Peaky Blinders star Helen McCrory Has Passed Away

What happened to Helen McCrory? Find out in the video!

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100+ comentarios:

Rahul Metre
Rahul Metre:
52 years old and still breaking hearts.
I saw her on Peaky blinders and I thought her acting was superb, she was brilliant! Rest in piece aunt Polly.
Jailene Torres
Jailene Torres:
I’m still in disbelief that Helen is gone... 😔 When I first saw the news, I thought it was an error or a sick joke. And then when I realized that it was the truth, my heart broke. I pray for strength and peace for her husband and kids. May you Rest In Peace Helen, you will never be forgotten 🙏🏻♥️
Martin Ward
Martin Ward:
Rest in Peace Helen, we will miss you in Peaky Blinders.
Keara Harkin
Keara Harkin:
First seen her in the Harry Potter films so she will always be Narcissa to me, an amazing actress gone far too soon. Sleep easy beautiful angel!! 💖😭💔
Giulia Falbo
Giulia Falbo:
im crying so hard cause i just loved her, not just as an incredible actress, but as a person, a Woman with big W.
I will never be able to explain my pain, im just tired of all these important losses that we had in this bad period. Now you can rest Helen, you won’t be forgotten.
der nächste engel der von uns gegangen ist......................we miss u Angel😖😖😖🥺🥺🥺💔💔💔💔💔
William Phillips
William Phillips:
Terrible! Her performances on stage were mesmerizing. I was fortunate to meet her and her husband several times, whitty, understated, intelligent and charming. The London stage has lost a warrior. Xx
Ramla Cp
Ramla Cp:
RIP Helen..... We love u❤..... Miss u😢
Andrew Lloyd
Andrew Lloyd:
The Matriarch of Peaky Blinders is dead, so sad, rest in peace Polly. Rest in Peace Helen, you will be missed. God Bless You. My sincere condolences to your family, friends and colleagues. XX
Sheve Vero
Sheve Vero:
Such a phenomenal actress,gone too soon rip aunt polly😓😓
Fenna Cohrs
Fenna Cohrs:
Rest in peace dear Helen. You will be missed very much 😥❤
NEXT World
NEXT World:
we will miss you in season 6... RIP lady.
Il commentatore abusivo
Il commentatore abusivo:
One minute of silence.

By order of the Peaky Blinders.

We love you, great Woman.💔
durdana smou
durdana smou:
Polly was an iconic character.. how will I bring myself to watch PB season 6 without aunt Polly?
legends never die.
ray maxwell
ray maxwell:
rip beautiful lady what a great character polly was hard to imagine the blinders making any more episodes without her
khen lakhin
khen lakhin:
Rest In Peace Helen. You will always be our Polly❤️
Pasqualina Fariello
Pasqualina Fariello:
Rest in peace❤️
You are a wonderful woman, not you WERE. You are still here, in our hearts.
We'll going to miss our Narcissa Malfoy, our Polly Gray....Our Helen Mccrory❤️
Mutsivoyi Chuzho
Mutsivoyi Chuzho:
Peaky Blinders won't be the same without her. . . RIP POLLY 😭
George Weasley
George Weasley:
Rest in peace. You will be missed ❤🕊
Halyke Tarrant
Halyke Tarrant:
I just can’t accept she is not with us anymore.
I will forever have tears in my eyes hearing her name, or watching her on screen.
Farewell, Helen. Thank you.
For everything.
My heart breaks for Damian and their kids. RIP and thank you.
Fateh Bhogal
Fateh Bhogal:
Such an great actress, now peaky blinders will be left incompleted.
I was waiting for season 6 of peaky blinders but now I saw this.
I’m heart broken and shocked. Rest easy Helen 🥺
Herman Ulaya
Herman Ulaya:
By the order of the Peaky blinders. Rest in Peace our dear Aunt Polly
I was so affected to hear this terrible news. 💔 I really liked Helen McCrory, she was a wonderful actress.
Rest in peace Helen 🖤
Calvin Johnson
Calvin Johnson:
This hurt me.. Im at worked sad and shocked. All i know is her work from Peaky Blinders, but I dont know why im so emotional right now
Just watching the BBC news at 6 totally shocked ,what a wonderful beautiful actress I can't believe it my condolences to her family and friends , God we are going to miss her on the TV and films.
Outstanding actress, RIP 💔
mandy c
mandy c:
RIP Helen. An outstanding actress.
random girl
random girl:
My heart skipped a beat when I saw this.. I refused to believe it was true. Absolutely devestating😭😭😭 I love this woman and her performances are just out of this world. I don’t usually mourn for celebs but this one hit different. rest in peace helen🥺🥺💕💕
Si Woodside
Si Woodside:
This is such sad news. I am genuinely gutted since I heard this news.
Erin Holden
Erin Holden:
Wow, so sad to hear this news! She was a real diamond 💎 ...condolences to her husband, children, and all her family
...hard to know what to say, but I will share that I absolutely adored her as Polly and she wore that role as an utter savage while retaining her vulnerability. Top notch. PB will not be the same
Bravo Helen McCrory 👏🌹❤
crazy kid
crazy kid:
She was a good actress ❤️😭
still can't believe it. This breaks my heart. She was just an amazing human being and amazing actress. My prayers go to her and her beloved ones... Helen Elizabeth McCrory you may be gone but never forgotten. <3
Rest in peace queen. [*]
Penny Love
Penny Love:
A woman of substance and class ,,❤️, Rest in peace
Urbi Basu
Urbi Basu:
Rest in Peace Narcissa Malfoy... I am too pissed off to say anything 💔
Gone too soon. Rest in peace Helen .🕊️🕊️🕊️🙏🏾
nishant chauhan
nishant chauhan:
Gone so soon. This is so heartbreaking. RIP 💔
Anne Houghton
Anne Houghton:
RIP Angel Bless your Soul Forever in Haven ❤️🙏🌸🌷🌺
Severus Snape
Severus Snape:
RIP Queen. You will always shine ✨.
I was just talking about Narcissa in a comment and now this.......
one of my favorite actresses, with such amazing talent and just a wonderful woman overall, i will truly miss her :(!
misterharrypotter 7
misterharrypotter 7:
Jeffrey Williams
Jeffrey Williams:
Man it really is sad I just read about her just now on my cellphone on the news app
Teodoro Jaranilla
Teodoro Jaranilla:
Alistair K
Alistair K:
She is always Narcissa Malfoy to me !❤️
Rest in peace Helen. 😭
Remiz Manjeri
Remiz Manjeri:
Keira Louise Bowtell
Keira Louise Bowtell:
Sobbing so much! You will be missed 😭❤️
Mindo Sheamar
Mindo Sheamar:
Absolutely shocked, so sad RIP my love 🙏🙏🙏🙏
Rip beautiful lady soul actress 💔
RIP thank you for all memories
Fabio Guarino
Fabio Guarino:
Grande in Peaky Blinders!!
R.I.P Polly Gray 💔🕊
i saw the notif on my phone from BBC news and i- there are no words, i’m genuinely sobbing, she was so beautiful and so so young 💔

rip darling 🕊
Donna Carr
Donna Carr:
Prayers for you and your family 🙏🙏🙏
This is not sitting with me well. I just started season 4 of peaky blinders idk if I can finish now.
Walisson Lima
Walisson Lima:
Love Roma
Love Roma:
Mi dispiace moltissimo❤..... adoro Peaky Blinders....❤
nazanin asil
nazanin asil:
María Ines Herbas Fernandez
María Ines Herbas Fernandez:
/* varitas arriba por Helen Mccrory🥺
K y z e r
K y z e r:
Informative stuff
Informative stuff:
In the bleak midwinter RIP🖤
Mysho Al alanzi
Mysho Al alanzi:
Alexander Luis Figo Hoffman
Alexander Luis Figo Hoffman:
Rest in peace aunt polly
Rip😔....she was good in harry potter
Kilo Windows
Kilo Windows:
yPedro x
yPedro x:
Não acredito q a eterna Narcisa Malfoy se foi
co tu sie dzieje
co tu sie dzieje:
Ally Lou
Ally Lou:
Really sad 💖💖💖🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️
George Weasley
George Weasley:
Jean pirie
Jean pirie:
Terrible news, so sad for the family. Heart breaking
Jerson08 W9XD
Jerson08 W9XD:
RIP for a great actress...
Ayad Kovli
Ayad Kovli:
Man thy were creating the show as well );
x wizy
x wizy:
vijay karri
vijay karri:
Unfortunately. We missed her
Suzanne Baxter
Suzanne Baxter:
Floored absolutely floored, I honestly don't know what to say, to even make this palatable if something like this can ever be palatable, Fabulous actress but her portrayal of Polly Gray had me glued to the screen, her matriarch role was outstanding, THE GYPSEY QUEEN. The kind of Northern women who would kick your ass and then ask questions. Why when the world is full of evil nasty people do the good ones always go first. Daniel Lewis I am sorry for your loss. I am sorry for those who never discovered this lady. HEARTBROKEN
Smaranda Sotir
Smaranda Sotir:
ZoD M.V:
Netijen Bijak
Netijen Bijak:
RIP Helen, Narcissa Malfoy
Connor Shackleford
Connor Shackleford:
Nooooooooooooo! 😭
María Ines Herbas Fernandez
María Ines Herbas Fernandez:
/* wands up for Helen Mccrory
Jon Sñow
Jon Sñow:
Ykl Corleone
Ykl Corleone:
im so shocked rippppp
Day Dreamer
Day Dreamer:
just heard about it, so awful 😢
JD l
JD l:
a legend has passed away
in the bleak midwinter chain?
wtf martha
wtf martha:
God i loved her
Lets put our wand up /*
Ariyana Malfoy
Ariyana Malfoy:
rest in peace.
Arne Gryffindor #DA
Arne Gryffindor #DA:
Rest in peace /*
Rzgar Qasm
Rzgar Qasm:
Agrim Vashisht
Agrim Vashisht:
In the Bleak Midwinter
Bipu Grg
Bipu Grg:
Rip 😥😭❤️
Miss Cadı
Miss Cadı: