Pokemon Unite - Official Reveal Trailer And Gameplay

Pokemon Unite is a brand-new way to experience Pokemon, with Team Battle 5v5 gameplay similar to your favorite MOBAs. Coming soon to Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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FANS: *Hopefully we get to see a Pokemon Sinnoh remake!*

POKEMON: *How about a Pokemon Twisted Treeline?!*
Dizny Land
Dizny Land:
Hate to tell you but if this is anything like League of Legends it’s going to do everything BUT ‘unite’ players. 😂
Blood Blossom
Blood Blossom:
Tencent involved announced. Entire pokemon fanbase: “ok yep were out”
Flutt Butt
Flutt Butt:
"we have partnered with TENCENT"

aight imma head out
Will Schoeneberger
Will Schoeneberger:
This was the most uncomfortable trailer/gameplay reveal ever
Atleast it’s not a battle royale
tio rio
tio rio:
3:34 "most pokemon seen yet" I guess Pokemon rumble doesn't count then
PokeLogik X
PokeLogik X:
"I wasn't sure who was going to win up until the very end." -Ishihara right after massacring some scrubs
Tyler Harris
Tyler Harris:
I still hope one day an open world game the size of GTA is made where every Pokemon can be caught that would be amazing
My friend was telling me about Pokemon league of legends and I thought he was joking so I was having a good laugh about it. Now I'm shown its real and I have no clue what timeline we are living in anymore.
I love how every bad game development decision starts with "We have partnered with Tencent"
No thank you. They really missed the mark here. Even more so that they chose tencent.
The real question is, where does a homie get himself a fresh unknown button-up like our man Ishihara over here
Auriel XD
Auriel XD:
Will they speak to us if we speak in favor of Hong Kong?
Crazy Eyes
Crazy Eyes:
"It's so close! It's so close!" as they 5v1 the Venosaur outside spawn. Yeah... sure...
RMan 383
RMan 383:
Who else saw this and immediately thought “soooo...league of legends with pokemon?”
Cant wait for the sceptile jgl perma ban. And dont forget always to ban the inting yasu-i mean lucario mid
Vixi Vulpixel
Vixi Vulpixel:
I can't wait for Gardevoir mains to call me slurs
This reminds me of twisted treeline that got removed from LoL. Bruh the memories I have from that time.
Taylor Langlois
Taylor Langlois:
"It took a lot of teamwork to emerge victorious" Sounds more like it took a lot of screaming.
Damn, they should just call it "Dotamon"
"Free to start" what a joke.
Angel FG
Angel FG:
Unless Ralts is in the game, I'm not interested.
Nonstick Harpy
Nonstick Harpy:
Ah yes, remember all the lifelong friends you made playing mobas?
Steven Ma is so still I almost thought they CGI’d him, I had to triple take to make sure he wasn’t
Oh, it’s Pokémon league of legends. The hype up was for pokemon league of legends.
Ima Smurf on this kids Back to diamond 1
Shawn Kucinski
Shawn Kucinski:
Nah I won't be touching anything that's even remotely related to Tencent game is gonna be filled with micro-transactions.
There was uppon a time, a game called Battle Party. It was a MOBA with the Adventure Time universe as the theme. It was simple but fun! And I grew to enjoy it for a long time. That game is dead now, and I even forgot it existed in the first place, but this trailer remember me those good old days, and I got exited with this trailer, not because it was pokemon moba, but because I started to wonder.....would it make me feel like that time I was hooked to Battle Party? Man....what I would give to play that game once more. So I am gonna try this game, just because the nostalgia I have from another game that has no real relation to this one...haha.
Mega Aggron
Mega Aggron:
I can't wait to name my acc Winnie the Pooh and see how fast i can get myself banned. This will be a epic speedrun
Ben Shields
Ben Shields:
I honestly think this is going to be a really fun game. I've noticed that people are quick to judge things when they are different than the norm, which I believe is happening here.
new feature: eat the pokemon
6:35 and the nonasian people expect the person they don't like get no into!
Joseph Ohkar
Joseph Ohkar:
We also happy to play this game ,and didn't expect for play on mobile instead of playing cards
Wayne Hays
Wayne Hays:
Hey Pokémon Company, Blizzard called. They want their joke back.
Gank Goat
Gank Goat:
You know when people said to improve the combat system in pokemon, they meant do it in your actual game.
Oh my god, we're the older generation seeing the harm rampant overproduction and marketing does to things we love from our childhood.
Circle of Capitalism.
It would be awesome, if they can make this for Gundam as well.
Serial Crepeist
Serial Crepeist:
I'm going over to the Crash Bandicoot: It's About Time trailer to feel better.
Lucifer Glitch
Lucifer Glitch:
Pikachu mid or feed?!
So I hope this is more like Heroes of The Storm where it's actually fun to play.
Lord Tulkus
Lord Tulkus:
Next up Baba Ganoush and it looks like he is picking Squirtle! "I like it when they squirt". Thats right Kenny I do too.
Man I was really hoping for Gold and Silver remakes. Such a let down.
Will Edwards
Will Edwards:
The best thing about this game is that i know all my information will be safely given to the ccp with tencent the ccp mouthpiece..... i was in the process of compiling all my private info so i could send it to the ccp but now i dont have to worry i can just have fun playing a pokemon rip off and also give them all that info in such an easy convenient way!!! 🤣🤣🤣
I like how they just copy and pasted the entire direct and they just called it a trailer and gameplay footage
Michael Jacobsz
Michael Jacobsz:
:') i will play this game. Thank you
Thomy Kibedi
Thomy Kibedi:
"While there are no type advantages..."
mizu uwu
mizu uwu:
They need to have a tutorial video explaining this map design looks so childish and objectives seem like a joke :(
League of Pokémon: Wild Grass
Snowflake xu
Snowflake xu:
I'm already in love with this game
4g3nt 0
4g3nt 0:
5:07 when your dad tells another dad joke
joseph hawk
joseph hawk:
I just don't know how to feel about this. I'll play it hopefully its fun and not riddled with microtransactions
Weeb Is Love Weeb is Life
Weeb Is Love Weeb is Life:
*_Cant wait for a max lvl Gardevoir spamming calm mind and oh ko's my whole team with a single psybeam_*
Y'know, at one point in my life, I actually liked this franchise.

When did they snort enough crack to start making all these horrible decisions?
Free to start? So this is pay to win ofc.
Tencent ok got it not getting anywhere close to this game
Steven Ma, a real-life Team Rocket Boss.
Camille Moseley
Camille Moseley:
Ahh no I wanted a Sinnoh remake :(
Oryy yyx
Oryy yyx:
Yeah Tencent is sketchy, but the mechanics seem genuinely interesting and they got Shoko Nakagawa, c'mon.
"We have partnered with Tencent"
Ight imma head out
Dave Jensen
Dave Jensen:
They are literally deleting dislikes, I had to come in here and hit the dislike button again after yesterday. They cannot use the Diablo Immortal excuse "we were only deleting the bots that disliked". They are, 100%, without a doubt, deleting the dislikes.
Lone Echo
Lone Echo:
Bruh, I’m tryna win the game but Appletun keeps feeding the enemy team!
Oh my god this is the June-July 2020 event
Nero Xion
Nero Xion:
"Steven Ma From tencent" Why Do I find it hard to believe his name is Steven.
feline fox codx
feline fox codx:
I’ll give it a spin, who knows what it will be like. I played a lot of League
Its ridiculous its literally dominion. Couldnt believe it while watching in live. They didnt change anything from dominion game mode wow
Wow, nice re-upload GameSpot. You know, since you took down the video and brought it back up so to large amounts of dislikes.
“Is this an out of season’s April fools joke?”
- Red shirt guy, blizzcon 2018
>Tencent Games
Oh boy here we go
Also what's up with the Pokemon Company being afraid of pokemon after generation 1?
Don’t forget the heads of Pokémon think people can’t handle the more complex gameplay of gens 1-5
Shawn Etheridge
Shawn Etheridge:
So...hang on let me get this straight. You took an existing game, changed the heroes and title and are now attempting to sell it as an all new game?
Bob KingofHam
Bob KingofHam:
You know I’m majorly disappointed in this, there was so much potential for sin oh remakes and then they pull this bull
RedBoxGaming YT
RedBoxGaming YT:
Game Freak: Pokemon isn't doing so well at the moment, how can we make it even Better?
Employee 1: *Make a Teeth Brushing App.*
Game Freak: Yes very good!
Employee 2: *Rip off League of Legends.*
Game Freak: YES YES! Just what we need!
Employee 3: Add the National Dex to Sword And Shield.
Game Freak: *You're fired.*
Fabio Xu
Fabio Xu:
5:02 is this a jojo's reference?
Manz Sar
Manz Sar:
They could have just make remake an old version of pokemon games for android like pokemon red and blue, fire red, etc. It will fuking make everyone hype.
Pawix Jegons
Pawix Jegons:
Looks good ill have it on tab and switch... Hope theres Ss that does that doesnt rely on other players
Tepig cries when angels deserve to die
Tepig cries when angels deserve to die:
Before supporting this product everyone please keep in mind what Tencent is responsible for.
By downloading this app you are basically saying that you are ok with humans rights violations and by paying with microtransictions you are financing a dictatorship.
I don’t think this deserved its own video. Esports hype wore off a long time ago. And Tencent as a company does not do more than the bare minimum to make a game playable.
I thought this was gonna be new Pokemon stadium or something but nope leauge of lendgends Pokemon edition
David Trujillo
David Trujillo:
This on switch so atleast thats different
Matt young
Matt young:
When you notice YouTube disliked the official video for Pokémon unite. They might have just disliked the video so their video isn’t the most disliked video. (The rewinds)
Now THIS I’m hyped for! Wish it was on PC but oh well 🤷🏽‍♀️
Even though Tencent is a bitter choice, somewhere I think it's fine for south east asian countries to work together without involving the west. Also games are a business, and whether we like it or not casual mobile gaming is the future because the sheer amount of potential players are just too many, so we will probably see less real games going forward.
Casting all of that aside, I do love that the pkmn company tries new things (for them) as they've more or less done the same thing over and over again for years. The game looks fine for what it is. Hopefully they will dare to make an MMO next.
Sean Fadhilah
Sean Fadhilah:
I'm a simple person. I see tencent I gone
Oiram x7
Oiram x7:
beat a dead horse: the game
Hefty Soup
Hefty Soup:
Yea ima stick with League of legends
I was hoping for Diamond and Pearl remakes.
I feel like this game could actually be decent if the map was more complex... It's too small and basic wtf?!
All For One&One For All
All For One&One For All:
*Winnie the Pooh; I CHOOSE YOU!*
Just please allow controller support, I can't hold my big ass phone all day.
didnt wake up to watch this. didnt even watch the video. just came to leave a comment and say i hit the thumbs down button.
looks fun, im interested, cool that they added cross play functionality, don't know what they mean by "free to start", guessing they mean for it to be purchased after playing for a bit. cool that they didnt keep it mobile only so switch players can try the game too.
anh hai
anh hai:
When the word tencent appear I instant close
Patrick Silk
Patrick Silk:
Ma looks like a mf from the Chinese mafia, which is funny because that's essentially what Tencent as a company is
Do we get bonus points if we AFK and leave Charmander in the rain while he waits for your return?
Jessica Hayes
Jessica Hayes:
I was so excited for them to announce gen 4 remakes...
6:54 this guy is ecstatic
Joe Rulo
Joe Rulo:
This needs to be a PC game too...I'd invest thousands of hours in a pokemon style league of legends
Kuo Polin
Kuo Polin:
Great! Another iconic brand and mobile game is produced and designed by Tencent, Chinese company
So, let me get this straight, I bought a switch so I can play a mobile game?