Peter Shilton demands apology from Maradona

The former England goalkeeper called Diego Maradona "an embarrassment" in response to the Argentinian's comments about the England V Colombia match and when asked about the Hand of God goal in 1986, joked he'd "probably punch him."

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Toten Srabon
Toten Srabon:
An English asking to apologize someone for his past deeds....the irony 😂
Arnab Bhattacharya
Arnab Bhattacharya:
England should apologise to the world for the imperial atrocities for 500 years !
The Normal One
The Normal One:
Whats embarrassing is failing to outjump a "5.3" guy.

RIP Diego
lucky boy
lucky boy:
35 years on Peter is still BITTER. And always will be.
A F:
Lets agree England deserved both those goals Diego scored against them that day.
Diego Arnaldo Kalaidjian
Diego Arnaldo Kalaidjian:
a thief who robs a thief, deserves a 100 years of pardon. La tenes adentro Peter y te sigue doliendo.
What a clown that peter shilton
Pablo Qtimporta
Pablo Qtimporta:
You’re known around the world just because of Maradona Mr Shilton
Tez F
Tez F:
Sorry Pete, but you've never been asked to explain your inability to out jump the little man, or apologise for your lame goalkeeping .
Maradona shoe is more expensive than your whole life.....
Duffer 1970
Duffer 1970:
The England team tried to kick Maradona off the park that day! Didn't work tho!
Don D
Don D:
if it were'nt for maradona's two goals , you wouldnt be setting here giving interviews
Don D
Don D:
the man has scored the most two famous goals in football history against you .. you should be greatful pete !
Gustavo Maldonado
Gustavo Maldonado:
Que no se olvide que este muchacho es conocido x la vergúenza que le hizo pasar recontra tenes adentro pete shilton...😎😎
Johnboy67 Gor
Johnboy67 Gor:
Get over it let's not mention the assault on maradona from Fenwick!!!!!!
1:47 Dude, you couldn’t even punch that freaking ball.
To be fair, despite the irregular goal Argentina was the far better team theat day, created a lot more chances and England only a few. Argentina deserved to win that game, no doubt.
The Cinematic Mind
The Cinematic Mind:
Sorry Peter ain’t gonna happen now lol.
Stelios C.
Stelios C.:
On that day of 86 Diego Armando Maradona gave the football world a performance that will live on forever. Both goals were pure genius. The way he executed the Hand of God goal was masterful. And..well the second goal needs no comment really. R.I.P Diego.
Inter Prise
Inter Prise:
English people should shut up! They have never seen him in their country. This game particularly was the best performance ever from a football player!
James Roome
James Roome:
He had a Colombian shirt on cos he got it free with his 100th kilo
Dirty Leeds
Dirty Leeds:
FFS get the 1966 linesman to apologise.
Proud Indian
Proud Indian:
You guys asking for apology 😂😂😂😂... You need to apologize for a lottt then....
Y Bhekhirst
Y Bhekhirst:
Mmmm, Shilton's tears. Yum.
Rama Guns
Rama Guns:
Shilton ese maradona te bailo sabroso!
Tonio O'Neill
Tonio O'Neill:
Still going on about the world Cup ffs get over it
Juan Jose Ruiz
Juan Jose Ruiz:
I came from year 2035 and Shilton is still thinking that Maradona should to apologize
Rama Guns
Rama Guns:
Shilton la tenes adentro!
Riz P
Riz P:
I can guarantee you that you'll never get an apology from him now.

Maradona eliminated the English single handedly.
Gaming with Zack
Gaming with Zack:
Peter, you should probably ask the England team of 1966 to also sportmanlike and give up the medals they won in 1966 back to FIFA. + Remove the lone star from the England Jersey.
Ac Todd
Ac Todd:
England looking for an apology.😂
Football is just a game ,he needs to get over it
If an English man did it they would call it brilliant and clever
Gaming with Zack
Gaming with Zack:
For 36 years the English had been complaining about this Hand of God incident. The truth is if there had been VAR then the goal would have been cancelled and Maradona would have got a yellow card. But then half of the English team could have been sent off for multiple tackles from behind, off-ball whacking... etc. Terry Fenwick, Sansom, Butcher, they were no gentlemen either. Shilton never complained about the unsportmanlike behaviour of his team mates. Typical hypocrite. Besides, with the team they had in 1986, to lose to 1-0 to a weak Portugal team with nobodies and be only second in their group to Mexico, was quite pathetic really. And to think of it could they have beaten Belgium and Germany? He had the chance to prove it in 1990 but failed to save a single penalty. Was not even close to saving one. England had a better team in 1986 than they did in 1990. Maradona however made sure that never happened...
Maradona has something that Shilton lacks...passion.

Maradona was a genius on the ball and doesn’t need to apologise to anyone. If anyone had the chance Maradona had to get away with that handball against a country they’d been at war with just 4 years prior they’d take it.

Shilton has proven on Twitter how much of a gammon he is so I’d say he’s shown that he clearly hates Argentina.
George Camblen jr
George Camblen jr:
Zinedine Hamaoui
Zinedine Hamaoui:
No one would know Shilton if it wasn’t for Maradona
Gerard Kearney
Gerard Kearney:
Bitter.What about the second goal.
Rafael Perez
Rafael Perez:
Argentina Demands Apollogy To England For The Malvinas .
Donald Francois
Donald Francois:
The greatest player ever and scored the greatest goal ever scored in a world cup
Mark Smith
Mark Smith:
Maradona's antics is called PASSION, something you will never possess & ( a tiney tiny gram of coke ) but that's beside the point ) You never hear Shitlton talk about the wonder goal he scored. & If its an apology you want Peter, you need to see your barber. Rooneys got a better barnet than that grey wally flap
John James Rambo
John James Rambo:
Te hizo conocido Maradona, tenés que agradecerle Peter
Rafi David
Rafi David:
You own your nation/your teammates an apology for letting them down by not catching an easy simple basic ball in the air old man. At 6ft tall + your arms YET beaten by a 5ft5in almost a midget? It’s logically & physically made a blunder. Diego is a genius.

PS: how about that second goal huh? why none of you could stop him? 🖕
The Normal One
The Normal One:
It's been 33 years .. get over it old man
Imagine being bitter for that long 😂

RIP Diego
Peter Cillian
Peter Cillian:
It’s always a sign ur a great player when rivals are so bitter about u
Legend has it that Shilton is still demanding the apology today ..
Nick Nack
Nick Nack:
I love Shiltons tears 😁😁😁
John Cassidy
John Cassidy:
Shilton you have some Cheek..
Mrki Dos
Mrki Dos:
Teezus Hurkey
Teezus Hurkey:
Shilton tears
Simon Dolan
Simon Dolan:
What Maradona did pales into insignificance. Every premier league fixture is packed with examples of cheating.
Andy Smith
Andy Smith:
Shilton was miles past it and still more so in 1990
your tweet was a little embrassing also peter
Olcayto Olcay
Olcayto Olcay:
History will remember this trash as only person who been fooled by super men maradona
No one like English anyway
Rossana Fiorini
Rossana Fiorini:
Maradona sempre con te ⚽️❤
Olcayto Olcay
Olcayto Olcay:
Crook .. he totally avoiding maradona saying they kill kids same as bird chicks
Good to see a new Alan Partridge series coming out
G Y:
What's the name of the interviewer ?
She's so pretty 😍
Ripitosha By
Ripitosha By:
Really, what are you 12 years old?
Won’t be happening now
Urbano Ramos
Urbano Ramos:
Funny don’t see any one from English team apologising for goal against Germany in 1966 why did he had to do it then ? Ridiculous
Let it go ffs
El Ramber
El Ramber:
Ya siéntese señora!
Aonair MacTire
Aonair MacTire:
Bitter. Smh
Jose Maria Prado
Jose Maria Prado:
Pedro,ve al fondo d la red a recogerla
Fernando Luis
Fernando Luis:
Audrey Tart
Audrey Tart:
Bloke needs to look at his own deficiencies in being unable to outjump a much smaller guy......he always blames Maradona but he’s at fault
Wake Up
Wake Up:
Bitter an un-gracious! As an Englishman, you let me down mate for not out jumping a small bloke. Your job was to be prepared for anything especially the ball being up in the air.
Md. Siam Ansary
Md. Siam Ansary:
Take down this video
Electric Ink
Electric Ink:
Talk about SOUR GRAPES...
Memor Esto
Memor Esto:
GET OVER IT................Shilton!
Indi Bhart
Indi Bhart:
Get over it! You were crap at jumping
He's secretly more upset at Diego for the 2nd goal, and not the 1st one. Must suck to be the goalie against whom the greatest goal was scored.
Let's be honest if an English player did it and they won the world cup no one would blink an eyelid
mauro esteban rodriguez zubieta
mauro esteban rodriguez zubieta:
and the second goal was a paint , and where are you peter?
Apology? Maradona made you sit down and that's it
Yusuf Best
Yusuf Best:
England won the 1966 world cup by a ball that doesnt cross the goal line.. oops
Ripitosha By
Ripitosha By:
EJ Lawn Care
EJ Lawn Care:
*English SHOULD BE apology to MESSED up soo many other countries.*
Guinness Harvey
Guinness Harvey:
Let it go from Frozen
Michael Brock
Michael Brock:
Shiton get over it. They were the better team there is no way we would have won that game.
Louis Foster
Louis Foster:
An English player does that and we all call him a glorious shithouse. The double standards are laughable.
When did maradona say he didn’t like the English? Gazza and lineker got on well with him and had good things to say abt him when he died.
Ross Chalmers
Ross Chalmers:
This is really embarrassing. Why would maradonna like England. Love maradonna a poet with a football. He is the greatest of all time in my eyes. Rewatch the 86 game against England some of the tackles against maradonna were shocking could have ended his career.
Rohit Sharma
Rohit Sharma:
Not many people like the english
riad bouzar
riad bouzar:
British people love critic and Argentina people
aidan kearney
aidan kearney:
Shilton is one of the most disliked ex footballers, Maradona was a once in a generation fantastic player, we all know it was the hand of God goal but it is up to the referee to get the call right. Bitter Shilton.
Olcayto Olcay
Olcayto Olcay:
Please English people have nothing to say about morals and principles
Amilcar Romero
Amilcar Romero:
Hahhaha apologize to the English for what? They killed him fouls not call so who was cheating there, lets not be hypocrites, if it would have been the other way around England would have taken the goal he scored, just lkke they did if the final against Germany, so please
The English never did a thing apart from just going around the world and causing distruction and mayem to other countries.
Mark Tobias
Mark Tobias:
Bitter old goat.
Franco Jordan
Franco Jordan:
Peter, my goodness, you got to move on man or see a shrink. The problem with the evidence is that it also shows you couldn't possibly control that ball. He jumped earlier than you because he followed the play and you didn't. You thought it was offside, didn't you? It wasn't your best afternoon game.
Martin Bowyer
Martin Bowyer:
Old shilts he should be on castors,every world cup they wheel him out,and he's earned out of maradonna,St Peters never cheated have ya pete😂
Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison:
Get lost Shilton. Your 6ft 2” and yet you got out jumped by a 5ft 5” guy with his hand instinctively raised just a few inches above his head. You were crap in that game. Just get over it. Maradona was the best ever footballer.
Ronald Tant
Ronald Tant:
Shilton look back at the footage at no point where you close to out jumping Maradona the question should be why did he even use his hand when at five foot five he was head and shoulders above the over six foot Shilton who barely left the ground .let it go ,nobody is listening anymore ...over a hundred caps and that’s your claim to fame .No wonder the greatest player ever laughs at the mention of your name .
Ham AlA
Ham AlA:
what more embareses, how on earth a goalie goes to a return ball like the way the goalie went, it's obvious who deserved to pick up an apology, it's obvious who went for other's head and misses the entire ball scene, and later, conceded another Copra goal, so failed at air, failed at ground, both incidents been in the final forbidden third,
Maradona was a cheat 💯
Kamil Ochociński
Kamil Ochociński:
For Falkland.Dont by funny.
Andrew Gemmell
Andrew Gemmell:
Not many people like the english to be fair.