Phil Foden & Mason Greenwood AXED by England after Man City and Utd stars ‘invite girls to hotel’ br


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Icelandic beauty queen giggles as she asks England stars Foden & Greenwood how would they sneak them into team hotel

Gary Stonehouse

20:23, 7 Sep 2020

Updated: 20:24, 7 Sep 2020

A VIDEO of the phone conversation between axed England stars Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden and two girls has surfaced online.

The Manchester United forward, 18, and Man City midfielder, 20, are being sent home from international duty after they invited two females to the team hotel.


A video of the phone conversation between two Icelandic girls and Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden has emerged Credit: Twitter


The stars have been kicked out of the England squad for breaching Covid rules


Model Nadia Sif Lindal Gunnarsdottir, 20, has revealed how she had been chatting with Greenwood before his trip to Iceland


She and her 19-year-old cousin Lara Clausen visited the hotel on Sunday

The duo both made their international debuts in Saturday’s 1-0 win over Iceland but have now been kicked out of the squad after breaching the coronavirus guidelines yesterday.

Now footage of the conversation between the giggling girls and the players has surfaced on social media as they plotted how to sneak into the hotel in Iceland.

One of the girls is seen laughing while asking the players “what’s the plan?” for sneaking into the hotel.

The conversation between the female and footy stars continues, with the girl responding “what you think bro” when asked what she is coming to the hotel for.

And the clip finishes with one of the players then asking the girl if she has a friend who could come with her.


Man Utd and City stars Mason Greenwood & Phil Foden AXED by England after ‘inviting girls to hotel’ breaking Covid rules

Man Utd and City slam Greenwood and Foden in brutal statements after England duo had girls back to hotel on England duty

Moment giggling Icelandic girls asked how England stars Mason Greenwood & Phil Foden would sneak them into team hotel

England release damning statement and FA probe over Mason Greenwood and Phil Foden breaking Covid rule to sneak girls in

Phil Foden issues grovelling apology for inviting girls into England hotel room as Mason Greenwood DELETES Twitter


“Whilst in Iceland, both Phil Foden and Mason Greenwood spent time outside of our private team area, which was a breach of our Covid-19 rules.

“While they did not leave the team hotel, it was an unacceptable breach of our protocol. They have both apologised for their serious lack of judgement.

“The FA will be launching a full investigation into the circumstances leading up to this breach. We have spoken to the Football Association of Iceland to offer our apologies for this incident and to ensure them we are taking the appropriate steps.

“We have also assured the Danish Football Union that all other players and staff members have been isolated within our group throughout this period.

“Our immediate priority now is preparing the team for the match against Denmark tomorrow.”

Here’s the full transcript of the clip:

Player 1: “Say that again? What was you saying?”

Girl 1: Laughing “What’s the plan?”

Player 1: “What’s the plan?”

Girl 1: “Mmm”

Player 2: “It depends what you want.” 

Player 1: “He said, ‘Depends, what do you want?’”

Girl 1: “We can come to the hotel, but I don’t know how you’re going to sneak us in.”

Player 1: “What are you coming to the hotel for?” 

Player 2: “What do you think?!”

Girl 1: “Yeah - what do you think bro!” Laughs

Player 1: “Have you got a mate?”

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