the good fight every day of your life just to pay the bills and raise the kids always in the dark with no platform or microphone to seek some love and understanding or share your pain..
Brad Reambeault
Brad Reambeault:
Own you ! Don’t worry about what everyone else has to say. If someone doesn’t have something nice to say or has to cut people down they only have themselves to look at. Sad !!
Lord Gunther
Lord Gunther:
She lives on recruit difficulty, give me a break
Whodat Whodat
Whodat Whodat:
An incredible young lady.
simply . . STUNNING .
Crina Lupu
Crina Lupu:
OMG sweetie please do not ever cry for what some people say, many people have this old mentality that if you are too sexy you must be a "slut", or that if you have money and brains you must be perfectly happy, they can't understand you are sensitive just because they aren't sensitive , don't give satisfaction by showing you suffer just because they are so meen. Be brave, be beautiful,be you, you deserve all good and best in life👍💋♥️
marty maness
marty maness:
Once you 100% don't care about the haters. Then you are truly free!