Pre-Match Press Conference | Young Boys v Manchester United | UEFA Champions League

Hear from United boss Ole Gunnar Solskjaer and David De Gea ahead of the Reds' UEFA Champions League season opener against Young Boys in Bern on Tuesday.

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100+ comentarios:

Δelta Is gone
Δelta Is gone:
I love De Gea man, he's been so loyal to us. He deserves the utmost respect from all of us. I dont get how management can question his abilities and try and squeeze in a number 2. For gods sake... if we ever had a player thats commited and as loyal as anybody, it'd be David De Gea. I hope he knows that, he already is a legend at the club. He deserves more trophies!
Debo Gaming
Debo Gaming:
R G:
De Gea deserves the UCL with United for his loyalty
ปะยุท จันโซลชา
ปะยุท จันโซลชา:
Hope DDG win UCL with us. This trophy will make him stand beside van der sar and peter.
Tenretni Tnuocca
Tenretni Tnuocca:
De Gea: It's great to have Cristiano back at home.

Key words "Cristiano" "Home" ❤
Adil Dekate
Adil Dekate:
Can't believe how refreshing it is to see in person press conferences. Tired of those Zoom conferences smh
Matt Cruz
Matt Cruz:
Ronaldo can be the top scorer of this season Champions League.
As a porto fan, i hope telles plays more bcs if he is connected with the team, his crosses can be terrifying for Ronny.
Brother Hogan
Brother Hogan:
Ole having banter with the press is something you wouldn’t see with past mangers
Terrance Twonk
Terrance Twonk:
David slowly getting his mojo back 😎
Asher Sanjan Abraham
Asher Sanjan Abraham:
I dunno about the doubters but David De Gea HAS TO BE Manchester United's #1 keeper. I'm sorry Deano, but DDG has elevated his game and has the experience and the years left in his tank to deliver for us.
Omaka Nathaniel O.
Omaka Nathaniel O.:
Rivals know the game has changed to the favour of Manchester United.
Finally, a fearful squad is coming up.
All hail Manchester United. So OGS could build this? What a squad. C'mon, boys.❤
Canady Canady
Canady Canady:
David de gea back to his best🔥
My keeper ❤️
Verinao Tjipetekera
Verinao Tjipetekera:
If Ronaldo wins for us the champions league, I would forever say his the best of all time . Come on Ronnie
adam hasny
adam hasny:
Ole is a funny man ^^
1:19 : "That's a fine"
5:50 : "is not like we lived with junk food before Ronaldo"
Kobe Meriez
Kobe Meriez:
Ole is getting tired of answering questions about Cristiano😂😂
Talal alkhamis
Talal alkhamis:
Champions league cup is coming to Old Trafford. 🔥💪🏼
Fadli Omar
Fadli Omar:
De gea one of the last SAF left you with. Appreciate him
Pavansh Seewoosungkur
Pavansh Seewoosungkur:
David back to his best currently let’s hope this continues🤩🔥
Ronaldo and Varane bring Winning Mentality to our team
Suhail Cs
Suhail Cs:
Every time ole does a press conference, there will be something to laugh and he makes us laugh 😌♥️
Ole cracking jokes "thats a fine" makes me so happy
Carlin Dzikiti
Carlin Dzikiti:
First of all, respect to de gea, but do you know how happy it makes me to hear Ole say it's easier to rotate, and that the trusts the squad and has told them that. Considering the struggles we have gone through with that, it is just amazing.
That answer on Paul's 7 assists was savage
Entertainment hub
Entertainment hub:
Am so confident with this team ,the season must give a cup,,,,,,,,, successfull season from Kenya
Dr Harrison George Obumneme
Dr Harrison George Obumneme:
DeGea is already a legend of this club. Never thought he would stay this long. Thought he was gonna run off to Spain to join Madrid after few years
Mat Top
Mat Top:
I always support DDG.Lets pray hard that he will win a UCL title this season.He's been through it all during united bad spells and dark ages.His service now is at 11 yrs at the club,more than a decade.That is a career.
Huy Lê
Huy Lê:
Please let Lingard start. Lingard deserve to start more for Man United.
Zarul 10
Zarul 10:
The Prime DDG is back, that means two positive news for Manchester United and Spain National Football Team, because OGS still give him chances to prove that he is our best GK we had at the moment.
Cleansheet incoming for tomorrow night.
GB 192
GB 192:
DDG has been playing so well, can't wait to see more of him with a rock solid defense in front of him (AWB, RV, HM, LS).
Vin Cent
Vin Cent:
The translater is really on point. Word for word translation on every question. Well done lad.
Ali Taimour
Ali Taimour:
That answer to pogba's assist took me by surprised, surely it would affect anyone's morale.
Guess Ole's not so soft 😅
Amazin D
Amazin D:
Look at ole eyes how passionate he is to give all as a player and coach
And trying to put same in the players 😍
Binaya Dahal
Binaya Dahal:
Mark my words, We will win the UCL.
A strange answer about the assists. Whilst I get his point about it not being a perfect statistic it is an important indication of a players contribution to the attack over the course of a season.
Nigel Reid
Nigel Reid:
David is back. Dean ain’t seeing that field
We're definitely dark horses in this tournament.
Muhammad mustafah
Muhammad mustafah:
I hope he plays VDB in first team in da game give him a chance Ole for tomorrow
Tran Dang Lin
Tran Dang Lin:
Try to win trophy 🏆 this season
luis de soto torres
luis de soto torres:
Ole start DVB, we need this player
Jack.Da. Ripper.
Jack.Da. Ripper.:
This season is going to be special 🔥 I can already feel it.
Heetesh Royalist
Heetesh Royalist:
Niladri Sekhar Dutta
Niladri Sekhar Dutta:
I would have loved to see vdb in this conference..we need to support the lad & show club supports him..
Georgiadis Shilisia
Georgiadis Shilisia:
Nowadays, I look forward to these conferences unlike in the past.
R G:
I hope Ole does use the squad and rotate, our team is exceptional now and most back up players deserve time on the pitch
Ashmit Gaur
Ashmit Gaur:
Ole on Cavani strain. This man came up with that line in a fly 😭🤣💀
Burner :
that’s my keeper. ❤️
Sports Rockstar
Sports Rockstar:
No matter what DDG is a Man Utd legend since 5 years.
LiveWireRed B.
LiveWireRed B.:
10 years, 2 quarter finals. Man, that's rough. This is a group we should get out of.
Riziki Brain
Riziki Brain:
Ronaldo the legend, we will win all the competitions
Thank you De Gea for everything you have done for the club❤️🚩

Don't listen to the glory hunters and all the haters
Ukachukwu Okoro
Ukachukwu Okoro:
Can’t believe he called Lee grant, granty 🤣 Mark Goldbridge was actually right
The Hh
The Hh:
CR is always a 🐐nothing ask in that and tell in that. He's just smashing goals ⚽in champions league and he will smash goals in Man United
Frustrated United Fan
Frustrated United Fan:
Mr champions league is at old trafford. HUNGRY FOR MORE!!
Mr Brightside
Mr Brightside:
Is this the first time DDG has been taken to these press conferences? I love this guy and I would like him to do more of these
Abdulwahid Mohammed
Abdulwahid Mohammed:
Ole shocked after asked about squad is capable to win trophies
Albert Bafu
Albert Bafu:
I think it'd be best to set sights on making it tops of the group, first and foremost.

Then with the suspension of the away goals rule, we'll take the knockout stages one game at a time.
Looking at how improved the side has become, who knows...
We will win this Champions League
prashant choudhary
prashant choudhary:
The best team of this session
Florida Man Knives
Florida Man Knives:
“That’s a fine” 😂 man I love Ole!!!
Tasie C. Benjamin
Tasie C. Benjamin:
Let's not think that United can not lose matches, we wiĺl but in the end, we shall all raise our cups for a toast❤
Ani-sh Gho-tanya Gu-rung off-ically
Ani-sh Gho-tanya Gu-rung off-ically:
Always cr7 love from nepal 🇳🇵🇳🇵🇳🇵 🥳❤😘😘!!
Tluanga Fanai
Tluanga Fanai:
RONALDO the best striker for me..❤︎♡︎♥︎
OGS looks more confident....💪💪
Astro Peanut
Astro Peanut:
Keane would say. What’s this about? We don’t need banter and jokes we need wins and trophies. Keanoooooooo!
Eamonn McMahon
Eamonn McMahon:
We need to persuade Bryan Robson to come out of retirement and then we’ll win the lot.
Asif Hassan
Asif Hassan:
Viva Ronaldo.... We must have to win premier League this season.. Plzz Man United 😑
David Keita
David Keita:
Zidane will win the champion League with this squad ! Trust Me !
soham c
soham c:
Come on United, It's our year
Documentary Indonesia
Documentary Indonesia:
Please keep improving your tactical in the field Sir Ole!! We Love You!!
Michael O'Connor
Michael O'Connor:
"That's a fine". I love this man.
The Boy
The Boy:
we going all in and hard 🔥🔥🔥
Sachin J S
Sachin J S:
I think Pogba will unleash himself as world class this season and also Lingard will be great.. hope pogba sign another contract
United v Psg in final imagine 👀
David goat between the sticks
T Cuong
T Cuong:
We need a better defensive midfield, a right back who can cross the ball, and harry maguire is sometimes a clown
ole is an amazing manager, one of the best. if Man U want to return to the top they need to hold on to ole dearly
Man Utd got
Mr. Champions League/CR7🐐
Champions League Varane 😎
On form Pogba🥶
Bruno the Magnifico 🎩
Shawberto 🔐
We have a strong chance at the Trophy this year.
Ashraf Othman
Ashraf Othman:
broo i can see we hold trophies at the end of the season
Joel glazer
Joel glazer:
Hopefully ronaldo gives david his confidence back after the World Cup
machow ks
machow ks:
Every question is about ronaldo 😂
no excuse to lose/draw until the next international break...lets go lads
A Roach
A Roach:
Ole is so professional & well spoken each and every time.
Paulus Amunyela
Paulus Amunyela:
We at least have to win this season.🔥🔥
David De Gea ❤️.and Manchester United:GGMU .you can do it United !!!
Pam John
Pam John:
I think Roy Keane as an assistant coach would be fun
sayid ahmed
sayid ahmed:
Friendly reminder we’ve got a goat 🐐
glad to see de gea is back to being the undisputed no 1.
Aryan Shrestha
Aryan Shrestha:
Ronaldo and de gea in same club. 👏👏
Lim Yi
Lim Yi:
We have a world class keeper, world class defender, world class attacking midfielder, world class striker but we have Fred. De gea in you we trust.
11:25 .. ole smiling when asked about Paul 😍🥺
Mohammed Omer
Mohammed Omer:
اللهم صل وسلم وبارك على سيدنا وحبيبنا محمد صلى الله عليه وسلم وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين وسلم تسليما كثيرا إلى يوم الدين اللهم آمين يارب العالمين 🌹❤️
Obelogu Emmanuel
Obelogu Emmanuel:
Ole so badly needs a trophy this season. It'll boost his confidence so much..
Hope Donny will start tommorow and bruno coming from the bench
Kenyan Comedy TV
Kenyan Comedy TV:
david is a united legend
Shahid Saffar
Shahid Saffar:
When will we see Bailly back in action..?
Wld love to see him partner up with Varane..
Lalmuansangasailo Muansanga
Lalmuansangasailo Muansanga:
We have a two legend Ronaldo and de Gea 🔥🔥