Plans for the execution of Lisa Montgomery proceeding

Lisa Montgomery is set to die Tuesday night. If her execution goes through, she will be the first woman executed at the federal level in almost 70 years.

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Having a shitty childhood is no excuse to commit a crime to steel someone else life
Estelle Smith
Estelle Smith:
A lot of people who were raped and tortured do NOT kill!!!!
Drake Carter
Drake Carter:
The child's birthday is the same as her mother's murder. Let that sink in.
Jack King
Jack King:
Two wrongs don't make a right . just because you were abused when growing up does not mean abuse other people .
Bonnie Dunbar
Bonnie Dunbar:
That house should be torn down and plant area with flowers.
Infinity Master
Infinity Master:
Imagine what that baby has to go through. She's 16 now
Cathy Bena
Cathy Bena:
They always try the childhood abuse excuse.Someone with all of those issues would not drive 170 miles to cut a baby out of a pregnant woman.
Candy Booker
Candy Booker:
Why the hell she been sitting on death row for 16 yrs? Waaay too long. Who cares she had a rough childhood...its no excuse for what she did
Jesus Christ! I can't imagine the pain that Bobbie Jo Stinnett went through before she died. May she rest in peace. ⚘
MisterY 3000
MisterY 3000:
Her trouble past, her abuse and sexua torture still doesn’t excuse her actions.
Victorious Angel
Victorious Angel:
How could someone hurt another human being in such a horrendous way. This is beyond evil, o, my God.
Cee Jay
Cee Jay:
She killed a mother and took her baby? Wow R.I.P
Mia Vijgen
Mia Vijgen:
I'm sorry to hear she was tortured as a child but it doesn't give her the right to torture others...this baby lost her mom bottom line!!
Makes me sick to see people use mental health like a scapegoat to defend the actions of EVIL people!!
Dark Knight 13
Dark Knight 13:
There are many poor broken souls out there,the vast majority of whom do not cut a baby from the mothers womb,and leave her to bleed to death.
MuseWithScissors 20
MuseWithScissors 20:
The amount of planning that went into this totally overshadows the trauma that she went through. She wasn't being abused in her marriage at the time of the murder. She wasn't receiving any treatment or medication for her mental illnesses. Maybe those services weren't accessible at the time, but I'm sure she, her sister, and her husband never advocated for them either knowing there was something terribly wrong with her. Plus, if she had murdered an abusive lover or murdered someone she knew was abusing one of her children or any child, that action (though still not justified) would make sense. But she methodically strangled a woman she didn't know so she could cut this woman's baby out of her and pass it off as her own. This is totally detached from being raped and abused as a child and young adult. She suddenly decided she wanted another baby, and once she came back to reality from the false pregnancy, she developed this horrific crime without a second thought. Her sister said she knows Montgomery was raped because she was also raped as a child in that home. But here's the difference sis, you didn't kill anyone.
Deborah Falzone
Deborah Falzone:
To me, it does not matter if you are mentally stable or not. If you kill someone they must be convicted, sentenced and die themselves.
Patricia Strang
Patricia Strang:
"She was abused" doesn't fly. If she was that messed up she should have been institutionalized 😡
Fay Kouri
Fay Kouri:
I just don’t get close relatives saying that she’s/he’s a broken person has suffered / is suffering from bla bla bla , where were they before atrocious acts were committed why didn’t they get help for the broken,mentally ill person
saying sorry and asking for clemency doesn’t do it for me,keep the monsters and never mind about the innocent victims is what has unfortunately become a standard in nowadays!
thom Harvey
thom Harvey:
But she hid afterwards. She was sane. Good riddance.
Troy Graham
Troy Graham:
I have no pity for Lisa Montgomery!
Ed Siler
Ed Siler:
She gone!
Lindsay Das
Lindsay Das:
this makes me so mad, lisa’s sister is making excuses for her saying that she lived a life of torture. you think Bobbie Jo Stinett’s baby & husband hasn’t suffered enough??? mental illness or not she planned this out thoroughly & came through with it.
This is tragic for everyone involved
Ecuador Expat
Ecuador Expat:
There is no excuse for her act..
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan:
When you’re out in a mental state like that you can do anything
Chynna Doll
Chynna Doll:
Skidmore, MO?!? Isn’t this the same town Ken Rex McElroy terrorized? Wow. That’s gotta be statistically significant...
Francis Slobodnik
Francis Slobodnik:
She was convicted by a jury of her peers.
Tyrone Jackson
Tyrone Jackson:
I've been beat raped falsely accused ect still don't give me the right to go out and kill a mother
Gena Sottile fam
Gena Sottile fam:
she should of never killed and took the baby
Monica Hamilton
Monica Hamilton:
So because she went through all of this as cording to her the batch knows exactly what she was going to do and she did it this makes me sick to my stomach may het soul rest in hell...
Equal rights right?
In the end the system always wins, smh...failed justice for everybody.
Saskia Moni
Saskia Moni:
With the victims families not the criminals this one is beyond horrific
Athens Majnoo
Athens Majnoo:
How could a woman do this to another woman? Tortured, abused childhood or mental illness dont stand a chance .👹👹👹
Pasta Panda
Pasta Panda:
A horrific childhood doesn't make you exempt consequences. Justice was served.
d t
d t:
I'm sick of America using mental health as a scapegoat.
The way the baby and her mother are close in age with me and my mother makes me have a connection with this story. Thats so scary.
I won't in anyway ever make positive comments that support Lisa. She made a premiditated decision to do what she did. She deserves her sentence ten fold. Don't ever use mental health as an excuse to get away with a crime.
Liane Cornils
Liane Cornils:
Im actually glad she's in heaven now vs the psycho ward prison where her coping mechanisms were removed. Like her glasses .
Ramona Middleton
Ramona Middleton:
About time! RIP Bobble Jo.!!
Christopher Wayne
Christopher Wayne:
There has to be consequences for such disgusting, evil acts. She knew what she was doing or she wouldn’t have kept it secret.
Mornette Potgieter
Mornette Potgieter:
Absolutely heartbreaking and horrifying how sick the human race has become, killing everything even each other. Scary to think that humans biggest dangers are other humans .
Liane Cornils
Liane Cornils:
This country's ability to keep secrets is too much. Way too much.
Her sister is advocating for her? Why didn't her sister convince her get help so she didn't commit this crime in the first place? Justice has to be served. Poor mom and baby. 😥
The lawyer said that we should feel ashamed for put that woman to death....Really....what about the mother who had her tummy butchered and bleed to death...its the lawyer who should feel shamed.
Destiny Roberts
Destiny Roberts:
Her sister said she shouldn’t never been on death raw but what about the brutal death of her victim she had no mental illness she was an evil person period.
Sharon G
Sharon G:
Why is that house still standing. Tear it down and make a playground!
Deannajoy Sabourin
Deannajoy Sabourin:
I have been through every kind of abuse you can think of, and it all started when I was 5 yrs old, I am now 63, I never had any urges to murder anyone, and never have, and never will.
Eric Jaramillo
Eric Jaramillo:
She was out of touch with reality what about when she was killing that girl she was in her reality justice has been served 👄🇺🇸👄🇺🇸👄🇺🇸👄🇺🇸👄🇺🇸👄🇺🇸👄🇺🇸👄🇺🇸
Rae Whisner
Rae Whisner:
Justice was served
Gaz Guinness
Gaz Guinness:
now she has a stay of execution,??? shame the victim didn't get that option
spider BlackWidow
spider BlackWidow:
What she did has no excuse she tourtured n killed an innocent, but only the Lord knows what is best .no1 stopped the murder
worst case i have ever had. I never had this kind of crime till now am 29
There r loads of ppl whose life is full of torture lends u no excuse to commit the monstrosity this evil woman did. Sexual abuse does not make anybody a killer.
why not just adopt?
Relaxation Station
Relaxation Station:
🙄If we're supposed to be equals then why aren't feminists raising hell for equality now!🙄
Always have to pull the card “they murdered and tortured this person because they were tortured at a young age.” Blah blah. Eye for an eye it should be. If things were done the same way these sickos did, crime would be down by a lot!!!!
Dawn Kellar
Dawn Kellar:
She lived a life of Tourture??? What about the HELL BOBBIE JOES child and husband has gone threw.??
J Polar
J Polar:
They are already blaming Trump for the execution because he reinstated the federal death penalty 2 years ago.
Bibi Younus
Bibi Younus:
That doesn’t give anybody the right to kill another human being he took somebody someone life how horrible person she is no matter what she called true he doesn’t have the damn ride to take somebody live in de
Familia Photos
Familia Photos:
This video , made feel so sentimental
Armanda Callen
Armanda Callen:
Im pretty postive that lots of poor unlucky people have been abused like she has been and never once even thought about doing something so atrocious.
Fallow 💕
lady bug
lady bug:
I don't give a damn how much someone was abused if they have the nerve to strangle and cut open a woman's stomach while she was alive and take her baby and let her bleed out. That's pure evil. There's people that go through that and worse that don't make choices like that. The crazy woman made a choice. I don't care how mentally ill they say she is. she still made a choice. She knew it was wrong
Holly Webb
Holly Webb:
Broken or not, what do you think she would have done to that baby had she not have been caught. If they are blaming it on her past and what she went thru what makes them think she wouldn't have put this child thru the same?
Liane Cornils
Liane Cornils:
I want to hear about the mandated reporter Dr who knew she was brutally sex trafficked and ruined her so he could let this happen. Im not as stupid as the average citizen.
So horrible poor Bobby Jo and her loved ones.😭
Imagine they never found who did this and that girl had to grow up with such a disturbed woman?
Sue Poch
Sue Poch:
Claire van Cleave
Claire van Cleave:
Equality for ALL!!!
Armanda Callen
Armanda Callen:
Wtf did I watch this?!?!
David BooG E
David BooG E:
She knew what she was doing
Vicki Carnes
Vicki Carnes:
The evilness God help us!!
Celah Johnson
Celah Johnson:
She took a life, she loses her life! We are living in a time evil wicked time.
M Safrons
M Safrons:
She lived 16 years too long, get on with it.
Amanda Cox
Amanda Cox:
I'm sorry she was abused as a child, as was I, not as bad as she was, but I understand what it's like to be a victim, BUT, she knew what she was doing was WRONG, she planned it, using the excuse that she should not be held accountable because she was once someone else's victim is bullshit!!
Andrea Grandi
Andrea Grandi:
Dana Lightel
Dana Lightel:
Penitentiary is not pronounced like that and babies grow in the womb...not the stomach....journalists should know that
J M:
I was about 8 when I heard about what Lisa did, my mom explained to me what happened. Bobbie died such a brutal death. I hope Bobbie, her daughter and family are finally at peace now that Lisa is gone.
Waterpuppy Bird
Waterpuppy Bird:
Times up !!!.
Deannajoy Sabourin
Deannajoy Sabourin:
What a horrible thing to do to someone, she deserves what she gets.
Jeriyah Mackey
Jeriyah Mackey:
Debi grassman
Debi grassman:
Report yr abusers ! so maybe "they " can get help which in turn will help u. I feel we have so far to go with domestic violence and abuse.
Nora's No1
Nora's No1:
She's Guilty cause she planned it, and knew right from wrong simple. No excuse she could of got mental help years ago. Her sister could of got her the help she needed instead of saying it after the crime.
Cee Jay
Cee Jay:
Debra Franklin
Debra Franklin:
She shouldn't kill people either
Ginger Downing
Ginger Downing:
3:48......AND. ....4:18.......THEY DON'T LOOK LIKE THE SAME 2 PEOPLE 😟
Cee Jay
Cee Jay:
So what!
Robert James Chinnery
Robert James Chinnery:
Mercedes Cable
Mercedes Cable:
It doesn't matter a lot of people go through abuse its no excuse she took a life without no remorse
Catherine DuPre
Catherine DuPre:
No Mercy
Janette Ellingham
Janette Ellingham:
She planned and executed a horrifically brutal murder. No sympathy for bleeding hearts here. An eye for an eye
Liane Cornils
Liane Cornils:
003. Bring it here.
Liane Cornils
Liane Cornils:
My mom slowly bleed out too. Nobody killed her dr on the prison death row. But the cops break into my home trying to squelch this story. No one will see here, unless God finds the way.
bond james
bond james:
Stay strong dad
Micheal Cash
Micheal Cash:
You can't make an excuse for murder
Kristy Flattley
Kristy Flattley:
Abused tick suffer from mental health tick taking a child from its mother in the worse way I can think of for the above reasons NEVER an I get everyone abuse is different but you know that's wrong whatever issue you got thoughts and prayers🙏❤️ for the little girl and her family birthday celebrations an also a cruel reminder what that monster did to her mummy look what she got for trauma as a child bet she's not plotting murders good riddance Lisa I say
Logan Turner
Logan Turner:
I would NOT want to SEE,anyone executed,regardless of REASON!A 😷 sick 🌎 world we reside in!!
Veve Dehavilland
Veve Dehavilland:
Poor sweet lisa