Phoenix Suns vs Denver Nuggets Full Game Highlights | 2020-21 NBA Season

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Raymar Football
Raymar Football:
Ayton got a soft touch but sometimes he just needs to dunk that damn ball
Alontrae Walker
Alontrae Walker:
Chris Paul deserves a damn ring just for the impact he has on every team he plays for.
Jason Kok
Jason Kok:
Chris paul playing at which team, that team will advance to playoff
Chris Paul is LIKE THAT
Justin Reyes
Justin Reyes:
Lowkey, but Mikal Bridges is making a mark as a solid role player.
Phoenix is lucky to have CP3 onboard.
Michael Hall
Michael Hall:
Note to any other NBA team: Denver Nuggets are willing to trade Gary Harris and Will Barton for a bag of chips and a coke. Just get these MF's out of Denver already!
Clippers Suck
Clippers Suck:
5-1 First seed in the west that 8-0 bubble run wasn’t a fluke
Bro Phoenix Suns doing a great job at the start of this season!
Grey Fox
Grey Fox:
When Harris doesnt step up his defense, there is literally no reason why he should sit in Denver with a big contract like that. Like wtf was this at 5:00?
Barton must really step up too, his first points were at the end of the final quarter, thats unacceptable
Suns and CP3 deserve each other.
Donnovan Gabriel
Donnovan Gabriel:
CP3 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Anyone else notice how bad the Nuggets announcers are?? They didn’t even know that Ayton(#1 overall pick) had his turn around fade-away since college lmfao.
8:32 Ayoo whats jokic on 🤣
wish he pass it to Jokic in last seconds
Patricio Zambrano
Patricio Zambrano:
Cp3 with that fountain of youth. Playing like he is in his prime
Rising Suns
cp3 is just damn good in any team he plays with
Dragan Kitanovic
Dragan Kitanovic:
Chris Paul was the difference . Otherwise J injoyed in battle of sebs titans Kaminsky vs Jokic . Good play. Head up Nugs . Support from Serbia.
Ricky Gilbert
Ricky Gilbert:
Booker look like he has slim down some.
Juan Sebastian Raad Meza
Juan Sebastian Raad Meza:
Everyone after Phoenix vs Jazz: AYtOn NeEds tO PoST Up anD dEfEnd morE.

Ayton vs Denver: does exactly everything he was criticized last game
Yung Tago
Yung Tago:
Does anyone want Will Barton?
Tiger Zhong
Tiger Zhong:
8:34 DeAndre Ayton looks 7'2
Jonathan Gazala
Jonathan Gazala:
Missing Porter Jr. hurt them. It's also hard to replace what Grant gave them last year. I'm glad he's balling in Detroit but they need that strong athletic PF
SHIN X Gaming
SHIN X Gaming:
if the sun's defeat clippers damn ! very interesting
Julien Razafindranaly
Julien Razafindranaly:
@8:24: Chris Paul almost got his teammate traded, as he was messing with his ankle.
remember when ppl said CP3 was a bad trade? lol
Elizabeth Sloman
Elizabeth Sloman:
If it wasn't for Chris Paul we would be calling Ayton a bust that's facts from a true Suns fan how you pass on Luka for real
mikal bridges gonna win MIP, mark my words
Stephen Thompson
Stephen Thompson:
Keep it up, Suns!
Nelly Loveign
Nelly Loveign:
A definition of "GREAT GAME" well-played, precarious win but well-deserved victory.
RockyTooGucci 3
RockyTooGucci 3:
Yoo jamal looking saucy asf🔥🔥
Dxddy Javiion
Dxddy Javiion:
The last setup they had for stats at the end of highlights I think was better this is more efficient but the other one was more simple
Daniel Liñán Molina
Daniel Liñán Molina:
damn ayton dunk it at least once bro
Lincan He
Lincan He:
Oh my god my favorite player Chris Paul!
Nice to see the Suns looking legit again.
Kay Gee
Kay Gee:
CP3 still clutch.
Trinal Data
Trinal Data:
Mikel Bridges might actually become an all star in the West but y'all too casual for that.
Irvin Spencer Cuer
Irvin Spencer Cuer:
Thats what happens when you have a veteran chris paul in crunch time
wow what a match!!!
Alan KS
Alan KS:
bubbles playoff vibe, no?
Sixers must regret trading Bridges big time now. He would be HUGE for them. Then again, no guarantee he develops the same way he did in Philly as he did under the Suns development team. They did a great job
Angelo Coloma
Angelo Coloma:
Continue winning streak suns
You're Breaking My Balls
You're Breaking My Balls:
4 Game W Streak for the ☀☀
roy shin
roy shin:
Bankroll Pino
Bankroll Pino:
as i Said it yesterday, both teams are on playoffs mode, i Will pay a milli To watch them Play
You're absolutely right
You're absolutely right:
Imo they are really missing jeremi grants defense and esp rim protection. There's alot that jokic offers but that one thing he doesn't.
CP3 a playoff ticket?
M Ku
M Ku:
Clutch Paul
Henry Gan
Henry Gan:
I think murray already pay the payment for All Star VIP since last season had expired until now. He needs some times
rafa manolito
rafa manolito:
What is going on with my guy Gary Harris?
Shawndell 9
Shawndell 9:
pop smoke at 6:28
Mahomes Winning 12 Rings Please Cry #SBChamp
Mahomes Winning 12 Rings Please Cry #SBChamp:
Everyone on the Suns and Nuggets is better than Westbrick, wow
Bradley Jacks
Bradley Jacks:
I wonder how many more Ls it's gonna take for Denver to realize that they should be blowing up Houston's phone trying to give them whatever they want(except Jokic obviously) to get James Harden.
Bruno Cereda
Bruno Cereda:
i cant understand why the nuggets coaches prefered to use campazzo as power foward or shooting guard and barton as point guard than viceversa , i mean the guy is 5 11 he a natural pg
Kenneth Luis Espiritu
Kenneth Luis Espiritu:
Very intense game!
Kedrick Leonard
Kedrick Leonard:
7:59 Epic save
Öztürk B.
Öztürk B.:
MIP: M. Bridges
Leonardo Da Vinci
Leonardo Da Vinci:
Chris Paul the man
36 Studio
36 Studio:
Приятно было узнать, что ты русскоговорящий)) спасибо за обзоры, брат!
CP3 basketball GOD ! Jokic is a damn clutch !
Suns @ 5-1 best in the league right now.
Stromile Gerald
Stromile Gerald:
Phoenix is gonna make the playoffs for the first since like 2006...
Hillary Nicolas
Hillary Nicolas:
That final shot should be on JOKIC
Federico Vera
Federico Vera:
Jokic would puts it in in last play!!
Umutcan Beşli
Umutcan Beşli:
Dunk the damn ball . That's not mid school ball dude wtf
Marco Yotta
Marco Yotta:
Seems that Sun is up and Suns are back to business Which is good !
No one consistent on Denver except Jokic
Franck Moukoko
Franck Moukoko:
Cp3 can lead a pack of chips to the playoffs
Jason Moore
Jason Moore:
Cp3 the point god
ismaila Sall
ismaila Sall:
Chris Paul has the potential to make great again any team he plays with
Tuff Bone
Tuff Bone:
the Suns are looking goood now
borat smagadijev
borat smagadijev:
Denver should get Harden and keep MPJ... Just trade bunch of picks and role players
gran and plumlee are big lost for nuggets
KM Wong
KM Wong:
Most of the Nuggets can't shoot, especially Harris, the league knows it......
Ghost Diaz
Ghost Diaz:
That last ball was spose to be Jokers ball... it was going to OT if they had hit him top of the 3pt line
Chris Paul= mister Clutch.
Milos Kovac
Milos Kovac:
Lol why did Barton play 36min when he had zero until last couple of minutes
Allen Chevez
Allen Chevez:
Damn so the nuggets aren’t good 🤦‍♂️
Victor Pereyra
Victor Pereyra:
How could the suns players be okay wearing those ugly ass orange jerseys😂😂 Good win for us tho
Next Generation Invest /Bangladesh
Next Generation Invest /Bangladesh:
D Book isn't giving the Suns enough offense. They got lucky because of their good defense.
The Ripper
The Ripper:
bol need to play for nuggets up to this season. coach is brainless
Ty Shakur
Ty Shakur:
Suns are for real. Surprised at how much people are surprised by it
Val Richardson
Val Richardson:
This is the battle of the money transporters. Western Union VS paypal
Milan Stojanovic
Milan Stojanovic:
Ok, this Nuggets team needs a serious boost. My opinion is that they should trade for Lavine. Just imagine that potential, Jokic as a leader and assist mashine, Lavine as probably one of the top 3 best dunkers in the history of this game and Murray as a shooter
Đorđe Ralić
Đorđe Ralić:
they fucking destroyed my Nuggets team trading 3 best defensive players in the team.
k Tucker
k Tucker:
that's chris paul lol
he is the best.
james ly
james ly:
no BOL BOL no win..
Milos Kovac
Milos Kovac:
Nuggets need to change something soon, Malone might need to get Fired. This may seem early but his over belief in Harris and Barton is killing the Nuggets.
Last shot should pass to Joker. He is wide open. Murray was under double team. Very tough shot.
I luw sandwich
I luw sandwich:
Ayton still sucks on defense
Danang Dwiatma
Danang Dwiatma:
Dont worry nuggets fans, Denver will play Minnesota twice. Thats two easy wins bcause D'LoL sucks, a liability on defense and takes bad shots coz he cant drive to the save his life
Jason Nguyen
Jason Nguyen:
I just dont get it, why CP3 only plays for mediocre teams?
Walking Bucket
Walking Bucket:
The nuggets got worse this year no cap
Cp3 > westchoke