Paula Badosa vs. Victoria Azarenka | 2021 Indian Wells Final | WTA Match Highlights

Watch the Match Highlights from Paula Badosa vs. Victoria Azarenka at the 2021 BNP Paribas Open Final.

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100+ comentarios:

Paula Badosa is 2-0 in her career in finals!
Рудиль Халилов
Рудиль Халилов:
Vika is actually so happy for Badosa's victory, as if she herself won. Not every person knows how to be happy for another person. Victoria is very well-mannered and kind. Thank you for you))))
Terence Wong
Terence Wong:
I feel sad Vika didn’t win the title but they both deserved to win. And Vika was so graceful in defeat. I wish her a much better season in 2022.
I think Vika has matured so much since becoming a mom. I wasn't really a fan of her because of her attitude towards the chair empire or the audiences before, but now she shows so much grace on the court, good luck to her for the rest of her career.
Audible Obscenity Tennis
Audible Obscenity Tennis:
One of the best matches of 2021. I can see paula winning a grand slam soon
Navin Israni
Navin Israni:
It was a Slam-worthy final in a WTA 1000 event 👍
Free Bird
Free Bird:
Epic! Haven't seen such an exciting WTA final for a long time. Equally equipped with skills, Badosa is more fearless in the 2 tie breaks; well fortunes favours the bold.
Laura Zambrano
Laura Zambrano:
I was struggling to pick a winner, both players deserved to win. For one side, Vicka's fighting spirit, energy, champions mindset and self believe I'm so happy that she played so well. And for Paula's side she has been working so hard all year and she has demonstrated that she belongs to the top!!! I'm really happy for this final!! ♥️♥️♥️
Ashutosh Singh
Ashutosh Singh:
That was a heart touching tribute to a great role model by a youngster like Paula.....
incredible match! high level of tennis 🙌
Vika had the chance and couldn't close the match, so Paula didn't hold back and now is a master 1000 champion! Bravo 👏
the intensity of this match was unreal! from Vika´s never say die attitude that unfortunately faulted when she needed it most and Paula who took her chance and played aggressively, legendary match from both players!
Badosa ladies and gentlemen , what a player! Azarenka is coming back stronger than ever , congrats to both players!
Christopher Harijanto
Christopher Harijanto:
Amazing finale for both Badosa and Azarenka 👏 That's how the championship quality was because they both are amazing but congrats for Badosa 🇪🇸👏
Joey Cronologia
Joey Cronologia:
Definitely one of the best WTA tennis finals this year! Such a delight to watch ! No drama both of them showcase their talents pure and simple sportmanship. Congratulation to both of them and the team behind them!
Vika and Paula, what lovely individuals they are, no? Thought their speeches were both pitch perfect in their own way. Congrats to both!!
Best WTA finals of the year
Antíoco IV Epífanes
Antíoco IV Epífanes:
Stunning victory!! You make us all proud of being spaniards!! We LOVE you!! And hopefully there Will be more titles to come! VAMOS!!!!!🇪🇦♥️🇪🇦♥️🇪🇦💪
Kelly Brown
Kelly Brown:
Badosa has such a patient style, she never seems to crowd the ball or rush her shots. From as early as the first set, I just felt like her patience would win her the match.
Felicidades, Paula, necesitamos una campeona como tú.
Lol Kek
Lol Kek:
That was a FINAL match we all deserved. Sad for Vika, but congratulations to Paula. That was a real war on court.
Al D
Al D:
Paula has improved so much. I think she can/will get better too!
Cordy One
Cordy One:
Started following her matches this year and I knew she would get her moment, such a warrior! This is just the beginning for Badosa!
Nacho T M
Nacho T M:
Increíble partido, que batalla física y mental. Enhorabuena a las dos y especialmente a Paula.
Enhorabuena Paula, gran partido y gran triunfo.
Took nerves of steel to get pass Azeranka. Both so humble and grateful. Great match.
Pablo Rodriguez Garcia
Pablo Rodriguez Garcia:
Enhorabuena Paula
Título muy merecido por tu lucha y esfuerzo, sin olvidar tu talento.
Es increíble cómo has mejorado física, técnica y mentalmente. Y todavía hay margen de mejora en.todas tus capacidades.
Sigue así y disfrutalo.
First of all, what a great final from both ladies! Vika is a warrior with the heart of a champion. Results may be up and down at this stage of her career, but that competitive fire still burns. For Paula - I think back to the start of this year when she experienced 21 days of hard lockdown in a Melbourne hotel. I remember her emotional press conference after she had tried to compete after such an ordeal and it was so tough for her. But she just picked herself up, dusted herself off and has had a fantastic season culminating in this big title. It feels well earned!
Roy Santiago
Roy Santiago:
Congrats to Badosa! She hits huge serves and such heavy balls so consistently and doesn’t miss often. I prefer this style of game over Sabalenka, who hits much harder but misses a lot
Jay Bautista
Jay Bautista:
What a classy ladies! I enjoyed listening to their speeches as I enjoyed watching their match. Congrats to both of them and I hope to see more finals matches from Badosa as well as Azarenka.
David Martorell victori
David Martorell victori:
Grandes Paula... Te lo merecías.... Viva España🇪🇸.👍👍👍👍👍
Wow, incredible match, so much strategy going on, I was glued to my screen. Loved it. And, how could Paula lift the trophy, when Cam could not? Paula, great strength! Girl Power. My daughters will be thrilled.
MCarmen GL
MCarmen GL:
Felicidades Paula ...un trabajo excelente durante todo el año y culminado con este gran título. Llegarás alto ...juegas de lujo....tienes paciencia y eres una gran persona. Bs desde Madrid 🇪🇸
Павел Иванов
Павел Иванов:
Виктория ОГРОМНАЯ МОЛОДЕЦ!!! ОНА вышла на сторону корта соперницы чтобы её поздравить, это говорит о том что она ведёт себя как НАСТОЯЩАЯ ЧЕМПИОНКА!!!
Veronika Kaminska
Veronika Kaminska:
Вика, я за тебя! :) Еще все впереди!
Víctor Manuel Rosas Martínez
Víctor Manuel Rosas Martínez:
Excelente partido. Soy admirador del juego de Vika pero tengo que reconocer que Paula tuvo un excelente desempeño y que seguramente mejorará más su juego sobre todo el aspecto emocional. Felicitaciones a ambas
Juan Antonio Quintas
Juan Antonio Quintas:
Muy merecido título y sufrida victoria contra Azarenka.
Ojalá siga con buenos resultados en el futuro. Ha demostrado tener un gran juego de fondo, mucha resistencia y gran fortaleza mental. 👏🏼
Maria Nagaoka
Maria Nagaoka:
Great final, both players giving their all, and the best thing is that there were no throwing racquets or temper tantrums during the match, just a graceful winner and an even more graceful finalist. Congrats to Badosa and Azarenka.
Biktor Gutiérrez
Biktor Gutiérrez:
Vika tiene un comportamiento ejemplar a pesar de haber perdido. Paula enhorabuena y ojalá que pueda disputar el WTA finals. Excelente final.😄
Mercedes Redondo
Mercedes Redondo:
Gran final la que nos han regalado Badosa y Azarenka. Bravo por las dos !!! Estoy muy feliz como española de que haya ganado Paula, pero sobretodo por ella, me ha demostrado una fortaleza increíble para la edad que tiene. ENHORABUENA PAULA !!!
Neivaldo Duarte
Neivaldo Duarte:
Paula esteve muito bem em todas as partidas nesse torneio. Eu imaginei que não seria tarefa fácil pra Azarenka... parabéns a ambas pela grande final que fizeram, e em especial à Paula Badosa pela conquista do título.
Crystal Manifestations
Crystal Manifestations:
Happy she won! She seems like a lovely person as well! Congrats 👏 🏆 👏
Great match. Very high level from both. Could have gone either way but Badosa finished it off. Well done ladies.
R Novarian
R Novarian:
a match like this rarely happens in WTA nowadays but very helping to boost womens tennis game for viewers all over the world. vika’s speech , her graceful in defeats and she being herself now really a great women’s tennis representative as well. and paula with her story on overcoming depression in her youth and winning the tournament, let alone having the impressive 2021 season is just inspiring for many many people.

thanks for both ladies for showing their heart trough this final! a very very welldone
Federico Nalos
Federico Nalos:
Worth watching tennis match! Thank you ladies for the energy and spirit, fighting for every point. Good luck on your next tournament.
Great tennis Both players. What a great recognition by Paula to Vika’s history in final speech.
Ian Jr
Ian Jr:
What a hard fought battle!! Vamos Badosa! 🙌🏼👍🏼 Well earned!
vuthina roeun
vuthina roeun:
When you put everything on the line like these two there’s nothing to be sad about.
Joel Byrd
Joel Byrd:
Paula's mental toughness and ability to trust her aggressive shots in the high-pressure moments won her this match. The big return on set point in the first set, the break point at 4-5 in the third, the backhand winner at 2-0 in the final set breaker etc. Just hard as nails. Both women were incredible and Paula is a hugely deserving champion.
Victor Gomez
Victor Gomez:
Congrats Badosa. We are so proud. 🇪🇸
Markus E
Markus E:
Great lasting highlights, so thank you.
Congratulations to both for making the finals.
Congratulations, Paula!!!
Chan MM
Chan MM:
Congratulations to Badosa! and what a great performance by Vicka. Nice to watch tennis with the fans again. 🎾🎾🎾🏆
Clint Tumulak
Clint Tumulak:
Congrats Paula!!! ❤🏆✨
Gatha_wolf Gatha_wolf
Gatha_wolf Gatha_wolf:
Beautiful, good game. Congratulations Paula!
Jamie Vidd
Jamie Vidd:
Watched the whole match and it was awesome. Paula needs to come in more to shorten points but she played great and really hung in there. Congrats to her on a great title. 👏👏👏. Great effort by Vika as well.
Soevjaan Oemar
Soevjaan Oemar:
I think, Vika played very well with her Come Back, but Paula is amazing, with high fighting spirit, mental steel, and amazing Physical strength, she deserves to be CHAMPION! Stars are born
8:22 when the player and the team share the same emotions. Both could not believe what's just happening !
Sebastian Hölterhoff
Sebastian Hölterhoff:
That must have been one of the nicest speeches and happiest faces that I've seen on the WTA tour. More of that please :)
koiun dwrru
koiun dwrru:
Stunning victory!! You make us all proud of being spaniards!! We LOVE you!! And hopefully there Will be more titles to come! VAMOS!!!!!🇪🇦♥️🇪🇦♥️🇪🇦💪
Doug Naquin
Doug Naquin:
Best match of the year so far!
María Martínez
María Martínez:
Enorme Paula!!! 🙌🙌🇪🇸
Grande Paula. Como parece, del infierno al cielo a veces solo hay un paso. Mucha suerte en el futuro.
Wow! Two top notch players and by their speeches, we can tell two great humble women! Beautiful final, what incredible rallies they played!
Ilarie Kendi
Ilarie Kendi:
After set 2 I was 90-95% convinced that Azarenka would win. I'm glad I was wrong. What I learned? Shut up and watch the match to the end, without being smart in the middle of the game.
Luis Miguel Del Valle Martínez
Luis Miguel Del Valle Martínez:
Bravo Paula, enhorabuena 👏❤🇪🇸
What an awesome match. Intense and ultra high level.
Philippe Bartoli
Philippe Bartoli:
What a match. Thanks à lot to these two wonderful players. They give such a good image of tennis. I were sad to think there will be only one winner. Victoria you are the symbol of courage and class. Paula you are clever, consistent and classy. I wish the best to both of you. I am yearning to seeing in a future tournament.
Del Monto
Del Monto:
Wtf vika needs to do to win I don't know
I feel so bad for her she was so close
But congrats badosa well deserved victory ✌️
yaliso gioouy
yaliso gioouy:
One of the best matches of 2021. I can see paula winning a grand slam soon
Both so good players and so classy. Inspirational.
Kewsi Yehboah
Kewsi Yehboah:
Badosa Wins Indian Wells.. Emma Wins US Open.. Babora Wins French Open..
Dam WTA Tour is So oooooo Interesting..
Bring on 2022..
David Flores Montañés
David Flores Montañés:
Felicitaciones por el título.Paula Consigas muchos éxitos.
Manolo Fernandez
Manolo Fernandez:
Wow, Paula is the deserving 👑 Queen of the Desert 👑. What a way to strike the ball in critical moments!!!
Ramadean Channel
Ramadean Channel:
That was insane, what a match. Congratulations to Paula 👍👍👍👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏
Ramon Sanchez
Ramon Sanchez:
Congratulations Paula. You really deserve for it. And more trophies are yet to come at your hands. Stay healthy and always be strong in any factors in your tennis-playing.
Spiffy Spice
Spiffy Spice:
Very very impressive. Congrats Paula. Vika remains a threat to spoil anyone's party. Solid game of tennis. That LOOKED like a final.
Piotr Skibinski
Piotr Skibinski:
Fantastyczny mecz i gratulacje 👏
Norberto Buenache
Norberto Buenache:
Grandisima Paula tú eres ahora nuestra fuente de inspiración y admiración!
R C Law
R C Law:
In total, Vika has won two break sets, but she still loses the match due to tie break. The reason is during the tie break, she used to hit the ball direct to Badosa's body instead of hitting more to the corner or base line for Badosa to run more. Where else Badosa is more willing to challenge difficult angles, and she won the match. Congratulations to both players.
D Doong
D Doong:
They played so well..... congratulations to both : )
the best final of the year!
louis stalker
louis stalker:
Now I don’t know anymore who is my favorite player Badosa or Muguruza.
Rosli Romasa Rms
Rosli Romasa Rms:
At last Paula Badosa wins.. 7-6, 3-6, 7-6.. Great wins at 2021..
Mark Kowal
Mark Kowal:
Best final of the year! Vamos Paula!
Hoangquan Pham
Hoangquan Pham:
Vika looked happier than badosa :)), cause she knew badosa really deserved to win
Vic is such a fighter, I was rooting for her as she has worked to come back. But congrats. to Paula, who is also a fighter. Such a close match.
Sal and My Two Cents
Sal and My Two Cents:
So glad the younger players are finally stepping up & winning.
Joaquin III
Joaquin III:
Estamos orgullosos Paula
Freda Bonsu
Freda Bonsu:
Amazing match , well deserved Paula both of you are great Champion’s 🔝✌️❤️
J. Aguilar Taylor
J. Aguilar Taylor:
Congratulations Paula. You are a real champion 🏆 🥇. Muchas felicidades Paula por que eres una Campeona en tennis 🎾. Te falto hablar unas palabras en español.
Nanthakumar Ayah kanu
Nanthakumar Ayah kanu:
Badosa keeps on trying and finally she did it, but Azarenka is a good fighter & lovely person. Congrats both!
One of the best finals of the year
Da Shap20
Da Shap20:
Anyone realize this? ----- same EXACT outfit Raducanu wore at US Open(all matches). Badosa did wear this for entire Indian Wells tourney as well. I think everyone may wear it at Aussie Open. LOL
Rafa Tennis Champ
Rafa Tennis Champ:
Congrats Paula . Proud of you.. Worth the wait.. ENHORABUENA .
Sondhy Sitanggang
Sondhy Sitanggang:
Now that’s a real battle at the final. Congratulations for the worthy champion!
Vika! Amazing mother!!💕

Paula is one of my favorites!!
She is a beautiful fighter💪🔥🔥
Jazz Thief
Jazz Thief:
I can watch the championship point and Paula's happy reaction forever and ever.
Nathan Jen
Nathan Jen:
Everything changed with that forehand in the net at 5-4 30-0 in the third set. Just goes to show how quickly momentum can swing at the professional level
Ashutosh Singh
Ashutosh Singh:
Vika is an icon in her own right. I mean there is nothing which she can't do. And also big props to Paula for putting up such a tremendous fight. 2022 will be the year when we see Paula in the top 10 of the women's games. And she has an explosive forehand which will definitely rule the clay courts in Europe next season.
We love you Azarenka!!!
Congratulation to Badosa.
Isaias Camero
Isaias Camero:
now THIS was a high performance, competitive final match! glad to see Vika back in the final, and cheers to a new Spaniard winning 🤍 Paula is amazing.