Peter Dinklage Helped Jamie Dornan Prep For '50 Shades'

Peter Dinklage helped his 'My Dinner with Hervé' co-star learn his lines for '50 Shades' role by reading Dakota Johnson's lines.

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100+ comentarios:

There’s something about this man that just oozes sexy! His charm, wit, intelligence and humour, not to mention his voice which is dreamy. Plus he’s super handsome too.... He’s got a lucky wife ❤️
"Were your parents anti-tv or..."
"They are ... smart".

LOL😂 love him
His family read books instead of TV. No wonder he's so gifted
Gio owen
Gio owen:
Without Peter the show wouldn't be as great as it is. TOP CHARACTER
L L:
"Game Of Thrones fans are very specific and lovely...50 Shades fans...have ISSUES.."

Lique berg
Lique berg:
“This is going to be therapeutic...” my god he’s flipping hilarious..
Can we all just agree that his acting is superb?! His versatility is amazing. That little snip-it they showed was some of the best acting I have seen.
Couldn't imagine GOT without Peter Dinklage. His acting always makes it that more interesting. Casting couldn't have done it better with any of the characters.
My first thought was, “how is Peter Dinklage gonna play Herve? He has a voice like a bass drum wrapped in velvet!”

Five seconds into the clip, He completely convinced me. 😃 Damn, he’s good.
Bartman 72
Bartman 72:
He is a fantastic actor, but also a fantastic voice actor. He nailed the accent, and he's just interesting to listen to.
You know what? If they redid the movies with Peter Dinklage instead of Dakota Johnson, I would watch ALL of them gleefully.
So basically he is as well educated as the character the plays. Have your children read books and put down the "screens" parents.
ET_2_0_1_0_2_5_ Tazrean Rifty
ET_2_0_1_0_2_5_ Tazrean Rifty:
"I'm not questioning your honour , I'm denying it's existence" - just wow.
Alex Key
Alex Key:
"Were your parents anti-tv or..."
"They are ... smart".

- this aged well in 2021
wouldn't you like to know
wouldn't you like to know:
"It's a perfect adaptation of the books" that's how you know, he's only seen the first season of the show.
A and B
A and B:
Colbert: Happy ending, right? :D

Peter: Sureee!!!!!! ;D

*well, he was warning us...”
I think this was the first time that I saw Stephen get uncomfortable. The tables have truly turned during this interview. I liked it. He needs to invite Peter Dinklage on the show more often. Obviously, now that he knows that he's a LotR's fan. He will.
Michelle Griffith
Michelle Griffith:
No tv. This explains a great deal about Peter Dinklage. He is so well spoken and intelligent. Books. ❤️ I love him!
i loved this guy in ELF
He is such an incredibly talented actor!! I recently learned that his brother is the principal violinist for Hamilton! (he’s been with the show from the very beginning ... back when it was playing at the Public Theater in New York before they even knew whether it would go to Broadway or not)

Can you imagine how proud their parents must be? Their two kids are a major part of two of the biggest cultural phenomenon of our time!!
Rohan Baviskar
Rohan Baviskar:
He could do an Audiobook​.
Maria Hammarström
Maria Hammarström:
Peter Dinklage is a really good actor. Very skilled. And good-looking.
Favorite Game of Thrones character, hands down.
I want a video an actual 20 min video of them talking about LOTR!
Please. Can someone make a biographical film of Peter Dinklage one day in the future?
Peter Dinklage is an absolute legend!!
Lynne Webb
Lynne Webb:
Peter Dinklage: one of the sexiest men alive! Totally love him!
Anita Vandenberg
Anita Vandenberg:
They...are smart.

So well said!
Wow he really nailed Herve's accent. It was unreal.
Jessie K
Jessie K:
He was so awkward interviewing Peter, and did he seriously ask his feelings on a small person playing a role? Like he's trying make him the spokesperson?? FFS smh
Johnny Skinwalker
Johnny Skinwalker:
"Were your parents anti-TV?" They were smart. Indeed
This interview almost goes off the rails multiple times.
Jenny Nieh
Jenny Nieh:
I wish we saw Peter Dinklage more in different roles. He is such a good actor.
He is so hot! Crush on him since the movie Elf with Will Ferrell.
He's so handsome. I'm used to seeing him in the GOT get up, he looks so good in these street clothes. I'm a little shook.
OMG I need a video of Peter and Jamie rehersing Fifty Shades STAT!!! Lmfao that just sounds epic...
S K Doyle
S K Doyle:
Peter is acting like how I think I act when I'm with drunk people when I am sober

Also it's awesome that the only real thing book readers could say against his Tyrion portrayal is that he is far too handsome.
David Hendrickson
David Hendrickson:
Breaking news! Peter Dinklage pretended to be an aroused Dakota Johnson! "I was just helping a friend..."
Staci Jones
Staci Jones:
Peter Dinklage is simply an amazing actor.
I like how Peter is getting parts that doesn't have to do with how he looks and more to how he acts....
Scifi FantasyGirl
Scifi FantasyGirl:
Peter: "There was something called books..."
Me: “A mind needs books like a sword needs a whetstone, if it is to keep its edge. That is why I read so much.”
MichaelAnthony Saenz
MichaelAnthony Saenz:
Peter Dinklage blows me away with his acting...omg, and I'm not easily impressed
Lisa Lisa
Lisa Lisa:
And what did that make you feel...
Ah, a misuderstanding...
Very classy, sir !!!!
Stephanie Stevens
Stephanie Stevens:
Peter Dinklage is very handsome! He's so coy I love this dude every since I seen him in the Station Agent.
MhdZki Zaki
MhdZki Zaki:
1:49 "Why'd you read so much?" -Jon Snow
"Well, my brother has a sword, and I have my mind. And the mind need books like a sword needs a whetstone." - Tyrion Lannister, during his visit to Winterfell.
witch, please
witch, please:
He's one sexy little man. I love him on GOT
If you have a chance, watch "My dinner with Herve." It's a great movie. Both Peter and Jamie do an amazing job.
Defne Üstünoğlu
Defne Üstünoğlu:
Is it just me or was this extremely awkward for colbert
Jeremy Lofthouse
Jeremy Lofthouse:
It took Stephen Colbert nearly 9 minutes to bring up LOTR. That's a record.
Liana Hall
Liana Hall:
I'm so in love. He's so damn handsome and funny.
Kyle Magaro
Kyle Magaro:
His accent has definitely morphed into a hybrid american/british accent.
Kobe B.S
Kobe B.S:
I was afraid to watch this interview cuz i didn't want it to spoil my amazing luv for this actor
That was a great interview: awkward, funny, interesting, weird. Loved it!
Revina Que
Revina Que:
CBS doesn't like it when Stephen talks about LotR? But that's part of his charm! I love it when Stephen geeks out over Lord of the Rings!
"They were smart:)
Levi Ackermen
Levi Ackermen:
Had a crush on him when I first saw "I love you too". He's a poet, so Peter reading love poems with that voice! But now there's the 50shades fantasy! be still my heart
Omg! Peter was hilarious 😂 I wish we could've seen a much longer interview. Loved his responses, and a great actor.
"They didn't have a TV... They were smart."
"Look everyone! Giles has a TV! He's shallow, like us!"
DAMN, Peter Dinklage is a beast of an actor. Having seen most of his work over the last decade, I honestly think he's one of the top 5 actors today, as far as overall talent. He can do just about any accent to perfection.
Caroline Beltran
Caroline Beltran:
I really hate how awkward he feels interviewing with Stephen, about a character that does not reflect his own self as a person... But I'm so proud that he is such an amazing actor, who can add so much depth to the characters he plays.
Nope Nope
Nope Nope:
"What was that like?" really, Stephen? Meh.
I grew up without a television. We had a TV for movie night, and a couple hours of video games. Mostly we played in our tree house, and read books
deez nutts
deez nutts:
Peter dinklage has always had some of best scenes and dialogue in game of thrones. One of my top 5 characters in the show
Alien Bacon
Alien Bacon:
There was something called books many years ago.
“Can you stay another 20 minutes and talk about Lord Of the Rings”? Lol 😂
Peter Dinklage is 6 inches taller than Hervé Villechaize was. Who knew.
Rogue Buddha
Rogue Buddha:
C: "Wait, your parents had no TV? Were they anti TV?!"
D: "They"
I want to watch the next 20 minutes where they talk about Lord of the Rings.
Observer 101514120505
Observer 101514120505:
"If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention." - Ramsey Bolton
Laughter Talks
Laughter Talks:
He's a sexy man. Love his voice too.
Abrax 23
Abrax 23:
0:40 "It's a little adult for me."

- I feel like there's some sort of missed opportunity for a joke there somewhere..
robin avalyn
robin avalyn:
I’ll never forget GoT’s 1st season. So much dialogue was word for word from the book. It was fantastic, & yes! Dont think anyone else could have playd Tyrion, right from the first moment he was on screen.
Thank you, Sir, for your talent!
"We've awoken the hive!" - Dinklebot
Smith McSmith
Smith McSmith:
Gosh he's so charming and handsome. I like him lots.
Madame Chairwoman
Madame Chairwoman:
Great interview. Love Peter Dinklage, as he’s an amazing actor and way underrated.
Alright internet, be gentle as I confess that I have not seen one full episode of ‘Game of Thrones’. I’m simply waiting for it to stream on Netflix or Amazon Prime.
doktor space man
doktor space man:
This interview was a chore to get through ffs
Elaine Koran
Elaine Koran:
"I drink and I know things" I LOVE YOU TYRION LANNISTER!!!
I love Peter Dinklage!! I want to meet him!! He is my favorite actor on the show!!❤
He is a beast. He had his voice and accent perfect in that clip. wow.
That is soooo odd hearing him speak in Herve's voice!!
"That's what I do; I drink and I know things."
I love how it feels like Peter D. doesn’t want to be on the show and by the end he’s much more relaxed
Habib Rakhman
Habib Rakhman:
That clip was probably the best clip from a series or a movie that had been played in this show. And peter's acting in that clip is unbelievable
Hannah Holden
Hannah Holden:
So talented it blows my mind! Gosh and so handsome. Love him
Timothy Cole
Timothy Cole:
I love Peter! He is a brilliant and thoughtful soul.
Joshua Brookhouse
Joshua Brookhouse:
"Perfect adaptation." Yup Stephen hasn't gotten past season 1, confirmed fact.
Maximilian C
Maximilian C:
One of the most intellectual and interesting interviews Stephen has done. :-)
Irene Harnack
Irene Harnack:
I would pay good money to see these two discuss “The Lord of the Rings”
Åsa S
Åsa S:
Stephen Colbert should get his own YouTube channel where he could talk Tolkien with people, totally out of CBS control.
Pamela Hondzinski
Pamela Hondzinski:
Wow, I can't wait to see 'My Dinner with Hervé" ! Peter is such a great actor!
Shaun Frederick
Shaun Frederick:
wow. Dinklage doesn't give a F
Tara Holt
Tara Holt:
He sounds just like Herve...hauntingly so!
I bet his voice was raw and throat hurt after it was all said and done.
Sara Kirk
Sara Kirk:
He’s just mesmerising to watch on anything he’s in. That voice. Remember him back when he was the main dwarf in The Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian along with the equally lovely Warwick Davis
Gordon Dean
Gordon Dean:
A true renaissance man, I could listen to him talk about anything. His charisma, vitality, wit and intelligence are beyond belief.
Lizz Keiper
Lizz Keiper:
“This is going to be therapeutic now isn’t it” a deep mind. Beautiful
Zoe Du Jour
Zoe Du Jour:
More like "Drink-lage".
Damn. That voice is liquid gold.
"That's what I do: I drink, and I know things." I'm still waiting to say that to someone.
“It’s a perfect adaptation of the books”

Well at least we know he’s not lying about only being on season 1.
Fahad Zafar
Fahad Zafar:
that was a short interview !
A Vampires Destiny
A Vampires Destiny:
I want him to finally pay his freaking debts in the show . His sharp wit and sarcastic humor are the best lol