Peter Green, Fleetwood Mac Co-Founder, Dead at 73

Peter Green, Fleetwood Mac Co-Founder, Dead at 73

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John Beaudin has been in major market radio (Edmonton, Vancouver & Calgary) for 35 years and a music journalist since 1989. He graduated from Broadcasting school as a newsman so he would have the skills to write about the artists that inspired him since he bought his first Elton John album as a teen. In the '80s Beaudin was the host of the syndicated radio show “The Cross Canada Report” which had two versions (Rock and A/C). Beaudin was also asked to be a judge at the Juno Awards (Canada's answer to the Grammys) Twice. He has anchored every position in radio including morning and afternoon drive and was a Program and Music Director for The Breeze and California 103 in Calgary. He currently hosts the popular Lovesongs at QM-FM in Vancouver and on iHeartRadio.

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100+ comentarios:

Kev Cap
Kev Cap:
RIP Peter... the world is a poorer place without you. And a better place because you were in it.
A guitarist of immeasurable talent, a touch and feel like no other.
Man, this one hurts. What a talent.
Hodgie Nelson
Hodgie Nelson:
58th on Rolling Stone's list. As usual they're wrong. I'd put him in the top 5.
Jesse Diaz
Jesse Diaz:
RIP Peter Green.

I love the blues era Fleetwood Mac.
Peter Green is the only British Guitarist that wasn't shaking in his shoes when Hendrix showed up in England.
He wasn't a "co-founder". He was the founder and he exclusively named the band.
Steve Smith
Steve Smith:
Been in awe of Peter since I was 14 - I'm now 66. Spent years and years trying to learn the emotionally driven guitar parts around 'Love Another Woman', 'Stumble', 'Evil Woman' and (particularly) 'Merry go-Round'. Put simply, a supremely gifted talent both of voice and instrument and one, whose passing, has simply brought me to tears and to be honest, I cry as I write this. RIP Peter Green, may your soul rest peacefully wherever it may lay. (South Australia)
james bond CARLOS
james bond CARLOS:
Randy A
Randy A:
Another FM member gone: Rock in peace Peter Green, Danny Kirwan and Bob Welch.
The real rock guy
The real rock guy:
Peter green is a lengend
Kevin Fletcher
Kevin Fletcher:
I know that these "lists" of greatest this or that mean very little but when Rolling Stone list Peter Green at no. 57 of the best ever guitar players you do have to wonder what planet these people are on.
Person Of Interest
Person Of Interest:
One hell of a guitar player.
Go easy Peter.
Before his acid meltdown in late 1970, Peter Green was the best electric blues/rock player there was. I say this having seen Hendrix, Clapton, Page, Beck BB, Albert, Freddy, Albert Collins, Mike Bloomfield......about everyone. Fleetwood Mac, Fillmore 1969, tops the list for me.
Jane - - -
Jane - - -:
*_My grandpa loved Peter he has lots of Fleetwood Mac albums. A sad day for sure ..._*
Des M.
Des M.:
There's only one Fleetwood Mac band....the original one with Peter Green and Danny Kirwen.
RIP Peter.....I grew up listening to you, your superb vocals and your brilliant guitar.
Rosie Vela
Rosie Vela:
Oh Well Part 1 & Part 2 have been my most favorite tunes ever
Then Play On Peter..then play on..
David Robinson
David Robinson:
I can imagine John Lennon sitting at the gates saying to Peter “it’s about bloody time! Let’s do Sun King!”
Kjeld Larsen
Kjeld Larsen:
The early days with Peter green was golden years sleep well and thx for the music sir.
Man Shed Man
Man Shed Man:
My hero. In my opinion the best electric blues guitarist ever. B B King loved him too. I saw him on numerous occasions with the original Mac line-up including their very first gig Reading jazz and blues festival. An amazing live band. A sad day.
R.I.P Peter Green. A true legend. Go fly with your Albatross.
Carol Turner
Carol Turner:
I saw him in Dublin in the late 60s a couple of times. He was definitely the very best. The guitar sang & he was fantastic. The world is a sadder place without him. 😥
Brian Sykes
Brian Sykes:
RIP Peter Green. I saw him perform about 20 times, with John Mayall and Fleetwood Mac (before Albatross was released). We almost took his guitar playing for granted - until we saw others play. Sometimes when he was with Mayall a few of us would go and talk to him and John McVie for a few minutes at the end of the evening - they were just normal chaps.
Sempereadem54 Eadem
Sempereadem54 Eadem:
RIP Peter.Oh Well what a fantastic song so far ahead of its time.
Red Dragon
Red Dragon:
My era. Grew up listening to Fleetwood Mac. Now their all passing away. Still listening an brings back Wonderful memories of seeing them live in concert when tickets were around $10. Rock & Roll lives forever, even if the artists pass. The music & memories always remain. Thank You John. But it always reminds me of how youth is fleeting when I hear about these Great Rockers leaving us.
Tryptamine Odyssey
Tryptamine Odyssey:
His playing was sublime... He was one of the reasons I picked up a guitar.
René B Bad
René B Bad:
I hope he takes the joy he left behind for us, with him. God bless, Peter. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
... it was BB King who said, 'he has the sweetest tone I ever heard ...'. What a sad sad day for the Blues! Peter Green is one of my top three blues Guitarists and a humble decent human being. RIP!
gee davey
gee davey:
As a longtime Fleetwood Mac fan (all incarnations of the band) this really hurts. Peter Green was a legend! RIP Peter.
Steve Hall
Steve Hall:
Another wonderful musician has passed . Another truly wonderful talent gone too soon. RIP Peter.
Chris Schrecker
Chris Schrecker:
Love Peter Green. Like many Fleetwood Mac fans discovered him after the fact. His End of the Game jams are great mood pieces in my opinion. It’s out there but I love it anyway. Take care and be safe everyone.
Mario Fabrizi
Mario Fabrizi:
About 10 years ago a blind friend of mine wrote to Peter Green telling him he loved his early work and asking what he was working on. To his utter amazement (and mine ) he got a reply. It said he was working with a close friend in a band called the Splinter Group. He included 3 cds also. They contained classic Peter Green blues. I copied the cds
Armando Guevara
Armando Guevara:
RIP Peter Green for me The Best guitarist ..We miss ever
loved Peter Green. Then Play On is a classic rock album in any collection
I saw that Polly Samson, David Gilmour's wife, tweeted earlier that when she suffered from insomnia a few years back, David would quietly strum Albatross to her to lull her to sleep. It's no surprise that Peter and David share their incredible tonality and melodic soloing seeing that The Shadows and Hank Marvin were so influential to both.
Own Your Crazy
Own Your Crazy:
Then Play On, album. Man Of The World, single.

Peter was an equally talented and tortured soul.
chupa cabra
chupa cabra:
He could hypnotize an entire audience with just one note...RIP great one...
darryl cole
darryl cole:
When Peter played that 1959 Les Paul , man what a TONE .They were a perfect match for each other, I just wish he could of gotten it back some how. RIP Albatross.......
RIP Peter Green! A lot of the legends are in their 70's and 80's now. Unfortunately, we're going to be seeing a lot more of this because it's a rare thing that anyone who was a touring musician makes it past 80 - especially these days.
nico dovizi
nico dovizi:
Another piece of influencer music history is gone.
Felix The Cat
Felix The Cat:
Gary Moore's Idol. rip
Tino Stabile
Tino Stabile:
Hi John,
What a sad day. He died peacefully at least. Such a pivotal artist and pioneer. I am glad you tried. I love every incarnation of Mac. Peter Green's contribution was unbelievable. Oh well.. the Green Manalishi, Black Magic Woman.
R.I.P. Mr Green.
R.I.P. Peter. Tone like no other and immeasurable talent. Missed already.
Klaatu Barada Nikito
Klaatu Barada Nikito:
Great guitarman/bluesman!!!!!!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Phil Alverasa
Phil Alverasa:
RIP MY GREAT MENTOR. To me the greatest Guitarist of all time so underrated to this day. Couple this with his extraordinary vocals , A GREAT TALENT.Amen
robert Ward
robert Ward:
I saw him in concert 2001 at JBs in Dudley England he truly was brilliant RIP
Matt Rossey
Matt Rossey:
That's too bad to hear, unfortunately we don't live forever. We only live on by what we leave. Thank you Peter Green for all that you gave...and now left for us to enjoy. Rest In Peace. Thank You John, sad to hear, but thankful to know. Fleetwood Mack with Lindsay and Stevie is the version I know best because it was the version I grew up with, but every version of Fleetwood was incredible.
There's just not many musicians that calibre these days nor do they have longevity like these musicians have had. Now it seems it's all about money and fame, and when they get the money they only produce music and albums (Cd's) for about 5 years and then disappear. I think that's one of the biggest reasons why the music I grew up with is so important to me. I'll be 49 this year and have in this last few months started listening to music I haven't listened to much in 30 years. I'm tired of all the cookie cutter music that's produced and released now. It all sounds exactly the same, even down to the vocals. It's all produced digitally, and noone truly seems to know how to sing and control their vocals anymore, it's all Autotune and I hate it.
It really sucks hearing about the musicians I grew up listening to have passed, but what sucks much more is that they are gone and won't play again.

Sadly another guitarist gone out of tune...RIP Peter

Keep Safe All,
Peace, Happiness, Love and Laughter,
Acceptance For All,
George Balfour
George Balfour:
Eric was good, no doubt. Greenie and Gary Moore were in a different league. Heroes and Legends! R.I.P.
George Belli
George Belli:
Introduced to him by Dinky Dawson in 1999 at the Roxy in Boston he was my favorite blues guitarist of all time he"s now with the Supernatural RIP Peter Green
Phil Reilly
Phil Reilly:
When Peter Green replaced Eric Clapton in John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, graffiti in the UK proclaimed that 'Peter Green is God'. His naturally beautiful, nuanced playing showed that the graffiti was spot on. Whenever his music is playing, Peter Green will still be wonderfully alive. His music, and Peter, will never die.
CircuitsAndStrings 2 Mr Stern
CircuitsAndStrings 2 Mr Stern:
He'll be missed
mac jam
mac jam:
Peter Green was my favorite guitarist of all time from when i was growing up as a kid in the sixties even before my other great favorite Hendrix . My elder brother used to play Fleetwood macs firs Lp and i listened and i was hooked for life. Despite his incredible talent one of the things that also stuck with me was when he gave away all his royalties for the poorer people of the world similar to Cat Stevens. While many questioned this even as a young kid i thought it was a great thing to do. Think about others not just yourself. RIP Peter Greenbaum . I've got a good mind to give up living but that Black magic woman told me in a worried dream that the Albatross will fly again. Oh well ! RIP
True legend nobody can play his style RIP Peter hope you find peace
Phil Alverasa
Phil Alverasa:
Top Album of all time and the one that made me become a guitarist (we called them LP'S IN Britain) "The Pious Bird Of Good Omen." on the " Blue Horizon Label". I can see the cover in my head now.Their was a nun,the Albatross and snapshots of the band on the back. I remember seeing a rather skeletal Mick Fleetwood and Jeremy Spencer,it might have been Danny Kirwan not to sure. Songs included:Albatross, Black Magic Woman, Big Boat, Sun is Shining.I last saw the great man on the floral Hall in New Brighton,Wirral - just before it was modernised in the early 2,000's .A shadow of the former guitarist he once was. Strangely though; his great voice was still pretty well there. Irreplaceable Blues Icon.RIP.Amen again
Debbie Scott
Debbie Scott:
I can't believe it, another great 1970's band member is gone this year. Most of them that have died this year were in their 70's. 💔🥺
Christo Guichard
Christo Guichard:
Me and Pete had a mutual friend who looked after him, and jammed with, in later years.
We often talked how pete was doing.
His later years were settled and peaceful and surrounded by love on Canvey Island.
A wonderful place to grow old.
We’ve lost the best blues guitarist to ever come out of England,thank you so much for the great music that will live on and on,RIP🙏
Wendy Black
Wendy Black:
Oooon no, I had a ticket to go & see him a few years back, But it was cancelled due to him being ill, & it wasn't re-schedualed, I was so broken hearted about not getting to see my all time favourite British blues legend, That when I got back home, I wrote a blues song about it, I didn't realize the significance of it until later on, That something that happened between me and Peter Green (though not directly between us) made me write it 😩😭
Gerard Schmidt
Gerard Schmidt:
RIP Peter Green . I'll have to play Albatross in rememberance of him. His guitar was owned by the late Gary Moore.
So sad Peter Green was Fleetwood Mac the best blues singer and player😥😢♥️♥️♥️🌹🌷🥀
Norma Grixti
Norma Grixti:
Rest in peace Peter. You were a brilliant musician and song writer. It's a sad place without you, god bless.
We are losing too many icons of music. Peter was such a tasteful player with an absolute wonderful sound and style. RIP Peter and thank you for all you shared with us. You will be missed.
Louise A
Louise A:
R.I.P Peter Green - Albatross 🤩 music that will remembered, always 💛
Barbara Lavoie
Barbara Lavoie:
So sorry to hear about about Peter Green. May he Rest In Peace. One of my favorite bands.
Mike Murdock
Mike Murdock:
My guitar hero. Gone. Man, this one hurts.
Josef Eschweiler
Josef Eschweiler:
So humble and social minded. But now - the albatross's landed - we never forget what you gave us.
Such a gentle guitar play. 'Then play on'...
Bryan Meekins
Bryan Meekins:
As a blues guitarist, I can say that out of all those great players out there that I've learned from, I learned the most about how to play with pure emotion from Mr. Green. Hands down.
amarilla griffin
amarilla griffin:
His life was wasted due to LSD the ruin of many a talent.
Craig Hill
Craig Hill:
Until sometime within the past year or so, I had never even HEARD of Peter Green, isn't that amazing since I've been a FM fan since the Lindsay Buckingham era. But, this past year I discovered Peter Green on Youtube and was blown away at the mood he was able to put me in, especially after getting a nice buzz on like every evening it was "Man of the World" and other of Green's famous songs and me getting down. Glad I was able to find him before he passed since it's nicer to have memories of people whether you knew them or not personally as alive vs. dead. Speaking of which. it's actually amazing that he lived as long as he did with his psychotic issues that were exacerbated by taking waaay too much acid and other hallucinogens that pushed him off the edge. I've seen this happen in my personal life, where people just 'don't come back.' I don't mean to cast any aspersions, but I'm wondering if he really did die of 'natural causes,' or if the demons finally got to him and he 'finally found a way out.' Either way, still sucks but glad I found him before he died.
Charles Crump
Charles Crump:
Mr. Peter Allen Greenbaum

"Peter Green"

October 29, 1946-July 25. 2020




Michael Hughes
Michael Hughes:
Thanks for the music. Saw the original Fleetwood Mac late sixties. Saw Peter Green Splinter Group in Llandudno. Great guitarist. R.I.P Peter Green. 😰
Jerry Kerr
Jerry Kerr:
At 14 years old, my first concert of my life, 1973 Long Beach, CA, open Rory Gallagher, 2nd billing, Fleetwood Mac, close Deep Purple. Etched in my mind forever. RIP
Christian Aguirre
Christian Aguirre:
the most influential musician for my generation rip.
larry robinson
larry robinson:
A genius with making blues sound like blues but still his own. Live shows were awesome. He was part of the band when Spencer did his Elmore stuff. Oh Well was in some ways jam band before phrase even existed. Never forget Green wrote Black Magic Woman !!!!!!
Allan Bluzdude
Allan Bluzdude:
Great musician, but in all honesty, I thought he died years ago. RIP Peter.
My musical roots and passion is heavy metal, however when I was 16 my brother bought me the English Rose album and my eyes were opened to blues. Ever since then I’ve had a massive appreciation for Peter Green. Wonderful music. May he rest in peace.
Sonya Flowers
Sonya Flowers:
Heartbreaking news. So many greats leaving us. Wished you could have gotten the chance to interview him. I immediately fell in love with the original Mac when I discovered their music and all of the incarnations that came after. Peter was one of a kind. I could hear his sweet soul in his voice and his playing especially on "Man of The World." May he rest in peace. ❤️
Kevin Conville
Kevin Conville:
The first concert I ever went to was Savoy Brown with Fleetwood Mac as the warm up band. 1970 at the Hollywood Palladium. That concert changed my life and was my entree to the blues. Peter Green blew my 15 year old mind with the tastiest guitar work I'd ever seen played. There are a handful of Peter Green songs that, like BB King said about Green, send a chill up my spine.
RIP Peter, you are a legend.
Stuart Gray
Stuart Gray:
R.I.P. Pete To me one of the greatest ever guitarists and my favourite.
Ivan Dujmovic
Ivan Dujmovic:
Good Bue Peter Green Guitar God, rest in piece wherever you may be now, play forever your blues there for the other blues guitar souls that are with you now: Jimi, Duanne, Roy, Stevie, Rory, Gary, B.B., Danny...

I grew up listening to Peter Green's music. I attended the concerts that Peter performed at The Basement jazz club in Sydney, Australia back in 2010 on 31st of March and 1st of April. I spoke to Peter after the second concert. He signed a copy of my A Hard Road album with name "curly mice". When I asked Peter why didn't he sign the album with his real name, Peter replied that Elvis Presley and Tom Jones never signed albums with their real names. He was and looked perfectly OK.

Ivan Dujmovic
R.I.P Peter Green, you were one of the really great musicians and still one of my really great favorites with Fletwood Mac
gerard greenwood
gerard greenwood:
Peter Green WAS Fleetwood Mac, never the same band without Peter . . . RIP !!!
Steve Charleston
Steve Charleston:
This hit me like a sledgehammer!!😢😢 RIP Peter Green. Great musician and humble man.💙
Dwayne Wladyka
Dwayne Wladyka:
Peter Green was a great blues guitarist. He will be missed. I have Fleetwood Mac music in my collection, including from the Peter Green era. One of my cousins was test driving vehicles and doing reviews of them for magazines. He invited me to come with him, when he was test driving a vehicle. We went to my dad's farm to visit my dad. I brought CDs from my collection to take along for the drive. My cousin, (who will be 66 very soon), looked at what I had. The first CD he picked up to put in the CD player of the vehicle, was Fleetwood Mac The Blues Years. Cheers!
Jo Ba
Jo Ba:
It goes without saying that he was a great guitarist, but he had a truly great voice as well! RIP Peter.
derek poole
derek poole:
RIP Peter.
I met Peter in Cleveland OH . Live in Chicago is Awesome. My favorite white Bluesman RIP !
RIP Peter. Such a soulful man and great player.
Sad that his brain was muddled.
vegar dyrnes
vegar dyrnes:
Peter Green will always be my number one source of musical inspiration. What a talent, and what a gift to us. Rest in peace, dear Peter. And thank you.
Chris Simpson
Chris Simpson:
Bless you Peter Green. 1946-2020.
Kenneth Milam
Kenneth Milam:
a master. may you always have peace now.
R.I.P Peter. Thanks for the music.
Luis Corro
Luis Corro:
A few.months ago Mick Fleetwood held a concert in his name that soon will be released. Also, this week, it was announced that all the first 7 FM albums will be re released
jose luis lazo riffo
jose luis lazo riffo:
A genius dies, the best guitarist in the world.
So many heartfelt words, nothing but praise for the great Peter Green. My mentor, Mr Wonderful Man of the World.
When I saw Rumors of Fleetwood Mac last year they did and amazing Peter Green set/tribute in the show. I didn’t appreciate him until then.
Bob Charley
Bob Charley:
BB King once said: "Peter had the sweetest tone I ever heard. He was the only one that gave me the cold sweats." What a wonderful comment from a fellow great bluesman. Pete could say more with three sweet notes than many could say with thirty. Rest in peace, Pete. You will always be remembered with great love and respect.
Love his Robert Johnson covers. It's said that as long as someone is remembered, they live on. No one embodies this idea more then Peter Green, through his music. Fair well Peter Green.
William Hodgson
William Hodgson:
Sad to hear of Peter Green's passing. Grew up with his great music, a legend.