Peter Shilton, Shilts [Best Saves]

“He was a very talented athlete and the best goalkeeper in the world for me. He had a great impact on the team and gave reliability and confidence to the defenders” (Brian Clough about Peter Shilton)

Music: Per Kiilstofte - Leap of Faith.

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Alan Ross
Alan Ross:
In his prime the best keeper in the world, without question.
One of the best of all time.
I hate you mother-fucker!
I hate you mother-fucker!:
0:57 - that is unbelievable bravery. another day and he's eating through a straw for the rest of his life.
Jack Meough
Jack Meough:
He'd be the most capped player ever, if Greenwood hadn't been so indecisive about playing him or Clemence. Bobby Robson said that he wasn't just in the same bracket as Banks or Yashin, they should both feel honoured to be compared to Shilton. I don't know about that but Sir Bobby knew more than most.
Zeus Mc.
Zeus Mc.:
They should have frozen him after Italia 90. Then thaw him out for major tournaments, then re-freezing him for the next one.
John Gotti
John Gotti:
Peter shilton what a monster!
Khalid 9999
Khalid 9999:
Some of his saves impossible
david hunt
david hunt:
Banks,Shilton and Clemence. Three English Goalkeeping greats !
Marcelo Angel Of Death
Marcelo Angel Of Death:
Excelente goleiro ágil reflexo saída de gol
excellent video
Peter Shilton was the best, extremley agile, brave, amazing reactions and strong hands. see how quickly he recovers from an initial save to make a second, and how many keepers today would get near any of those shots.
its an honour to have seen this guy at his work
Covid- 19
Covid- 19:
most capped player in history, followed by rogério ceni second and then xavi third
Graeme S
Graeme S:
Without question, one of the best England goalkeepers of all time. His mentor Gordon Banks was also magnificent. There is nothing to choose between them and nobody compares to these 2 great legends. Amazing reflex saves, brave and strong. Love it, love it, love it!!
Cyril Rogan
Cyril Rogan:
Forest Legend!!!
Gornik LecznaMan
Gornik LecznaMan:
He was a very very good goalkeeper !
And so many years.
Shilton was amazing. I don't see much love here for Pat Jennings though!
best ever by a mile, multiple shots stopped when other keepers would have been dead on the ground
A H:
A few years back, Nottingham Forest held a vote to determine their greatest ever eleven. Shilton won the goalkeeper’s position with 97% of the vote - the second-placed Forest keeper got 2%.

2:00 is the save against Coventry which won us the league title in ‘78.
Karthikeyan K
Karthikeyan K:
how baad those players would have felt after missing those goal... ;) what a goal keep for Nottingham.. thanks for the video!
Daniel Leite
Daniel Leite:
When I was 11 years old used to yell out his name whenever I made a save footballing with my peers...
Keepers are soooooooooo underated
Kevin Jarman
Kevin Jarman:
Shilton was the best, always in great position. England have no one since!
Khalid 9999
Khalid 9999:
I want make glory legend of great goalkeeper list all the times
paolo tondo
paolo tondo:
2:02 unbelievable save!!
Khalid 9999
Khalid 9999:
Am luck to watch all World Cups from 1982 to 2018 and enjoyed the best goalkeepers
Tim Yip
Tim Yip:
The save at 2:01 was amazing
The Chronicles of Daniel Doe
The Chronicles of Daniel Doe:
Wow a true Titan of goalkeeping.
Khalid 9999
Khalid 9999:
In before there’s much goalkeeper stars
My hero-the save at 2 mins from Mick Ferguson , the day we won the league at Cov remains one of my favourite football moments-astonishing save
Dexter jay
Dexter jay:
Zidane world cup 2006 skills.... up ?
Khalid 9999
Khalid 9999:
They said the brave goalkeeper have strong character in the life
I'm a red and, grudgingly, had to admit that, at the time, I thought he was the better keeper between him and Clemence. An amazingly agile keeper for a man of his build, and greased lightning off his line when needed. Awesome player.
Asbury Park
Asbury Park:
he was great, however I'd bet he'd swap a few of these for his 73' howler
Karl Marx Nunca Trabalhou
Karl Marx Nunca Trabalhou:
The only very good english Goal Keeper i see playing!
Carlisle Cullen
Carlisle Cullen:
Paul schols?
Joshua Esposito
Joshua Esposito:
I’ve never seen him on screen before.. only heard about him.. some phenomenal saves here.. mulch more agile and athletic that he is portrayed as..
Khalid 9999
Khalid 9999:
I started watched world cups from 1982 to 2018 theres much fantastic goalkeepers,u know the goalkeeper is half of the team
One of the best... Always a fun...
Hanspreet Guron
Hanspreet Guron:
Amazing best keeper of all time
Eugenio Zanda
Eugenio Zanda:
He was really great...!
Terry Allen
Terry Allen:
Certainly one of the best goal keepers in the world in his prime and as far as home grown keepers go, I rate him second behind the late great Gordon Banks.
simon freeman
simon freeman:
So proud to have grown up watching Shilton progress to the highest rank of best ever goal keeper. No other keeper stopped shots like he did.
Guillermo J Bello
Guillermo J Bello:
Superb goalkeeper, one of the best in football history. It'll be nice you could make a video of Ray Clemence, David Seaman and Jim Leighton, best Scottish goalkeeper ever.
Steve Phillips
Steve Phillips:
Best goalkeeper of all time ps we are lcfc
Shadowbird5768 Official
Shadowbird5768 Official:
Everybody puts videos on my birthday
Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson:
Thanks for the memories. I grew up with Peter Shilton always playing for England and how badly they have missed a keeper of this calibre in recent years. David Seaman was very good, just no Shilton, and nevermind the rest.
Lee wee tak
Lee wee tak:
4:55. Shilton brave as lion. A class above de Gea who is a coward that stay on his name. Me a Man Utd fan who played in goal in the 1980s. The keepers then were brave ..tough...better at catching
Antonio Morales
Antonio Morales:
Still great to watch.
Rob Wright
Rob Wright:
That reaction save from Mick Ferguson on 2.00 mins remains a thing of wonder. He had as good reflexes as any keeper in the history of the game. Wasnt the tallest but had big upper arm and chest development. Did a lot of conditioning in the gym. Was one of the first keepers who actually looked like an athlete.
Absolutely top top keeper. Not many better shot stoppers in his day.
Bruno Neves
Bruno Neves:
faz um video do goleiro Vitor Damas
victor gabriel turpo
victor gabriel turpo:
"Gol hand*
Khalid 9999
Khalid 9999:
Wow that save in 1,47
Gluten Free
Gluten Free:
He couldn't jump remember
Bryan Miller
Bryan Miller:
Regardless of what you think of him off the field, the guy was completely fearless and had insane reflexes
Brett Walker
Brett Walker:
Chris Woods was TOPCLASS !
kav6 66
kav6 66:
A gentlemen.
Best ever world number 1🙏👊⚽
Shilton has around 300-400 cleansheets in his career
Omar Fernando Bustos
Omar Fernando Bustos:
Taffy Mackem
Taffy Mackem:
One hell of a brave keeper
william obrien
william obrien:
Fantastic keeper but could not save a penalty to save his life 👍
Khalid 9999
Khalid 9999:
In World Cup 1986 he was best goalkeeper
Marie Adams
Marie Adams:
Many, many saves not televised. Saw him vs Reds in the 80s when he was playing for Saints and he was awesome. Best player I ever saw.
Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor:
A lot of power has been taken away from goalkeepers today a powers that has radically changed football
Khalid 9999
Khalid 9999:
Old goalkeepers they looks like the lions
Michael Hayes
Michael Hayes:
Yeah ,, Shilton,,Banks and the grab of the Ball at around 57.. sheer Bravery,,and some of those triple saves and double saves what a keeper he was.
Trudy Holmm
Trudy Holmm:
Shilton the best
Shadowbird5768 Official
Shadowbird5768 Official:
He played for forest
hazrie imran
hazrie imran:
He's the last great british goalkeeper
Andrew Dickinson
Andrew Dickinson:
modern goalkeepers take note how he wasn't already going to ground before the shot was taken. he stayed on his feet
Niladri Banerjee
Niladri Banerjee:
He was top class
James Townsend
James Townsend:
Florian Kraus
Florian Kraus: of the world cup 90 with 41 years.much respect.hope he is very healthy.
Gary May
Gary May:
Shilts for me best British goalie close banks Clemence Jennings southall.
paolo tondo
paolo tondo:
Fu lui che subì il famoso gol del Secolo di Maradona a Messico 86
Westbourne Park
Westbourne Park:
He played alongside Bobby Charlton and paul gascoigne. Pretty good going.
Alan Severn
Alan Severn:
So easy to see why our local hero had over 140 caps for England 💪🏼👌🏽😀
El fin de toda maldad
El fin de toda maldad:
3:17 😮😮😮😎
Aljoudi Djino
Aljoudi Djino:
Matheus Neri
Matheus Neri:
Can't imagine a "modern day best generation ever" goalkeeper of today doing any of this on his best day. Truly the extinction of quality and the dawn of dead SOCCER.
Felipe Carrasco
Felipe Carrasco:
Vai Brasil
Lex Soft
Lex Soft:
A less known Nottingham Forest enjoyed European Cup trophies twice in a row, partly because of him.
Michael Brock
Michael Brock:
England's greatest. No question.
que loco que estoy
que loco que estoy:
Faltó la atajada q le hizo a Marad.... Ah no paraaa 😂😂😂😂🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷
Neill Parry
Neill Parry:
Good save stilton
AM Distant
AM Distant:
You look at modern day goalkeepers ( de Gea at Man Utd, Kepa at Chelsea, Coutois at Real Madrid) and they are prima-donas compared to Shilton. Alison Becker at Liverpool is probably the only one in the modern day game that comes close to being as good as Shilton and Clemence in my opinion.
keith 79mod
keith 79mod:
In my book I would say Peter Shilton was not only my hero as a child but the best keeper of all time.
Shaun Norris
Shaun Norris:
How did even see the ball at 2.00,let alone save it.
faz Patel
faz Patel:
Tina Tina Tina tinas on the north bank
Shilts was worth 20 points alone the year Forest won the old League One title in 77-78. Along with Banks, he was one of the the two best keepers England has produced and there have been many over the years. Odd that in an age where the game has moved on, mostly for the better, goalkeeping standards are pretty much abysmal.
diego mariano altamirano
diego mariano altamirano:
Maradona lo hizo famoso
Khalid 9999
Khalid 9999:
What name this music
Best ever British keeper, by a mile.
Rowan Darcy
Rowan Darcy:
greatest goalkeeper behine gordon banks
Steven Champion
Steven Champion:
Think of all the saves that wouldn’t have been recorded.

Went to Luton v Southampton in 1986/7. Shilton spent the whole afternoon baffling Brian Stein and co.

Well, apart from seven unstoppables. Had it been another keeper it would have been a cricket score. Southampton gave up from the kick off and Luton were in no mood to let them off. Shilton was livid and put up a one man defence.

There were half a dozen saves at least that almost defied physics.
Bruno Neves
Bruno Neves:
que parede mds
Anderson Muniz
Anderson Muniz:
O goleiro que foi derrotado por "La mano de Dios"!
exe Gómez
exe Gómez:
Diego se caga de risa
I don't see any modern PL keeper making these kind of saves ever again tbh. That header at 2:00 and that insane challenge at :58 wow. And bearing in mind he was only 6'0 - short for a goalkeeper by today's standards
No no Football fans these days are so fickle..Jordan Pick ford a few weeks ago was taking a stick..One save and he's a national hero😅. Ant quality Keeper would have stopped it. If he makes an error Wednesday he'll take so much abuse..It's laughable really.