Police Explain Why Naya Rivera's Missing Body May 'Never Be Found' in Lake Piru

Ventura County Sheriff officials discussed how Lake Piru's "terrible" visibility is affecting the search for the former Glee actress.

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Buck Rogers
Buck Rogers:
For those who don't understand why it is so hard to find a body at the bottom of a lake here is why. This lake has areas that go deeper than 100 feet and pitch black with sediment obscuring vision even further. Lights will not do a damn thing.

The divers literally have to do a blind search because visibility is so low. Meaning they feel around for the body without being able to see their immediate surroundings.

These are experts that are following protocol that has been perfected down to a science. They know what they are doing. If they are lucky they can retrieve the body but that is not always possible.

They rest because anyone that knows what they are talking about knows divers must let the nitrogen dissolve out of their bodies or risk serious injury. Show some graditude to everyone out there who are searching.
Alina Younis
Alina Younis:
The kid is traumatised. A few years later he’s gonna watch this news its so sad 😭
cue koi
cue koi:
People who don't live around lakes don't understand how you can drown in one. Lakes have currents underneath the surface that pull you down, they have cold spots that can send a swimmer into shock, they have trees and other debris you can't see that you can tangle up in and get stuck. Even experienced swimmers can fall victim. Everyone saying it is suspicious fails to understand that this is pretty typical for drownings. You don't drown and your body bobs on the surface like in the movies. A lot of times people aren't found until much later. It is a sad story and Lake Piru is known for accidental drownings.
Ian Cruz
Ian Cruz:
This is why i never like swimming in a big ocean like lake, let alone in the big ocean.
Nick Outta Control
Nick Outta Control:
This only makes my existing fear of water worst. Damn man, sucks to go out like this.
M Garcia
M Garcia:
"I want to be here for him, and I don't want to miss anything." My god, how heartbreaking.
She was found today, rest in peace, most probably a terrible accident of some kind.
Shanon shanon
Shanon shanon:
First off this is terribly sad and I'm still hoping she's found alive. Secondly, I think she is extremely beautiful. But I'm wondering, without judgment or dought shes a loving protective mother, is it normal to go out into a body of water with a small child on your own? If she felt like it was safe and she did this often I can understand that. Me personally I would be way to nervous to do that. Anything could happen to you and the child would be left to fend for themselves. Idk. Something's not quite right.
Abdou Fn
Abdou Fn:
Every actor in glee died or had a terrible accident that’s weird
She probably dove into something and got tangled. Possibly her hair.
Herbie Shevers
Herbie Shevers:
A four year old did not get out of the water on his own. His mother helped him, and something happened afterwards.
Don’t go swimming alone and without a life jacket. Dang
Palosy Sabich
Palosy Sabich:
I’m really wondering if when she was underwater her hair got tangled in the trees and debris down there and couldn’t get back up. Josey said she didn’t come back up. Either way it’s heartbreaking. RIP Naya, my condolences to her family.
As much as she's smiling, her eyes look sad. Not sure if she took the little one out there for them both to leave, then decided to push him back into the boat ... only God knows. Bless you Naya.
Sonia Bejaoui
Sonia Bejaoui:
LET'S REPEAT TOGETHER: SHE'S ALIVE AND SHE WILL BE FOUND, SHE'S ALIVE AND SHE WILL BE FOUND! She is a really strong woman, don't give up on her.
I really wish people would stop using clips of her singing if I die young. It’s so rude. She sang that coincidentally as a character on a tv show years ago. Using clips of her singing sad songs or songs with sad messages seems wrong. Everybody on that show sang a sad song when Cory died. Everybody on that show sang sad songs in general.
imagine her last moments before dying drowning alone and going deeper down suffocating literally the worst death ever
erica` smith
erica` smith:
Just kinda out of experience, i know it’s not the same as a lake, but my friend drowned in the MO river back in 2017 and it took us 3 months to find her and her car. Things like this can take a very long time and sometimes are impossible depending on various factors such as current, debris, rocks, depth of water etc. there’s so much to look into which is why it sometimes takes so long to locate people in the rivers/lakes. Praying and sending good vibes that she’s found alive and safe 💖🌹 keep holding onto hope!!
i read somewhere that this lake was known for whirlpools. maybe she got caught in one and put josie on the boat to save him, that’s what he said she didn’t come back up. he probably mistook her being sucked under for diving. so sad, i hope they at least find her body to give the family closure :(
haya tokuda
haya tokuda:
1:25 the way she says swimm + biting the lips.. not good
Chuck Master
Chuck Master:
This is tragic man, this is why I'm not big on swimming in lakes especially alone.
R F:
That makes me cry... that’s such a scary way to go! We never know how we will go out of this world😢 this is a reminder to cherish every living moment
So sad....she may have accidentally knocked herself unconscious and fell off the boat. I hit the nerve in my elbow so hard, reaching for something, that I blacked out and became unconscious. I woke up on the floor not knowing how long I had been out.
Blood From Spain
Blood From Spain:
I feel like something living in that lake took her for a meal. She probably got bit and dragged and swallowed water and drowned. You don't really know what lives down there.
Marshal Murat
Marshal Murat:
We can figure out what Alexander the Great did but we can’t find a women’s body in the lake with modern technology and advance divers.

Blue dog 95
Blue dog 95:
God I hope they find her. She's more than likely dead by now. This is so sad. I hope her son and family will be ok.
Dawn Fizzle
Dawn Fizzle:
Is there possible dangerous wildlife in the lake? That's an enormous lake
Rafailia Chalkis
Rafailia Chalkis:
Something seems weird why would she leave her son to go swimming he's a toddler and accidents can happen so fast all this seems fishy i think that something else is going on
Bailey Graf
Bailey Graf:
Update: They found her body, sadly she was dead. The son also said Naya pushed him on the boat, and then disappeared into the water.

Such a sad story. 😔
Kimberly Nicole
Kimberly Nicole:
“What may be Naya’s final hours alive”

That shit gave me chills
Two words people. Life Vest....wear them!!! I don’t give a damn if you’re Micheal Phelps or your grandma was a mermaid. Wear a life vest at all times out in any body of open water like this. Especially dark deep murky lakes.
Her body was found RIP Naya :(
Katie Young
Katie Young:
Omg. Shes actually dead. 😩 RIP NAYA fly high! 💞💔
My Pawfect Family
My Pawfect Family:
I feel like there is a lot more shady things happening. I care less about them searching the river and more about conducting a thorough investigation. I hope they look at her phone records and do a thorough interview with her son and other family.
Too many things just don’t add up.
Natasha Peterson
Natasha Peterson:
This is so sad. I can't even imagine. I have a 4-year-old boy. I feel for that little boy. I hope to god they find her just so that little boy has some closure. My heart is broken for him.
So sad. Hate things like that.
Sean Lann
Sean Lann:
"If I Die Young" is one of her best solos on Glee
It's all just a cruel joke
Kayla Shultz
Kayla Shultz:
They need to get a sonic finder, that's how they finally found a missing man from our neighboring town
Aya Nowel
Aya Nowel:
Well they found her body an hour ago so it’s confirmed she’s dead 😞

May she Rest In Peace 😞
Kimbra Holbrook
Kimbra Holbrook:
I have never heard anyone say that before in my life.That a drowned victim may never be found in the lake? !! Let me tell you something...if that was my Daughter, I'll be damned if you would leave her body to be reduced to fish food!! That is absolutely horrifying to say to her family and child!! I just cant even believe he made that statement.I had a brother in law who drowned in a lake when his flat bottom boat flipped over.He hit his head on the boat and it knocked him out.He drown in northern california, the condition of the lake was just the same as where she went missing.They searched for his body for 5 days.I sat with my sister in law by the lake and waited day after day.It was horrible.But they.NEVER gave up and never even mentioned something so ludicrous.My sister in law would have FREAKED if they said that to her.He might never be found...she would have lost her mind right on the spot.As eoon as they did find him, they came immediately and told her.They knew we sat there from morning until dark when they would quit searching for the night.It was so hard for her to leave knowing his body was somewhere in that lake.They had only been married 6 months.
Hayley Alysse
Hayley Alysse:
The clip where she said she wants to be here for her son and doesn't want to miss anything breaks my heart if she really is gone
Loren Ashley
Loren Ashley:
If she drowned her body would have been filled with gas by now & be floating to the top. Eventually pushing the body to land/shore. Something doesn’t sit right with me about this 😞
angel eds
angel eds:
The fact that she sang the song “If I die young” on Glee is like a dejavu ;(( I really liked Naya. She has an incredible and powerful voice. I can’t imagine the pain that her family and most especially her son is experiencing right now. She might be presumed dead right now, but I believe in miracles. <33
this is so suspicious i mean her ex was convicted of possessing cp i really would not be surprised if it turned out she was murdered due to knowledge about pedophiles in hollywood/the government
Taylor Rodamaker
Taylor Rodamaker:
STOP with all of these assumptions! Can we all just take this moment to pray for Naya and her family?
This is so sad. She’s surely dead by now, if she ended up elsewhere she would have tried to contact someone. I believe it was just a horrid accident. A child would have mentioned if someone else was there with his mom, but her son only said she was swimming and didn’t come back up. Heartbreaking
Alyssa Paris
Alyssa Paris:
And the saddiest thing is that she will end up missing her son get married, have children of his own and Graduate from college 😢. #PrayforNaya. R.I.P Naya 🙏❤
Bawse Bicc
Bawse Bicc:
“Everything already ordered and numbered”hmmm...............
Her body was found this morning 😥 god rest her soul and bless her child 🤍 praying for the family
Mallory is kinda dumb
Mallory is kinda dumb:
the clip where she said she wanted to be there for her child had me so sad because :( shes not gonna be alive to witness the key events in his life
Hilary Garstang
Hilary Garstang:
Y’all, finding someone in a lake is not the same as looking into your backyard pool. Visibility is only inches at best, and divers are literally feeling around for her, inch by inch. There are trees and other vegetation under the water, and they are combing through that as well. Whirlpools and currents could have carried her anywhere. Everyone is expecting her baby son to have some huge answers...he’s four years old! “Mommy went swimming and didn’t come back” is really all he could be expected to offer. They’d been playing at the lake, in the sun, and he’s a tired kid. Maybe she swam with him, but wanted to take a dive real quick without her vest, and got caught in the underbrush. Not everything is some suicidal conspiracy or plot from the ex. Pay respect to her by not pushing those false stories.
T. Brown
T. Brown:
So see her saying she wants to be here for her son she doesn't want to miss anything to the people saying they think she committed suicide you sound dumb she would not have left her child for nothing in the world the whole situation doesn't make sense to me at all I can't comprehend it she just literally vanished Without a Trace and I just don't understand I've tried understand I've tried to come up with my own theories but I just can't 😔
Cool Beans
Cool Beans:
I heard the water is 30 feet deep.. I can imagine how many things could've gone wrong.. wish she wore her life vest, things would be so different right now...poor kid going from living with his mom and seeing his dad to now he's living with his dad and his life is now different
emotion vomitt
emotion vomitt:
Last year i almost drowned in a lake there was a drop i wasnt expecting while i was getting off my float two guys came and saved my life i was so scared im never and never swam or went to the lake in my city ever since im teriffied so this story shakes me up really
S S:
They need a mass of experienced divers hell navy seals this is soo sad and heart breaking 2020 is a lot of hurt right now
Black Queen
Black Queen:
So sad. Maybe she saved him and then she drowned.
Ben Phillip
Ben Phillip:
Body was just found ... REST IN PEACE❤️💔
Janet's BFF
Janet's BFF:
Child star - things ordered and numbered - aged 33 years...
Melissa R.
Melissa R.:
The footage of her as a baby...is breaking my heart. I hope she rests peacefully.
Often Unsaid
Often Unsaid:
I wish she didn’t go by herself! My heart aches so bad. Prayers to the family and her son.
Cathy Bass
Cathy Bass:
Don’t you find it odd the way she parked like something was on her mind.. and the sack she’s carrying? She’s rich why a pillow case to carry your belongings?????
λεωνιδία Fakiola
λεωνιδία Fakiola:
“Piru” means Devils Lake
Alyssa Barnes
Alyssa Barnes:

ගැනීමට උත්සාහ කරයි ෂෙලී නමුත් දැනගෙන
Brandon Hayes
Brandon Hayes:
Always remember when watching mainsream media coverage on these incidents, there is a LIE somewhere in all of it.....ALWAYS.....Don't be fooled.
Mr Wataru
Mr Wataru:
For some reason I feel there's more to the story but hey maybe that's just me.
Diva Queen
Diva Queen:
Does this remind anyone of the Kennedys who drowned a few months ago
Eoghan Ryder
Eoghan Ryder:
This is honestly one of the saddest things ever. I can't even fathom what her family and friends are feeling right now. And her son, may god help him. ❤
• Yo Uniii •
• Yo Uniii •:
This is so heartbreaking :( my heart goes out to her family and her son 🙏 Pls don't stop looking for her Pls🙏
Summer Balins
Summer Balins:
My heart is breaking. Naya is an incredible and amazing woman. How can her life end here. I am praying for her and her family. We love you Naya.
Vanessa Curry
Vanessa Curry:
This is so so sad my son is her age I cannot imagine the trauma of him being out on a lake on a boat by himself not being able to find his momma
Curiosity & Cuddles
Curiosity & Cuddles:
This breaks my heart😭 RIP Angel in heaven❣️
Juju B
Juju B:
This is one of the craziest things ever 😢
Chinut Gonzalez
Chinut Gonzalez:
This is soo soo sad my heart breaks for that little boy what a tragedy
Alice Hamilton
Alice Hamilton:
And I’ve seen people making jokes about her child killing her...absolutely disgusted that people will do something like that
The glee cast is cursed
Aaliyah Morris
Aaliyah Morris:
It makes me soooo sad that I will never be able to meet her 😩 I always wished I could met or seen her in person and now that’s she’s gone I’m just heartbroken 💔 I’ve been watching All seasons of Glee and Watching Step Up to feel close to her and I just start crying watching her scenes whether she sings , dance, or just tell somebody off 😢 This is a hard lost and I don’t think I’m ever gonna really get over it. Praying for her Family , Friends, and The love of her life , Her son Josey 🙏🏽 #RipNayaRivera #NayaRivera💔
K P:
This story is so incredibly sad on so many levels....what a year...My god please make it stop
Zeina Mkahal
Zeina Mkahal:
This news totally ruined my mood for days now.
Retsu Kaioh
Retsu Kaioh:
No matter how good swimmer she was, a accident as simple as a cramp and even the best get drowned, that was 1 of the first lesson i learn on my swimming school, never swim alone.
Sylo bloc
Sylo bloc:
As if we need more proof that Glee is the most cursed show of all time.
Cialis Wang-Johnson
Cialis Wang-Johnson:
Here come the conspiracy theories. The last quote, "I'm gonna navigate the right way to do that. Everything's already ordered and numbered, so I'm not too worried about it." I guess she knew her son would be looked after. Did she know her life would end early? She died at the age of 33, same age as Jesus and other celebrities (John Belushi, Chris Farley, Eva Peron, Carolyn Kennedy, Eva Cassidy, Nipsey Hussle, Bon Scott, Mama Cass, etc.). 33 is the highest degree as a Mason. There also seems to be a pattern of Glee cast and production members dying off. She sang, "If I Die Young" on Glee.
No matter how you look at it - It's sad. I hope they find her, the curse is broken and I'm wrong about the whole thing.
2:00 So cute and precious.
Shania Golding
Shania Golding:
It’s especially scary that her son was asleep when they found him 💓 I hope they find her so the family gets closure ❤️🥺
Stefany Valencia
Stefany Valencia:
2020 is the worst year I don’t even want to imagine how 2021 is going to be like hopefully good and not this worts we are losing our family friends this needs to stop we all have to work together that’s how we are going to get through this
Vibin Vibes
Vibin Vibes:
I can't even imagine the pain her son, Husband, parents and love ones are going through. I hope she isn't dead and she's somewhere and safe❤ Prayers and support all goes out to the family.
Mai H
Mai H:
Imagine me dying and my daughter all alone.. I just felt choking on my tears while watching this, esp when she said i don't want to miss on anything.. my heart just shattered.
M Lay.
M Lay.:
what did she mean everything is ordered and numbered ...in the interview...
Unofficially Tom Hardy
Unofficially Tom Hardy:
"Send me away with the words of a love song"

I love you Naya. RIP- return if possible😭 ❤
Stephanie Stevens
Stephanie Stevens:
I can't stop thinking about this...This is just heartbreaking
Moira M
Moira M:
I wonder if the boat rental employee noticed anything “off” about her at first
Kenny Wayne
Kenny Wayne:
Live Well With Nicky
Live Well With Nicky:
this is so sad i loved her character on glee especially. such a soft soul.
Ava Warrick
Ava Warrick:
If she is really dead her son can just watch her movies or TV shows and remember her. And just remember his mother ❤naya❤🕵
Felicity Cook
Felicity Cook:
Hope they find her!
There will be so many conspiracy theories if she is not found
Addison Rae
Addison Rae:
Rest in peace and paradise Naya Rivera ☹️🕊️
Ramirez Ramirez
Ramirez Ramirez:
“Never” they acting like it was the ocean?
Keisha Watkins
Keisha Watkins:
This year has been the saddest and worse year I've seen by far 💔
N McN:
Then how where the other drowning victims found?
Miss Smarteepants
Miss Smarteepants:
Lake Piru is known for this issue. It’s not a lake you swim in. This is so very very tragic.
Nerida Pema
Nerida Pema:
i wanna be here for him😭😭😭this breaks my heart