Patrick Dempsey speaks about Ellen Pompeo and Grey's Anatomy

Three years after Patrick Dempsey left the show he finally talks about former co-star and friend Ellen Pompeo and the show Grey's Anatomy. I hope it will make your day just as it made mine!

(Video edited with only the parts Patrick spoke about Ellen and Grey's)

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Elena Stonehouse
Elena Stonehouse:
the facts that Ellen and Patrick aren’t married in real life is so sad
“So pick me, choose me, love me.” 😭😭😭
Me not accepting the fact Derek's dead: what if Meredith has Alzheimer's and thinks that Derek's dead and is telling us the story but can't remember what actually happened
grace ann
grace ann:
Bro he started stuttering because he was trying so hard not to say he loves her
Christina H
Christina H:
Sometimes I hate this show because I can’t stop watching it but everyone dies or leaves and it pisses me off but it’s just such a good show but it ain’t good for my mental health rip
Its not fair. Meredith gets everyone ripped away from her. Lexie, Cristina, Derek, and now Alex? Like wtf this show is messed up but I still LOVE IT SM.
He should feel dumb having left the show. I feel like both him and Meredith (and while we're at it Christina Yang) were the heart of the show. Without those relationships the show is definitely missing something - at least from the perspective of someone who watched from S1:E1.
Amanda Collin
Amanda Collin:
Ugh I wish they didn’t kill him offfff! I wish him and Meredith were still married.
Makaila Boatman
Makaila Boatman:
Not gonna lie I cried for over two hours straight when he died on the show
Elizabeth Ann Cook
Elizabeth Ann Cook:
I’m becoming a nurse because of greys, it’s a beautiful day to save lives❤️💉
Myke Pyke
Myke Pyke:
“Ellen Pompeo said you were a tough act to follow.”
*”well yeah”*
Kara Winslow
Kara Winslow:
ok, but his smile when she first mentioned ellen’s name.. don’t tell me they aren’t in love
I hate that all the original cast most are gone especially Mark 😍😍😍😍 BUT thank God for Jackson Avery
Jada Weber
Jada Weber:
I'm here after Ellen and Patrick reunited , and we got that scene in the season 17 premiere 😭❤
This show really can’t live on for me without Meredith’s relationships with Derek and Cristina. Cristina’s departure made sense for the direction of her character, but it was effectively a series finale for me. I couldn’t keep watching and was so devastated to read that Derek died a few seasons later. There’s no longer any consistency to the show or quality character development, just soap opera twists and turns. The characters introduced in the first 5-6 seasons were the heart of the show.
i want to be a surgeon/ doctor so i can say “it’s a beautiful day to save lives”
I miss Derek so much
Pratima P. M.
Pratima P. M.:
After Derek, whoever Meredith settles for will just look like a compromise - 'tough act to follow'👍
Alex Squire
Alex Squire:
what if the last episode is Meredith with Alzheimer’s or whatever and she is confused in her whole story and realizes that derek isn’t dead, and that he is right there with her🤭🤭
T Bradby
T Bradby:
Shout out to those going to Med school but it will be NOTHING like this show!! 😂🤣 Good luck to y’all but don’t be
Katie Brunelle
Katie Brunelle:
i saw a picture of patrick with his actual wife and a picture of him with ellen and he seemed so much happier with ellen
Evelyn Rojas
Evelyn Rojas:
years later, they’re finally friends again!! 🥺😭
Lejlic Leejlic
Lejlic Leejlic:
Why did he even leave? He and meredith were the heart of the show, when he died I stopped watching it
Keith L
Keith L:
There's no one like derek shepherd 💔 they cant replace him in mer's life.
Mark, Derek, Christian and Lexi were the heart of the show, they all somehow contributed to Meredith's personal growth and were also so damn unique. For me the show died with them.
Alfie Nutbeam
Alfie Nutbeam:
I hope he can come back in and he had to fake his death to work with the US president against
Josefa Marcos
Josefa Marcos:
“I don’t want 48 uninterrupted hours, I want a life time” this breaks mi heart al the time 😭💞
I miss Derek & Mer together, also Derek alone with Weber, Caley, Mark, ... Deluca with Mer is a joke!
Rafael Solano Is the better man
Rafael Solano Is the better man:
Im just gonna believe that he loved her and he had a wife that’s why he left the show
taylor Smiles
taylor Smiles:
“Pick me, choose me, love me”. .” Think about the Love the talent the life that we lost”
Kimberley Bowman
Kimberley Bowman:
I wish he never left, they made a big mistake chopping all the main characters from the show. I still watch but it's not the same.
Kyndale and Joseph Johnson
Kyndale and Joseph Johnson:
And now Meredith’s interest is chasing boys 20 years younger than her.
rylee joy
rylee joy:
she started talking abt ellen and he smiled my heart 😊
They loved each other...even it was an impossible love.. that is my oppinion
Jawaher 3li
Jawaher 3li:
Let’s be real we all lived our imaginary love life over them
Nicole Davis
Nicole Davis:
14 years after the show started and he’s still gorgeous! Miss seeing him on greys 😢
ngl i’m only going into the medical field because of this show 💀
Baylee Bryan
Baylee Bryan:
no he’s not patrick he’s derek!
Awesome Anna252
Awesome Anna252:
Possibly unpopular opinion: I think the way Alex left the show just doesn’t make much sense and it pisses me off because I want everything to make sense in this show AHHHHHHHH
Toni Adams
Toni Adams:
I recently started experiencing anxiety and a lot of stress watching Grey’s Anatomy reruns on Netflix it’s the only thing that keeps me sane! I stopped after MCDreamy dies and start all over from season 1. I so miss Sloan, Lexy , Yang ,O’Malley,Alex, McDreamy, Torres and Arizona !❤️
Anmol Udeshi
Anmol Udeshi:
I’m becoming a surgeon because of’s so inspiring and I wanna save life’s it’s a beautiful day to save life’s right
I just started watching Grey's Anatomy a couple months ago and I'm already on season 8. However, I do know Derek dies. I'm afraid to see that bc it will ruin me & my love for the show. It just won't be the same without him. And while we're at it, I'll miss Christina too.🤧😭😖
athina diam
athina diam:
Am I the only one who turned the volume all the way down at the "so pick me, choose me, love me" scene?😭
Paula Cordero
Paula Cordero:
If I cried when agent 007 died imagine how hard I’m gonna cry when the other more important members die
Every time she introduced us to characters we grew to love them then she snatched them away lol for some reason I wouldn’t miss the current newer characters if they left. The show is still good but those first half seasons had me drawn in
Nancy Farkas
Nancy Farkas:
I find it strange they claim to have such love and respect for each other but no longer speak! I get that people move on but I just fid it odd they stopped talking after he left. I still think it's a bit odd. He still speaks to Kate Walsh and other former co stars. So what is up with him no longer speaking to Ellen?
CC 22
CC 22:
“It’s a beautiful day to save lives”
Sienna Ross
Sienna Ross:
If I had a chance to meet Patrick I would literally have a heart attack from being so charmed and having a big crush on him
in all honesty because of his character I want to go into the medical field to become a neurosurgeon
Bryton Randell
Bryton Randell:
" its a beautiful day to save lives"- Derek Shepard
Jacklyn Nelson
Jacklyn Nelson:
Thanks to this show, I now want to go into the medical field!
emma:D marlowe
emma:D marlowe:
watching this damn show literally makes me want to be a surgeon🥺
samathered6 roblox
samathered6 roblox:
You’re telling me Patrick and Ellen never secretly fell in love?
Valentina Mia Carballo
Valentina Mia Carballo:
I still don’t f know why no one had a crush on each other I mean there were 11 f years I mean I would fall in love if I would play as a couple of someone for 11 years 🥺👊🏻😔❤️
Nayeth C
Nayeth C:
I cried so much whenever he died
Kara McCullough
Kara McCullough:
"it's a beautiful day to save lives" ❤️
this is not here
this is not here:
the way he glitched when they brought up him and ellen😭🤚🏽
Steven D. Bennett
Steven D. Bennett:
Ellen’s first thought when he left, according to an interview she gave, was that she would finally be getting paid more than him, something she always resented.
Josie P
Josie P:
this show inspired me to become a doctor lol i love this show
I miss him on the show.. he was my favorite part.
amna khalid
amna khalid:
Patrick Dempsey was awesome..Grey's is incomplete with him
Caitlin Gannon
Caitlin Gannon:
I love Derek but leaving killed me I can’t believe it. And deluca and Riggs? NO NO NO
Brenda Kemei
Brenda Kemei:
It's a beautiful day to save lives!
Grace __
Grace __:
I miss him so much
Super Interativo
Super Interativo:
1:08 Que voz de dengo 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Lily D
Lily D:
Greys fans were so emotionally attached to Derek that we are literally still making up storylines about him coming back
The "Grey's anatomy" inspired me to be doctor!
prasannalatha akula
prasannalatha akula:
It's just yesterday I saw the episode where he died n Meredith leaves home.! Never have I ever cried for a Character's death like I cried for his 3hrs straight 😭😭 I had to recheck his insta profile to confirm he is really fine.!
King Timmy
King Timmy:
0:40 sure did 😭💀I wanna be either anesthesiologist or neurosurgeon 😭💀✋🏽✋🏽✋🏽
Tessa LoBue
Tessa LoBue:
This show inspired me to be interested in Being a Neurosurgeon
Kam and Ava Vlogs
Kam and Ava Vlogs:
He’s back ❤️
Danica Mayyy
Danica Mayyy:
It’s okay with me if everything that happened after you died would be just a dream of Meredith and would turn out you’re still alive😂
Sabine Esswein
Sabine Esswein:
The german derek voices is sweeter
jsnsbsb rndbbe
jsnsbsb rndbbe:
when i watch greys i actually forget that they arent dating or married irl they have such a connection u can tell
Dianna A
Dianna A:
One of the great love stories. He is still McDreamy to me.
The Brooklyn And Alayna Show
The Brooklyn And Alayna Show:
We miss you Dempsey aka Shepard always in my heart
BootsOnThe Ground
BootsOnThe Ground:
I miss you! I cried when your character died. Well the last time he died for good. I miss George too " 007"! I have to go now, I'm crying again.
Stephanie Sobetski
Stephanie Sobetski:
I Love Greys Anatomy So Much It's One Of My Favorite TV Shows Ever
Lejo 200
Lejo 200:
I ship them♥️🌅
Lilith Brantley
Lilith Brantley:
Patrick is one good looking man. I sure miss him on Grey's. I love it when older men let grey creep in. It makes most look more attractive.
Emily Stevenson
Emily Stevenson:
I’m becoming a brain surgeon because of this show 😂🤷🏼‍♀️
Valentina Ruiz
Valentina Ruiz:
White Coat Vlogs
White Coat Vlogs:
Greys is my biggest motivation to get through this medical journey and to share it with others and inspire them as well. Amazing
Elyse Collins
Elyse Collins:
Greys is what made me wanna become a nurse
C R:
I miss his face! 😩
weedthenorth 84
weedthenorth 84:
Damn hes dreamy
Veronica Ivanova
Veronica Ivanova:
He is so nice and sweet now. When he left he was saying that the show is over...
chelsea barnor
chelsea barnor:
bruh I literally cried so hard season 5 episode 24 to the point where I had a migraine the whole day.
It's Me
It's Me:
I just started watch grey's a month ago and stopped at S11, cz i feel i can't imagine or even watch meredith's life without derek
Julie Stevens
Julie Stevens:
It’s so cool that he is aware of and acknowledged the fact that many people including myself are becoming doctors or have already become doctors because of Grey’s Anatomy
Amy Peraino
Amy Peraino:
Omg Patrick Dempsey is awesome
idc. they are deeply in love with eachother idc idc in real life they are in love with eachother
Alexis Voorhees
Alexis Voorhees:
I use to want to be a vet, and then I started watching this show... and now I want to be a surgeon so baddd!!!
H C:
i love his gentle eyes
Cassidy Ann
Cassidy Ann:
I’m becoming a doctor because of Mer❤️
Hannah J
Hannah J:
ellen & patrick are so in love what even
Mariah Rodriguez
Mariah Rodriguez:
he really loves her ..🥺
I’m going to college to become a neurosurgeon because of this show. I’ve been with them from the start.
emmy fern
emmy fern:
Sigh. All the good characters from greys are almost gone
Derek sherpard you miss me so much I cry every day remembering you I love you your death was very meaningless You were always my favorite and will always be part of a piece of my heart 💖💔