Post Match Press Conference | Manchester United 1-1 West Ham United | Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Hear United boss Ole Gunnar Solskajer take questions from the press after a 1-1 draw with West Ham at Old Trafford in the Premier League

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Jevaughnie Samuels
Jevaughnie Samuels:
After these bad performances everyone is finally realizing how important LUKE SHAW is
These past few games should have showed Ed we really need to invest in the squad. The players look knackered and Ole looks scared to make a sub because the drop off from the first 11 to the bench is top 4 to mid table quality
Nasser Hossain
Nasser Hossain:
We need depth in our squad, there’s no one you can bring of the bench that can make a change.
Bineet Tirkey
Bineet Tirkey:
Really poor performance from United today. Clearly the players were tired. We need squad depth!
We need :
1. aggression to kill the game from the first whistle
2. Efficient play, no extra touches no useless passing
3.breaking down defences quicker or finding solutions to the low blocks when teams put out 9-10 people to shut down their box
Rashford looked knackered today.
Pogba&bruno both looked like they run out of ideas... The youngest lad on the pitch bailed United out again today! The bench is not strong enough, time to invest.
Shuhei Hisagi
Shuhei Hisagi:
Grealish and sancho will change this team and make it consistent
Mark Martin
Mark Martin:
mu's problem can be summed up in 3 words:

too many touches
Live Life
Live Life:
Painful to watch now last few performances , if we took our chances against Southampton and won and this evening we would secure 3rd place with a 4 point gap. United never make it easy on themselves !
Phillip 1980
Phillip 1980:
Pattern of the 2nd half in a nutshell:

-West Ham pass the ball around for a bit

-We win it back

-Then give it away 3 seconds later

-Matic gives a freekick away

-We get away with it

-Goal kick but the ball ends back with West Ham

Rinse and repeat.
Vervito United
Vervito United:
Ok we're at the end of the season, let's win against Leicester then we can talk about progress as a club, and reinforcement
K_ RobboMUFC
K_ RobboMUFC:
Leicester will have had nearly 2 weeks to prepare for us.. And we look dead on our feet. I'm worried, but praying
Froggy Noddy
Froggy Noddy:
southampton has destroyed united's legs. they look absolutely dead, and fernandes' concentration looks totally off.
DX Ghosts 14
DX Ghosts 14:
man utd need spend the cash this summer. 😠
Shawn Senior
Shawn Senior:
Let regroup and go again on Sunday
Samul 7
Samul 7:
His optimism is great even tho we drew.
And I agree with Mark Martin!
Also Greenwood deserves praise he’s a decent player! Like if you agree!
Also we really need someone like Sancho and Kuilibaly!
Chris Scott
Chris Scott:
Ole doesn’t trust the bench. Trust is a huge part of his philosophy of football (watch the high performance podcast) we still need more investment in the squad as a whole.
Scott Martin
Scott Martin:
Bad performance and disappointing result but at least our destiny is still in our own hands.
I’m really terrified now. I still remember that Leicester beat us 5:3. Please don’t drop the ball on this one guys.
Ryan Bujingo
Ryan Bujingo:
Like i jus watched liverpool and they took max 3 touches till they got in crossing/goal scoring opportunities like pogba matic take to many touches. Like when we play out from the back its to slow theirs no intensity. We need to take less touchs and play quick as weve shown we can do with the 1st goal.
Joey 1617
Joey 1617:
Why tf is my manager smiling after a 1-1 draw to a west ham side who just about avoided relegation
Bruno Fernandes
Bruno Fernandes:
We need quality from the bench. We need to invest in squad depth
Mark Martin
Mark Martin:
we win games with individual brilliance, and not as a team, we need to build a genuine football identity, or else getting top 4 means nothing
Royalty Brown
Royalty Brown:
Will Luke Shaw be back for the Leicester game?
Az Aman
Az Aman:
Ole smiling. Looks happy with our draw. 🙄
Erick Matius
Erick Matius:
Whatever will be, am united forever!!!
When will Shaw be back?
Mitch Barnes
Mitch Barnes:
We need to start pressing teams more ole says he wants his teams running the most out of anyone but we never press it’s so frustrating sometimes....
deezy duffus
deezy duffus:
Wats ole smiling for
Mueen Ismail
Mueen Ismail:
I love his optimism but he's way too happy for the current result.
Danny Chan
Danny Chan:
Feelings after watching the game live here in Hong Kong:

First ten minutes of second half,
is the energy we shall last;

Fatigue problem is obvious,
but no one on bench we could trust;

Seldom we cross pass from the wings,
coz possessions were lost in midfield in a blink;

Painful watching the whole game till 3am,
may luck be with us till the season ends!
Zs Jitu
Zs Jitu:
finally above chelsea even we draw😂😂😂
0:32 OGS talking nonsense again! why can't we? city do it on a regular, we did it after the break what's so hard??????
Joker 7
Joker 7:
Ole: Ed, we need some quality of the bench.
Ed: I know what you need, you need Fellaini. 😂😂😂😂😂
I love ole but he needs to start trusting the bench bring on james from the 60th min on some games with bruno still on the pitch.
With bruno's vision and james fresh legs might be scary.
Moses Banda
Moses Banda:
I just realised the guys haven't rested enough there tired
Need time to rest
This is not the game we play.
Ritesh Pokhrel
Ritesh Pokhrel:
For first 15 seconds I thought it’s just a audio with a picture😂
Tube Dis
Tube Dis:
The boys played their hearts out ❤️ not the best result but we needed a point. Let’s go last game, let’s push 🔴❤️
Michele Emmanuel
Michele Emmanuel:
We need more depth in the squad - they all look so tired. I bet that they're all looking forward to Sunday to come and be gone:)
Bengki Astono
Bengki Astono:
Congratulation for Man United...the show must go on the last session to fight Liecester City...
MystiQ SuperNaturaL
MystiQ SuperNaturaL:
I think MU defence start holding the ball too long..n Pog is one of those slowing it down as frustrating for the last 2 games ☹
Jevaughnie Samuels
Jevaughnie Samuels:
6:45 I thought he was going to say best in the world 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️
pracxis sr
pracxis sr:
Maguire is like an expensive "made in china van dijk"
SoSo 1
SoSo 1:
Even if we don’t get top 4 have to give credit to how close we got, it’s ours to throw away 💯
The System Defender
The System Defender:
Sunday will be a painful 90min to watch unless we're 4-0 up at half-time.
Wai hlyan Moe
Wai hlyan Moe:
Need a quality playmaker to give bruno a rest and consider replacing Paul with Fred. And stop playing out of the back
Eazy Beats
Eazy Beats:
I appreciate this statement
we need Mason to stop playing playstation
haroon mahmud
haroon mahmud:
Why is he smiling 😂
Daniyal Rahman 2016
Daniyal Rahman 2016:
We have to get Jadon Sancho, fearless Hyena, we need that kid, hes done it over last few years theres no doubting his ability and we need him
Nawid Faiz
Nawid Faiz:
How can you be blessed with that 2 half performance ole ?
Can somebody till me
Eddy otu
Eddy otu:
Why is it that these man utd press conferences even b4 lockdown were always sounding ghetto with bad audio
Normal 1
Normal 1:
As for the last match.All the MU legendary players need to meet all the players to share their story to motivate the players and make them feel how great the shirt that their put on!
Shaswat Neupane
Shaswat Neupane:
Rashford was poor, Matic was poor, Fred could've started..
Ro Rahim Ullah
Ro Rahim Ullah:
Misate 89
Misate 89:
Ole exam on sunday, thats one of the most important games in a long time. We need a win or a draw and maybe we can get some help from Wolves.
We need squad depth!
Mahmoud Melhem
Mahmoud Melhem:
Sign Sancho and Grealish
Boris michael
Boris michael:
He's laughing
Avay Verma
Avay Verma:
Need squad depth for next season.
And we need to win Leicester game for that.
Come to Jadon Sancho 🔥⚡️
missing piece... Luke Shaw.
sankhadeep sarkar
sankhadeep sarkar:
That smile😈
Blackz -_-
Blackz -_-:
This manager is happy with a draw all the time at the water break he was like calm down watch us mess up against Leicester
Alex Mulugeta
Alex Mulugeta:
still smiling after that poor performance at home!!!
Vibez Rexy
Vibez Rexy:
Just sad last game Man U v leister city I vote Man U who’s with me
Ibrahim Abu
Ibrahim Abu:
Man u must win or draw at least on sunday to avoid last year nightmare,never mind the fatigue
ps5 -
ps5 -:
Ole needs to stop smiling we had a bad game
Abhishek Giri
Abhishek Giri:
Ole was out thought and his tactics didn't work!! Well we just need to strengthen our bench!! Get rid of the deadwood like Lingard Perera Mata !!
Lalawm Puia
Lalawm Puia:
We need Grealish, Sancho, a striker and a fast defender
mr me
mr me:
I think we need declan rice and jadon sancho and maybe a new cb/lb
Lyon Mensah
Lyon Mensah:
Why is he always sitting down when he could be on the touchline shouting at players. He is clearly not serious about getting top 4
Tatenda Machiri
Tatenda Machiri:
Ole surely lost faith in the other players on the bench. The team needs additions no doubt. Ole also needs to shout at his players from the technical box, hate when he seems too relaxed
Chrispinus Wachana
Chrispinus Wachana:
we as manchester united fan we need you to score rashford must come back energised to score
Zachariah to memba
Zachariah to memba:
Mr Ole, the ball is in your hands ✋, you can turn things around and turn the tables.Please give us s win by all means on Sunday 26 July during the last match against Leicester city.
S N:
Make Da Gea and Greenwood practice together!
sikholiwe ngiba
sikholiwe ngiba:
Now that we in the champion's league we will buy sancho, grealish, kouilbaly, danny and haaland
ass asasas
ass asasas:
Ole answer to the last question Ole, the team needs to show a performance that earns them the right to be with the elite clubs of europe next season.
Rohit Bapat
Rohit Bapat:
Player were playing very casually
I love mason greenwood 😍 😍
Andrew Wright
Andrew Wright:
Ironic that as we reach the HIGHEST league position so far this season, I feel the LOWEST I’ve felt for a while! It’s a funny old game!
Anthony Massie
Anthony Massie:
Why smilling?
Utd for life
How he was still smiling? That match was embarrassing by United standards.
John Slovacek
John Slovacek:
I love and have supported Ole since he came on as caretaker manager. We should have squashed WH 3-0 today. Ole's "waterloo" will be on Sunday.
Muhammad Pandor
Muhammad Pandor:
Youtube: 1 view

Me: Yes im first!

Also Youtube: 3 Likes
Tyler T8tr0
Tyler T8tr0:
Close game lads
Brahim Didi
Brahim Didi:
we need a real manager
Peter Mwangi
Peter Mwangi:
Lets keep going
Rachid Khamlichi
Rachid Khamlichi:
Need depth, need Sancho need Saul need van der beek need a CB need a LB
Rip utd
Gold X Motorway
Gold X Motorway:
Come On Man U
Kingra 90
Kingra 90:
if pogba and bruno will drop this deep we might as well play scott and fred atleast we will recover the ball better. The last two games had immature management written all over it.
Zubair Patel
Zubair Patel:
Disappointing result hope to bounce back from Leicester game
Such a poor game again, you can see the fatigue. Matic gave away so many fouls, rashford and pogba just looked knackered. Williams was all over the place, awb struggling. Bruno was even sloppy. Proves we need depth.
Poison pogba was protecting his face for social media posts , he's cost us 4 points now after lockdown and a new contract will make him the highest paid in that locker room 🤦‍♂️
wannumat Buam
wannumat Buam:
Wolverhampton needs to beat Chelsea so that we will go to the top 4
Nana Ansah-Nyarko
Nana Ansah-Nyarko:
you have to love paul pogba
Nothing to smile about. You just couldn't do the job tonight. Lacklustre performance is understatement.