Parkland school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz confession video: visit from brother

Police have released videos of the interrogation of Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz, who allegedly gunned down 17 people at his former school in February. In this video, Cruz's brother Zachary visits him in the interrogation room and asks why Cruz allegedly carried out the shooting.

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Moon & Stars
Moon & Stars:
If he only heard this before that day
sister shook
sister shook:
i couldn’t imagine sitting there and seeing one of my siblings sitting in that seat.
im a banana
im a banana:
Man wasn't crying when he killed 17 people
Sean E Cash
Sean E Cash:
They should show this in high schools. For both bullies and for anyone ever thinking about doing something like this to see the other side... this conversation obviously needed to take place before...
brother is pretty level headed
Cory Connell
Cory Connell:
“You can’t even own a gun now”. That kid will never, ever see outside again and never be free.
lollypop scuddle
lollypop scuddle:
Not defending his actions but he needs mental help
Imagine he had a talk like this before the day of the shooting...
Jacob Sopko
Jacob Sopko:
His brother has what he lacks... the ability to empathize and care for others.
I miss 2019
I miss 2019:
His brother is in pain for sure... I can hear it in his voice. He feels guilt for what his brother did. So sad...
Jena Aiton
Jena Aiton:
Just a reminder that this man killed 17 people in a ten minute period.

Edit: I'm not saying that he didn't have mental health issues. I'm not saying he didn't have a challenging life. I don't want to be insensitive. I honestly just find it interesting. I always thought that shootings aren't that quick, that it would take a considerable amount of time to take 17 innocent people's lives. But it didn't. It took less than ten minutes. I feel empathy for him, but I have absolutely no sympathy for him.
King K Rool
King K Rool:
“A child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down just to feel its warmth”
damage 2836
damage 2836:
Suprised how calm his brother is being to him
don't bully kids, or they may show up with a gun next day
Bradley Walker
Bradley Walker:
This is the problem, everyone cares when it's too late.
joros Dacullo
joros Dacullo:
I cannot imagine how it hurts to see my little brother in handcuffs...
Question ?
Question ?:
I feel bad for both. That boy freaking needed real freaking love. And his brothers love came too late.
Ak Ag
Ak Ag:
his brother should’ve said “what if someone shot me” and talked about the pain he caused for others. they’re focusing too much on themselves rather than the victims
coolg1rl des
coolg1rl des:
“Try to find God. You say you have a demon, try to find God. Cause God is good. God will be there for you. Try to connect with God.” wow
If only they had this moment before it happened.
Colin Craig
Colin Craig:
“This is not who you are.” This broke my heart...
juice box
juice box:
Schools: *driving teens to the breaking point of wanting to kill others*

Department of education: 👉😎👉
Yen Ha
Yen Ha:
Ima be real with you chief I just cried
If one of my siblings ever would if something as this I would still love them but I wouldn’t look at them the same way ever again. I wouldn’t feel safe around them. I would be AFRAID of them.
Liv S
Liv S:
“a monster?” yes mate a monster.
Lilliana ALDC
Lilliana ALDC:
“A monster...?” Ik hes bad but that still hit me *hard*
Danny Pitcher Enterprises
Danny Pitcher Enterprises:
I feel so bad for the brother. He lost his parents, his girlfriend killed herself and now his only family left is a monster. I can’t imagine his pain.
Buddy Semken
Buddy Semken:
He wasn't crying like a baby when he shot those kids!
Hermetic Kitten ASMR
Hermetic Kitten ASMR:
I have always wondered what school shooters would do, say and feel when dealing with the aftermath of their actions. This vulnerable, fragile, emotional mess was not what I was expecting. He looks like a sensitive, broken individual, but it is hard to understand why he would do such a thing. How was he capable of doing it all? Why?
tiki roberts
tiki roberts:
“You say u have a demon? Find God!” Big brother is solid!!! I could tell he didn’t want to leave
Poopy Party
Poopy Party:
wasn’t crying when he killed 17 kids,
and hurt 17
This is just so sad for every single person concerned. Including Nikolas
03:35 "how did you not know what to do with your life? I mean you talked about the army..... you talked about... hmm I think that's really it..." lmao
print the future
print the future:
Zach is the literal definition of motivational speaker. He Motivated me to be a better person
Cruz: Kills 17 people...
Brother: man...u cant own a gun anymore
When his brother said he loved him he immediately regretted it. His eyes opened and saw what kind of person he was.. a murderer. He is scared of himself now

But maybe he is just messing with all of us. Tbh I don’t care if he lives or dies. He took more than he deserves to live
I can't ever forget what this kid did, but I feel so bad for him too.
Sean Adam
Sean Adam:
I wonder if Zach gets bullied at school because of his brothers action
Cloudy NS
Cloudy NS:
That man didn't even have parents, friends, not even his older brother. He was a sad lonely man without no one in this world. All he needed was a hug, a friend. It's insane what people can do.

"I believe in y--- *sigh*... just stay solid, alright?"

Jason K
Jason K:
When he says "you remember when mom died and i said i had your back" that hit hard.. cant imagine having to live knowing what your brother did.
Carol Luker
Carol Luker:
This made me cry I see a broken young man with his inner soul destroyed
Austin Martineau
Austin Martineau:
I only feel bad for the brother, imagine.
Laura Adams
Laura Adams:
I love his brother. What a wonderful young man speaking such beauty from his heart to his brother ❤
Sofie u
Sofie u:
I really think he could’ve been stopped. If he got the right help.
This is why it’s important that kids get help at a young age with whatever they’re dealing with because it can go further... and people can end up hurting themselves or others if they never get any help.
lost chino
lost chino:
Rip everyone who lost their lifes.
Willow J
Willow J:
i genuinely feel like bullies got him to do it, combined with a toxicated mentality
Personally, I can't even hug a sibling of mine after doing something like that, I would honestly rail into them if they killed 17 people
Paris Bree
Paris Bree:
There’s so much loss all around. Caused by him. When he says he’s a failure, I agree. You failed to give all of those children a future.
His brother still has the courage to love and care about his brother after all he did. Damn that’s a good sibling
M R:
No one
His brother: aright
All the kid Need was some love😔
Ramonas Ramonaite
Ramonas Ramonaite:
Zach: people think your a monster
Nick: I'm a monster?
Look at, what you did nick
John Ingels
John Ingels:
I need to be nicer to my brother (this isn’t a joke)
Black Wolf
Black Wolf:
Damn its so heartbreaking...
Resist The Tyranny!
Resist The Tyranny!:
His brother is very wise for his age.
5:19 you cant even see kobe anymore
Potential Bloomer
Potential Bloomer:
Glad to see you guys aren’t quick to bring the pitchforks and torches and burn him alive. Instead you’re willing to listen. I value that.
united atlantic
united atlantic:
“Everybody deserves a second chance”

Promise me everyone, if you guys know anyone that needs help or seems down please help them....please please please help them. THEY REALLY NEED HELP...
I don't hope this guy burns in hell, like some of you think he should
i really started to feel bad for him for like a minute But Then i realized this man deserves everything he’s getting and he KILLED 17 People and hurt many more.
Charging Active
Charging Active:
5:19 hits different
The Lax kid
The Lax kid:
Its amazing how a few words can change how a whole different person thinks and acts
Independent Contractor
Independent Contractor:
You know, all I have to say regarding this is I pray he finds Jesus Christ.
Random Stuff
Random Stuff:
I love how the brother mentioned God
I Play Game's ಠ_ಠ
I Play Game's ಠ_ಠ:
I am kinda mad at everyone that says that they "hope he dies" or "should burn in hell" (I am not saying I support murder/murderers) but I feel bad because he lost his mom, felt hopeless or like no one cared for him. That is why he killed 17 people, to let his frustration out on the world, he is also young and didn't know what he is doing, to prove this his brother says "people think you are a monster now" and he replies "a monster?" in a scared tone, (0:34) at the time he was killing people, he was just focused on letting out his madness and pain, similar to what he felt. I feel deeply sad for this 19 year old that could have been a great person, with great friends, which was sadly trapped by depression and sadness which guided him to murder.
He's hurting he acted out because he felt that everyone hated him or something like that
L K:
I know that deep down, he just needed someone; anyone. I have this feeling that he was a good kid who could have done exceptionally great things. He just needed help. Teenage years are hard. I can tell that he now feels the guilt of ruining so many people’s lives. I will NEVER purposefully imply that this man did not do horrendous things. What I am saying is that I appreciate his brother so much for being there, and that I’ve acknowledged his pain. You do not have to care for my opinion. You can have completely different ones, too. I hope that one day, he could see this and possibly change. There’s a small chance of that. I know. I just feel like it’s the right thing to write this.

Edit: I also have the mindset that he could have been selfish and cried for himself. It could be a facade or something.
His brother will have a TED talk one day.
Jeydon Destiny
Jeydon Destiny:
It’s insane that loneliness and mental illness can cause so much damage in so little time
Riri TV
Riri TV:
He killed 17 people and isn’t facing death and Ynw Melly possibly killed 3 and if found guilty could face death penalty. Now there’s something wrong with that 😐
Liv S
Liv S:
if my family member did anything like that i would disown them.
They're gonna make me cry, you can hear the pain in his brothers voice 💔
HyP3R B3As7
HyP3R B3As7:
The one flaw in what that brother said was repeating “ight” 46 times
His brother 😢 omg he’s broken. He’s blaming himself. And after what his brother has just done he’s going to stand by him 😢 R.I.P to all the victims
Sub you won’t
Sub you won’t:
8:12 that smile will give me nightmares. Only because of what he’s done. Smileling through struggling is good for you but it’s just creepy on him
Bubble Gum
Bubble Gum:
That's some real deep true love there. We need more love like that.
Jennifer Maldonado
Jennifer Maldonado:
His tears are nothing compared to the tears shed by the families and friends of the victims. So sad he has to leave behind such a supportive and helpful brother. May God have Mercy on his soul.
Lori g
Lori g:
"look at you now, you can't even carry a gun anymore". Ya think?
Damn I wanted to know what snacks he was gonna get at the end...
Cody Shi
Cody Shi:
It’s been two years since this incident has happen. But every time when’s there’s the mention of guns or school shooting, this incident would always come into mind.
Aggressive Fish
Aggressive Fish:
If that guy truly loved and was his brother he wouldn't make him feel like he wanted to kill himself or isolate him from his friends
Amazing Supergirl
Amazing Supergirl:
He’s crying for HIMSELF not the people he hurt and killed
Edit: I should’ve added that I watched his entire trial including a three hour session with his psychiatrist who said he’s mentally ill. He’s extremely sad for himself and disappointing his brother but not sad about the victims. Hopefully he’s getting good care and can learn to at least have some sympathy.
Claire Alderson
Claire Alderson:
10:46 bro broke my heart 🥺
Korissa Silver
Korissa Silver:
His brother made me cry 😭 god this is so sad .
“monster?” DUDE KILLED 18 PEOPLE
I only speak gucci
I only speak gucci:
I can't 😭 I feel bad but he shouldn't of done it DX
hanna esm
hanna esm:
Brother was definitely in shock. What a hard situation to be in.
The power of love, Celine dione said it, Nikolas brother proved it.
He killed 17 people, I wonder if he feels remorse at all.
"You wanna eat!"
This little stink-finger eat at a time like this! Pfft.
Humberto Gonzalez lll
Humberto Gonzalez lll:
I remember telling me my mom one day “I wish I was Nicholas friend, I wish I had have known him and get to talk to him” and she told me “why” , I told her “because he had the same pain as mine but much more worse than mine, he lived with nothing and no one to care for him and tell him i love you from time to time, everything he’s been through has just nothing but mustered up real hate towards everyone that has bullied him, all he ever wanted to express his emotions to someone, that’s all he really needed. My mom is really into the church always has been , I didn’t have a connection with god when I was little but I felt god touch my heart 2 years ago (2018) because anxiety was new to me, as hopeless as I felt overcoming anxiety and depression, my mom always took me to the place that was the best to pray a rosary the chapel. I’m 17 now and been praying for corona to go away but all in all, keep your head High, smile in the mirror everyday, and keep your heart strong not hard. God bless take care❤️
Hex Maniac Gabby
Hex Maniac Gabby:
"You're given one life you only can live one time"
all he needed was some love.
JP Singh
JP Singh:
depression is not about other people not loving you, its about you not loving yourself
Katherine Rae
Katherine Rae:
so much to your friends and loved ones y’all. it’s never too late
Steffi M.
Steffi M.:
I feel like this would've been prevented if this conversation was had earlier
Danna Albarran
Danna Albarran:
He really couldn’t of said this before he did what he did 17 life’s gone cause no one cared until he is in jail-
When people need help you give them help, you don't give them access to assault rifles.
“Your not thinking about your future”