Peter Dinklage | This is Why Only 1% SUCCEED and What 99% Are Not DOING

One of the Most Inspiring Speeches I've ever heard. Watch this until the end. Incredible Motivational Speech from the Game of Thrones star Peter Dinklage aka Tyrion Lannister.

Motivational Speech by Peter Dinklage.

Peter Dinklage initially struggled to find work as an actor, partially because he refused to take the roles typically offered to actors with his condition, such as "elves or leprechauns.'

He worked at a data processing company for SIX YEARS after being unable to pay rent with a failed business attempt starting a theater company.

As of 2018, he has won 11 awards from 58 nominations for his success as an actor. Don't give up on your dreams!

"Don't search for defining moments, they will never come." - Peter Dinklage


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100+ comentarios:

kundlas farm
kundlas farm:
He never once mentioned that he had to suffer because of his physical appearance. We all know he must have had hard time with it. But such a positive man he is.
Dan Johnston
Dan Johnston:
Too much dramatic editing. His speech alone was strong enough to stand on its own.
Matthew McCallister
Matthew McCallister:
I love the speech but why do I keep watching Hipsters walk around in jean jackets?
Apurwa Dwivedi
Apurwa Dwivedi:
At 34 I'm leaving my corporate job to pursue my creative aspirations professionally.
Marco Maida
Marco Maida:
When things get tough, demand a trial by combat!
336nc benzo
336nc benzo:
He didn't use his height as an excuse not once much respect
Why is it that so many of these speeches get re-edited with inspiring music in the background? It's as if their words aren't enough. It really takes away from the speech imo
"Don't search for defining moments, they will never come." - Peter Dinklage
Rahul Benny
Rahul Benny:
"A Lannister always pays his debts".
Tyrion Lannister fulifilled Peter Dinklage's debt.
Sarah Michel
Sarah Michel:
Great speech, but the sappy song and clips get in the way.
For those wondering why this speech is edited so much. It isn't because of him at all. Bennington College Class of 2012 had no self control. Every 5 seconds the crowd goes woooooo. He couldn't finish a line without the crowd being extremely disruptive.
steady cruising
steady cruising:
People think they aren't successful because they arent millionaire's lol
Anupam Mahato
Anupam Mahato:
"Never forget what you are the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor "
Ak Coomer
Ak Coomer:
Peter dinklage was born to be Tyrion Lanister .. :)
Justin Lacek
Justin Lacek:
"What I did that 99% of you won't"

'Played Tyrion Lannister in the Game of Thrones show'
Tim Andrieux
Tim Andrieux:
Wayyy too much editing, Peter Dinklage on his own is enough
christian yates
christian yates:
What does Peter's speech have to do with millennial hipsters hiking and riding in cabs? I liked the speech.
The bits of crowd laughter don’t really fit in with the sorrowful piano music
nathan sullivan
nathan sullivan:
Not once has he used his physical appearance as a crutch, wonderful actor and man.
Subscribe Butter!!!
Subscribe Butter!!!:
This is actually inspirational for someone who is in their 30's and wants to change the direction their life is going.
E46 M3
E46 M3:
Daily deliberate decisions are the defining moments in your life.
sara bailey
sara bailey:
Moved to LA with nothing !! Lost my house and man in Australia !!! Eyes on the bigger prize !! Cheers Mate !!!
Patrick St.Hilaire
Patrick St.Hilaire:
Peter dinklage: going after your dreams till it kills you

Me: only if I die

Peter dinklage: yessss...thats what, killing you meannnns
And this is why Tyrion Lannister is the tallest Lannister at the end of GoT.
"Peter Dinklage talks for 5 seconds"
*Loud soundtrack cuts in with random people for 10 seconds"
Planet Karma
Planet Karma:
''Please, don't ever bother asking. Don't even tell the world you are ready. Show it. Do it!" - Peter Dinklage
Stephan Bodini
Stephan Bodini:
"What did Beckett say? 'Ever try, ever fail: no matter. Try again, fail again; but fail better.' " Inspirational
Rajesh Bookrider
Rajesh Bookrider:
My favorite character in game of throne
He is unbelievable, amazing mind and emotional light heart person
Lannister always pay their debt, why was he worried about it 🤷‍♂️
Anastasios Loukopoulos
Anastasios Loukopoulos:
Life is not a support system for art. It's the other way around.
-Stephen King
Chris Decker
Chris Decker:
52, I'm Going. I'm going. I'm not waiting, I'm going. ... im living for today. I'm gone.
Wordsmith 430
Wordsmith 430:
Inspiring man. The dude is so talented. Motivation... I hate that word, that idea. It means you become excited about something unpleasant you need to do. That usually doesn’t happen. Waiting for that... That’s called procrastination. It’s bullshit. Don’t think. Don’t feel. Just DO!!! Just get your work done. Comfort is a distraction.
Brendan McLeod
Brendan McLeod:
The dramatic images where completely ridiculous. The speech though was great.
varsha raj
varsha raj:
I m 31 everyone makes me feel that you are too old to do anything love anything
Suat Babayigit
Suat Babayigit:
"Please don't even bother asking, don't bother telling the world you are ready; SHOW IT! DO IT!
one of the best speeches, thanks Peter Dinklage..
Sierra Travels
Sierra Travels:
I'm a 34 year old want to be opera singer. I guess I need to keep trying!!
Kev Lew
Kev Lew:
These hip young urban adventurers shown on their plethora of gleaming sunsets, surrounded by their high-rise city, their slow motion journey sung and swanned to this RISING TIDE of BEAUTIFUL and COMPLEX SYMPHONYYY... It's a bit much.
Mary Kim
Mary Kim:
Don't look for defining moments. Create them.
S B:
“Treat everyone kindly and you will light up the night”
Neha Pandey
Neha Pandey:
It would be SO MUCH better to just look at Peter Dinklage the entire time
This man is inspirational. "Don't search for defining moments because they'll never come. The moments that define you already happened, and it will happen again."
Future Baby
Future Baby:
Thank you so much for this Tyrian lately I’ve been so confused and indecisive but after watching this I’ve finally decided I’m going to rob my local bank. Thank you sir 🙏🏽
o25 s25
o25 s25:
the music is very loud and disturbing.. i can't even concentrate on what he's saying
Eli Fuller
Eli Fuller:
"Are you feeling strong my friend? Call me elf one more time.'
Buddy: "He's an angry elf."
*Punch* *Smash* *Scream*
Susan Appleby
Susan Appleby:
39 now and just about giving myself permission to screw it all up and start again. *hits reset button.
Watching this as a 29 year old with a background picture of peter Dinklage riding a scooter on my phone
Abdulla AlTurabi
Abdulla AlTurabi:
Im 26 and unemployed for almost 2 years. Got turned down for 9 jobs. And I'm still job hunting while studying. Let's hope I'll get a fkin job soon
Chris Schott
Chris Schott:
I would prefer to just watch the performer speaking , with lowered music and no distracting film footage, I'm listening with ear buds and the up and down sounding music is making me lose the words he's speaking ...
I am not anyone who is famous. I don't have a job that i think people would swoon over but well here is my little story.

I tried to end my life a couple of times. Depression and those impulses overpowering me. I tried to do college because it was what was expected of me and got into debt as a result with nothing to show for it. I spent way to long accomplishing nothing and really getting nothing. I tried nothing so i gained nothing. Eventually through help i found a small part time job. 18 hours a week and it helped me not feel like as much of a leech, but it was still hard but i kept going with it even though the job wasn't great. I called people on the phone to do surveys. Hell I did it during the 2016 presidential election asking question on behalf of small and big media. I got a lot of hate and sometimes I had to stop. Nobody wanted to talk to me while I was working they all hated me and I hated myself enough I didn't want to have everyone hate me, but i stayed mostly so i wouldn't feel as worthless about myself because i knew if i quit i would quit everything again.

Eventually I took a small class for computer tech stuff. I was going to get A+ certified with the 800 series. I took the class and then started to take the tests, although i delayed a bit on it. I passed the first of two tests on the 2nd try and then the second test I took the last day it was allowed because the 800 series was retiring and being replaced with the 900. If i didn't pass now I would never pass the 800 series test. I took that test and I failed.

The place i took the class was a sort of charity aid for people with troubles in my case my depression and such got me in but they said it was a one time class and with the 900 series having stuff i never learned i was behind. I asked the teachers what i should do and me and a few others were allowed to take the test because we were so close and only ran out of time.

So I took that class, all while doing this survey job. I knew a lot but there was a lot i learned new and stuff i knew that wasn't needed anymore. But i finished it. I took the first test. the 901 and passed it on the first try. So when i took the second test feeling good I failed. I tried again and again and failed two more times. Now at this point the place only gave us freebies 4 times so while there was a discount I had to pay for any other attempts so I did basically nothing but study and work with a few minor things for relaxing because the doctors basically said I had to.

I took the test every chance i could within my budget and i kept failing. I failed probably eight or so times. I lost track. Eventually however I passed. I got certified and I now have a full time job. I have beneifits and will probably be out of debt around april and then getting my first apartment. My younger brother is married and looking for his first house though. I had a slow start but I finally am moving forward.

Not as flashy of a story as some but it is mine.
Sam Peebles
Sam Peebles:
Don't get a neck tattoo.
Deni Khan
Deni Khan:
What a beautiful human being...
Siddharth Tiwari
Siddharth Tiwari:
Was he in the Avengers infinity war
BGz GamersVoid
BGz GamersVoid:
Best way to succeed
P Smith
P Smith:
Treat everyone kindly and light up the night ✨✨✨
I got to meet Peter at an industry event- and yes, he is very nice. it is so reassuring that he is a good person
I love this man. It's easy to forget sometimes that the people who inspire you didn't just arrive that way. They had to learn and struggle and fail and get back up again and again and again...
Eddie Bear
Eddie Bear:
Not once did he play the victimhood card. This is a real man.
justin kasica
justin kasica:
Peter dinklage is Tyrion just as much as Robert Downey jr. Is iron man
TheBunny Vlog
TheBunny Vlog:
We love to those failure stories when the failure become succeed in life . But we never support the failures current situation. This man and his story ❤❤ he is the reason why I watched GOT .
Player Fvfdxv
Player Fvfdxv:
I’ll be an on the picture one day
priv ucunt
priv ucunt:
Thanks Peter, I found out I’m going to be a father today. This helped me thanks again
Belligerent Whale
Belligerent Whale:
Dude hed be a good master cheif voice actor holy shit
Team chang
Team chang:
"Maybe I was afraid of change, are you?"
Loved Peter Dinklage since the Station Agent. You know a great actor when they can convey emotion without much dialogue. I also loved Bobby Cannevale and how they played off each other.
Nayan Mipun
Nayan Mipun:
But it is also important to know there are so many people similar to him who are not finding their success yet
Ian Macfarlane
Ian Macfarlane:
Why oh why do content uploaders have to put music over everything?
The speech (full version is 28 mins long) is inspirational enough without the God-awful music.
"A winner is a loser who tried one more time." -- George Augustus Moore
" I drink and I know things " tyrion lannister
First we have to determine that getting on the inside in Hollywood is indeed success. From what I've seen most of them sold their sole, which I consider the ultimate failure, money or no (not say I,g he did). Id rather be blessed than self made.
Mark Kennedy
Mark Kennedy:
I love this man! Great words
I'm done
I'm done:
I hate motivation videos.
Just, do something that you enjoy, explore it, get obsessed become good af. You don't have to kill yourself working 24/7. Just learn smart, practice smart. Wtf do you wanna do? What are the road blocks? List them and one by one break them. Rinse and repeat. Do it because you enjoy it. You will fail multiple times and be angry af. But keep going, obviously with a healthy sense of balance so you won't burnout and get depressed, self care is upmost important. No one matters. This is your life. Be selfish of course but always a balance. Most of all , wing it, everyone's doing the same. But keep going and making better strategies.

I still dislike motivation videos lol
Here let me put it in one phrase: The 99% just want the "success" but they are not willing to make the sacrifices!
Kate B.
Kate B.:
He's amazing. And a truly great actor. I loved his role in GoT so f..cking much.
Arka Chanda
Arka Chanda:
Are they laughing in the background
Smitherz LeGrande
Smitherz LeGrande:
Would have been awesome if it ended with “Space Pants” and a caption underneath that said, “I made it!”
Carpal Tunnel Gadgets
Carpal Tunnel Gadgets:
Peter Dinklage is smarter than Season 6 - 8 Tyrion, just saying.
Marki Alright
Marki Alright:
Omg he builts infinity gauntlet mjolnir and stormbreaker.
Sara Russt
Sara Russt:
This needs more views. It’s so powerful!
Failed youtube many time, since 2013. Failed started again. Now i just started and even though now i have two subscribers still i love and appreciate the journey.
Dunn Mcdee
Dunn Mcdee:
Dude is a phenomenal actor. Definitely my favorite character in GOT.
Csekei Boldizsár
Csekei Boldizsár:
Great speech, but the random clips and the music makes it unenjoyable
I thought I was listening to a Jocko podcast at first.
Kelly Lux
Kelly Lux:
“I went on unemployment for a few months but I couldn’t handle the guilt” 😂 ME
Bipul Jha
Bipul Jha:
I love this guy, I adore the hardwork he has done to reach where he is now.
MyMagic LouLou
MyMagic LouLou:
He is the man i am really can't imagine what kind of hell he faced many times, even in film he had hell too. Reason why i admired him, he is the one made me think, "i gotta endure much longer."
Valli VB
Valli VB:
Love Peter, thank you Peter for this speech. I forwarded to all of my kids to listen to. Such wonderful wisdom and advice. Imagination, Determination and Motivation will lead us to our own successes. 💜
Camri Lorē
Camri Lorē:
Well, I liked the music 🤷🏽‍♀️
Awesome speech.
Cezar Ladia
Cezar Ladia:
oh Tyrion you drink a lot and you know things .
Naturally a good speech maker. Remember his speech to Tywin Lannister?
Everyone that has had a rough start and who eventually makes it feels they have some inspirational words of wisdom for the rest of us. We never hear from the ones that never gave up but never made it anyways. The secret ingredient to success is not talent although having some does not hurt. The real ingredient is luck without which nothing happens no matter how much talent you have.
"Please don't ever stop, show it do it"! Every try, ever fail, no matter try again, fail again, fail better! The world is yours!
Just Some Guy with a Goatee
Just Some Guy with a Goatee:
Too much editing and music drowning out the message
Рендй Рубан
Рендй Рубан:
One of my most favorite star. One of the ordinary people with amazing thinking. Respect him!
Startup Hour Podcast With Monty
Startup Hour Podcast With Monty:
Very inspiring story.

“The moments that define you, have already happened”
Imran Ahmed
Imran Ahmed:
One of the best actors . I have seen. Asap
Good work Tyrion. You worked hard,and from Master of Coin you became The Hand.
There shouldn't be any editing along with his speech!
Sherry Garcia
Sherry Garcia:
Amazing Encouragement Peter Dinklage...TY
NayanJyoti Sarmah
NayanJyoti Sarmah:
Love u Sir Peter D☺️
Ya boi Juan
Ya boi Juan:
But what if i can't grow a beard??