"Players and fans connected, it's phenomenal!" Arteta delighted after 1-0 win away to Aston Villa

Speaking after his Arsenal side claimed a 1-0 win away to Aston Villa, Mikel Arteta expressed his happiness with the connection between his players and the fans.

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100+ comentarios:

Turd Ferguson
Turd Ferguson:
Good to see Arteta's vision for Arsenal starting to take shape. I'm not an AFC fan, but the Premier League needs a competitive Arsenal.
Arsenal going quietly about their business. Arteta deserves a lot of credit for this and the players after coming under criticism early in his role as the Arsenal gaffer 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
It really seems like everyone at Arsenal is pulling in the same direction. Manager, player and fans!
Jacob winspear
Jacob winspear:
Backed this guy from the start. Always said he needs time and players so credit to the Arsenal board for staying with him.
Max Rolling
Max Rolling:
I feel like what goes unnoticed with arsenal this season is the away performances 6 wins in a row away from home. 2 years ago arsenal could barely scrape a win away.
Nico Maryono
Nico Maryono:
Can’t wait to see who will Arteta sign this summer, especially the signings for our forward department
Beeyella Network
Beeyella Network:
I remember pep warning the Arsenal hierarchy to not panic and make a mistake of firing this man. Now I'm beginning to see now. Top Manager this.
It's just sad how quickly fans turn against their managers these days. Arteta has been brilliant. Arsenal had a lot of average players for so long. Credit to him for weeding them out. Now he needs enough funds to sign the right players.
mickey morris
mickey morris:
Here comes the Arsenal. Third place finish is certainly not out of the question. In Arteta we trust 👍🏿⚽️🇯🇲
Robert Love
Robert Love:
Win or lose I'm ALWAYS PROUD to be a arsenal fan.
Rabiosa- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]
Rabiosa- 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]:
Good to see Arteta's vision for Arsenal starting to take shape. I'm not an AFC fan, but the Premier League needs a competitive Arsenal.
E3boss2003 (Saka Szn)
E3boss2003 (Saka Szn):
Top 4 is on and Arteta knows it quietly confident like us Arsenal fans should be
I've been a season ticket holder for 16years up the arsenal and hes right, there's a connection between fans players and management that we've not had for a while. Wherever they finish up we'll be buzzing for next season 🔴⚪
Mood Yaax
Mood Yaax:
Trust the process. Arteta had the vision from the beginning we have faith in him COYG
Christopher Thorpe
Christopher Thorpe:
The most coordinated Arsenal team, capable of grinding out results that I have since Wenger and even during / towards the end of Wenger's reign... COYGooners
The Englishman
The Englishman:
Fair play - he's worked hard to get his way - it's paying off
Arteta a perfect gaffer, he’s train Arsenal hard, our North London red forever ❤️ ♥️
Sussy-🔞T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞
Sussy-🔞T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞:
Good to see Arteta's vision for Arsenal starting to take shape. I'm not an AFC fan, but the Premier League needs a competitive Arsenal.
Nelson Wleh
Nelson Wleh:
The man is incredible and I saw that when we lost to Liverpool.
Guardiola was right, which is why he and the city board wanted to keep him as an assistant so bad. To think Arsenal fans wanted Arteta gone after the vs Man City game and now Arsenal is probably the most improved team of the year.
M. Bison
M. Bison:
Spot on. The support from the fans has been excellent for the longest now. No more toxicity
Monolith in Teal
Monolith in Teal:
Come on Arteta get that 4th placed trophy 🏆
Latchdoorlatch 99
Latchdoorlatch 99:
After a slow start arteta now seeing his patience paying off
This is why managers need time not everyone has peps money immediately fix problems on the pitch.
The Confounded Magister
The Confounded Magister:
Kudos to all of the genuine arsenal fans whom believe his "trust the process"
Rachel Feuer
Rachel Feuer:
Love this team❤️🔴⚪️
MA is massively underrated .... Arsene knows .
Nathan Prescott
Nathan Prescott:
Can see what edu ment in the beginning of season when he said judge us at end of season
Tony Ejiro
Tony Ejiro:
Arsenal loses,arteta outs:The opposition were great
Arsenal wins,arteta outs:the opposition were awful.
Beginning of the season, arteta outs :arsenal should be playing in champions league
Now,arteta outs:top 4 isnt the standard arsenal should win the league 👀
Azraf Chowdhury
Azraf Chowdhury:
Job done ✔. Comfortable win
Habtom Weldegebriel
Habtom Weldegebriel:
e leigh
e leigh:
Most handsome manager in epl currently 😅
Tommy Stein
Tommy Stein:
“I so hansom”😂😂😂😂

Great performance btw 🤞🏻
​I'm no fan of Arteta but credit to him for not starting with Lacazette after Wednesdays awful performance
ke kyt
ke kyt:
Arteta, u are a good coach for Arsenal. Continue the good job.
Artekkers doing it consistently 👍
juju jumBie
juju jumBie:
Arteta is perfect for us g the class the history the name the brains and the beauty he has it all
Jimmy Johnstone
Jimmy Johnstone:
I like John McGinn so would like to support Aston Villa. However with Gerrard as manager that is not possible. Can't stand the guy. So, well done Arsenal.
Niks and Jiggs
Niks and Jiggs:
We need a lethel striker infront of the goal who can bang in those goals laca is good with linkup play and hold up but whem it comes to 1 v 1 or scoring in front he somehow misses it....if he had taken his chamces he would have had atleast 12 13 goals this season....

Lets see this game out and sign a lethal striker maybe even Erling Haaland
Chester Lester
Chester Lester:
Maybe the trust the process quote aged well after all
Dick Truesay
Dick Truesay:
Leader of the revolution 🔴⚪️🔥😍
George Walsom
George Walsom:
Manager of the season 👏❤️🤍
Dan Graham
Dan Graham:
WHERE ARE THE HIGHLIGHTS?!?! It’s been 84 years
R. Pranav Subramaniam
R. Pranav Subramaniam:
I am big fan of Arsenal. Mikel Arteta is motivating his players. Arsenal squad is youngest European football club. Mikel Arteta is youngest football manager. I think he is following former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger's formula. Arsenal is improving well now. Mikel Arteta's inspiration is Sir Arsene Wenger. 22 years Arsenal players followed Wengerball under Arsene Wenger. Now Arsenal players are following Artetaball. ⚽
The whole world laughed at Arteta and Arsenal..

But they kept quiet, worked hard and are now giving out the results..

Man United and Spurs on the other hand 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
Tyrell gunner
Tyrell gunner:
Trust the process my manger for my club Mikel Arteta
Alex Lock
Alex Lock:
would be nice if BT could actually upload the highlights
C Bart23
C Bart23:
Credit to Arteti.
Ollie Evans
Ollie Evans:
Nice to see “Trust the process” is finally working
Fish Fingers
Fish Fingers:
The project....beat other teams but not top teams... that's achievement 😂😂😂
Maaa manager 🔥🔥
Siyabonga Patrick
Siyabonga Patrick:
Starting to believe we gonna get top 4😁😁
Colin Clean
Colin Clean:
Man Utd wish they had this guy in charge
banares hussain
banares hussain:
I have to give Arteta credit he made Steven Gerrard look like a pub manager i was embarrasing.
E G:
If arsenal could get top 4 then go on to sign the world class players what will carry the team we could be looking at the next great team
Jason Brown
Jason Brown:
Imagine what arsenal would be like now if they got rid of arteta a few months back….
Possibly be down there with Everton
Comedy Club Africa
Comedy Club Africa:
💯we make things difficult for ourselves by not finishing all the chances we get. We need to be clinical n shape on the goal then we can go way far🚀 we are there!
Mikel Arteta deserves a Nobel peace prize if we get top 4 with Lacazette.
AJ Smoth
AJ Smoth:
we’ve got super mik arteta
Umar Chowdhury
Umar Chowdhury:
His speech is becoming like Guardiola's
Adam Pell
Adam Pell:
Simple question: Are we getting top 4?
Nader Nassr
Nader Nassr:
arsenal fans built different
If this was Chelsea or man United/city they would've sacked him long time ago
Mujeeb Ahmed
Mujeeb Ahmed:
Mikel Artetas red and white army 🔴⚪️
'We've got super Mik Arteta..' ...
Rashid Khalid
Rashid Khalid:
Arteta is a genius he is able to use the likes of laca nketia and pepe upfront and getting team into top 4
Damn looks like the process is working, now its Man United who are the meme, or did they ever stop being one.
I was arteta hater I guess he was right trust the process
kun mwas
kun mwas:
Kazi safii Mikel 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Jimbo Jimbo
Jimbo Jimbo:
I feel bad for Arteta

He has to pretend hes on the side of fans the same ones that abused him when he was doing bad lmao
William Francis
William Francis:
Arsenal won the match 👏 🙌 👌 😎 💪 👀 thank God. We have to pray 🙏 🤲 🕍 🕌 ⛪️ Arsenal continue 🙏 🙌 😀 👏 😢 💙 to win the next match. Arsenal rocks 🪨 🎸 😀 😎 👍 😄.
Sym Ow
Sym Ow:
My manager
The real Arteta 007 is coming soon!
Zeno Brad
Zeno Brad:
Why do BT upload the post match interviews before the highlights 💀💀
Good to see, Arsenal learning from Chelsea, Man city and Liverpool. Your manager will decide who will stay or leave or who will be starting 11. In man utd, everybody want to starting 11 despite their worst performance.

Before every match, captain maguire held meeting in dressing room and said " Worst is the best", and declare starting 11. During meeting, Ralf Ragnick go outside to buy water bottle for player and assistant fletcher go nearby atm to withdraw salary for wife shopping.
That's my manager!!
Raja Danish Amjad
Raja Danish Amjad:
Look, Arsenal have 10 games remaining and they have 54 points now. They still have to play United at home and both Chelsea, Spurs away. So, lets suppose they lose against these 3 sides and win those other 7 games, they will have 75 points at the end of the season.

As of now, United have 9 games left with 50 points on the board and they have to play both Liverpool, Arsenal away and Chelsea at home. So if they win their reamaining games they will be on 77 points at the end of the season which looks difficult.

As far as Spurs are concerned, they have 10 games remaining with 48 points on the board. They still have to play Arsenal at home and Liverpool away. If they win their remaining games they will have 78 points at the end of the season which is almost impossible.

Point is if Arsenal wins majority of its games against lower table sides and get something from their 3 games against United, Spurs, and Chelsea, they will easily finish in top 4.

In my opinion, Arsenal still have the leverage of a game in hand and points over United and Spurs respectively. They can afford to lose 2 or 3 games since both United and Spurs won't win all of their remaining games. Both Spurs and United can't afford to lose or draw games from now on.

Therefore, as of now Arsenal stand the best chance for top 4 unless they bottle it but that's an another thing.
Ramin Y'Bhatti
Ramin Y'Bhatti:
Arteta's and Gerrard's respective hairlines need to be praised. Great genetics.
Ya boi Henry
Ya boi Henry:
Upload the highlights ffs
My Boss
Ronald Wiafe
Ronald Wiafe:
Get into top four n lets see what the Gunners can offer in champions league... Go Partey... but that Nketiah guy is too relaxed... with that performance laca was better
Dominic Kayombo
Dominic Kayombo:
We are there and we shall keep the candle burning
Mustafa R10
Mustafa R10:
He looks like a super model.
kozmo kramer
kozmo kramer:
artetas hair still good
Andrew Marrs
Andrew Marrs:
Scraped by a 9th place squad with four more top 6 fixtures before the end of the season..... hope that connection comes with insurance and a return policy
It really seems like everyone at Arsenal is pulling in the same direction. Manager, player and fans!
Ronnie Law
Ronnie Law:
UTD fan here….

Arteta out.
Rigsby 1
Rigsby 1:
this guy doesnt ask questions.
Red Saint
Red Saint:
So... The common denominator between all that negativity in recent years has been removed and now look. Mr.DT was the problem it seems.
Itchy Ballsack
Itchy Ballsack:
Mikel still needs to get Top 4 to earn a contract extension. We've got games in hand and we're on a bit of a roll so let's go...COYG!!!
Lungelwe Ndlovu
Lungelwe Ndlovu:
Where a those ,who said arterta out.they lacked focus and vision
The Manchester City Fan Chanel
The Manchester City Fan Chanel:
He really sound like pep
Rachel Feuer
Rachel Feuer:
My gaffer❤️
Sektion OBC
Sektion OBC:
Arteta Macheta
Lord Antonio Conte
Lord Antonio Conte:
Golden state dubs 🇺🇸
Golden state dubs 🇺🇸:
Has he stopped crying about fixtures, bottled a NLD and was happy playing a team with 15 players out. Lego head clown
Try and beat a good team.