Paul Walker Dead: Actor and Pro Racer, Roger Rodas, Killed in Fiery Crash

"Fast and Furious" star was in a Porsche driven by Roger Rodas when it struck a tree.

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Anyone who still miss him in 2021😭
The saddest part about life is.. when the person who gave you the best memories, becomes a memory..💭
Robert Kelly’
Robert Kelly’:
A “celebrity death” never impacted me as much. I still lose sleep over this sometimes, I dunno why. But this really fucking hurt
Pinkydabrains Is the best streamer ever.
Pinkydabrains Is the best streamer ever.:
Paul’s not dead, he’s just waiting for us at the finish line...
Came here after Vin Diesel walked Paul's daughter at her wedding. Miss you Paul it's been long eight years without you my friend😭
"I'll be back in 5 Minutes"
Legend's last words.
Spikey Pineapple
Spikey Pineapple:
RIP Man, You were a legendary actor, we all miss you.
Ghostface Killer
Ghostface Killer:
I’m still mourning his death.
Whenever i see or hear a fast and furious movie I remember him.
Aimaraziz 1
Aimaraziz 1:
Anyone who still miss him in July 😭
TSB Mist
TSB Mist:
1:44 when he started crying my heart broke 💔
It's been 8 years and it's still sad😭😭
“If one day the speed kills me, don't cry. Because I was smiling.”
Team Refill
Team Refill:
Imagine how different f and f would be if he never took that ride
Carleigh Magers
Carleigh Magers:
It’s been almost 8 years without him and I’m still hurt from it. RIP my man.
babygirl hehe
babygirl hehe:
currently bawling my eyes out because vin just walked meadow down the aisle. i've never been this affected by a celebrity death. this crushes me every time i think about it. ugh rip king.
" if one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling.

-Paul Walker
Vaddy _
Vaddy _:
Rest well brother Paul, I still go back and watch the first couple Fast and Furious movies, timeless classics...
I loved what they did in fast and furious 9, “there’s still one seat missing” *blue car revs down high street with blacked out windows* 😔😔
Its sad that Paul quoted "If I die from speed, dont cry about me cause I was smiling" Like....
Aw, timeflies😭 and now his daughter is already married ❤️
Omer Tiryaki
Omer Tiryaki:
“Paul is not dead he’s just 1 lap further than us”
*"If one day the speed kills me, do not cry because I was smiling"*

-*Paul Walker*
Crazy Swipes
Crazy Swipes:
7 years later hard to believe it’s been this long
DP Marvel
DP Marvel:
Can’t believe this legend is gone. Don’t feel like 7 years. But I’m glad I got to see the last 3 movies he was in. 😔😔
Moser Bear
Moser Bear:
"It's been a long day without you, my friend
And I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
We've come a long way from where we began
Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again"
Rest in peace brother....
Paul’s not dead... he’s just waiting for us at the finish line.
Watch him somehow still be alive and make a bad ass return like Han in f9
More than 7 years passed but still I can't agree that my favorite my inspiration died 💔

Every week I watch his photos or videos to make me fell that he is there and not gone anywhere

Rip inspiration of millions 😞😞😭
Adam Dymock
Adam Dymock:
"I'll be back in 5 minutes."

That's what my father said 15 years ago, he still hasn't come back.
Im _TheSUBII3 • 25 years ago
Im _TheSUBII3 • 25 years ago:
No matter what anyone says, this will always be one of the saddest deaths to me, we lost a great man who still had half of his whole life ahead of him.
Badhon karmokar
Badhon karmokar:
After 8 year he is still in my heart
Baseke Aminah
Baseke Aminah:
Rest in powers my favorite, u will forever own a place in our hearts ❣️
Suddenly I found myself in a river of tears.
Masnah Jantan
Masnah Jantan:
RIP Paul walker

He's a good guy and I hope he will return to fast and furious 9.... Love paul walker😭😭
Zach A.Z
Zach A.Z:
“Hey I’ll be right back in 5 minutes”

That hurt.
X_Lauren _X
X_Lauren _X:
My just remembering that his last words was "I'll be back in 5 minutes"
Not only an actor, but a Legend to us all. Thanks for everything Paul. We miss you...
Ibrahim Alkhars
Ibrahim Alkhars:
Walker died because of aroun Ramsey every time he scores a goal a star dies
Miss Jordxx
Miss Jordxx:
My heart is still 💔 everytime I remember Paul's tragic death. And suddenly, I would go back to all the videos about him. Even his movies, from time to time, I keep on watching all of 'em over and over again, esp. F&F..❤️❤️❤️ I really am a big fan... and it still hurts up to this moment. Hardest part of moving on with my Ultimate Celebrity Idol Paul... In honor of him, I will continue to support F&F. Can't wait for the 9th. ❣️
Tasha bby devil😈
Tasha bby devil😈:
It's been 7 years, we still miss him and think about him, he lives in our hearts. We love you so much Paul 😭😭😭😭💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞
Basiccally Everything
Basiccally Everything :
He isn’t dead he is just waiting at the finish line
Yuhellen Pariemalam
Yuhellen Pariemalam:
I missed him so much and I’m crying rite now
Joker gaming
Joker gaming:
Still tears come in my eyes when I remember him
Kaushalya Prabath
Kaushalya Prabath:
Today is Paul Walkers Birthday 😢 RIP Lagend ! You're always safe in our hearts 😢😢
Raib Kazi
Raib Kazi:
I just recently started watching F&F. I’m still fighting back tears after furious 7
The wicked kid 22
The wicked kid 22:
“Don’t cry because he’s gone smile because he was here”
Amy Falcon
Amy Falcon:
It’s truly hard for his mother and family to wake-up everyday knowing Paul is nowhere in sight and never ever gonna physically come back! RIP Paul...🙏🙏🙏
Deepak DP
Deepak DP:
This is 2021 but this man still live in my heart ❤️💯
Pearl Ahanthem
Pearl Ahanthem:
Paul's last word : " I will be back in 5 minutes "
Me : Its been 2020.😭😭😭
RIP Paul ur an absolute legend and a true hero in our hearts 😭😭😭😭
Tyrese just started to make me weep I'm crying so much rn I'm very sad now
He'll always be alive in every sports car engine . He'll be racing in heaven
Fast in furious was the first movie I watched in a movie theater and I was 4-5 I will never forget that. RIP legend💔
Last known words of Paul Walker before his death, "I'll be back in 5 minutes." I really wish he did. :(
People died and impacted a lot of people lives but Paul death broke the world🥺😔 still miss him after 7 years. Seems like yesterday he was here and now he’s gone. Tell the angels i said hello Paul.
Evan S
Evan S:
“You owe me a 10 second car” - Paul Walker 2001
He was a legend,like my brother said we never knew him but it was like losing family.
Muhibur Rahman Chowdhury
Muhibur Rahman Chowdhury:
We will all reach the finish line someday. He was just faster than us
Ismar Merdanovic
Ismar Merdanovic:
This guy changed my life for cars. Growing up as a kid I loved the fast and furious movies. Now I’m a full time mechanic who owns a skyline. Rip p dubber !
actually i would like to say , he is a legend in driving . my greatest sympathies brian i mean paul walker
Liy Zen
Liy Zen:
It's been 7 years and I'm still crying watching this video
Emily Ybarra
Emily Ybarra:
Hearing tyrese cry is heart wrenching 😭
He’s not dead
He just
*Finished the race befor us*
Charlesetta Molton
Charlesetta Molton:
Rest in peace Paul walker. Love you.
Obama reloads69
Obama reloads69:
Seeing that red Porsche gives me flashbacks of my mum telling and me falling into her crying...
Remember when he said “if i die from speeding, just know i died happy.”
Angana Gogoi
Angana Gogoi:
RIP man 🙏 You are always in our heart♥️♥️♥️
Bea Valdriz
Bea Valdriz:
It's been 7 years since Paul Walker passed away. We miss you legend!
i have been revisiting the movies and still to this day i think about this amazing man how he made people smile
Brian O'Conner
Brian O'Conner:
Although 8 years have passed, I could not forget him. :(
Modernizing Cars
Modernizing Cars:
Bro I still miss Paul 7 years later I cant believe its been that long.
Man I wish he's still alive he's my favorite actor and he's a great person
HighTechNoob Fan
HighTechNoob Fan:
"One day if speed kills me... do not cry because I was smiling" - paul walker
He actually was my idol and made me a car guy. He will be rememberd as a true hero.
He’ll never be forgotten.
Aliyah king
Aliyah king:
I will miss him and my sincere respect😭😭😭
Arin Sharma
Arin Sharma:
I like that i am not the only one rn who is missing him in 2021😭🙏🏻
General frank
General frank:
He was indeed my in eternal peace legend
Rest In Peace King 🥺
kiangabriel villacrusis
kiangabriel villacrusis:
I will always remember you paul in "When i see you again"
velichko 1312
velichko 1312:
Cool and humble dude. Taken too soon. May he rest in peace.
Ender Boy
Ender Boy:
Daylon Burks
Daylon Burks:
Walker and Kobe’s deaths were so similar, I miss both 💔💔💔
lrish luck
lrish luck:
He'll always be alive in my heart,
Nathan Cruz
Nathan Cruz:
It’s been almost 8 years since, I remember Paul Walter passed away from car crash. Although, I did have a chance to watch the first 9 fast and furious movies and spin-off this year and I have enjoyed watching the franchise this year.
2021... we still remember him.
razel gabayeron
razel gabayeron:
i was smiling while sad paul walking i cant take it :( my heart is really thinking about him the best guy in the world god bless :)
Evan Turner
Evan Turner:
I heard about his death at the time and it didn't have much affect on me. But now that I have watched all the fast and furious movies this hits different. R.I.P Paul
Kay Jacobs
Kay Jacobs:
Few years had pass and still it's like yesterday, rest in peace bro..m
Rest In Peace Paul we love you we will all see you one day😭😭😭
GongGong Yoo
GongGong Yoo:
I just finished rewatching Furious 7 and I can't stop crying
Railey Encarnacion
Railey Encarnacion:
May the fast cars guide you to your new home for honor and glory we miss the legend
Paul Walker
R0p4t1 K1r1f1
R0p4t1 K1r1f1:
RIP ❤️🙏🏾 you'll always be remembered legend 🙌🏾🐐
Jesse Hernandez
Jesse Hernandez :
It still makes me sad to this day. But he never left us he’s jus waiting for us at the finish line ❤️
Aho Studio
Aho Studio:
I feel like they lost car control by speedin up there, not sure why they didn't slow down or kept it around the safe zone but hurts too say that I wished to meet him in person a long time ago when I was 10 bro.
Annalise Prieto
Annalise Prieto:
Wow. It’s been 7 years. I watched a movie that he was in at school the other day. I ask God to bless his soul and his friend’s soul❤️🙏🏼
Chad Neider
Chad Neider:
0:31 other than the Fast and Furious movies he’s in, that one is my favorite. RIP Paul😥 nothings been the same since you’ve been gone
Zap Genesis
Zap Genesis:
His death was ironic to disturbing levels, i miss him
Mzukhona Mzukhona
Mzukhona Mzukhona:
I don't feel to forget this😭
Yanah Cassandra Corpuz
Yanah Cassandra Corpuz:
Thank youuu for making a masterpiece, RIP legend