Promising Young Woman, Explained - Look In the Mirror

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Promising Young Woman isn’t just a female revenge movie -- it’s a mirror that forces us to confront dark, ugly realities about our society and ourselves. Emerald Fennell’s feature directorial debut centers on Cassie (Carey Mulligan), a vigilante-of-sorts seeking vengeance. Cassie’s weapon of choice? People’s idea of themselves as good, which she threatens by revealing how badly they treat women.

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100+ comentarios:

The Take
The Take:
Get a full month of MUBI FOR FREE: (With the support of Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union)
"He was drunk" is used as an excuse.
"She was drunk" is used as a justification.
Bisma Gill
Bisma Gill:
HATE the fact that the assaulters/rapists keep saying that they were "just kids", but so was the victim, they were just as innocent as anyone else
Myosotis Malva
Myosotis Malva:
"Trauma doesn't make women stronger, it breaks them down" thank you for clearing that up 🙌
Trina Q
Trina Q:
I love how they deliberately casted actors primarily known for their "Nice Guy" roles. The fact that they start off playing their usual types, only to turn out to be sleazy and lecherous, shows that even decent seeming people have dark sides.
In my first year of university, my friend was raped and they wouldn't even take the rapist out of her class, they expected HER to drop the class that she needed to graduate on time to avoid him. They also allowed a professor who was under investigation for raping a student to present awards at a gala for a writing competition with an open bar, I won and shook his hand without knowing. He was sent on a lavishly paid leave before he was charged. I transferred to a university where they banned a rapist from stepping foot on campus and told students to call security if they saw him. I wrote my first school and told them why I left and they never responded. I hate how society coddles predators and protects them but punishes girls just for existing and trying to live their lives in peace. If a woman happens to get unlucky and ends up being attacked the very first response is to blame her and come up with reasons why it was all her fault. The message to women is that we are disposable, HIS future matters, HIS sanity matters, HE can do whatever he wants to us and then just move on with his life. Sometimes, I hope humanity does go extinct.
Tannaz A
Tannaz A:
I find it so interesting how male audiences hate Cassie and they hate the movie because shes so "evil", even though most of what she does isn't comparable to any popular male movie protagonist.
Shawn Souza
Shawn Souza:
I like that Cassie didn't find a "soulmate" in Ryan. Her true soulmate was platonic, it was her best friend, her sister Nina. I like the message of true sisterhood and friendship the movie gives us.
Emily Etcetera
Emily Etcetera:
"What would you have me do? Ruin a young man's life?!"
Yes. Ruin it. Send him to prison. Ruin his life like he ruined hers. Its the least you could do.
One of the most disgusting part of this film was that all the men cried not because they feel regretful for their actions, but fear for that their lives will be ruined because someone made them take accountability of their actions. When they fear that their lives will get ruined, they fail to realised they already ruined her life (Nina).

Thank you for making such a great analysis on the movie. This movie shed light on a problem many don’t want to face because it makes people uncomfortable, but it should make people uncomfortable so people will start taking action.
Ananya 17
Ananya 17:
"Can you guess what every woman's worst nightmare is?"
My absolute favourite of 2020.
Zyanya Ruelas
Zyanya Ruelas:
I remember when the headmaster of the music faculty said "We can't fire every music teacher that has sexual accusations, we'd loose many geniuses". I finally understood what my professor meant when she said that just because women aren't banned from university it means we have access to education.
I always felt that Cassie's death in this movie was shockingly appropriate. There comes a moment in many women's lives when we learn that (no matter what movies or self-defense classes may tell us) we are not physically able to fight off a determined man. That realization is horrifying and very real. There's no way this particular movie could have ended with her getting away.
elizabeth thompson
elizabeth thompson:
"Being accused like that is every man's worst nightmare!" "Do you wanna guess what every womans worst nightmare is?" best line of dialogue ever. i remember when the metoo movement first happened everyone's attention was on "how scary it was to be a man who could be accused at any moment" and not on the actual victims, and women who were scared and will continue to be scared of predators.
Ale Andra
Ale Andra:
"we were kids" YOU KNOW WHO *WAS A KID* TOO? N I N A
Vanessa Ontiveros
Vanessa Ontiveros:
I also found it interesting how early on in their “courtship” Ryan consistently would not take no for an answer. She kept telling him she wasn’t interested and he kept pursuing. Which is pretty normal for a romantic comedy, but in the context of this movie it really made me pause and consider how much “pursuit” is acceptable even after a person says no. I still don’t have an answer.
quirky ness
quirky ness:
I hate how the victim “being drunk” is somehow a justification for their assault. Being drunk and minding your own business doesn’t harm anybody. Choosing to take advantage of someone who’s drunk does.
"One drunk photo at a party... You have no idea what it does to a jury."
That's true and profound.
Julia Gilbert
Julia Gilbert:
As a survivor of assault myself, I found this movie to be a much needed refreshing take on typical assault revenge narrative films (like I Spit On Your Grave). It’s the difference between an exploitative film and an exploratory film. As stated in this video, trauma does not turn women into bad asses and make them powerful— I believe I’m strong in spite of what happened to me, not because of it.
Myosotis Malva
Myosotis Malva:
I love the shift in attitude when he realised she wasn't intoxicated. The confidence turned into fear.
grace victoria
grace victoria:
The harsh realities of sexual assault portrayed in this movie are eye-opening & so necessary. It perfectly captures the ugly truth about the way society fails its female victims.
Boys can't be the only ones with their whole life ahead of them.
Tasha W
Tasha W:
This video made me realise that my own story was not my fault. I was taken advantage of by a “nice guy” when I was drunk and I was told afterwards that it was my fault for letting it happen because I was drunk. If something like this has happened to you, it’s never your fault, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.
baaba baaba
baaba baaba:
My take away from this movie is how abruptly Casey died I mean we followed her on this journey of vengeance all for it to end just like that in a cabin in the middle of nowhere .It makes you wonder how many women also wanted revenge or justice for the wrong done to them only for them to die with no justice for them whatsoever
M A R I N A:
"After Cassie dies, we never see her face again, symbolizing how she's been turned into another dehumanized victim.."

When I never thought of it that way, I just thought "well it's a movie, and it would've otherwise been too horrible to show us her face" and was prepared to cover my eyes but damn
Livia Marques
Livia Marques:
Something else I *really* loved was how it never exploits the assault or violence against women. There's no flashbacks, we never actually see the video, and we don't see the assault. Even Cassie's death doesn't feel exploitative - the way the scene is shot puts the focus on Al, and what you see is only horrifying - there's no room for anything else. There's a lot of movies where even violent scenes are shot with a weirdly sexual undertone, and I really appreciate that this movie did none of that.
Zoë Carson
Zoë Carson:
The take has single handed My been my therapist and my guidance throughout this pandemic
Fuline Lite
Fuline Lite:
Reminds me of how the Georgia shooter was said to be having a "bad day" and blamed those women he murdered of his sex addiction than taking responsibility of brutally murdering those women. It's real.

Edit: People don't want to believe that he's a horrible person when he LITERALLY MURDERED human beings and took their life away from them...then people are sympathizing with the MURDERER? WOW, absolute madness. How is it those women's fault that he went out and made a choice to murder? Bullshit, all of the endless excuses.
I like how they use Actors known for playing goofy people and their roles in this movie, they Play bad men.
This was Emerald Fennell's first film as a director, she wrote it too. It was made on a shoe string budget and filmed in 3 weeks. And it's incredibly accomplished. Carey Mulligan jumping in to put her name to it because she realised what an amazing piece of writing it is helped get a perfect cast together and give it the attention it deserved. And we ended up with one best films I've ever seen.

I hope it wins lots of Oscars for all involved, to help make this sort of challenging, intelligent and deeply affecting film mainstream, sparking important conversations amongst us all.

Thanks for the great review, and thanks to everyone involved with this amazing film.
I was at a party in college held at a friend's house. There was plenty of alcohol and some people were pretty trashed. (Most of us were in our early 20s.) I was intoxicated myself, though not heavily so. The only sober person was my friend's husband. He deliberately stayed sober to look after everyone. Initially, most people were congregating in the garage, but by about 1-2am, the garage was empty.

Earlier in the night, a girl I didn't know well confessed she was very attracted to a guy at the party. I didn't think anything of it at the time since she was there with her boyfriend. However, later, once the garage was empty, I went in to fetch something I'd left in there. I found her and the aforementioned guy on the sofa, in the dark. My instinctive response was to excuse myself and close the door. Luckily, my friend's husband was standing a few feet from me and asked what was going on. When I explained, he immediately went into the garage, flipped on the lights and started asking the girl if she was ok. Turns out, she was way, way too intoxicated to give consent (she wasn't even coherent when she came out of the garage).

This is difference between a nice guy and a *good* guy. I'm still ashamed I didn't do the same, especially since I'm a woman and should've known better.
Rob Chuk
Rob Chuk:
Awesome movie. The part where she goes to the college, and the whole story about the dean's daughter was SO crazy I was hoping it wasn't true. Even though the marketing pushed this as a thriller, how Cassie used mind games rather than violence was one of the film's most interesting approaches.

Hope you do one for all the Best Picture nominees like last year
What punched me in the gut and made me break down at the end of the movie was that yeah, Cassandra does get her "revenge" beyond the grave and that gives a bit of catharsis, but in the real world, women rarely get that revenge. In the real world, Nina's story would have likely ended with Nina, not a friend avenging her 7 years later.
I just read survey of college students and one of the questions was "would you have sex with a stranger?" 75% of the male students said yes. 0% of the female students said yes. I'm still thinking about that.
Krombopulos Michael
Krombopulos Michael:
I'm a man and watched it with my girlfriend. Was cognitively aware of these kinds of things but the film does a great job of really making you FEEL the frustration, disgust, and anger of women like Cassie with how they are treated by those around them.
DescendantsOf Tituba
DescendantsOf Tituba:
College is a playground of this dynamic. The guy who’s a predator doesn’t even need to be likable or nice. There will always be people in support of them. I’ve learned this the hard way unfortunately.
This video shows after just after I read an article on the Washington Post with the title: "A Minnesota man can’t be charged with felony rape because the woman chose to drink beforehand, court rules." This really hits home.
It pisses me off so much when people say that a rape accusation could "ruin a young man's future". What about the victim's future? What about their promise? The young man who raped someone deserves to have his future ruined after he took someone's bodily autonomy and right to freedom away. I haven't watched the movie, but I'm going to now.
Simone Chèrie
Simone Chèrie:
Really the only takeaway you need:
“Someone you like (love, or were even married to) could be a sex offender.”
Cindy Ashley
Cindy Ashley:
I've been assaulted by a nice guy. They said he was a nice successful man and I was stupid for falling into "the trap"
Debbie Moore
Debbie Moore:
Unlearning internalised misogyny has took a long time for me to unpick and it horrifies me how complicit I was in it for years. Once the pill is swallowed and you can no longer unsee how commonplace it is it is mind boggling.
THANK GOD it didn't just end with them burning the body. I couldn't have handled that. As a victim myself (I know people prefer to use the word "survivor," and I am a survivor, but I'm also still a victim), I needed that ending. I didn't need them all to die. I didn't need bloody, violent revenge. I just needed justice. It's what I never got in real life.
Eternal Sunshine
Eternal Sunshine:
I love the irony/contrast of how visually, the film is very “sugarcoated” with unrealistically beautiful pastel coloured places and neon lights but the content of this film is very realistic and shows our society as it is without sugarcoating anything.

Such an intelligent film!
Ana Villafranca
Ana Villafranca:
Never ever leave a drunk friend alone. Protect her with your life.
Amy Wilson
Amy Wilson:
My favorite thing is that the lawyer who contributed to Nina’s downfall, is the only one to remember her name.

True to trauma, the person is forgotten while the others go on thriving without fault
Ryan: Embodies the problem with thinking that passivity makes you innocent, when in fact when you are actively not standing up against what’s wrong, you also bare responsibility
K Barteaux
K Barteaux:
I appreciated the smaller acts of defiance in the film. When she stares back at the construction workers, when she spits in his coffee. The men have to confront their actions in those more muted examples as well. When he sees the spit in his coffee there is a moment of acknowledgment there, that he was being a dick and deserved that. I thought those moments were great additions to the larger revenge arc.
Tom Leclere
Tom Leclere:
Its cool how the movie uses the colors pink and blue. The most masculine characters or who ar at least in the men’s side will often be seen wearing blue while someone that is more in the feminist side like Cassandra will be wearing pink but then when she’s with Ryan and decides to stop her act of revenge, shes seen wearing blue sowing how she’s now ignoring the past and is more focus on Ryan till they breakup and she leaves Ryans blue office signifying how shes is leaving the blue and going back to pink. This is even more visible when she’s in her dark room with the blue computer light that keeps flashing on her face sowing how seen the Facebook of the people responsible for nina’s death hits her.
Cravid Ana
Cravid Ana:
When I started watching it, the day it came out, I thought it was the same old story about a woman getting raped and becoming a psycho and starting killing men and trying to get revenge. This stereotype that has been used so often is can be so demeaning that I was watching it expecting to be disappointed. I was wrong and glad I was. This movie was amazing.
Hannah Estes
Hannah Estes:
I think this also ties into how women feel about injustice in their lives. It's paralyzing, numbing. Nothing is being done to save them in cases of sexual assault most of the time and they can be crippled with fear about public shaming if they're exposed. And the saddest part is; if this was released before the Me Too movement, it would have gotten slammed with criticism.
Glocomo Toast
Glocomo Toast:
It was haunting how Cassie says to Connie Britton's character "Luckily I don't have as much faith in boys than you do" and how that quote comes full circle at the end as Cassie goes into a situation knowing she could not trust the men and so creates a backup plan in the event that she would die.
lonely les
lonely les:
I hate that the movie was addressing rape culture and just the synopsis alone made losers go “It’S a MaN hAtInG MoViE”.

We are all ignorant, we can even perpetuate it in ways we don’t know. This is about how societally we devalue women and rape victims and how negligent the justice system is. If your instinct is whipping out the “not all men” argument, you’re part of the problem.
kelly mcphaul
kelly mcphaul:
Max Greenfield taking off when the cops got there was so repulsive. Good casting there. Watching Schmidt do awful things like covering up a murder is really jarring.
Cecilie Fallet
Cecilie Fallet:
When I reported my assault I cried, I didn't cry because of the memories, I cried because I wasn't believed. "What were you wearing?" "It's 4 years ago, what do you expect us to do?" "Had you taken any substances?"

I was 15!! At my boyfriend house, it was my first time and I didn't even understand what alcohol or sex was
In real life, basically, any man’s life is more important than every promising young woman’s...
Y Z:
I've been raped by 2 different men at 2 different points in my life and I never even considered telling the police. Even still after realizing how much it has impacted my life years later.
Suchetana Sen
Suchetana Sen:
This really resonates with me now. A few years ago my mother and I were walking down a road and a girl was walking in front of us. She was wearing an off-shoulder short dress and we were passing through a bar area.
My mother whispered to me if she(the girl) wearing such dress does not get raped then nobody will. She compared it to walking with a bag of meat amongst dogs. When I confronted her about it she defended herself by saying it was only reality. Rape culture is quite real and pervasive. The people who describe themselves as progressive (like my mother) play an implicit part in it.
As a woman, this movie hit me very hard. Yet this analysis is putting a very hopeful spin on it.
"The goal is not to reciprocate violence. True progress is exposing the problem and changing minds." This is how women or other social/cultural/ethnic groups can achieve justice (for discrimination, violence, or any other mistreatment) in unjust circumstances. No human deserves to be mistreated based on subjective biases. It's a long-game and with steep costs ahead, but this can be done with grace, intellect, meticulousness, and persistence just like Cassie managed to do. The world is not just, but the power to create change can be sourced from a union of progressive intention and well-thought-through execution.
Madama Belladonna
Madama Belladonna:
Side note. Cassie could have killed all those men in the most womanly of ways. POISON. A room full of drunken men, she being a med student, she could have most likely gotten a drug that counteracted with the alcohol in their system leading to their death. It would not have been violent but it could have been done. Just saying. Or drugged them so they became lethargic , and set the cabin on fire.

Most revenge tales about women who have been assaulted are written by men who write these women through male assumptions. Their takes are reactionary and never internalized. There is no emotional depth to how a woman will come to terms with what has happened to her and there is this idea that violence would be our first recourse. But realistically, many women bury the trauma and themselves along with them.
Hobi Hope
Hobi Hope:
This film deserves 2x as much attention as Joker got, period.
Winona Cruz
Winona Cruz:
this movie has really stuck on me for dayssss and it’s such a bittersweet ending too plus the soundtrack was beautiful
Audrey Dayton
Audrey Dayton:
My parents saw this at the Sundance Film Festival in early 2020. They said there were some guys sitting near them that were so offended and left saying, "I hope this movie fails in the box office."

After watching this film I started thinking about those men and what they experienced watching the film. It's a tough one to reckon with and exposes our complicity in rape culture. If it's such a tough pill to swallow, maybe there needs to be some more introspection and personal reckoning done.

Great analysis by the way! I love this film so much and your analysis made me think of even more things I hadn't before.
Allison Hannah Fay Gaines
Allison Hannah Fay Gaines:
I couldn’t get over that no one ever actually said out loud that Nina was raped. Cassie asked directly multiple times in the cabin scene for Al to just say it out loud and confess, but he couldn’t, none of them could.
One additional detail about Apollo and Cassandra: He did give her the gift of prophecy, but in some versions, it was only after she spurned his romantic advances that he added the codicil of her never being believed.
maudina palmer
maudina palmer:
I love the inclusion of ryan in the revenge arc. It truly hit me in the gut hearing his voice come from that phone. Its so important to show the true nature of people "just doing nothing", as it actually just as bad as the actions.
To add to the Cassie/Cassandra parallel: Apollo punished Cassandra because she refused to have sex with him.
The whole movie was a very uncomfortable mirror. I loved it. Being a woman it was refreshing and liberating to see from a totally female perspective. It certainly showed the underlying misogyny that we have lived with since we were born.
Ryan shows how easily these bystanders and assaulters can "forget" and move on to achieve their aspirations. But who doesn't forget? The victim. Overall, this movie shows how as women we need to be the Cassies of the world instead of the Madisons and Dean Walkers. We need to believe each other and support one another against a system that protects the "promising young man."
Watching this movie, and even hearing this analysis of it, makes me cry. I think about all the times I've been in a situation, particularly as a young teenager, where older guys would get me drunk. How I learned to get drunk because I knew what was coming. How I stayed friends with a guy who my friend told me had coerced her into sex. Many of us are both victims and part of the problem.
Kaitln White
Kaitln White:
YES! I’ve been waiting for this channel to analyze this movie.
Moonflower Tarot
Moonflower Tarot:
Reminds me of what happened to Chanel Miller while she was unconscious... she wrote a book and is no longer an anonymous "Emily Doe" while the guy who violated her was known as a "star athlete" at the time
witch, please
witch, please:
I’d love to see a Take on Michaela Coel’s series “How May I Destroy” you which covers the topic of sexual assault but in a much different way and thorough a Black woman’s perspective
Alice Phoenix
Alice Phoenix:
Never saw a "worth to die for justice" film directed in a such great way, accurate for these times
You guys just listed all the reasons why this movie should win as the best movie at The Oscars... it's a masterpiece
I remember being in the public Library and a random guy kept staring at me and started filming me and following me everywhere. He filmed me until I got into the car with mom. When I told my dad all he had to say about it was "Okay. Don't let it affect your studies." ... I don't hang around libraries anymore.
m⳽. jⲇckaloᕈe .ʝ. joᖾnstoŋe
m⳽. jⲇckaloᕈe .ʝ. joᖾnstoŋe:
"I was just a kid."
So was the girl you tried to destroy for your own sick pleasure.
Peter E
Peter E:
Really Ryan is pretty much every regular guy, me included, I learned so much from this movie, might be the most important movie I've seen in a long time.
Mia Townsend
Mia Townsend:
22:13 you just made me realize i knew the name brock turner, its pretty much tattooed on my brain, but the name Chanel Miller didn’t even ring a bell until you mentioned her abuser. She’s the one we should have focused on.
Andor Robotnik - El Friki con Barba
Andor Robotnik - El Friki con Barba:
This mvoie got me good, in Spain there was a famous rape case, five guys raped a girl, THEY RECORDED THE WHOLE THING.

They walked free, the five of them. The ending got me because in real life even with proof they walk free.
Ian Lucas Saldanha
Ian Lucas Saldanha:
Give Carey Mulligan every award possible!
Konrad Dygudaj
Konrad Dygudaj:
"Connection? Okay. What he does? Excuse me. Maybe it's too hard. How old am i? How long have I been living in the city? What are my hobbies? What is my name?" —Cassie
Laura YUC
Laura YUC:
I love this movie. I hated that for the longest time I didn't realize what had happened to me when I lost my virginity. It wasnt my fault. It really wasnt, no matter how many times other's said it was.
Gill Dawe
Gill Dawe:
I LOVED that this was a revenge flick through the eyes of a woman. It felt so true to me, right down to the fact that she was murdered by a man with one hand literally died behind his back. As soon as she entered that cabin full of men I felt a chill go down my spine, and felt immediately nauseous. There is no way she was getting out of there alive.
Mr. Zero
Mr. Zero:
Guys, we need to watch this. Seriously.
The more I think about this movie the more I like it. Like with The Nightingale, I appreciated that it showed how non-cathartic revenge actually is. Not that revenge movies aren't valid, it's just nice to see it explored in other ways.

I loved that even though Cassie does some messed up things in the movie, she gave people a chance to do the right thing and express remorse for what they did, before she punished them. That's why the lawyer was forgiven.

I think it was also smart to highlight how women can be complicit in rape culture as well. It was great seeing how quickly they changed their tone when it actually involved them.
A mirror is more painful than a gun sometimes.
Louise Rottweiler
Louise Rottweiler:
To the Take creators, this is one of your best essays ever and I’d like to thank you sharing your insightful thoughts on this wonderful film :)
Floola Maple
Floola Maple:
I want Carey Mulligan to win the oscar!!
Victoria Hatzson
Victoria Hatzson:
That was probably one of your best 'Explained' video essays
Andrew Van Rompaey
Andrew Van Rompaey:
This film is a fucking masterpiece. It's everything good art is supposed to be: it moves and entertains you but it also makes you uncomfortable by showing you what's wrong with the world, forcing you question the status quo, as well as your place in it.
This is a very ironic video timing to release with everything going on with Dirty Dom and David Dobrick, "It isn't necessarily that people didn't believe Nina, it's that they didn't want to. People liked this guy, wanted him in their lives and didn't want to think someone like him could do this - so they find it easier to reject the facts". Life does seem to imitate art, and unfortunately there are still many, many people discrediting the victim despite all the evidence she has.
Gregory Thomas
Gregory Thomas:
The murder scene completely shook me. Unexpected and traumatic. Just watching the clip of it brought it back. Which is the point, right?
Excellent movie. Carey Mulligan and Emerald Fennel did a fantastic job.
I remember slowly passing out one night when I got roofied.
I woke up 4 hours later next to a bar across town by the dumpster.
When I told my husband, he didn't believe me. It hurt when his own friend grabbed me one night when he was drunk.
Been attacked walking home from work too...
A lot of people have been assaulted in large and micro situations. We don't get taken seriously... even when your female friend is holding in her eye because a man beat her to the point of breaking her socket.
When someone comes to you, listen, don't let doubt be your first reaction.
YES, Cassie's actions were tantamount to comitting suicide. Her suvivor's guilt caused her to place herself ikn increasingly dangerous situations until she acheioved her anahilistic goal.
Samantha Smith
Samantha Smith:
"you really didn't think this was over, did you?" Signed all the spirits of forgotten women reincarnated to take down the patriarchy 🤪😘
Javier Quintero
Javier Quintero:
This movie broke my heart in so many ways, I cried rivers.
The way she rejected the idea of once have been a promising young woman. Her "emptiness": She doesn't care anymore about fulfilling the American dream. This is also a powerful message about a system that has failed them both: her and Nina.
Someone Somewhere
Someone Somewhere:
This movie woke up so many feelings inside of me and I wish everyone to see this at least once. My ex partner raped me couple times, in relationship and out and to him it was acceptable. My consent was irrelevant. My parents have defended this guy to this day and for years have been wanting me to take the guy back since 'he was so good to me'. This shouldn't be normal and no one deserves this.
iko grace
iko grace:
I was so upset by the Game of Thrones writers having Sansa say essentially, "I'm so glad I was assaulted, because it made me so strong!" to suggest she wasn't already strong and needed to be assaulted and abused to get there.
Shayla Tang
Shayla Tang:
This movie is so scary on so many level. I like that it doesn't shy away that people who can be nice can also be deeply horrible on the inside. This is what Black Christmas 2019 wanted to be, but failed badly
I just came back from watching this movie and damn. I really had absolutely no idea they were gonna go this dark, but I'm kinda glad they did. This movie was genuinely scary and a stark reminder that this reality for so many people.
Andy Anderson
Andy Anderson:
I was assaulted by somone is trusted like he was my best friend. And i didn't do anything because i didn't want to ruin his future. We were about to graduate highschool. Now whenever ever someone asks me about him im just like "oh the guy who took advantage of me when i was wasted. Yeah he's trash"