Qué hay en el bolso de Anya Taylor-Joy | Vogue España

Descubre también lo que esconde el bolso de Úrsula Corberó: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRLjzDwMF8A

Anya Taylor-Joy, la galardonada estrella de la serie de Netflix 'Gambito de dama' (ganadora del Emmy a mejor miniserie), comparte los objetos imprescindibles que lleva consigo en esta última edición de In The Bag de Vogue España. Revela los recuerdos más «duraderos, especiales y divertidos» que lleva en su corazón, incluidos unos cristales y una cámara desechable. La actriz argentina-británica deja al descubierto con quién intercambiaría sus bolsas en un abrir y cerrar de ojos; ¿quién crees que podría ser?

Qué hay en el bolso de Anya Taylor-Joy | Vogue España

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Solange Morell
Solange Morell:
I always laugh when people are like she speaks Spanish??? Spanish is her native language folks, that’s why hers is perfect. She only learned English when she was 8. She grew up in her Argentina where her dad is from and her mother is Spanish and she’s got family in Spain as well. Her real talent is speaking perfect English lol.
Clarissa Black
Clarissa Black:
im not surprised that she carries tarot and crystals with her
Алиса Байрева
Алиса Байрева:
Her voice is just so fabulous when she speaks Spanish. It's so relaxing to listen to, and I don't even understand a word.
marie g
marie g:
I don’t know if she’s ever had a role in Spanish but now I wanna see it. I’d watch a telenovela if she’s in it.
Is it weird I find it super refreshing that she brings around a plain canvas tote instead of designer bags like other celebrities?
Paulina F
Paulina F:
La adoro, es tan dulce e inteligente. Mucho amor para Anya Taylor-Joy!
Beni Wu
Beni Wu:
She always has that otherworldly aura around her, like a princess from a far away unknown kingdom. In order to communicate with us mortals, she learnt English and Spanish, but I think she's from Narnia though.
Andrea Orois
Andrea Orois:
La adoro, se la ve tan dulce, tiene que ser superdivertido estar con ella en una fiesta!
Elle B
Elle B:
She’s had that tote bag for over a good year, photographed with it all the time. It’s refreshing to see
RUTH Badass Ginsberg
RUTH Badass Ginsberg:
Love the Argentine accent. Love it even more on Anna Taylor Joy. Never heard of a triple Aries before.
sophia isabelle
sophia isabelle:
Anya Taylor-Joy is just so stunning. You know how I can’t relate to that. It’s cool hearing her speak in fluent Spanish. You know I wish I could, but Spanish takes a lot of time for me to learn. I feel like she could be one the characters in The Game of Thrones series. She’s kinda giving me Daenerys Targaryen vibes.
Fitri Rizki Sugianto
Fitri Rizki Sugianto:
I want, no, I NEED a Netflix series with 10 episodes starring Anya Taylor-Joy speaking in full Spanish!
Ana O
Ana O:
Me fascina esta actriz. Qué simpática y adorable.
annie Bell
annie Bell:
It’s refreshing hearing Anja talking Spanish also great way to learn it.
I KNOWWW SHES SPIRITUAL!!! and her manifestations are on point. shes on 3 covers of vogue as i type this comment
Génesis Briceño
Génesis Briceño:
Cuando dijo que tiene una libreta para procesar sus emociones, me sentí tan identificada. Yo escribo diarios desde que tengo 10 años. Ahora tengo 23 y sigo haciéndolo.
im guessing she continued speaking Spanish at home after leaving Argentina since for someone who moved out at such a young age Anya's Spanish is REALLY good.
Wendy Gonzalez
Wendy Gonzalez:
Hermosa! Se merece todo lo bueno que le está pasando.
Lina V
Lina V:
I love how people’s voices change slightly when they speak a different language. It’s just fascinating.
Belen Marini
Belen Marini:
I also grew up in Argentina and moved to the US as a child (she was 8 when she moved I was 6) !!!! I adore her. She’s truly brilliant and extremely intelligent. There’s certain things about growing up an Argentinian that only people from Argentina could ever understand and I guess this makes her all the more special to me ❤️
Ghost 19
Ghost 19:
If Witches are real and culturally modernized, she'd definitely be a lovely one~
Mateo Ramirez
Mateo Ramirez:
Raquel Isla
Raquel Isla:
Me encanta esta chica , es tan natural y sencilla , nada creída y ella podría y mucho🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩
Sofia Bernal
Sofia Bernal:
She’s so cool i’m so fascinated by everything she says and does
Tindomul Ciryatanion
Tindomul Ciryatanion:
Actually, she's a quadruple Aires, with her Sun, Moon, Mars and Saturn being in Aires. I love how she's into Astrology! 😊
Natalia Polo
Natalia Polo:
She’s the face of sophistication and grace she’s so beautiful
Aaron Bynum
Aaron Bynum:
She is one of the New generation of Actors/Talent who is going to save the industry she has brought back a sophistication and glamour that has been missing for a few years now she reminds me of a young Rita Hayworth
banana puding
banana puding:
I love how her voice drops a little when she is speaking Spanish cause I do that too in my native tongue
Tad Zio
Tad Zio:
para los que se sorprende que un argentina tenga apellido escoces, en el sur de argentina hubo una gran colonia (comunidad inmigrante) escocesa inglesa, que el mayor flujo que emigraron a ARGENTINA fue durante la 1ra y 2da guerra mundial, pero cuando ARGENTINA estuvo bajo dictadura militar y luego por la guerra de LAS MALVINAS, hubo un gran sentimiento anti ingles, asi que muchos emigraron y volvieron a su pais de sus abuelos.
Great selection of crystals and a really lovely deck of tarot cards. Nice to see people in the limelight have and use these.
I think is quite interesting how people's voices change depending on the language they speak. I've noticed that on myself and I love to see it on others as well
Allie Dodero
Allie Dodero:
i could listen to her speak spanish for hours oml
Andrea Rubianes
Andrea Rubianes:
Su voz relaja muchísimo, me encanta lo dulce que es 🥺
Stephanie Morales
Stephanie Morales:
I’m so glad I’m Hispanic 😭 <3 and I’m so glad I watched Anya Taylor Joy speak Spanish for the first time! She gets more and more cooler LOL this was a surprise for sure!
Julie M
Julie M:
She has such unique facial features, she’s absolutely gorgeous 💕
Wes Espinosa
Wes Espinosa:
Finally, Anya and I have something in common: that Shakespeare and Co. tote bag :3
M S:
En realidad es estadounidense (nacimiento ), argentina escocesa (padre) y inglesa española (madre)...Una gran mezcla que la hace única .
Qué energía tan bonita proyecta Anya y qué estilo tan especial... @Vogue Spain, ¿de dónde es su vestido? ¿Jacquemus?
Cielo Mansilla
Cielo Mansilla:
Me encanto escucharla, la amé.
Dios que bella es esta mujer, por ella lo dejo todo 😍
Gisela Taylor Joy 🤍
Gisela Taylor Joy 🤍:
Estoy tan Feliz por ella 🥺🥺 la amo tantoo
Es encantadora!! Sorpresa escucharla hablar en español.
Excelente actriz! 👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍
Miguel Angel
Miguel Angel:
No me alcanzan las palabras para expresar mi admiración y amor que tengo por Anya !
Carmen Soto
Carmen Soto:
Por dios, a esta mujer hay que protegerla a toda costa 🥺🤍
she's into tarot, crystal AND shadow work... i'm in love
Kei Swift
Kei Swift:
She’s a literal gem and an old soul. ✨👑
Lisa Wong
Lisa Wong:
I'm so proud and astonished by her, WOW. Born in Miami, raised between Argentina and London, and first language is Spanish..
Camilla Dkv
Camilla Dkv:
does anyone know where the dress she's wearing's from? it looks stunning X
Cristian Gomez
Cristian Gomez:
Mágica, adorable, súper querible, re inteligente 💕
Jovana Raljic
Jovana Raljic:
Wow, sounds like two different people when switching between languages 😍
Vaya, es gratificante ver a una chica tan auténtica de cuando en cuando.

Me ha fascinado.
Isabel Sophie
Isabel Sophie:
It's so beautiful listening to her speak Spanish...
Me hace recordar mi bolso cuando cargaba 2 fósiles para mostrarle a mis amigos y pesaba 🤣... Tan linda y curiosa Anna Taylor Joy ❤️
Jeanne Rojas
Jeanne Rojas:
La elegancia que tiene es tan magnífica
Camila Palma
Camila Palma:
I love being bilingual and I understand those changes between English and Spanish it happens all the time I love her so much
Estética witchy la amooo 😍
Cecilia Kurachi Ube
Cecilia Kurachi Ube:
El acento Argentino!! Me encanta escucharla ❤️
Alfredo Garcia
Alfredo Garcia:
Me encanta esta mujer. Actriz fantástica. Y encima con este acento argentino ya es lo más
snail's nipple
snail's nipple:
Ok, this is my first interview of her and I gotta say that I’m in love. Didn’t know she’s bilingual, that voice, that hair, that face, that body and those long legs and fashion choices, the things that she has in her bag, those books and crystals, the bag itself - what’s not to love? She’s divine 🤍✨
JV aka RedBlaqueGolden
JV aka RedBlaqueGolden:
I love her. Omg. Such a great sounding voice. Also, is there a thing where if your first language is Spanish, that your voice is going to be deeper as an adult woman? You know what I mean?
Wanda Delgado
Wanda Delgado:
Es tan elegante y dulce está mujer, la amo❤️😍
Paula Martín-Albo
Paula Martín-Albo:
Más más más!!! Necesito más contenido de ella en español 😍😍
Me gusta mucho esta actriz tiene mucho futuro por delante como actriz pienso que quizás en algún futuro gane algún Óscar si sigue así 😊😊😊
Paola Rossy
Paola Rossy:
Anya tiene razón! Hay que leer siempre
I'm so happy to have things in common with her lol
Sailor Moon
Sailor Moon:
I'm so in love with her ugh proud
Angus Walsh
Angus Walsh:
Can I honestly say, ‘I find her Spanish really likeable’
Ever yojani Romero sifuentes
Ever yojani Romero sifuentes:
La Amo ❤️
Jelly Jilly
Jelly Jilly:
i am a tarot reader too and i have crystals in my bag, now i love Anya even more 😍😍😍😍😍💜💜💜💜💜
A Princess Peach who practices Tarot and has Crystals? Daaamn, be still my heart...
Elizabeth Camacho
Elizabeth Camacho:
Me recuerda a Viggo Morttensen. Tiene perfecto acento argentino pero tambien perfecto acento Americano cuando habla ingles. Puede hacer tantos acentos en movies.
Rome Blanchard
Rome Blanchard:
She looks like Daenerys Targaryen in Essos, so ethereal 💛
Luis Lombardi
Luis Lombardi:
Hermosa persona, ese bolso debe pesar una tonelada!
Me encata esta tipa. Su gracia, su personalidad, su acento, su belleza.
Loraine K.
Loraine K.:
Estoy sorprendida de cuán claro y excelente es su inglés y español!
Maju Chimello
Maju Chimello:
anya hablando español es mi religión 😍
Fernanda de Mello
Fernanda de Mello:
Os cristais e o tarô... mds é muy fofa 💖✨
Larissa Braga
Larissa Braga:
Tão linda... tão charmosa! Nunca imaginei q ela tirava cartas kkk
Mari Pignuoli
Mari Pignuoli:
Amo su acento argentino ❤️
God’s Gif
God’s Gif:
She seems so kind and sweet!
Rose de La Montaña
Rose de La Montaña:
Uau que bolso interesante !
Raúl Ricardo Rojas
Raúl Ricardo Rojas:
amamos a Anya Taylor-Joy!!!!!!!!
ƒしorÏ ŖoSe
ƒしorÏ ŖoSe:
Eres una reina ya está ,se dijo ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Fds crl
Fds crl:
She had me at trading bags with Cher
I just wanted to hear Anya Taylor Joy speak spanish. And I love her accent.
Frank M. G.
Frank M. G.:
Que voz, que guapa...esto es real?!
Gustavo Olivera
Gustavo Olivera:
El acento argentino 🇦🇷😍
hamed mn
hamed mn:
Ridiculous Thoughts
Ridiculous Thoughts:
Argentines have the BEST accent! Simplemente lo mejor!
My god she is perfect ❤️
This is so refreshing to watch.
스페인어가 이렇게 사랑스러운 언어였나
gonzales p
gonzales p:
I don't understand spanish at all but still watched the whole video🤣🤣 Anya's gorgeous then ever in white-blonde
Maite del Cabo
Maite del Cabo:
Que bien habla Anya el Español😍😍
Vale c
Vale c:
Adoro esa energía es tan expontanea no hay caretas ahi
Carolina Cardenes
Carolina Cardenes:
Su voz en español me encanta 😍😍😍
She's so beautiful! Like breathtakingly beautiful.
nacka marko
nacka marko:
OK...now I'm seriously into Anya...so adorable...
Iago Nunes
Iago Nunes:
she's perfect
Jossy L.
Jossy L.:
Que bonito su vestido alguien sabe de donde es? Es hermoso!