PROMISING YOUNG WOMAN - Official Trailer [HD] - This Christmas

Every now and then, a film comes along that jolts us awake. #PromisingYoungWoman is in theaters this Christmas. 💋

From visionary director Emerald Fennell (Killing Eve) comes a delicious new take on revenge. Everyone said Cassie (Carey Mulligan) was a promising young woman... until a mysterious event abruptly derailed her future. But nothing in Cassie’s life is what it appears to be: she’s wickedly smart, tantalizingly cunning, and she’s living a secret double life by night. Now, an unexpected encounter is about to give Cassie a chance to right the wrongs of the past in this thrilling and wildly entertaining story.

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Michael stuhlman
Michael stuhlman:
"It's every guys worst nightmare getting accused like that."

"Can you guess what every woman's worst nightmare is?"

Beverly Hyland
Beverly Hyland:
"The title is a reference to Brock Turner, a Stanford University student who was convicted of sexual assault in 2016. Despite his conviction, he was referred to by some as a "Promising Young Man."
Love Above
Love Above:
The amount of people insulting her age/calling her crazy and letting the title fly right over their heads is hilarious. She was a promising young woman until she had to drop out. And this movie genre is a “thriller”
Bojack Horseman
Bojack Horseman:
The Margaret Atwood quote that will always stay with me: "Men are afraid that women will laugh at them, women are afraid that men will kill them"
Maya Mig
Maya Mig:
This toxic violin kinda gives me an impression how gaslighted and furious Britney must feel inside....
Mia Wells
Mia Wells:
Cool fact: Carey Mulligan’s character is named Cassandra, who in Greek mythology was a woman gifted with divine powers to foretell the future but was cursed to never be believed.
Alice Graham
Alice Graham:
There's a difference between a nice guy and a good man
Matt Libra
Matt Libra:
The aesthetic of this movie is so wicked, pastels and neons, bathed in a darker and horrifying truth, it’s absolutely amazing
As a woman who has once been too terrified to leave the back room of her workplace because she was being stalked by a man who thought she was "cute" and nice to him once, I appreciated this movie at lot.
Mark Muted Videos
Mark Muted Videos:
i really like the rendition of toxic
Those who say this film portrays all men in negative light conveniently forgot the lawyer who was forgiven and ended up helping Cassie. Or the harmless father.
This film was magnificent. I would be surprised if this didn’t end up being contender for film of the year.
Josh Irao
Josh Irao:
Who is here after 5 Oscars nominations including Carey Best Leading Actress WELL DESERVED
Nate Fried-Socarides
Nate Fried-Socarides:
I just finished it. Holy shit I need to lie down. Best film of the year.
Ella G
Ella G:
I like the word play in the title, isn't promising young man what they called Brock turner
Kage Nyan
Kage Nyan:
toxic with violin omg i need that track and movies where women take revenge are always good
Emmy RIP
Emmy RIP:
I really loved this movie. It’s realistic in the most cruel/unfair ways.
Bruno Otilio
Bruno Otilio:
She looks 20 and 40 years old at the same time and I liked it.
Radn Sub
Radn Sub:
This movie should at last win 2 oscars: Best leading actress and best original screenplay. Or we’ll riot
Her boyfriend in the movie is the best depiction of a boyfriend I’ve ever seen in Hollywood!
jesus nebot
jesus nebot:
No man should ever engage in any casual sexual activity with any woman when she is under any kind of influence, no matter how forthcoming or willing you think she is
S Richards
S Richards:
This movie had so much more depth and grit than I expected.
This happened to me in real life by a guy I had a crush on. The guy put something in my drink and I only remember falling and hitting the back of my head. I woke up for a slight second and saw him trying to undress me and I told him stop but blacked out after that.
Margarita M.
Margarita M.:
“Who needs brains, they never did a girl any good”, her other character, Daisy, in The Great Gatsby says the line “That’s the best thing a girl in this world can be, a beautiful little fool”.
Abbey Nelson
Abbey Nelson:
Ironically, the first song in the trailer is “Nothing’s Gonna Hurt You Baby” by Cigarettes Atter Sex. For those wondering
Sierra Moore
Sierra Moore:
I just finished this movie. The twist was UNBELIEVABLE
Augustine Rombaux
Augustine Rombaux:
"What are you gonna do?"
"I don't know... maybe get an Oscar"
Polen Ly
Polen Ly:
Rooting for Carey Mulligan for an Oscar this year, after her oscars-deserving performance in An Education.
I can’t get over the necklace at the ending. It was so (bitter)sweet.
Sam Gino Gambino
Sam Gino Gambino:
This movie is so much more deep and meaningful then it gets credit for. Every scene is perfectly thought out and placed. She is literally in a jesus, crucifixion pose throughout the film along with this whole "promising young men" complex and how flawed not only men but women are on this topic.
Tijana Andjelkovic
Tijana Andjelkovic:
This movie is so not what you think it is! Trust me, you need to go watch it!
Oh, and the aesthetics of this movie, simply beautiful! Amazing work!
Chris J
Chris J:
I'm honestly glad she was able to get revenge not just for Nina, but for herself as well.
Cena M
Cena M:
I didn’t expect the ending at all. Well done
Heather Hale
Heather Hale:
This is SUCH an EXCELLENT Movie! Painful truth in every moment. Part dark revenge comedy, part psychological thriller - a hint of FRESH but distorted RomCom. All gripping and fascinating. Amazing performances. I hope it wins all sorts of awards and MILLIONS of people see it. Better than a PSA.
This movie is a millennial masterpiece.
Kyle Martinez
Kyle Martinez:
This movie won Best Original Screenplay at the Oscars congrats. Though Carey was robbed big time, her win in Critics Choice and Independent Spirit Awards is enough for me. Congrats to Emerald, Carey, Bo and everyone who worked on this movie. I love this movie, i can see it'll be a classic in the future
Fotis Petalas
Fotis Petalas:
The trailer itself is a masterpiece
The Big Quack
The Big Quack:
Now this is the film we needed

This exposed the so called “NiceGuys” for who they really are
String Sun
String Sun:
I hope Carey gets her second Oscar nomination for this ♥️
Bruh, that ending. Goddamn. This movie was so good.
James Lord
James Lord:
The ending of this film was incredible. Totally unexpected and a great use of music
Fotis Petalas
Fotis Petalas:
A film about rape without mentioning the word rape itself or any nude scene. I love it
Mariah Trotsenko
Mariah Trotsenko:
There's something wrong with anyone who says that rape culture isn't real. It's very real and and traumatizing to anyone, male or female, who finds out the hard way. And I'm talking about in different countries as well.
Alik Melnikov
Alik Melnikov:
This movie is incredible, dark representation of "Toxic" sounds so cool, you just can't go wrong with Britney
Jacqueline Heimburg
Jacqueline Heimburg:
This is a groundbreaking film. Will define a generation or thousands.
Ana Lee
Ana Lee:
Kyle Martinez
Kyle Martinez:
The amount of colors in the movie that made me so obsessed with this movie 😂 seen it 5 times and my god, Carey needs to win an Oscar for this
Radn Sub
Radn Sub:
Y’all it won best original screenplay omg.
Elle Belle
Elle Belle:
Saw this last night and it deserved every single Oscar nomination. Hope it sweeps up! Emerald is a genius and Carey is one of the best actors of this generation.
Just paid $20 to watch this movie on prime and have absolutely no regrets. I’ll be surprised if this film isn’t nominated for GG or Oscars. Reminds me of a mix of a Tarantino and Scorsese film.
Stephyfra 12
Stephyfra 12:
She deserves the OSCAR 🙏
Arthur Kurbedzis
Arthur Kurbedzis:
Britney's music is so suitting to this movie.
David Sarkisjan
David Sarkisjan:
Mulligan acting mean instead of sweet and kind is so fresh. Thank god, she flipped that image here. It is so cool.
J W:
Just finished the movie. Am absolutely floored by Carey & the ending.
Nur Shafinah
Nur Shafinah:
And britney spears’ instrumental “toxic” just makes this even better 🙌🏻
Finally a promising screen version of fanfics about Princess Celestia young years.
Martin Moore
Martin Moore:
A month ago, this thriller movie has just won 🏆 the Oscar for the Best Original Screenplay.
The Council of Nine
The Council of Nine:
"Any man who has to say "I am a nice guy", is not nice at all."
Tywin Lannister, 299 AC.
Andy Ross
Andy Ross:
This is painted as a classic Netflix B movie but damn did it deserve Best Original Screenplay from the Academy Awards.
This was a great movie. I never expected it to be an Oscar nominated film based in the trailer. I thought it would of been another aesthetic indie film but it was a lot more than that
Margo Teseoglu
Margo Teseoglu:
You know when I first saw that trailer, I was like “hold on this is giving me killing eve vibes for no reason”
....the executive producer has written killing eve..,
Lo Dice Diego
Lo Dice Diego:
Ahhh... Toxic, a masterpiece!!!
I hated and loved the ending at the same time.
Roisin Fairydust
Roisin Fairydust:
this is the type of film that you won't forget, just watched it and feeling alot right now.. wow
PaGus Music
PaGus Music:
Omg, this trailer, this movie, it’s so good, I keep coming back to it, Emerald so deserved that Oscar! Carey is absolutely fantastic in this role!
Nora Barkai
Nora Barkai:
I've just finished the movie. Wow. Simply wow.
Kyle Martinez
Kyle Martinez:
I just can't believe this is the same person that played Kitty Bennet in Pride & Prejudice
Hunter Grey
Hunter Grey:
I literally lost my shit when I heard that version of Toxic
Craig Bonney
Craig Bonney:
This movie was SOOOOOOOOOO good. Carey Mulligan deserves an Oscar nomination. She's amazing!!!!
Amanda Katherine
Amanda Katherine:
This movie is so good I watched it twice in a row.
Josh Ray
Josh Ray:
Toxic fits the trailer like a glove
Laverne Cox looked absolutely beautiful in this, I would watch it again just for her
Heartbreaking, gut-wrenching, just all around brilliant. Best leading actress and Best picture. I bow down!
Henrique Looe
Henrique Looe:
nsioso por debutar rápido.
¡Poncho es increíble! 💗
Nikоlay Valkov
Nikоlay Valkov:
I just finished it. Incredible. The acting, the lights, the colors, the music .Unique !!! watch it!!!
Hannah E A
Hannah E A:
"We get accusations like this all the time" "I have to give him the benefit of the doubt" Its chilling because its what people actually spout
E U P H O R I A R T:
I miss the feeling when I have no idea what this movie is all about.. it's just like 10 minutes ago I finished watching this 😭 fuck I'm speechless..
Raymond Wright
Raymond Wright:
One of the best movies I've seen in a while and Carey Mulligan deserves an Oscar!
V A:
It was so awesome to be able to see this in the cinema this weekend - the music was so engaging. I haven't felt that submerged in a film for a while
Jerry G
Jerry G:
Britney Spears Toxic on violin is a great addition to the trailer.
7 Rings
7 Rings:
“I am a nice guy”

Are you sure about that
Lena Petrović
Lena Petrović:
I got goosebumps from the music because it reminded me so much of Midsommar soundtrack. Fitting for this movie too
Lynn Kamsani
Lynn Kamsani:
The ending tho.....😭🤯
Mercurial Pierrot
Mercurial Pierrot:
Bo Burnham, Molly Shannon And a Cigarettes After Sex song?! I'm in!
Juan Juri
Juan Juri:
this film is proof carey mulligan WAS tired of being nice and DID want to go apeshit
Australia Rules
Australia Rules:
Carey Mulligan’s American Accent is Really Impressive.
Confused Mutt
Confused Mutt:
I actually am really interested in this, also I know a lot of people think this is toxic or bad but why would you even THINK to try and rape a woman in the first place? Think about that. It does not matter if she’s drunk. She didn’t say yes
n o t k r y l e
n o t k r y l e:
came back here because it’s nominated for MULTIPLE OSCARS
Great movie about people's perceptions of themselves as 'good" and what they might do if they could get away with it. Carey was terrific.
this movie was very powerful... i see many men bitching about how men are portrayed in this movie but as a man i have to say the men who complained about that are the same men you see in this movie..
Divine J
Divine J:
Allison Hunter
Allison Hunter:
I'm in the middle of watching this movie and I can confirm its such a good movie. If I had to explain it in one sentence it would be:
Looks like the girl from "Hard Candy" grew up.
I can't believe this is the same person Daisy from Great Gatzby lol
I didn't even notice this until I searched the casts
Jacob Czarnoch
Jacob Czarnoch:
Ironic how perfect the song choice is. Really sums up this comment section.
Victoria Corbier
Victoria Corbier:
Men mad at this movie like we haven’t seen violence against women portrayed in every film genre, music, art etc for our whole lives.
Just watched this last night! Omg Carey was so damn good. The subtle switches in her performance from 0 to damn good!
Im here
Im here:
I love seeing Bo Burnham in new movies, makes me excited for them:)
Just watched it, easy on of the best movies I'VE EVER WATCHED!