Portland Trail Blazers vs Denver Nuggets - Full Game Highlights - February 23, 2021

Blazers vs Nuggets. Full game highlights. February 23, 2021.

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Bro wtf was kanters defense, Sooo bad, The only 1 playing solid d tonight was jones jr, They need to try harder, Kanter wasn't all there, Melo should've came in more clutch in end of game and wtf happened to lillard? Where was he. C'mon bro. The most lazy defense I've seen all year. Shocking
Yess melooo this is what we like to see, If coach plays him for 30 mins he'll put up over 20 everytime.
3:25 pure art from melo, sexy sexy, You only get this beautiful of nba from kobe, And the greats. Beautiful
Richard Lawson
Richard Lawson:
Wonder how the Blazers did tonight. Should I check ESPN's web site or wait for TBF to upload highlights?

Gamer Loux
Gamer Loux:
Dame Dolla 🔥🔥🔥
Momodu Oladapo
Momodu Oladapo:
The blazers need to share the ball more on offense. Move the ball along by passing cos the ball moves faster that way.

And on defense they need to focus on the players off the ball, let each player guard his opponent so that the offensive player with the ball will have no choice than to either take a shot, drive to the basket, eventually make a difficult pass or turnover the ball.

I hope the blazers defense can get better.
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia:
Since no call for the all star game, Dame, lost his playing. No 3 points, bad dribbling, always complaining. And the team lost his confidence too. I'm worried about the future. And yes, the worst league defense. Thanks for uploading!
Wrath Of Anubis
Wrath Of Anubis:
Grtz ftom Belgium, happy to be a sub to your channel bcoz they aren't showing much BLAZERS game's over here😏
So TV nope , but me waiting for that notification bell to go , HECK YEAHH😁🙏💪
Leonard Allen
Leonard Allen:
Takeaways from today:
1. Jokics nose is always red
2. Dame needs to stop trying to shoot himself back into a game when he’s cold. Recognize it’s an off night, get other people involved and make plays happen for others. That’s why there’s no question about Bron being an all star starter. He doesn’t need to score all the time.
3. Our transition D is pathetic.
4. Stotts: “I thought we played three very good quarters of basketball.” (Bout time to find a new job)
Adrian Medina
Adrian Medina:
Campazzo es Argentino
Flamingo Bill
Flamingo Bill:
Ryan Lankford
Ryan Lankford:
Kanter is the worst defender in the league.