Prisoners of the Ghostland - Official Trailer (2021) Nicolas Cage, Nick Cassavetes

Check out the intense trailer for the upcoming film, Prisoners of the Ghostland, starring Nicolas Cage, Sofia Boutella, Bill Mosley, Nick Cassavetes, and Tak Sakaaguchi.

In the treacherous frontier city of Samurai Town, a ruthless bank robber (Nicolas Cage) is sprung from jail by wealthy warlord The Governor (Bill Moseley), whose adopted granddaughter Bernice (Sofia Boutella) has gone missing. The Governor offers the prisoner his freedom in exchange for retrieving the runaway. Strapped into a leather suit that will self-destruct within five days, the bandit sets off on a journey to find the young woman-and his own path to redemption.

Prisoners of the Ghostland, directed by Sion Soto, arrives in theaters and on VOD and Digital on September 17, 2021.

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About That Tho
About That Tho:
Nicholas Cage and Brendan Fraser are having some of the greatest comebacks of all time.
Shoaib Ahmed
Shoaib Ahmed:
If Nic Cage says it's the wildest movie he's ever made, you better believe it son.
Super Serious
Super Serious:
Nick Cage is his own genre. While other actors act in dramas or thrillers or horrors or whatever Nick Cage acts in Nick Cage movies.
Jason King 1381From BKNY
Jason King 1381From BKNY:
By the time nic is done with acting his catalog of movies is gonna read like a fairy tale and people will think we made his legend up lmao
Shardul Rawat
Shardul Rawat:
Producers: "So Mr.Cage, we have this idea fo........"
Nicholas Cage: "You SOB, I'm in"
Just Some Guy with a Mustache
Just Some Guy with a Mustache:
This isn't a movie. Someone put a camera inside Nic Cage's mind and this is what happened...
Brix Cer
Brix Cer:
We need a Nick Cage collectors edition featuring all his movies in a pure gold case for every movie disk
These aren't movies he's making, this is Cage's day-to-day life
Uncharted Media
Uncharted Media:
The fact that we get Willy's Wonderland, PIG, and this all in one calendar year is just insane to me!
For those not familiar with Sion Sono’s films, don’t sleep on this one or write it off as “another crazy Cage performance” dude is legit and this is going to be something awesome. Check out his previous work.
Cage truly is an ever-untamable force of nature.
Nicolas Cage: I've just starred in the craziest movie ever.
Also Nicolas Cage: Hold my beer.
Joseph Scarpino
Joseph Scarpino:
SO happy Nic keeps making these insane films! Keep it up my guy!
I'm gonna grab for dear life to every movie that isn't afraid of going outside the color palette of a marvel movie. I'm so watching this.
Rajith Fernando
Rajith Fernando:
Someone is hellbent in making nic cage reach the peak of his career with his latest movies...and I'm all for it 🤩
Frank R.
Frank R.:
This man seems like he makes movies each month... he's so radioactive!
Looks interesting, even if low budget.
Loved Cage's role in Willy's Wonderland, and this one doesnt seem too far away :D
Nic cage is like that one comfort food you're addicted to. You know it's bad for you, but you keep coming back.

He's truly a great actor.
We're witnessing the great Nicholas Cage renaissance
It's going to be a perfect movie, for sure.
Me: "Prisoners of the Ghostland ? Whatever..."
* sees Nick *
"Oh nevermind. I'm in."
Honest Reviews
Honest Reviews:
It’s weird, outrageous and absolutely mind blowing 🤯 I’m digging it! 😎
They had me at Nic Cage already, then they added in Samurai, Cowboys, and The Post Apocalypse.
This is like the movie version of Wasteland but crazier.
The rate at which he makes movies is legitimately impressive
Nicolas Cage is a cultural treasure
Lightning Bug
Lightning Bug:
This seems like one of those cheap 80s action movies and I'm totally into it
Federal Express Man
Federal Express Man:
Plot twist

Nicholas Cage has actually retired from acting, this and Willy's Wonderland are just hidden camera movies so they can make movies out of his daily life.
Nabeel Mirza
Nabeel Mirza:
When the legend himself says it's the wildest movie he has ever done. Then it is going to be the wildest film of all time.
A new movie every month lmao, love nic cage, best actor of all time hands down the best out there
Andy Regev Kantorovich
Andy Regev Kantorovich:
Looks really unique and awesome. Looking forward to it!
jimi zainal
jimi zainal:
Hahaha Nicholas Cage with his roles in weird movies. Love it and this one also looks interesting.
s1mple n1ck
s1mple n1ck:
Officially starting a Nic Cage movie collection…
Neves Games
Neves Games:
Tem cara de que era pra ser um filme bom, vamo ver quando lançar
So what we have here is the madness of Nick Cage mixed into Zaotachi, Spaghetti Western and Mad Max. I'm not sure if we can ask for more.
I've grown to respect the guy. He gives literally every single movie a chance. And sometimes it works.
Mandy, Color Out of Space, Willy's Wonderland, Pig and now this. The Rage Cage cannot be and will not be stopped.
First time ive looked foward to Nick's movies since National Treasure. Willy's Wonderland and this looks to be worth the watch!
Greg Raines
Greg Raines:
Nick Cage has to be the bravest actor on the planet. He isn't afraid of any role.
Rui Luz
Rui Luz:
Nicolas Cage talking to his agent: "Is the film weird?! - "Yes it is!" - "Fuckin A, I will do it!!!"
Douglas OdinSon Stewart
Douglas OdinSon Stewart:
Cage with Colour, Mandy and now this is just amazeballs. Loving his choices!
Adriel Klein
Adriel Klein:
This is the type of film that looks straight from the early 90s, and this is no way a criticism, we need more of those, because at least they used to be creative.
Autistic Tyranitar
Autistic Tyranitar:
The filmography of Nicolas Cage has to be something wonderful to look at
Pondo Pondo
Pondo Pondo:
Cage is on the roll and I'm all for it.
Known Unknown
Known Unknown:
At this rate Nic's gonna hold the record for being in the most films and having the most leading roles lol
Nic Cage has more genres in his catalog compared to feet pics in Tarantino movies
Cake of Pokke
Cake of Pokke:
YESS!! New Nic Cage movie! And it looks awesome!!
Dive Pro
Dive Pro:
Real talk, Nick cage should be in one of the new fast & furious movies.
andoo boi
andoo boi:
He was never gone, we just started to see him again
matthew ortega
matthew ortega:
This man chooses the craziest roles. Remarkable
Alx Ward
Alx Ward:
Future school teachers: “Now class, we’re watching biopic 66 to learn about the myth of the Nicolas Cage…”

Student: “THE Cage of legend?!…Was he even real?!“ 😱
This is the kind of movies you need to bring in Nic Cage. cant wait!!
H5Jev Standard
H5Jev Standard:
Cage is one of the last true remaining great action heroes.
Venkatesh Potter
Venkatesh Potter:
This looks insane.. Definitely gonna watch it.
SpineIntel Labs
SpineIntel Labs:
We theorize that Mandy is the first movie in this trilogy, Willy Wonderland is the second movie after he got traumatized by the events in Mandy and this movie is the aftermath. It might all be in his head.
So many films in a year with Cage, it's crazy.
I'm so into this. Cage just doing movies he wants to do is fantastic.
Sion Sono, Tak Sagaguchi, Boutela, Nic Cage! People don't know how incredible and insane it is to see these names together. Like WHAT?
Chad Harry
Chad Harry:
This looks amazingly awesome
Kinda reminded me of Into the Badlands at first.
Definitely looks worth watching… just for the craziness.
The NC cinematic universe is really killing it this year. 😅
The Nic Cage renaissance continues. If Mc Cougnahey can do it then...
Sok Odom
Sok Odom:
Never would have guess that he could make a come back but here he is in all the bloody goodness.
Love it when Nick Cage plays Nick cage in a Nick Cage film
Vladimir Putin
Vladimir Putin:
Sion Sono has directed one of my favorite movies of all time, Why don’t you Play in Hell? I’m extremely excited for this movie, it’s gonna be insane and I’m glad to see he is helming it
Nic Cage is really notching up some amazing films
Waffle Mon
Waffle Mon:
Why can't I stop loving Cage's movies.
zul f
zul f:
Holy molly is Tak Sakuguchi that dude is awesome and his fighting is incredible
Simon Ball
Simon Ball:
Definite must watch. Looks insane!
Anibal Roman
Anibal Roman:
They had me at Cage/Sono/Moseley🤯 Forget the snacks, this has all the visual umami you need 😅👌🏽
Joseph John Sangalang
Joseph John Sangalang:
We seriously need another Con Air movie with him on it!
Seems fun, nice to see Nic back 👍
shanthi shourya
shanthi shourya:
This looks exciting and seems to have a decent budget. Time to get caged.
This looks actually kind of cool
Directed by the great Sion Sono, can’t wait to see it.
Daniel Popp
Daniel Popp:
I'm surprised no one has mentioned bill mosley is in this, dudes a legend in the horror genre
If Nic is in a movie, you know it's gonna be a wild one.
Zeus The First
Zeus The First:
Nicolas Cage surely knows how to make a hell of a comeback.
Alfred Christanto
Alfred Christanto:
Give this movie an oscar.
Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith:
Happy to see Bill Mosley in something! love that guy
Dhimas CPW
Dhimas CPW:
This guy is productive AF. Love it
Interesting concept. When the movies merge with videogames. The future is now.
Thats What She Said
Thats What She Said:
Cage needs to be in the MCU
Cage is the main character, we're all just side characters in his life at this point.
This looks awesome!
So we are at the point know where the only mainstream movies that look legit interesting and are not just "cosum this product you slob" are Nicolas Cage Movies. Im legit excited for this.
Ahmet Mete C.
Ahmet Mete C.:
Nicolas cage (since 2010) = I can play every film and character.
Samy Basile
Samy Basile:
Saw Willy's Wonderland the other day and this has the same vibe. Finally a genre fit for Nicolas Cage in this new age
Grant G.
Grant G.:
Nich is on a roll with these new movies and they don't necessarily disappoint
I’d love to be Nick Cages agent right now.

“Hey Nick there’s a pile of scripts here, which one are you interested in?”

Kilium Earth
Kilium Earth:
This looks badass🤘
So this is basically "Escape from Ghostland" with no Snake Plisken.
Plumpy Num Num
Plumpy Num Num:
It's nice to have a movie that has a accurate portrayal of Doug Dimmadome...
Nick is back and I'm happy 😀
Cage: yes
Japanese style feudal stuff: Yes
Princess Ahmanet: YES
Wierdometer: Level Cage
Igor Sena
Igor Sena:
Nicholas Cage: King of the weird. Love his movies or hate them you gotta respect the weirdness of movies he is in/roles he plays.
Kevin c
Kevin c:
Finally, a Nicholas Cage documentary.
Jay Boi
Jay Boi:
these cage movies are always fun, stoked for it
This is such a weird and confusing concept, but the visual is somehow hauntingly attractive and questionably mesmerizing. How in the world---
Jazzy Kun
Jazzy Kun:
Let's go Nock Cage!! Another one!!
This looks really cool!
Thought it was a movie adaptation of Far Cry from the thumbnail. The guy in the white suit and the tone feels very Far Cry inspired especially the guy in the suit.