Pokemon Unite... Cool Concept, Bad Delivery

The Pokemon Presents June 24th, 2020 with the reveal of Pokemon Unite has been met with a barrage of dislikes. Here's Why.

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100+ comentarios:

When Austin John doesn't snap his fingers at the start: Something's wrong, I can feel it.
Kentendo 64
Kentendo 64:
Pokémon pulled a mom,

“If you eat all your dinner you’ll get a surprise”
Eats all of dinner
“What’s my prize?”

Mom “a full belly”
Tyler Baker
Tyler Baker:
“That’s my favorite game to play on the toilet, hands down.” - Austin John 2020
Luke Allen
Luke Allen:
If Nintendo had swapped the reveals of Unite and Snap, this would’ve been looked at as one of the most hype announcements in Pokémon history
Catherine Reed
Catherine Reed:
“It’s like when the opening DJ is better than the main act”
That sums up the pokemon presents pretty well
imagine how cool it would have been if they switched the timing of New Pokemon Snap and Pokemon Unite, having New Snap where Unite was and putting Unite in the first presents. Could have had so much potential. Edit : Wow this got alot of likes.
I was actually mentioning to some friends earlier how you only give us content that can completely confirmed and if it's not you spend your time testing to get that information. You dont spread rumors that can't be confirmed. It's something that I really appreciate about this channel.
Red ThunderSpark
Red ThunderSpark:
Fans: Diamond and pearl remakes-
Pokemon Company: POKEMON UNITE!!
Also American Pokemon fans: So I woke at 8:30 for a mobile game???
Adam Blake
Adam Blake:
When I watched it, I was like “oh, this looks boring. I’ll just skip ahead to the next announcement.” And then it was the whole video. They probably could’ve just tacked it onto the last one and would’ve gotten way less backlash. I personally just don’t really care about it and probably will have forgotten it exists in about a week or so.
Cotton Sylveon
Cotton Sylveon:
It was like a DJ who did the build up but never did the beat drop
Blue Falcon
Blue Falcon:
It's clear that Tencent had a hand in presenting this, as the pokemon company never demonstrates a game like this. Makes sense...
Warren Thomas
Warren Thomas:
The news that we got the shiny Zeraora was more interesting.

Pokemon: No, you wouldn’t stop spamming us so you get this.
Tyler Bruso
Tyler Bruso:
I appreciate your honest take. I'm getting tired of forced positivity from some Poketubers
*Sees 1st few seconds of animations and figures* “oh cool, the characters look a bit like they’re from a Mystery Dungeon game!”

*MOBA revealed* “eh I’m pretty pissed off that they hyped this presentation from last week, but hey, a Pokemon game made for the Switch can’t be that bad.”

*Finds our it’s a mobile game with a Switch Port.* “.....mm”

*hears the words: free to start* 😑

*it was made by 10cent* 🤦🏻‍♂️
Yung Chum
Yung Chum:
The way you started this Austin made me feel like I was 15 again and getting a talk from my parents.
Aru Yuki
Aru Yuki:
Tencent: silencing protesters and loving the Chinese government!
King Kohls
King Kohls:
This reminds me of the blizzcon catastrophe with diablo immortal.
Sacred Terrador
Sacred Terrador:
I’ll be frank, this looks more interesting than SwSh. At least this is trying to do something moderately new for Pokémon. Better than just going through the motions with half the effort.
Patrick L
Patrick L:
Should’ve just made last weeks presentation 10 minutes longer. Would’ve been much better received
Christopher Wall
Christopher Wall:
I woke up early to watch this, I feel like some sleep was stolen from me.
I feel like a lot of this has to do with the fans SEVERELY overhyping this. Pokemon did hype it up at the end of the direct but blaming them only is neglecting the fact that everyone started theorising games when we didnt know.
Lenny Face
Lenny Face:
*Cool Concept, Bad Delivery*

"Sounds about right."
Caroline A
Caroline A:
Pokemon shuffle is underrated for time-passing.
They should've switched New Pokemon Snap for Pokemon Unite in the first direct
Logan Pierson
Logan Pierson:
The reason it got its own direct is because some of the games announced in the other Pokémon Present are censored in China. It wasn’t entirely Tencent saying they want their own Present.
Austin John Plays? More like AUSTIN JOHN STATING FACTS.
To quote a certain developer from a certain "con" "WHAT, you guys dont have phones!?"
Before the presentation started I set my expectations low. So I was neither disappointed or excited by what was shown. It does look good, and I'll probably try it out. But like you , me and other have said: if you truly don't like it, don't interact with it(download, purchase, etc)
"Bad delivery" literally summarises the whole thing , a one week build up just for this isnt cool.
Lucas Hampton
Lucas Hampton:
Instead of this game, I really wish they would work on graphical improvements for Sword and Shield.
I have never thought i would miss Lets Go series so badly
Who the hell goona play Pk unite
Deleted Channel
Deleted Channel:
At first I thought reactions like: "I was expecting anything and I'm still disappointed" were exaggerated but now I find myself slipping into it.
“Just reuploading the trailer is a bs move” We were all thinking it and finally someone says it
Omega Muffin
Omega Muffin:
Don't you just love it when they use the term "Free to start"
Mr. SonAmy
Mr. SonAmy:
Interviewer: We are here live and we see that The Pokémon Company home of many Pokémon games, toys, apps, clothing, shows and movies had made a MOBA game with a team up with Tencent and we are in a live interview with the founder himself, Tsunekazu Ishihara

Tsunekazu Ishihara: Konichiwa, I like money!

Interviewer: So what made you think of partnering up with Tencent and started making a MOBA game with Pokémon characters, Mr. Ishihara?

Tsunekazu Ishihara: Money!
Sir Lancedog
Sir Lancedog:
2:46 they also said something "BIG" to show us. That was disappointing af for me when i saw the game. It is just "Arena of Valor" with Pokemon elements :(

I expect that they show us something surprisingly good about the 2nd part of the DLC. A bit hoping for gen4 remakes but that was more likely a wish.
-_Krypto_Key_Info95 _-
-_Krypto_Key_Info95 _-:
You know when Austin’s serious when he doesn’t include his iconic background music
Evans White
Evans White:
I was very confused when I watched hdvee s reaction live everyone in chat was saying this is trash where is dp remakes,bit gamefreak just released cafe mix just released dlc part 1 and are probably very busy with dlc 2 Pokémon snap and Pokémon go mega Evo so how anyone could expect do remakes I have no idea. I think that Pokémon unite is gonna be great and I'm really looking forward to it.
The video title is *REALLY* accurate...
Steve Huber
Steve Huber:
I love how you went to bat for Dan. I was in his stream after the announcement, so much toxic for him with his wanting to try it.

I agree that the delivery sucked. I might try it, won't pay micro transactions.
Squad up 💪 There better be some cute Pokémon to main.
Also, I assume the reason it wasn't in the last week's announcement was branding. Tencent wouldn't want their brand promoting games that aren't theirs (Café, Smile, Snap etc). As for fans, take my approach to all new announcements, movies etc... Have zero expectations. THEN if something sucks you aren't sad, but if it's good you can get genuinely hyped.
NerdGamer 274
NerdGamer 274:
Okay, this video really helped me understand why people were hating on this game so much

Because the thing is, the last time I ever saw something Pokemon related was when Pokemon XY was a new thing and only heard about this game from a friend of mine
The second I saw this, I thought it looked really interesting and wanted to try it out, which is why I was confused after seeing the insane amount of negative comments about it, so this video really helped me understand why
omer gulseven
omer gulseven:
League of Legends and Dota copy it even says "free to start" so the pokemon will probably need money to buy soon it's just a huge cash grab
Plohka Plohka
Plohka Plohka:
This video pretty much sums up how I feel about this.
Jose Rodriguez
Jose Rodriguez:
The 615 dislikes are Verlisify and his fake accounts trying to defend this game.
It will be as popular as Game Freak’s Little Town Hero - And we all know how disliked that was.
Jeremy Jadiel
Jeremy Jadiel:
They said that they’re not gonna do another snap and they did it, so since they’re saying no to gen 4 remakes all we have to do is wait
Beau Stevens
Beau Stevens:
To be honest...ur prob gonna think of me as a monster...I was glad that they didn't have the full roster of Pokémon, and I'm happy they added the new ones in a separate dex

Reason: I played Pokémon x and y and I completed the dex, but it was hard as all hell, it was like Satan himself was spawned into the dex, it took me 2 years to complete that dex, and I do not want want them to do that to me again

I'm not saying I don't want the other Pokémon in the game, I do, but I didn't want to go threw that same hell hole ever again.
David Tracey
David Tracey:
Nintendo: we’re getting out of the mobile market. Pokemon: here’s a new mobile game
Perfect title... Literally my thoughts exactly summed up in 4 words
The whole thing is only about Tencent having a part of the game. I would love to have played a bit of the game then probably uninstall it a few weeks later but Tencent is just too scummy
Hopefully their next nostalgia punch to fix this let down will end up being a colosseum remake/remaster
Ahmad Nieves
Ahmad Nieves:
I didnt know they had a presentation. I wasn't expecting or waiting for anything. A friend who knows i like Arena of Valor and Pokemon sent me this and I loved it. Im sure im in the minority here but im ready for this!
The Great Nate
The Great Nate:
It wasn’t exactly rumors talking about let’s go johto, it was more people theorizing because of all of that hidden stuff at the back of the presentation
Miguel Vlogs
Miguel Vlogs:
Interesting... By the looks on how they presented it, they looked a bit too confident? If you get what I mean, like especially how they delivered the ending Sequence and telling them the game was still in development, bad delivery, *good* concept
Funko Buzz
Funko Buzz:
their intro gave me thoughts it was a new POKEMON TCG GAME!!! *insert "i'm not gonna lie, they got me in the first half meme"*
also they said they would shy away from mobile lol
I just want to thank you for presenting this in a way that is straight forward, logical, and not dramatic. I see a bunch of reaction videos that are so over the top and yours was just pretty chill. And fyi, I do agree with your assessment about the game. It looks kind of fun but I probably won't invest much into it compared to the DLC and main gameplay.
Kelly Cohen
Kelly Cohen:
My thoughts at approximately 11:15pm last night: “I stayed up to watch **this**?”
Nicole Flanders
Nicole Flanders:
As someone who isn't concerned about remakes coming out anytime soon, I was still disappointed despite my nonexistent expectations
Caleb Eyster
Caleb Eyster:
Imagine the reaction in 2030 when DP remakes hit. 🔥🔥🔥
Mr. Q
Mr. Q:
I hope this game still blows up despite what everybody is feeling, I've been wanting to play a new moba & its with pokemon? hell yeah
Max Max
Max Max:
Why couldn’t they just say we have a presentation with Tencent in next weeks direct. It’s obviously not a surprise and people knew this was coming. I stayed all all night for this direct for nothing lol. But that’s my fault for consuming.
GXalcremie shiny
GXalcremie shiny:
this kinda reminds me of the smash bros last fighter pass 1 character Byleth, everyone was hyped, wondering which kind of character it would be bc they have seen insane characters been announced and the last one made everyone so hyped, and then it being an Fire Emblem character made everyone more mad then if they added Byleth in as 2 or 3 character

I get those feelings here too
Francisco Burgos
Francisco Burgos:
The ACDC/Macklemore analogy was hilarious and spot on! 😂💀
Alex Solaire
Alex Solaire:
I'm still really really sad it's not an Autochess Game, the evolutions of the units would be fitting perfect to stars of units :(
Mort Mort Mort
Mort Mort Mort:
As a big AC/DC fan, my body recoiled when you said "Macklemore"
NinjaHELL! Productions
NinjaHELL! Productions:
This just in: Austin tries to figure out how to play Snap while on the toilet ahead of the game's release.
Nova Sylveon
Nova Sylveon:
We were so hyped for sinnoh remakes or let’s go Johto, but we got this instead... oh well
Kainos Teleos
Kainos Teleos:
Honestly, i can't wait for that game. I was always a big MOBA fan 😂
That being said... I don't think they really hyped the game up. Yes, they could have avoided it. But they pretty much just said "there will be another big project" and that's it. All the rest hype was generated by the fanbase itself. I think that's important to note. I mean... Did people really expect more big games or mainline games, when we already have many Pokemon Games a.t.m.? I thought it was obvious that it was something like this.
First time I see ya without a cap, and you look absolutely adorable and attractive

I just wanna hug and. Cuddle your chubbiness 😂❤️
kyle anderson
kyle anderson:
i feel like when they announced Pokemon quest to us, does anyone remember that game.... didn't think so
Sora's small Unicornworld
Sora's small Unicornworld:
And I need to say that this game has cross-platform that means you could play with friends that don't have a switch which is a huge plus
Johnathan Carr
Johnathan Carr:
To be fair it’s the internet that hyped up a game they don’t even have out/ ready yet. I get why people are upset, but there was no full promise for a new series game.
Richard Burton
Richard Burton:
I'm shocked. A calm, reasoned and rational reaction to Wednesday's PP. Well done. You have a new subscriber.
Mystic Snorlaxatives
Mystic Snorlaxatives:
Jet: You forgot to mention that the guy was Fire Nation?
Me: You forgot to mention that this game was made by Tencent who is apart of the communist party of China?
I just wanna thank you Austin for delivering real and great content to us everytime, I personally am extremely glad you came and took over the Youtube scene for Pokemon content and sent people like Verlisify and others to the shadow realm, thanks to you we get real and good Pokemon content with honest and fair criticism, and most of all, you relate very well with all us fans.
Please continue to release new videos and keep up the good job!
This man is one of the most pragmatic charismatic people on YouTube I just love him sm and how much he brings to topics like this damn.
Lyon Ashura
Lyon Ashura:
The thing about this being a separate announcement is because it is by Tencent. People are not logical, yeah, so smart of them to do all that self hyping.
Randal Gelinas
Randal Gelinas:
i am indifferent to the whole thing. its everything we fear it will be cool don't buy it. all expectation get blown away, awesome one more great game for my collection. ether way im good. its not like i was expecting a main series announcement before they released all the dlc for the current game.
Thomas Heeb
Thomas Heeb:
"The official pokemon presents is currently at *clicks dislike button* 94k dislikes"
allan mallee
allan mallee:
Pfft I wasn't disappointed I got exactly what I wanted from this presentation I got to watch some poketuber's hopes get swatted out of the sky the look of "oh god I have to report on this" was magical

Honestly my only enjoyment when it comes to pokemon now is if my favorite mon in the games, comfy art and watching the pokemon company fumble the ball
Ty Heath
Ty Heath:
"My favorite game to play on the toilet" made me laugh my ass off
Around the 2 minute mark, your sentiment was a rater mature enjoyable reaction. Thanks
Charlie Baker
Charlie Baker:
Thanks for keeping a cool head and posting a well reasoned reaction. I think you nailed it. The presentation combined with high expectations just didn’t work in the US market the way it will in China. I agree that it should have been combined or been announced differently in different markets, but who knows if that’s even possible. Thanks again.
They should have just put it in the other direct
I don’t think we need a let’s go anything anymore.
Uicoabă Alin
Uicoabă Alin:
Cool concept? Ehh... I guess? It would've been awesome if it wasn't like 6 year late to the party.

There's no more space in the market for a MOBA imho. Not even for one backed by the titans that are Tencent and the Pokémon IP.
Tristan Goddard
Tristan Goddard:
I am so disappointed, I was expecting something good and we got... that... To be fair I’m not into that sort of game so definitely not downloading it, but I agree with you (and I said as much in the comments) holding off on releasing it in the first direct and teasing it at the end was not a smart move, I think they very much don’t know their target audience and might lose a lot of potential players because of it.
grenindraw j
grenindraw j:
As soon as i saw the trailer, i literally laughed out loud and yelled across the house: "HEY SIS, THEY MADE LEAGUE OF LEGENDS BUT WITH POKEMON"

My sis: say WHAT?!

And we continued to laugh the whole way through it
Diamond Aura
Diamond Aura:
The game itself might be fine (after all, it’s not even released yet), but the PR unnecessarily set up hype...
Thank you I was feeling bad for being excited and wanted to try becuceases of the negative, and yes the company is shady/commune but paying is optinail and if they get my data so what? As long I don't use crited card Info I don't care
Thomas S
Thomas S:
Idc what pple say I'm beyond excited for unite I've honestly been hoping for a pokemon moba game so I can't wait for it lol
Elliott Rose
Elliott Rose:
See I love the idea of this game but me and my girl almost stayed up late to watch it but disided we needed to sleep we where so disappointed
Aymen Labouidya
Aymen Labouidya:
Lmao i'd love to see Macklemore come after ACDC, not into it sooo it all depends on who you ask. Same goes for the Pokemon Presents
Tepig cries when angels deserve to die
Tepig cries when angels deserve to die:
Before supporting this product everyone please keep in mind what Tencent is responsible for.
By downloading this app you are basically saying that you are ok with humans rights violations and by paying with microtransictions you are financing a dictatorship.
All I want for them to do.

Is take their time to make a brand new broken formula game, with a good story. But that's too much to ask (ب_ب)
Lurch Skywalker
Lurch Skywalker:
"I'm going to play that"...You shouldn't be supporting Tencent period..Sorry.
Ichitaro Sakamoto
Ichitaro Sakamoto:
In my case I was expecting a non core pokemon game; like gale of darkness 2 with the galarian legendary birds, or pokemon stadium remake, something like that, but a company copying things from other just because is popular is my problem, is like the inclusive sh*t of last of us.
Torrie Starfrost
Torrie Starfrost:
"MOBA" alright
"Free to start" ehhh okay well I'll give it a chance.
"Tencent" *nopes out faster then the speed of light*