Patrick Stewart & Henry Cavill - Actors on Actors - Full Conversation

"Star Trek: Picard's" Patrick Stewart and "The Witcher's" Henry Cavill sit for a conversation as part of Variety Studios Actors on Actors. The two actors opened up about going on auditions, their educations and the feeling of being on stage.

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CyberPunk Girl
CyberPunk Girl:
Henry Cavill respects Patrick Stewart beautifully. Truly gentlemen.
Nelson Michael Vlogs
Nelson Michael Vlogs:
Damn Covid19, this would be much better if they were talking in the same room.
Professor Xavier and Clark Kent what a time we're living in lol.
Scott Summers
Scott Summers:
I wish we had Chris Evans and Henry Cavill together.
Something that DC fans and Marvel fans can both agree on...
Herc Zeus
Herc Zeus:
Respect. This is how young people should show it. Take note. And Henry shows how much of a gentleman he is while he shows it to Sir Patrick.
one hour of looking at henry cavill.... i have no complaints
ضحى عادل عباس
ضحى عادل عباس:
Henry is a highly intellectual person, I can tell by the way he chooses wisely his words and vocabulary.
John Gingras
John Gingras:
I can easily envision them playing beside each other as James Bond and M.
James Wright
James Wright:
Cavill is such an insanely good fit for Superman. It's crazy. He needs to continue on in the role.
aji setya
aji setya:
I don't know why, but I see James Bond charm on Henry Cavill
Beatriz Mari
Beatriz Mari:
I have watched many "Actors on actors" conversations and it is embarrassingly clear when they haven't prepared themselves, so it is such a pleasure to watch these gentlemen being genuinely curious about each other. And Mr. Stewart you have asked most of the questions I would have asked Henry if I ever had the opportunity to talk to him, oh my, I thought I couldn't like you more than I already do. I hope that both can repeat this face to face. Thank you Variety for this.
Larissa Ribeiro
Larissa Ribeiro:
it seems like Henry keeps getting even more attractive every time i see him
I don't know why WB Execs are so dead-set on screwing Henry out of the Superman role or keep trying to downplay his future appearances. Henry IS Superman from physical stature, his polite demeanor, his full understanding of the character, his smile, everything about him feels like Clark Kent literally just walked out of the comic panels and into our world. Give the man a proper sequel goddammit. Hell, let him have his first producer credit with it because clearly, he has a larger passion for Superman than the WB Executives.
Bryce Monang
Bryce Monang:
sooner or later, the comment section is gonna turn into henry cavill's thirst club
Alliyah Dabo
Alliyah Dabo:
“Toss a coin to your Witcher”
Michael Lee
Michael Lee:
Henry is such a kind, humble, classy, and well-mannered gentleman just like Superman. He DESERVES the Superman role imo. Let him take the Superman role more. And not just in a cameo way as rumors has it (maybe they're trying to take baby steps), but perhaps another standalone Man of Steel sequel or something. And Sir Patrick Stewart, what a great man he is. Not only is he a caliber actor with many experiences, but he's such a sweet person as well. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode of Actors on Actors.
Kathryn smith
Kathryn smith:
I love this just raw and real conversation. No agenda, no points to be made, love it. Two of the best men in their realm having a chat about this world they are in.
Jack FelixnAtlas
Jack FelixnAtlas:
Why do I get the feeling that Henry isnt wearing any pants but shorts or boxers lol
Sir Patrick saying "the Snyder Cut" is something I never knew I needed till now.
Tiago Patrício
Tiago Patrício:
You can clearly see that they did their homework, multiple times they talk about each other's shows like as if they watched them, and their talk was so interesting and and thequestions were all very wll asked, so Variety, please, when the lockdown ends put this two in a room and let them talk like this again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Erin Jones
Erin Jones:
Seeing Henry Cavill as the Witcher, and hearing his story of being "fat Cavill" really motivated me on my own fitness and weight loss journey - I run to the Witcher soundtrack and have lost over 15lbs as of now. Thanks for opening up Henry - it helped me!
Mustafa Aydogan
Mustafa Aydogan:
Get this man a proper superman sequel
George Hernandez
George Hernandez:
Its like a grandson he sees his grandfather as a hero
When Henry was talking about being uncool at school and there was a certain pain in his voice. I definitely felt that.
Akasha Eyre
Akasha Eyre:
This is, by far, my favorite “Actors on Actors” that has ever been shown. I love both of these wonderful men & they both asked great questions.

Also, I love that Professor X was asking Superman about the Snyder Cut. There’s something incredible about being able to watch that moment & whoever thought of putting these two together should get a raise, some cookies & a cuddle because it’s brilliant 😱❤️
Kay CBI:
What I love about Henry Cavill is, even though he's stunningly handsome and fit, he's still humble and actually quite awkward at times. It's very endearing to watch someone that everyone would expect outwardly to have this incredible confidence still be kind of shy and nerdy. You can just see the wheels turning in his head and his inner monologue saying "okay, don't say something weird". Of all of the people on the planet, Henry is probably one of the most well-equipped to be cocky, but he isn't. Deep down I think he feels that he's still got a lot of those elements of when he was a kid in school where he wasn't considered cool. I can't imagine what it must be like to be sexualized and objectified so much when you already feel a bit disconnected from the "norm". He really seems like a genuine, down-to-earth, mega-nerd who just so happens to also be crafted by the Gods. I bet he'd be a really cool dude to geek out with. I'm so curious about his taste in music because I imagine, for whatever reason, it's really cool and diverse. Anyways, apparently that's my love note to Henry Cavill that I didn't set out to write but somehow happened :P
Awh Henry is absolutely adorable and his last insta post about finding a tiny horse was soo cute ha 😂
Máté Zelenák
Máté Zelenák:
Henry Cavill is one of the most polite and down to earth superstars out there. He is the perfect match for a conversation with Sir Stewart.
Patrick Stewart could read the phone book to you & you'd learn the secret of life.
Cath A
Cath A:
Low key Henry is the serious version of Chris Evans. They’re both gentlemen and very eloquent, choosing words carefully with their expanse vocabulary. And uhm both charming of course 😄
Rose Star
Rose Star:
“Does that make sense?” — Sir Patrick Stewart

How is this intensely articulate man still so delightfully humble?? What a generous conversationalist🥰
Edmonton Boy
Edmonton Boy:
If Patrick Stewart played Lex Luthor I would comment
“Superman vs. Lex Luthor.... again!”
I didn't like PICARD or WITCHER but I love both of these guys, and I hope PICARD & WITCHER seasons 2 will be much better. Especially now that WITCHER has gotten its non-linear origin story nonsense out of its system and its three main characters finally teaming up. Cavill was great from the first minute onwards.
Liam Wilbur
Liam Wilbur:
As interesting as their conversation is, I'm getting a huge kick out of the comments as well.

The Cavill thirst is strong with many of you. 🤣🤣 It's awesome!

I'm obsessive when I get hooked into a series, and then I fall down a rabbit hole on how the leads approach their roles.

Gotta love that ASD trait. 😒
RouX Renard
RouX Renard:
"Man From U.N.C.L.E - 2" Please, please, P L E A S E
Joceyne Mayfield
Joceyne Mayfield:
This is my birthday, got a promotion and a raise while on vacation. My 2 favorite Brit Actors
together discussing their craft.
Spencer Straub
Spencer Straub:
Absolutely loved Patrick Stewart asking about the Snyder Cut. The man is a delight!
Beautiful talented lads from different eras. If this doesnt get your blood going, visit a doctor
J G:
This man is the epitome of handsomeness, not just in looks but in personality. He is a gentleman and a scholar. The way he conducts himself is self-assured yet humble. Each word that he utters is direct, meaningful, and confident. A great role model for young men all over.
Variety, can we get Sir Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender? The young and old Magneto.
Iqra Azeliya
Iqra Azeliya:
Henry cavill smile makes me so happy he literally brightens up my day! Imagine they make a new Pride and Prejudice with Henry playing Mr Darcy omg 😍😍😍😍
Bima Sudiarto
Bima Sudiarto:
So polite and courteous, He is. My respect to you, Henry!
Variety you're spoiling me! Chris Evans and Paul Rudd yesterday and Henry and Patrick Stewart today?!
Mary Nevskaya
Mary Nevskaya:
Henry's voice can soothe any pain
Dante Caballero
Dante Caballero:
When Henry Cavill smiles he goes from a 10 to a 23 on a 5-point scale.
Mari V
Mari V:
I mean come on...Henry looks like the perfect 007!! Who am I kidding...he just always looks perfect!
Wow, what an unexpected pairing! I'm intrigued.
jonny pepperston
jonny pepperston:
I seen him in things so many times where he has an American accent he's just sounds weird now 🤣 even though that's how he normally sounds
Guy Dallaire
Guy Dallaire:
It shows that Henry Cavill is from a small town. Such humility and politeness in front of Sir Patrick Stewart, himself a true gentlemen. :)
Did anyone else listen to the entire 1 hour ? I did... Normally i fastfoward long interviews like this... but this one i watched the entire thing
That was so relaxing and pleasant. The conversation flow was so natural, as if they've been friends for years. And Henry's giggles are so genuine. Made my evening
Natalie J Walker
Natalie J Walker:
I don't recall where I read/heard that Henry was kind of an asshole but I've never seen it any interview I've watched with him. He always comes across as intelligent, kind, funny, and considerate of his castmates and whoever he is interviewing with. He seems just as lovely on the inside as he's smoking hot on the outside.
Miral Abualjadail
Miral Abualjadail:
Must be so incredible for Henry to get to hear his hero’s side’s of the story from significant incidents in his early life. This and with Russel Crowe! What a treat it must be!
Tyler Bourassa
Tyler Bourassa:
I wanna find someone who looks at me the way Henry Cavill looks at Patrick Stewart.
Imagine walking into an audition you’re stoked for and see Henry Cavill sitting there about to go in for your role... game over man
I love how Henry is carving out his career after playing Superman in the Snyderverse. He did such a good job playing Geralt of Rivera in the Witcher. I hope to see him in more different types of roles and return as Superman one day.
Isabel Hichez
Isabel Hichez:
Omg, Henry Cavill and Tom Hiddleston together, i imagine that and WOW a lot of intellect.
Jane List
Jane List:
I got a little emotional when Henry spoke about watching Next Generation with his dad as I have awesome memories watching it with my mum. She was such a big fan of Patrick Stewart and I'm a big fan of Henry, so lovely to watch ❤
Md Mansoor
Md Mansoor:
Henry is always so witty and humourous!
It seems a lot of nice ppl, like Henry, do not do well socially in school. This just says a lot how shitty ppl really are :(
Dark Jedi Knight
Dark Jedi Knight:
Seriously WB should just hire Henry Cavill to WRITE and star in the next Superman movie. If you see him in BTS clips of MOS or BVS you can see he clearly has a better grasp on the idea and purpose of Superman than anyone at WB or DC films.
Major Zuma
Major Zuma:
What the hell? This is another amazing pairing. Whoever is behind these deserves a raise.
J P:
actors giving respect to each other; this is wholesome.
This and these show definitely needs to continue
Troy Boyle
Troy Boyle:
I loved this conversation - Sir Patrick's grace and good humor and Henry's obvious respect and admiration. I've had so much joy being entertained by these men. Can't wait for more Picard and Geralt!
Azman Salleh
Azman Salleh:
2 gentlemen having a convo
chinmaya pattnaik
chinmaya pattnaik:
This is just 1 hour of pure awesomeness....
this man was the perfect fit for the Man of Steel... DC really dropped the ball
I wish someone would ask patrick about american dad, I love his voice over work
Funny Moppy
Funny Moppy:
Henry Cavill is the best and ONLY Superman in my book.
When you find out Henry Cavil is british!!!
Jonas Sundling
Jonas Sundling:
This is a real treat. Two of the most charming gentlemen in acting.
Noble Treize
Noble Treize:
Legendary pairing.
Everyone needs a friendship in their life like the friendship between Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen
nobody survives even one bit
nobody survives even one bit:
Proffesor x meets superman
what a delightful conversation. I can feel the genuine interest that the actors have on each other. what a pair of gentlemen, it would be much better if they were sit in the same room.
Bless Sir Patrick Stewart - would that I were Sir Ian, that I may kiss upon his neck
Judgy Judgerton
Judgy Judgerton:
Cavill most likely grew up on Stewart, like many of “us”, and he’s also a huge this
This has been very enjoyable to watch! I love how invested Henry was in each and every word coming out of Sir Patrick’s mouth as if he was in a private master class, too cute! Also loved how he credits his fellow actors/stunt people (I know people get all weird everytime he mentions Ms. Lucy Cork as if it is their business. Show their privacy some respect and get a life people, please ), but for instance him mentioning Anya and Joey’s Shakespeare backround and individually praising their talent were not even remotely related to the flow of the conversation or his own question, but he went out of his way and did it anyway. Class act! I have watched some of his other interviews before, so already knew that he has always been quite articulate -(contrary to so many US actors who only say “Cool, like, dudee, yeaaah” in their interviews) but it was still a nice surprise so see again how eloquent Henry was, and how “smart” (for lack of a better word) the vocabulary he used. Good education 👍🏻

Sir Patrick was also very humble and nice, as always, lowed how his face lit up everytime Henry mentioned something that Sir Patrick himself related to or found interesting, loved that he (bearing his calibre and celebrated acting history in mind) was still nonetheless very interested in and invested in what his counterparty might add to the conversation about acting.

I must admit that I was not sure about the pairing when it was first announced, and thought it would not be as enjoyable or interesting to watch as -let’s say- Jennifer Aniston & Lisa Kudrow or Chris Evans & Paul Rudd; but I stand corrected, this was a hit! I seriously think that more people should watch this 👍🏻
Vicki Jackson
Vicki Jackson:
Poor Sir Patrick. I just want to hug him and give him some hot tea. I want to hug Henry too, but for completely different reasons. ;)
Sherry Thomas
Sherry Thomas:
I had a crush on Sir Patrick Stewart back in the day. I still do. And my other crush Henry Cavill. What are the chances of them interviewing eachother. ♥️
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon:
Two models of greatness, excellence and kindness. Gentlemen in the truest sense. I could listen to them talk all day. And I think I will.
Skhem Sun
Skhem Sun:
40:13 thank me later
Dani Letsch
Dani Letsch:
This was so pure and interesting. Love those two. Henry is so well spoken and he really gets Superman. It's a shame WB doesnt give him another standalone Movie. Superman deserves way more than just cameos....we want a Man of Steep sequel!!!!
Ben Hur93
Ben Hur93:
you can tell by their expressions that they were genuinely listening to eachother
Henry is a great human being. Class act all the way. Privilege to be a fan.
Best Reads
Best Reads:
I loved the idea of bringing actors together.
Henry is a god figure by the way.
When I first heard about Netflix doing The Witcher, I personally wanted Mads Mikkelsen as Geralt, but I am so glad that Cavill was so awesome in the role.
I thoroughly enjoyed this. What a great conversation. It was lovely to see these two great actors taking such an interest in each other's work and experiences, and sharing their stories.
Looking good gentlemen. Just wish if there was no pandemic you'd get to sit across from each other in person like the good old days. 😯 But we make do and we're grateful for this. 👍
Diego Bello
Diego Bello:
henry cavill looks stunning wowowowow
Joanice Bispo
Joanice Bispo:
Every day Henry Cavill looks more beautiful 😍😍
Monte Cristo was a great movie. He straight up looks like Superboy in that movie😂😂
Star Trek: Picard was really a mixed bag. Much of the acting was superb, some of the acting was awful, most of the writing was awful, the ethos of Trek apparently got thrown out the window in less than a generation (ironically), the next to last episode made absolutely no sense simply to put characters where they needed to be for the finale--which was serviceable but no where near the level of even mediocre episodes of Next Gen. I really hope it gets better in the next season, but it really felt like the sensibilities were pulling in multiple different directions. I don't have a problem with tossing certain elements if they are being tossed for interesting reasons. I don't even care about continuity. But the overall new story must hold together, and so far ST:P really didn't.
Cleodora Mer
Cleodora Mer:
This is epic. Two amazing gentlemen!
Jonathan Camacho
Jonathan Camacho:
Wish this was longer lol Hope they get to act in a movie together one day!
I always really enjoy these conversations, but this was a special one for me. :) Henry really seems to want to pick Patrick's brain and Patrick is glad to share answers to those insightful questions with insightful, delightful replies. And Patrick had amazing questions too! (not surprising ofcourse, such a special actor and man) And he really looked into Henry's work, which made it even better. Both really great wonderful men who seemed to have so much shared respect for each other and their craft!
Josh K
Josh K:
What a beautiful pairing. Love these two lads.
Pablo Rodriguez Cortes
Pablo Rodriguez Cortes:
Henry looks so tender & sweet ❤
Isaac Torres
Isaac Torres:
Superman + Captain Picard. Perfect!!! Henry deserves another Superman film, and the world needs his kindness and enthusiasm to see us through these dark times. Henry IS Superman. #ManofTomorrow