Rachel McAdams Says the Eurovision Song Contest Is Bigger than the Super Bowl

Rachel McAdams talks about exploring the world of Eurovision for Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga with Will Ferrell.

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Rachel McAdams Says the Eurovision Song Contest Is Bigger than the Super Bowl- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

100+ comentarios:

I once heard an American say "This is kinda like American Idol." Eh... no. No, it is not like American Idol. This is much, much bigger, and it has been going on since 1956.
catherine holmes
catherine holmes:
People who say that Eurovision is awful clearly doesn’t understand the intention of the show. It’s a lighthearted competition between countries in the EU and now Australia. It’s to promote unity and also an excuse to party.
I loved her as Sigrit.

"The elves took it too far!"
Rachel is very honest and kind in her answers, she does not oversell the thing and knows how to present her experience in that world from her initial lack of knowledge.
Of course is bigger, more than 40 countries are involved. The super bowl is a match in one country.
Actually, I don't mind Fire Saga being kind of like a special interval act in Rotterdam the next year. If anything, I'd be super excited
Sara Blue
Sara Blue:
Being from Europe it blows my mind that America has so little idea of the cultures going on in the rest of the world. I mean Australia is THE OTHER SIDE OF THE WORLD and they loved it so much the petitioned to be a part of it for years. So don't yell me it's a geography thing either!!
Lost Freq
Lost Freq:
I am definitely not a Will Feral fan. But I really liked this movie. It was such a surprise. If you all get to see it, I predict will not waste your 2 hours,
Brynjar Reynisson
Brynjar Reynisson:
It definitely is bigger than Super Bowl. Super Bowl is only one country while Eurovision is a whole continent plus Australia and Israel
Alina Melnychuk
Alina Melnychuk:
I was trying to explain to my American friends what the Eurovision is like. And yes, it's like the Olympic games for musicians. I never thought about it this way, but that's true
Nairda Ollijurt
Nairda Ollijurt:
I bet Rachel didn't know that Celine Dione participated at Eurovision.
Only American arrogance would think that Superbowl is bigger than an event which is broadcast in over 30 countries....
I refuse to believe Rachel mcadams is 41 😤 *there's literally no possible way 😫*
R.S. Hekscher
R.S. Hekscher:
Seth, you never guess which country won Eurovision 2019 in Israel...
As an American I've been telling my friends for the past 5-6 years that they need to get into Eurovision. It is bigger than the superbowl.
The only thing big about the super bowl is the half time show
Rebecca Olsen - Stuff and Nonsense
Rebecca Olsen - Stuff and Nonsense:
Meanwhile, in Australia we’re such big fans that we get to enter it now.
Son Of Thunder
Son Of Thunder:
the songs that they sing on this movie are absolutely beautiful...I'm a huge fan of viking and fantasy type music...the double trouble song is soul touching its beautiful I can't even put it in words...awesome movie👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿
Isabelle Bouchard
Isabelle Bouchard:
Maybe some older Canadians are more aware of this contest since Céline Dion won it in 1988 representing Switzerland!
They people were just being nice, trying not to disturb the shooting. Icelanders have experience with GOT and such. They probably did not really get noticed after years of that... und 😁
To understand Eurovision, you need to know the EBU, The European Broadcasting Union.
Started in post war western Europe, it was an idea to show the best of each country. For example, if England was showing a big soccer game, the BBC would broadcast that from Alexandra Palace in London with its huge attena mast, the signal would be strong enough that receivers on the Eiffel tower in Paris would pick it up. Because of the EBU agreements these countries had, Paris would then be allowed access to that frequency, boost the signal, broadcast it and pass it on. Holland would get that signal, boost it broadcast it and pass it on and the chain would continue until most of western post war Europe would have the broadcast. In return, Italy might give them a beautiful opera performance and likewise each country would broadcast their best and try to rebuild relations post ww2. Eventually in the mid 50's, it was decided that the EBU needed its own flagship event. where each country would actually come together and stage a yearly event that not only entertained but continued to build relationships, understanding and - following the divisiveness of ww2 - unify all aspects of each country. And with the EBU being known as Euro-Vision due to its television basis (although some radio broadcasts were shared through the EBU agreement also), the Eurovision Song Contest was born.
Now over 60 years later, the EBU broadcasting agreement has grown to include Austrailia, certain parts of Asia and the surrounding areas, aswell as the growing Europe that has come post iron curtain and post soviet union. Hence why some countries broadcast the event but dont take part ( they are part of the EBU but choose not to take part in the contest, or are refused participation due to their countries politics not meeting Eurovision standards) and why, after 25+ years of broadcasting the contest, Austrailia were invited to take part at the 60th anniversary and made such a good impression that theyve qualified for it ever since.
As the space age developed, Satellites took over from the broadcast chain. But things like World Cup Finals, Live Aid and other big global events can trace their global broadcasting reach back to the EBU
That's what eurovision is, a party that unites, its why the LGBTQ+ community loves it and why it has become camper every year. its equality and non political (at least its supposed to be but neighbours always support each other). Its why Russia always gets booed because of its anti-LGBTQ+ laws, its why UK has done crap since the 90s cause of brexit and the like.
But in the end, yes theres a winner, but theres no bragging. its recognised that Ireland and Sweden are the top dogs but they dont boast about it. The only thing winning gets you, apart from a glass trophy, is the responsibility of hosting the party next year.
As long as the party continues, then for 1 week a year (yes a week, it has now gotten that big, with that many countries taking part, theres now semi finals on the Tues and Thurs to qualify for the big saturday night final - Yes its Sunday morning breakfast telly in Austrailia) we come together, put aside our difference like the bickering brothers and sisters we are and have one massive love-in party.
So come on USA, join the EBU, Join the Party and (as long as you keep the whole "we're number 1, USA USA USA" attitude behind and just enjoy the taking part) and join the vision.......the Euro-Vision!!!!
Sira Mea
Sira Mea:
what is lovely about his interview is the Rachael has time to talk uninterrupted, like a genuine chat
Pedro Domingues
Pedro Domingues:
Rachel is one of the most beautiful women ever, and an incredibly talented actress.
Roger Gustafsson
Roger Gustafsson:
I guess its for them like Superbowl is for us - Super "bowl"... Que?
Zoe Benefer
Zoe Benefer:
I love that they joked that the UK won’t get any points 😂 perfect
No sh*t, Sherlock. Whoever titled this video needs to learn some perspective.
Jurre Kieboom
Jurre Kieboom:
For a continent divided by war so many times throughout history, having been able to get together and enjoy this silly and garish song contest for 60+ consecutive years is perhaps one of our greatest achievements. Still hope to witness a worldvision one day.......
Yazmina Sporrong
Yazmina Sporrong:
Eurovision is life and no one can tell me otherwise. 🇸🇪
Eurovision has been broadcast in Australia for the last 30 years. So eventually they let us participate. Yeah!
A SH2018
A SH2018:
Even if you don’t like the music it’s just a big party. Here in Germany the biggest party is in Hamburg where the heavy metal fan is beside pop music fan. It is just a big party for young and old
M M:
What’s a super bowl?
The Kreators
The Kreators:
As a Canadian, I can 100% say that I absolutely freakin' love the Eurovision Song Contest, and the movie she did with Will is superb!
Amber Curtis
Amber Curtis:
Yes, the thing that has multiple countries involved is bigger then that one thing you celebrate in the USA lmao
Charlie Mätur
Charlie Mätur:
I’m getting use to interviews like this through webcams, it’s like it makes them more real! I have never met a celebrity, so it’s just so weird to think of them as like real people, I don’t know, I mean I wonder how it all would be being on a constant view of people and have them judge you, dang so scary. But great interview ! :) I love Eurovision !
Lord Typesalot
Lord Typesalot:
ESC fan since 1988 (I was five at the time). What people don't know: back in 1956 the contest was meant to be only a test for the newly established European Broadcasting Union. You see, there was this Swiss guy, Marcel Bezençon, who believed that another world war could be prevented, if all European countries would have their own public service broadcasting agencies, which would be interconnected with one another via a radio and television broadcasting system, so that every European country would have immediate access to what's going on in the other countries. Thus the Eurovision was born. To see if this European network of TV/radio stations would actually work, he suggested a singing contest, where all the national broadcasters would send off their entries, airing the contest simultaneously, then vote for the best song. The first Eurovision was held in Lausanne, the Swiss headquarters of the EBU. (That's also why - to this day - French is one of the EBU's working languages. The "douze points" thing.) It was meant to be held once. But all the participants found the idea brilliant, and decided to make it a lasting program. The rest is TV history.

(And yes, my birthplace had the honor to host the ESC back in 1983. I pass the arena every day, on my way to work.)
Lucy Sky
Lucy Sky:
I don't know how I feel about America taking a piece of European culture and profiting off of it.
Shane G
Shane G:
Eurovision is fun, crazy, and campy af. It makes for a great drinking game too.
Amélie Carré
Amélie Carré:
Bigger than the super bowl, mouhahahahaha, you know that there's only one country in the world that cares about the super bowl, or american football for that matter?
I feel the world is gonna think Europeans actually consider Eurovision quality music... It's kitchy, competitive between countries and fun but it's not like we think it's amazing lyrics or anything like it...
Jessika in Japan
Jessika in Japan:
Fire Saga should do the opening act of next year's Eurovision ;) .
Jewels Star
Jewels Star:
The Eurovision is corny as heck but hilarious. My parents used to have viewing parties regularly where everyone got drunk and made fun of the whole thing... Terry Wogan used to take the piss in his commentary (RIP) and now Graham Norton does it.
The Eurovision winners include ABBA by the way, and Ireland had a number of wins in the 90s making people wonder if we were going to able to afford to host it again and Father Ted did a skit on it too, (I'm Irish) so it was extra fun then AND Riverdance was first ever performed in Dublin at the Eurovision (the winners host the next show).
It's fun and very, very corny but still enjoyed by many people. My friend from New Zealand went to one of them (can't recall where it was now) with a group of her mates and she loved it too. She's a big fan. You'll find lots of people are much bigger fans than you'd realise!
Uh-oh... don't tell the Americans! They'll try to join and use it for product placement and self-promotion! Although it would be a good geography and politics class for some... It was for me when I needed it!
People fixating on the title and how Seth mentioned the Super Bowl ONCE. But the rest is the video is talking about filming. Is it too much to ask for people to act reasonable in understanding in North America this doesn’t have the pleasure of having Eurovision? It isn’t broadcast here. So calm tf down.
Michael Sinclair
Michael Sinclair:
Did anyone else notice Seth dodge the question of if he was involved while in Holland??
Well described by Rachel that the Eurovision is like a European Olympic for music! It's a really big thing over here! And it's not just the actual size of the Eurovision which makes it great, but the history and purpose as well. It unites countries and people, it lifts up equality and acceptance. I highly recommend you to read about it!
Film is glorious. It perfectly captures the batshit crazy of the Eurovision. The songs in the show are perfect replicas of the "Eurovision sound"
My family have watched it 4 times in the last week.
Stephanie Smith
Stephanie Smith:
This movie was so wonderful and heartwarming. Rachel was amazing in it.
Janet Sibose
Janet Sibose:
This film is sooo lovely, especially for us in Sweden. There are many things we can identify with. Thanks!
jackal wolf
jackal wolf:
Despite being a comedy, the film is stupid. They portray the Iceland couple's mentality as some small-town people in the US: naive, backward, but with good heart. It's not even funny!
Gabrielle Fagan
Gabrielle Fagan:
Its sooo massive, even Australia competes
Karl-Rick Bizoza
Karl-Rick Bizoza:
Actually Céline Dion participated and won it in 1988.
Look, I’m an American and I love Eurovision. I hope this movie gets more Americans to learn about it. Yes, there’s a lot of funny and crazy stuff, but there are also a fair few actually great songs.
Anders Haugen
Anders Haugen:
I just watched this movie and I was really surprised. It's a genuine loveletter to Eurovision.... and also Iceland. XD
Kari Boersheim
Kari Boersheim:
The most ridiculous thing about this movie, is that they were supposed to be childhood friends, but McAdams is more than 10 years younger than Ferrell!!
Felicity Kilby
Felicity Kilby:
This is an entire contenant watching like obvs its bigger than the superbowl. Im pretty certain America and China have streamed Eurovision. They did it for 2016 Eurovision in Sweden.
Eurovision is SO much bigger than the Super Bowl.
Anand Krishnan
Anand Krishnan:
Hmm is it just me or did other folks think the movie was kinda mocking the Icelandic culture?
Gotta love her, gorgeous, talented, funny, and kind. I'm watching the film tonight!!!!
Aigne Sponaugle
Aigne Sponaugle:
It's HILARIOUS! Perfectly over the top and the cameos are spot on. Get stoned and enjoy!
american idol is only in USA....
Eurovision its all EUA!!!
danique jansen
danique jansen:
Olga Melnick
Olga Melnick:
Will Ferrell said that he’s been thinking about making a movie about Eurovision for 20 years! Amazing, creative mind! Clearly, not your typical American who never even heard of the show.
Being Russian I was happy to see Alexandr Lemtov in a role of a great host. His character is based on one of famous Russian singers, Philipp Kirkorov. The movie is absolutely brilliant in every way! I now dream of going to Husavik!
Best to everyone here! 🎬🎤💙
graz ryan
graz ryan:
Unexpectedly, i had teary eye when Husavik was played. 😅
Lilia Chan
Lilia Chan:
Here is what I believe, had the corona virus not been around this year, for sure Iceland would have won the Eurovision.
I absolutely LOVE this movie!!! Rachel is incredible! :) I love her & Will together!!! And when I saw Dan Stevens bust out as the Russian lion singer, hahahaha my favorite movie of his has always been Matthew from Downton Abbey, so it made his performance a million times more hilarious to me & the three of them have such great comedic chemistry!!! Well done all around to every single person involved, everyone is just fantastic in this film! and I absolutely LOVE the little magical touches in the film, from the elves, to the whales, to the live & let love tones --- I don't want to spoil anything for others who may not have seen it yet. But it is definitely a movie that we truly need RIGHT NOW in the world. Personally, I have been having an extremely difficult time in life (health, spirit, surrounded by jerk-offs, ETC. etc. etc.) and I have found myself randomly thinking of the magical note & it gives me such inspiration & strength & I tear up just thinking of the scene!)
Gerrit Wesselink
Gerrit Wesselink:
If you've spent any time in Iceland - you know exactly where those cliffs are.
Thamindu kavinda
Thamindu kavinda:
My favorite actress all the time, she's is always nailed romantic movies.
Anne E
Anne E:
It really says something about little interest north america has in the rest of the world that they haven't heard of eurovision (my opinion as a non european with no interest in eurovision)
It's not like the superbowl, it's more like _The Vocal Olympics_
Don Carlo
Don Carlo:
I have the biggest crush on Rachel since The Notebook 😍😍😍😍
Dan Morris
Dan Morris:
Another great movie by the magnificent mind of Will Ferrell. I love his stuff. No not his stuff I mean his movies.
Noelle Nn
Noelle Nn:
Fun fact : Eurovision is so popular in SE Asia that they started their own version with the ASEAN Song Contest.
Izzie F
Izzie F:
That would be me. Hate Eurovision but loved the movie.
But I did enjoy it when I was young. Mainly bevause there were only 3 channels on TV and that was diferent.
Jewels Star
Jewels Star:
Both ABBA and Riverdance gained popularity from exposure on the Eurovision.
It's a misnomer now as it's not just Europe competing but even includes Australia now too.
Stela Ester
Stela Ester:
There are two things that can unmistakenly tell you that someone grew up in Europe in 80s: Eurovision and Bross, none of which is something North Americans ever heard about.
patrick hobbs
patrick hobbs:
Rachel is a good ambassador for Canada: nice, funny, polite, and sweet.
Eline Castelijns
Eline Castelijns:
Really enjoyed this movie, despite being very sceptical at first because of it being a Eurovision movie starring people from non-Eurovision countries. And well timed I guess in the year without Eurovision, at least we had something Eurovision related in our lives this year... Rotterdam 2021🇳🇱🇳🇱🇳🇱
This is a strawman argument. Do Americans actually claim Superbowl is bigger than Eurovision?
K A:
I was so in love with her in high-school when mean girls came out.
Canada also got to watch Eurovision for decades, at least from French international broadcasts. Maybe only English Canada missed out?
Swords Chant
Swords Chant:
Alexander Rybak, Fairytale - 12 points to Norway! What a night that was
Mary Rafuse
Mary Rafuse:
My husband worked in radio, in Canada, and he has always been aware of Eurovision. Not a secret for broadcast professionals.
julia catherine
julia catherine:
only commenting because there are 999 comments and being 1000 would be really satisfying
Eurovision will remain watchable as long as America is not in it <3
Juan Garnica
Juan Garnica:
Many things are bigger than the super bowl. Only the U.S. people thing super bowl is big.
Walt Locke
Walt Locke:
She's a ray of sunshine!
Trina Payan
Trina Payan:
I saw the movie. It wasn’t very funny. It was too long and drawn out and the music was kind of dorky.
Anni World
Anni World:
Oh my goodness, I loved the movie! My bf and I laughed our asses off. Definetely recommend! :-D
Carlie Liddle
Carlie Liddle:
Eurovision is my favourite annual event! I sit and watch the final by myself and give scores to every county and pick who I think should win and then act surprised when the UK gets 0 points 😂
I would say this the best comedy in years. Amazing. You must watch this, everyone.
The Watcher
The Watcher:
I want to see an entire movie based on the daydream sequence in this movie. I thought that was what this movie was lol. I wasn't disappointed, I still enjoyed it, but I really want to see a fantasy/musical.
Lilly Salvo
Lilly Salvo:
I’m one of the rare people who until this film never knew anything about the Eurovision or heard of it
"People might think that's some like small esoteric thing.."- NO, all Europe doesn't think that way....oh wait, you do realize that except US there are other countries, right?
Erin Carr
Erin Carr:
No one cares about celebrity like America. No one cares that you're "famous" 🤷
miss calee
miss calee:
Rachel is not on social media. I'd love to tell her how wonderful I thought she was in this role. Boat parrrteeee. Lol
Jimmy Jones
Jimmy Jones:
This movie was hilarious lol
iBENtraveling iBENcooking
iBENtraveling iBENcooking:
Come on Rachel. LOL Celine Dion (Fellow Canadian) actually won the Eurovision. But in her defense they really didn't show it in North America. Abba also came from the eurovision
Michael Grosberg
Michael Grosberg:
That was such a fun, loving tribute to Eurovision! Loved it. Rachel Mcadams herself was brilliant and as always a joy to watch.
Americans are so oblivious. Even Australia knows about ESC