"Prepare Yourselves" - Elon Musk's URGENT SHOCKING Warning About WORLD WAR 3!

The tension between Russia and Ukraine has risen over the past few days, and the allies of both countries are stepping in. According to Elon Musk, this could be a flashpoint which could lead to unimaginable consequences and potentially lead to a third world war. Check out the video to gain an insight!

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Elon Musk Zone
Elon Musk Zone:
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Have an idea,
Why don't you all do a virtually realistic war on some of those supercomputers and the winers and loosers accept the end of that.
The world have nothing to do with your anger and politics
I agree we need to work as a team and become multi planetary
#1: Don’t Start a War
Linda H
Linda H:
I got my lawn chair and umbrella. Trying to live after a nuclear strike will be Hell on Earth.
War made the world better but damn we really gotta die for progression?
My predictions for ww3 is months away bc Russia and Ukraine
Do yall think the mid and end part of ww3, will be the start of a futuristic/dystopian future like cyberpunk?
Tonie Mcfadden
Tonie Mcfadden:
There will be wars and rumors of wars/ plagues of all kind its already begun..about as ready as can be..believe in the lord almighty with all our heart and soul is really all we have left..unless of course you don't believe or you believe in man on earth the devil himself..
Linda H
Linda H:
Better step up the launch date soon.
Raph Playz
Raph Playz:
Keep up the great content!
Lester Chrest
Lester Chrest:
Awesome Content 💚
stewart caldwell
stewart caldwell:
Going to Mars? You'll want instantaeous communications. Essential.
Jacob Spaulding
Jacob Spaulding:
Love your content!!! Thanks for your hard work!!
ZNC Collective Blog
ZNC Collective Blog:
Thank you
The Man from Del Monte
The Man from Del Monte:
It's alright I'm going to buy a hilux
Manjunath Hiremath
Manjunath Hiremath:
Elon Musk when you are going to mars
Franca D'Angelo
Franca D'Angelo:
The Man from Del Monte
The Man from Del Monte:
I'm also quite a genius woohoo let's go to Mars
Barbie Doll Witch
Barbie Doll Witch:
Yaaaay!!! So exciting !!
The Man from Del Monte
The Man from Del Monte:
We're all going to Mars innit woohoo
The Man from Del Monte
The Man from Del Monte:
My intelligence is artificial woohoo let's do Mars
Levron Fumar
Levron Fumar:
Help Ukraine
Wolves Blow
Wolves Blow:
The GOD is real totally real, in HIS WORDS say in the book of MATTHEW 24:6 Please read it HIS prophecy must come to passed
Jacob Spaulding
Jacob Spaulding:
Hello there 😊
Hello Elon I am form india
The Man from Del Monte
The Man from Del Monte:
And first
video Jalanan
video Jalanan:
deadpool SC
deadpool SC:
My idol