Rachel McAdams screamed herself hoarse making Eurovision Song Contest

In Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga, Rachel McAdams is Sigrit Ericksdottir, an Icelandic school teacher with an angelic voice and a crush on longtime friend and collaborator Lars Erickssong. (As the pair say in the movie, they’re probably not related.) Behind the scenes, McAdams studied copious amounts of Björk clips to pick up the Icelander accent, harnessing the twee strength of the avant garde icon both on-screen and off.

The A.V. Club talked to McAdams about that process, as well as her relationship to the actual Eurovision Song Contest going into the movie. We also talked about her tips for a really great lip sync (McAdams doesn’t entirely sing her parts in the film), and how hours of real-life singing resulted in the actor losing some of her vocal fortitude.

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Chris Dale
Chris Dale:
The Swedish singer surname is: sandeen. Not Sandgren
Dan's accent is not russian. It's something though.
Retro Rollback
Retro Rollback:
Play ja ja dingdong !!
Always loved her, and voice, I mean just her speaking voice, makes me melt.
Abhay Ajoodha
Abhay Ajoodha:
Ah yes, the only person in the world who's aging backwards...
Rachel is slightly wrong about Eurovision not having any traction or history in Canada. It doesn't in Anglophone Canada but it does in Francophone Canada.
Yvette Belle Lenhardt
Yvette Belle Lenhardt:
Rachel McAdams did a great job in this movie 💗👍🥂
Juliana Lacerda
Juliana Lacerda:
She’s a magical fairy 🧚‍♀️ love you Rachel!
eurovision used to be broadcast here in canada actually... plenty of people still watch it here but we have to rely on internet streams and whatnot
Rushwhq P
Rushwhq P:
learn from bjork.. the best singer everrrrr
This is what we needed best movie of the decade !inspiring ,fun,sad so great ! Loved it !It was amazing !
Andres Gudjonsson
Andres Gudjonsson:
You are great Rachel in the movie. All the best from a great Eurovision fan from Iceland.
Nils Rosén
Nils Rosén:
Listen to the album where it’s only Molly “My Marianne” Sandèn that sings: https://open.spotify.com/album/0u6ppFo3gWA3vTiGeDTWXl?si=z7W510t_RLSoci2jWkmqKQ. Do you hear any difference? Clearly they almost removed Rachels singing voice. I don’t believe they mixed their voices. Maybe I can change my mind if they release a version where Rachel is the only one singing so you can compare with Mollys vocals.
fred ribbon
fred ribbon:
The movie was great, funny very great music and performances
Puffer Plays
Puffer Plays:
I am an Icelander, I approve 👍🏻
What you hear in the movie is a mix between Rachel McAdam and a Swedish singer namned Molly Sandén. And in the album of the songs its just Molly, using her middlename My Marianne.
Naomi Tweed
Naomi Tweed:
Hate to break it to you but Rachel McAdams didn't sing. I know it said it in the video but still. In the title it says she sang but it's not her voice were hearing. But y'all know that
Elise Saphira
Elise Saphira:
Erik Ricardo Boscolo
Erik Ricardo Boscolo:
That's why "her performance" thrilled me to my marrows. Only swedish singers do that to me.
bella boom boom
bella boom boom:
This movie was really good ❤️
Mat Pat
Mat Pat:
Thoroughly enjoyed the movie today. I’m not a big Will Ferrel fan but he was good in this movie. Wonderful voices by various artist and great scenery!
Dorothea Linnaeus
Dorothea Linnaeus:
2:33 The Swedish singer is called Molly Sandén, not Sandgren. In the soundtrack she goes by her alter ego My Marianne.
Pierreluc Tremblay
Pierreluc Tremblay:
Actually Celine Dion was already famous in Canada and France before the Eurovision. Its her performance during the Juno Awards that convinced David Foster and people from Sony Music to give her her chance and producing her first english album UNISON.
Steve J
Steve J:
I loved this movie. Scottish person here - we would never have a Eurovision in the UK never mind Edinburgh - as we would never win! Haha. Rachel was great in the movie,
Always love Rachel McAdams! <3
I believe it's her signature portrayal going forward. She is very endearing in this movie.
josie smith
josie smith:
I love this woman..! Amazing actress beautiful talented and I’ve never seen a bad film with her in ❤️ keep on sister..! ❤️❤️ xxx
Priya C
Priya C:
Man like I didn't love her enoughhhh
George Marcus
George Marcus:
Very moving song, great movie. The critics who bagged this are absolute morons!
Mathilda Backlund
Mathilda Backlund:
Molly Sandén 😍: https://open.spotify.com/artist/0NRMzT05nsc8mTm4iUvuHY?si=bzqebWhvTmSSEnL6YaHF5w
Panagiotis jp
Panagiotis jp:
She can sing...very well... will ferrel too... do what they are doing is my dream... im a gas station man singer
Well at least it was worth it! Greatest comedy film of all time!
Khaled Shariff
Khaled Shariff:
Great interview you guys! :)
Like Angels
Like Angels:
M3 m3 m3
M3 m3 m3:
Molly Sanden sings, not R.McAdams.
A modern Vikingr
A modern Vikingr:
"Play Ja Ja Ding Dong" :)
Jorge Nuñezvillagra
Jorge Nuñezvillagra:
Yo amo a Rachel! Es hermosa! Saludos!!
David Arjon
David Arjon:
I would turn to Björk to learn icelandic accent too
Katie Gunn
Katie Gunn:
Look she plays sigrit !
Yzabelle Vlog
Yzabelle Vlog:
Eurovision ? NO!!! ja ja dingdong 🤣
Henry Underhill
Henry Underhill:
Molly sandén, hon skojar hoppas jag.
Aubrey Dellosa
Aubrey Dellosa:
Ja Ja Ding Dong!
Rtom Pan
Rtom Pan:
She is so cute
Sandén is her surname
artsy rasin
artsy rasin:
Lilly K
Lilly K:
Not Molly Sandgren, her name is Molly Sandén and she sings the whole song.
What song does she sing at the end???
Where is this woman's razzie!??..
Molly Sanden, that's the name of the actual singer. It would be nice if Rachel McAdams actually knew her name properly.
Ioli Symianaki
Ioli Symianaki:
I love her like redgina George
Something tells me a large percentage of The US wants to join Europe now :)
Sayak Choudhury
Sayak Choudhury:
They should have cast real Icelandic people
MiSO is my religion
MiSO is my religion:
Bjork inspires people :)
pharmacist michael
pharmacist michael:
Perfect lock down movie- -great music- Ferrell is tolerable McAdams is good---give it a try- but give it a chance---
I've seen a couple of interviews with Rachel now where she claims in a rather nonchalant way that her voice is close to the singer who did the singing part for Sigrid in the movie. They did use a real singer for a reason. She might be able to hold a tone but I doubt she comes anywhere near a real singer. She just seems arrogant saying this stuff in interviews.
Phierce Phairy
Phierce Phairy:
Sorry Rachel
To the peeps who loved the movie - sorry, it was trash 🤷🏻‍♀️ BUT it was fun trash, and the songs were fabulous (I am NOT a fan of euro dance but I'm less fussed about my musical taste these days lol)!

Have not watched the whole interview but I knew watching the movie that most of McAdams' songs were her singing voice. Probably not the finale since that was too songstress, but overall, I think she's got a great auto-tune singing voice! 😄
Cricket England
Cricket England:
God this film is a joke so many errors and mistakes, I am surprise the director got away with it - https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-53217853 and I don’t know how she went horse when she was lip-sinking