Jose Mourinho faces questions from the media ahead of Tottenham Hotspur's opening Premier League match of the 2020/21 season against Everton.

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Aldi Hanif
Aldi Hanif:
I feel like after the release of the new documentary, everyone has a new type of respect and has soften up for Jose Mourinho now. Everyone used to view him as the enemy. 😁😁
the more I hear of Jose the more I admire him.
one of the most exciting season ahead for spurs fans
I Don't Know My Name
I Don't Know My Name:
"That's Harry's right foot"-Christian Eriksen
Interesting he mentioned Ndombele when talking about his midfield options. He’s obviously thinking of him
Ken Shiro
Ken Shiro:
Love this man's honesty, he was so honest and direct about Danny Rose's situation.
josh_morrison 06
josh_morrison 06:
Doherty was a brilliant signing COYS
Abhin Anthony
Abhin Anthony:
Let's win a trophy this season.
Come On You Spurs.
Jaco Van der Walt
Jaco Van der Walt:
"I don't want them to think they can win trophies. I want them to think they can win matches"

Love this. A focus on the process rather than on the grand goal.
Khadar Ahmed Dirie
Khadar Ahmed Dirie:
United fan here lol I want Spurs to shut down London with trophies this season fingers crossed #NorthLondonIsWhite
sakazki Akainu
sakazki Akainu:
Its mourinho's second season!! Fa cup and Europa cup will be ours
Luke Eggert
Luke Eggert:
Everyone is sleeping on us this year and its time for Jose to wake them up COYS. also please sign a striker 👉👈
Cole World
Cole World:
I hope mourihno wins some titles this season never seen him so positive before
Jose looks focused and committed to the Club's project. Granted this squad needed to be refreshed two-three years ago but I hope the few signings we have made together with Jose's wisdom motivates the rest of the team to put together quality performances that they are still capable of delivering. Hope for a positive outcome this season.
Eric Nyirenda
Eric Nyirenda:
"We're not a club of oligarchs, a club that belongs to countries"... Lol.. Here we go 2020-2021 season!
1 Million Subscribers With No Videos
1 Million Subscribers With No Videos:
Doherty is an excellent signing can’t wait for this season, also would love to see mertens at the club and of course get bale back❤️ COYS
Agenor Takang
Agenor Takang:
Jose said it best! kneeling or without kneeling, words on a the shirt or not, there should always be no room for racism in our society and it should come from our hearts. You can wear a shirt and take a kneel in public but still have a dark heart in private.
Alex ViFlo
Alex ViFlo:
I hope Moutinho gets to win something this season
Goodluck to Jose and Spurs from a Madridista :) You guys are getting a trophy this season, so congratulations in advance :)
Jay Iyer
Jay Iyer:
Don’t skip the ads, we need the money to sign a backup striker
Debarshi Pandit
Debarshi Pandit:
Mourinho, pleeeeaaasssse
PLAY LIKE FC PORTO 2003-04🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
I love 손흥민
I love 손흥민:
We believe that we will beat Everton. Tottenham, Cheer Up, Sonny Cheer Up, Cheer Up! Even if it's a tough journey, we always cheer and cheer for you!!
Joshua Shalla
Joshua Shalla:
We need trophy pls Mr. Special One
Gabriel Naser
Gabriel Naser:
The one team I want to win the league if not for my club (man utd)
is Spurs. Good group of players, ambitious manager and vision.
Guido de Kort
Guido de Kort:
He talks well, I must admit I'm warming up to him more. I'm looking for a huge, impressive season from our club as a fan.
RK Football
RK Football:
pllleeeeeeeeeeeaaasse god, Let us just win a trophy already, and lets hope half of the team doesn't get injured again. We just have to hope, COYS!!
Desan Govender
Desan Govender:
I love tottenham hotspur
Wadah Ahmed
Wadah Ahmed:
Let's go #COYS
I love Jose a little bit more each day. Dot. Get me wrong, Poch will always be a legend for me, but he was always too coy with the press - only spoke in vague generalizations. Jose is direct and is instilling the winning mentality in Spurs.
JJ Henry
JJ Henry:
"No room for racism."
Jose's face speaks clearly.
David Olatunji
David Olatunji:
After building our stadium, getting a winning manager, investing in some talent, and gaining stability I believe this was always the season that was going to transform Spurs into a consistent title challenger.

Quietly excited for this season.

Shame that Eriksen, Vertonghen, and Dembele could not be here for this.
Kiệt Royal
Kiệt Royal:
Very good, I love you Jose Mourinho! Tottenham hotspur number one 👍
Pete w
Pete w:
This guy is a great coach. They need to support him not only in the good times but the more difficult times.
Anna Yang
Anna Yang:
OMG It's finally starting!!!
Daskou JR
Daskou JR:
Sign a striker!
Daniel D'Agostini
Daniel D'Agostini:
What we need this year is a trophie, I believe Mourinho knows it aswell! I believe in a cup title, maybe EL or FA Cup
Even though Jose can lie or make a fake story of his emotion, I really love his honest mind
Abu Shaad
Abu Shaad:
I see a determined jose and that reminds me something ...
Bongo Bongo
Bongo Bongo:
Mourinho is against racism,when u look at way back,in his teams
What if Bale plays as a LB again when we sign him lmao
토트넘 파이팅! 에버튼 이기자!!
Aymen 2k
Aymen 2k:
When he says '' gift'' is he being sarcastic?
Lemi Lemi
Lemi Lemi:
Jose's team will always be my second team to Wolves
Said Muhidin
Said Muhidin:
I can’t wait to see mourinho bringing alot of trophy this home❤️❤️🔥
A M:
"I'm so happy" whilst looking miserable. Almost like when a woman tells you she is fine 🤣
Sheetzn Gigglez
Sheetzn Gigglez:
We're not going to attract Bale without champions league and a golf course.
축하합니다. 당신은 한국인의 댓글을찾으셨습니다!💫💫
Yorky Bespin
Yorky Bespin:
Jose looking very focused can only be a good thing 🙏🏻👌🏻👏🏻👏🏻
le melomane de la musique
le melomane de la musique:
Champion YT
Champion YT:
Joe Hart ❌
Joe heart ☑️
Arsenal fan here . You have an absolutely fantastic manager. Love listening to Jose. Good luck for the season guys. ⭐️
토트넘 화이팅 #COYS
Ragnar Zachariassen
Ragnar Zachariassen:
You can hear how much, he is involving the !"Head Board"! to feel like they have to buy a new striker for the balance of the squad
spandan mukherjee
spandan mukherjee:
I feel that with the new signings, form of Sonny and Jose's positivity we can even beat Liverpool only Harry Kane's form should be better
Aaditya Khatri
Aaditya Khatri:
Although I am a United fan ..I think spurs are winning pl this season not because of players skills bcoz of Jose plan and tactics ..
i watched half the video on x2 speed then went back to normal and jose sounds like he smoked the biggest blunt
Aaron Tan
Aaron Tan:
"Im so happy" ._.
1등 놓쳤다 젠장
Fraser Weir
Fraser Weir:
When you don't waste energy on smiling when you're "so happy" you can use that energy to be an amazing manager.
Vaddy _
Vaddy _:
Good luck ahead of the new season to the Spurs supporters, I hope Jose Mourinho can guide you guys back to a top four finish but it will be very difficult.
Denis Tunkin
Denis Tunkin:
Eternal gratitude to the best coach ever! Come on, COYS!!!
Love the documentary ❤
I don't want it to end 🥺
Best striker in the country😭😭👏
Come on sonny♥
Ambessa Workout
Ambessa Workout:
He never looks happy! Even when he laughs you can see it’s not real! He know he’s gone get sacked this season tuff season ahead
kofi victorine
kofi victorine:
Jose~ "I am optimistic 😐"
Give Mourinho a backup striker for Kane and it should be a great season
after watching the documentary, he looks different xD
Jorge The Skeptic
Jorge The Skeptic:
I hope I can see a good right back most of the games
Hi Jose.
Jose: *awkward wave*
Jamie Simon
Jamie Simon:
We need another strika pls as special when we are playing qualify's an other cups we depend heavly on Kane
Tony Mission
Tony Mission:
I love the way he answers the last question
Asef Rafid
Asef Rafid:
The best coach ever
Love his statement ! Play wt Kane not backup ! Way to go
Naheem Essop
Naheem Essop:
Jose's second season. Brace yourself.
"win every match" go coys
You Suck
You Suck:
Come one we can do this!!
Dane Howell
Dane Howell:
I have followed Jose and his advice. I try to be a C[_]N+ in my everyday life now.
Thanks to amazon prime.
Spurs have many new fans.. Including me and my wife.
Liam Flex
Liam Flex:
We need a left back, centre back, striker and hopefully bale and we could genuinely challenge for the league
luca inter
luca inter:
Yes Mourinho!💪🏻
Dony Edwin
Dony Edwin:
I believe in Mou
Tay Tae
Tay Tae:
What about transfer rumor of Korean centreback to Tottenham??
Richie Young
Richie Young:
Milik from Napoli would be excellent signing for spurs and be a great transfer window if they where to sign him. Need that other striker badly
Phaheem Vlogs
Phaheem Vlogs:
My heart bleed for spurs
Marco Vanbasteen
Marco Vanbasteen:
Good luck for the season 20-21 spurs.our time to shine 💪💪
20/21 Tottenham 🏆🏆🏆
Samiul islam Samrat
Samiul islam Samrat:
Good luck jose and team plzz hope you alltime play kane & son 🔥🔥
Had to chuckle, at the start of the Press conference. When Mourinho said that he was sooooooon Happy. His face was a deadpan. He certained looked Happy.....not!
Vinay James
Vinay James:
Give him striker he will give u trophy ✌️✌️✌️
rohan raj
rohan raj:
I hope they win some silverware
We should’ve signed Callum Wilson
Jacob Frye
Jacob Frye:
Jose (😑😐) : I am so happy.
Son off Adam
Son off Adam:
Why media is so hard to him 🤣😂😂😂😂
Jordan Wilson
Jordan Wilson:
‘ I’m so happy ‘
Doesn’t bust a smile
love all players of Spurs!!!
Bradley Hearold
Bradley Hearold:
Hard not to absolutely love this man