Patrick Dempsey on Life After 'Grey's Anatomy,' Still Being 'McDreamy'

The actor best known as Dr. Derek Shepherd on the hit ABC show is looking for his next act while supporting his Dempsey Center.

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When I see him with his wife it feels like he is cheating on Meredith
Chaeli Dougan
Chaeli Dougan:
Shonda needs to create a spin off of greys named “The Deads” with all the good characters😂😂
Suraya Abdul
Suraya Abdul:
Grey's was never the same after his character was killed off.
Alessandra Santamaría
Alessandra Santamaría:
the older he gets, the better he looks
Matt Gallero
Matt Gallero:
McSteamy - dead
McDreamy - dead
McDonalds - forever in my heart <3
Kaya Miles
Kaya Miles:
Why didn’t Ellen Pompeo and Patrick Dempsey get married in real life
Precious Baby Doll
Precious Baby Doll:
Killing Doctor McDreamy off the show was almost as bad a mistake as with George and Christina. Derek, Christina and George were my favorites. Now the show is about to be in the trash can of my memories.
Ayana Dread
Ayana Dread:
“It’s a beautiful day to save lives” 😍
Meagan Moura
Meagan Moura:
When I hear his voice all I hear is Derek Shepherd ahh ❤❤ Love him
Lex's Corner
Lex's Corner:
All the Mc people die
Betzabe Rosipko
Betzabe Rosipko:
I haven't been able to really watch since they killed George, I tried again then they killed Lexi and heart can't take it....
Mary Chekamba
Mary Chekamba:
his laugh when he was asked if he was having another baby killed me😂 I love him
Jawaher 3li
Jawaher 3li:
I was personally attacked when you said “50 year old” like NO you did not say that about my freaking idol
rebbeca hagh
rebbeca hagh:
God he looks so hot for 50 😍😍
Xiomara Makeup
Xiomara Makeup:
Dam it Shonda Rihmes... we miss Mc Dreamy😭😭😭😭😭
Morgan Kennell
Morgan Kennell:
When he died on greys I cried like the whole day😂 andhis luagh when they asked if he was planning on another kid is HILARIOUS
Beautiful Blackness !!!
Beautiful Blackness !!!:
Why was the sexiest dude on the show killed off ? BIG BIG BIG MISTAKE !!!
Ken Ek
Ken Ek:
Don't care what anyone says, that laugh deserves it's own show ❤
Lydia G.
Lydia G.:
Patrick Dempsy will always be Mcdreamy even when he acts in other shows! 😂😍
Rachel Gonzalez
Rachel Gonzalez:
Tell me how he’s old enough to be my dad but he still lookin extra 🥵
Sarah Catherine
Sarah Catherine:
This man just gets better with age. Such an incredibly handsome man.
It broke my heart when he left Grey's, but that was Derek. We still have Patrick <3
Meredith Grey
Meredith Grey:
Hmmm maybe Patrick and his wife were about to divorce bc he was having a secret affair with Ellen Pompeo
sabrina machado
sabrina machado:
I'm happy for him, leaving greys seems to have been a good move on his part personally. As for greys anatomy it'll be weird having merideth with someone else
He's just gorgeous. So sad that both McDreamy and McSteamy died:(
Dragana D
Dragana D:
from McDreamy to McDead
Shweta K
Shweta K:
Let's just shoot the upcoming seasons in heaven since that's where most of the characters are.
Nasia Metoki
Nasia Metoki:
Someone please create a video loop from 4:26 to 4:27.
Mcdreamy deserve McMore😪 That McLaugh was the reason to Mchappiness
I wish he was still on Grey's Anatomy! I was so mad when I saw the previews of the accident etc, that show was so sad, I literary cried my eyes when Meredith was talking to Derek😪..
My favs...
Jagan Joseph
Jagan Joseph:
Wish he makes a cameo as part of a dream or something in greys..
Please make it happen shonda
Camryn Salazar
Camryn Salazar:
his laugh is just so. I love him
Syd tabener Tymm
Syd tabener Tymm:
He is my celebrity crush I love him 😍❤️😘😻
janet wahl
janet wahl:
I hated the way Shonda killed him off. She didn’t have to do that. That was just so petty. She kills everyone we loved so they can’t come back. I hated this death more then Denny being killed off after he got his heart. She’s so cold hearted. Damn he might have had an ego on the show but for the type of character he played he was worth it.
megan archbold
megan archbold:
His laugh when the guy asked if he was having another baby was so funny
Haifa Althunayan
Haifa Althunayan:
I think Ellen and Patrick had somewhat of an affair that’s why they haven’t talked and why the environment toxic
Eriza Franchette
Eriza Franchette:
I stopped watching after season 9. I can't watch my favorite cardio surgeon leave for Europe in S10 and my McDreamy being McDead the following season 😭
his family is just as beautiful as he is.. oh my!
Dallas Lewis
Dallas Lewis:
"just" 36,000 people
Darcy Wonsick
Darcy Wonsick:
Imagine Dempsey in the greatest showman
Pistis vll
Pistis vll:
I Didn't even finished Grey's Anatomy and now I know that McDreamy is gonna die thanks ABC News
cailey b
cailey b:
dereke run off to his trailor in the woods again🙄
Justin C
Justin C:
Funny, I'd figure a lot of people would remember him as Ronald Miller from the 1987 film Can't Buy Me Love opposite the late Amanda Peterson. An 80's rom com classic btw.
Destiny Tate
Destiny Tate:
50 never looked so good
billybob joe
billybob joe:
I'm glad he's moving on, and unlike some Grey's fans, I understand that the actors get to choose in life, and it's not all about the one show. And I can appreciate the show and don't attach to the characters. This is why. The show is still great, but just because someone left doesn't mean it is a whole different show. And let me tell you 11 years of the same thing would be way too boring and the show would've ended in s7. I don't get why people get so annoyed when a long-running show changes. Maybe you should stop attacking the creators and think that in these 13 seasons they need to have varying storylines, and not the same one, bc that has never worked. And it is hard to think of 13 different storylines.
My god that laugh!! 😍😍 RIP mcdreamy😭
Classy C
Classy C:
Sir, there IS no life after Grey's. How dare you. Come back.
mario prince
mario prince:
Love this guy, sound of his voice.................
zlaoejjdjdjakskdioeqoixjs osjdjjwjeje
zlaoejjdjdjakskdioeqoixjs osjdjjwjeje:
He is not hot. He is HOTTTTTTTTT!!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ivy Schulte-Hostedde
Ivy Schulte-Hostedde:
Awww his and his mother’s nose are the EXACT same, that’s so adorable
Adam Blogz
Adam Blogz:
Andrew O'Malley Rowe
Andrew O'Malley Rowe:
Greys Anatomy spinoff with all the best characters who shonda killed : Death Anatomy
thegirlfrom wonderland
thegirlfrom wonderland:
I love him even more.. I love his voice
Meredith Pierce
Meredith Pierce:
If Patrick is a good guy, Derek gonna alive forever:( I miss Mcdreamy...
But I still love Patrick.
Elias Rahoui
Elias Rahoui:
am i the only one that recongnizes that jacket
Lilian Diaz
Lilian Diaz:
I once dreamed that he was kissing me , ohhh it was so delicious love him my favorite actor
woah suddenly i’m moving to maine.
Kayla Victoria
Kayla Victoria:
I love watching these :) they're so interesting, seeing how normal celebrities are.
Taely Lee
Taely Lee:
What a ❤ of gold!! Love Patrick Dempsey!
ABC you need to fire either the camera operator, or the video producer some of the shots are terrible. With the reverse shots of the interviewer talking to Dempsey, the image is very soft or out of focus. Some shots are way over exposed. Haven't you people herd of neutral density filters? I know YouTube's compression can affect the quality of the video, but it doesn't fix operator error. Just terrible. Decent interview though.
Dalia C
Dalia C:
Caitlin Flores
Caitlin Flores:
Dude it’s so weird seeing him now vs from Can’t Buy Me Love
Adriana Avila
Adriana Avila:
😢😭 I miss him and it's great to see him again. Bridget Jones Baby was cute. I will always love Patrick. Glad to see he's doing good personally.
What's eating you?
What's eating you?:
"I think it doesn't end well" 🤣
4:25 "See this is the funny THING, right?" Ohmygodhe'ssocute
Caroline Rose
Caroline Rose:
when you literally live a mile away from him...
Jade Marie
Jade Marie:
lmao anyone else watching in 2020
Jessica Vulganová
Jessica Vulganová:
3:15 my head can understand, but my heart will never be able to understand. 😭💔 #DerekShepherd
molly leach
molly leach:
Are you thinking of having another baby?

Heighton 720
Heighton 720:
My god he is one man that gets more gorgeous the olde the gets 😍😍😍
He'll always be Rudy from Meatballs III to me.
0:30 MY HEAART!!
Ashanti Salmon
Ashanti Salmon:
I met him two days ago he's so cool
Lizzy Rose
Lizzy Rose:
His voice is so much softer and kinder when he’s not on the show
Ashley Schilla
Ashley Schilla:
4:25 I've never heard a bigger laugh in my life
Training Man's Best Friend
Training Man's Best Friend:
3:38 i laughed for a little less than a second and then burst into tears
Haz King
Haz King:
Patrick is so down to earth about anything. He is such a decent and lovely guy. Plus he just seem to get better with age😍 Honestly all the bad rumours need to stop and let this amazing actor live his life, because I know we will be still a lot more of his talent down the line❤️
juliaa vaughnn
juliaa vaughnn:
it breaks my heart that after all of that time falling in love with derek, he just.. died. and i know it’s just acting. but damn, that really hurt. but i love you patrick. 💔😪
Sudmun Meah
Sudmun Meah:
Dude literally just hearing his voice makes me smile #mcdreamyforever
This is such a good feature! I love his attitude and outlook in life and with his career. Definitely looking forward to more of him after Grey's Anatomy.
Princess Kamalli
Princess Kamalli:
I miss merder Ellis never got to meet him
Annie Faucher
Annie Faucher:
When u live near him, and Stephen King lives down the street 😂
Jayne Frank
Jayne Frank:
I fell in love with him on Can't buy me love!
Taylor harvey
Taylor harvey:
when they show him walking on the bridge i thought he was mcsteamy w that leather jacket
Little Grey
Little Grey:
Even as an older men he is still so hot and I am in love with him since the first season!
OMG I‘m dying😍
brixi nicole
brixi nicole:
He is a VERY handsome man with a beautiful heart 🥺 <3
I know people know him from greys anatomy but I’ve loved his acting ever since “Can’t Buy Me Love”
Yohann Bunny
Yohann Bunny:
4:26 that laugh could be used for so much stuff
Mon Roe
Mon Roe:
I miss him and love his character soooo much I cried so much 💙
Spongebob Schwamkopf
Spongebob Schwamkopf:
i love his voise 💖
lol "i was a late bloomer, I was too" lol guy u still blooming it look like
Emily Fifarek
Emily Fifarek:
when i didnt know that he dies off in the show and I'm on season 10 and now i dont know what to do
Ana Khasin
Ana Khasin:
My celebrity crush him I miss him on the show he is so amazing
god bless his mom xx
abby lynn
abby lynn:
Patrick (Derek) 😟😟😟 I cried so much when u died on the show... I actually stopped watching for a while lol.. I was sooooo mad!!!!
The thing that really struck me about his dying episode was that there was no one he's worked with over the course of 13 seasons with him. I makes me think that there really was a lot of animosity on set.
Akshita Sharma
Akshita Sharma:
Anyone watching in 2019???!
Josh Collins
Josh Collins:
The Dirty Lew!!! my hometown i live 3 steets over from Elizabeth Anne's his aunts gas station. I'd see his picture, i knew he was an actor and had a great charity. Didnt realize hes now racing Porsches. total fan boy now.
Liv's Awesome!
Liv's Awesome!:
I have a dream of meeting him... that’s it
Nelly Hurt
Nelly Hurt:
4:26 his laugh when he asked that question lol love Derek
Herbalistics 9
Herbalistics 9:
Love Greys Anatomy and Patrick too.!