Rafa Nadal vs Nick Kyrgios Court-Level Highlights | Indian Wells 2022

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85 comentarios:

I feel like these types of camera angles make you realize just how much better at tennis these guys are from everyone else on Earth
Craig Ooi
Craig Ooi:
Rafa keeps the light glowing and not let emotion takes over. Always calm, level headed & conscious of his actions on court that help him to get better outcomes. As he said in interview, thoughts and behaviour that hinder his game is out of the window, and off the court life as well. An awesome role model, professional tennis players and fans to look to. It resonates with me as I believe in these virtues.
Humble & wonderful Rafa Nadal 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤩 in good health always 😊
Shoeb Shaikh
Shoeb Shaikh:
Nick played like a top 10 player in this match. I just can’t believe that he is ranked outside top 100
Choo Choo MotherTrucker
Choo Choo MotherTrucker:
Court-level view just makes everything look more epic.
Another smart, focused win for Rafa- vamos!
Mullen Studio
Mullen Studio:
I really hope the video could stay longer for few seconds; I want to see how the racquet fly to the ball kid from court-level angle.
Juan Pedro Arévalo
Juan Pedro Arévalo:
Thank you for sharing this new amazing camera angle, it feels as if we could watch how Nadal and Kyrgios fight, even better than what they usually do it when facing each other.
This type of camera feels great, more natural.
Happy for Nadal
Jan Marijan
Jan Marijan:
We need more court-level highlights.
Shantanu Sachan
Shantanu Sachan:
Rafa vs alcaraz, what a match it will be!
Present vs future
nicolas rodriguez
nicolas rodriguez:
Vamos Rafa!👍🇪🇦
Love that Kygs was able to put on the show he loves to produce, Nadal somehow always seems to end out on top though. Good on them both.
Jun Sigaya
Jun Sigaya:
Just the way you are RAFA 👏👏👏
Love this angle!!!! Definitely agree that this shows how much greater these players are to us casuals haha
You could see it coming a mile away. Kyrgios was going to win some flashy points, some games, and maybe a set but he was going to lose in the end. The difference in professionalism between Kyrgios and Nadal is enormous.
I like this court angle. Thank you for sharing. Rafael Nadal is the world's best tennis player 🙂
Andrew Dobryak
Andrew Dobryak:
Amazing play game Nick Kyrgios! Thanks you for watching. Super match 😉
Niamh Lakewolf
Niamh Lakewolf:
Watching nadal in confident form at court level makes you wonder how anyone ever has beat him.
wish this vid had an extra 10 seconds for that sweet post-match racket smash
Romy Polito
Romy Polito:
Needless to say , only a Nadal can beat a Nadal. !
Grant 2003
Grant 2003:
Thank you Tennis tv for these court level views.
Aaron L
Aaron L:
It's nice to see Tennis TV taking in feedback from viewers who asked for more court level videos. Keep it up!
Antonio Lopez
Antonio Lopez:
Esta la esencia y la garra de un corazón Español. Vamos Rafa!!!! Que orgullo que este caballero nos represente.
Bee da trot TV 👊
Bee da trot TV 👊:
Best match for me. Nick's game play is really interesting. But if you're facing Rafa you should be better than that. 😁 #SpaniardLegend
Tijgertje Konijn word opgegeten
Tijgertje Konijn word opgegeten:
Love the court level tennis tv!
Alex C.
Alex C.:
Great match Rafa!! Pure class! Nick showed his true self out there….thrashing, lashing out, yelling, cursing, complaining, and showing no class as usual!! However, still a great match by both players! Vamos!!
Love when these guys play each other
Rodante Luzon
Rodante Luzon:


Similar to Monfils, Kyrgios should play for himself and not for the crowd.

Both are power hitter and talents would go to waste if they keep doing it.

Rudy Z.
Rudy Z.:
I can see how ridiculously both players hit balls from court level view.
Jim Churchill
Jim Churchill:
Thank you uncle Tony for Rafa.
Jacob Young
Jacob Young:
Kyrios was playing well this tournament but people will still find an excuse to hate on him.
Andre Spence
Andre Spence:
Please, more of this view! So much more to appreciate when watching!
Austin V.
Austin V.:
More court level highlights!
Truth Trooper
Truth Trooper:
Kyrgious is definitely hot headed, pompous and arrogant but definitely a great talent and everyone has their lessons so no judgment, I'm out of control with my emotions on the tennis court so I can totally relate 2 him.
S M:
I thought Rafa played very conservatively and defensively standing so far away from the baseline. Maybe because it was Kyrgios but the level was down too and nowhere near the level he showed in Acapulco. I hope the foot pain is not bothering him and I hope he can be as dominant as ever against Alcaraz in SF and possibly Rublev or Fritz in the finals. Vamos Rafa!!
Kevin Chang
Kevin Chang:
Scary pace and power on both their forehands
Court level view with Rafa looks like : 🍿🥤😎
Perfect illustration of class vs no class
We should get court level highlights for every match
cesar fernandez lopez
cesar fernandez lopez:
If you hear Kyrgios the clown 🤡 talking , swearing and behaving like a fool ,then you know he is loosing 😂😂😂 , in fact he talks better than he plays 😂😂😂 VAMOOOOOOS RAAAAFAA 💪🏼🇪🇸🎾❤️ you are the GREATEST!
Art Tennis
Art Tennis:
This is too short! We need more
why dee
why dee:
if kyrgios wasnt so psychotic today he definitely would have won
That angels we need, great view
Rafael Nadal no.1 !
Rafa is gonna win
Nikka production
Nikka production:
Love you nadal from sri lanka
great view great tennis for both
Celestial Spartan
Celestial Spartan:
Why did Kyrgios not complete his serve at 0-6 in the First set TB?
The talented Kyrgios has the shots and athleticism but he lacks dedication and mental toughness. The very best are so mentally tough. Rafa has a day off from match play on Friday but on Saturday the 35 year old has to contend with the 18 year old Alcaraz who hasn’t dropped a set.
Joseph w rocha Silva
Joseph w rocha Silva:
Go Nadal#
J. Hernandez
J. Hernandez:
These camera angles were dope
V D:
Allowing for 10 seconds more would see Kyrgios' racquet flying to the camera
Pavel Claudio Patino
Pavel Claudio Patino:
Bravo Nadal. Nick is one of the biggest Cruiser tennis has ever seen. A huge talent wasted miserably. Unprofessional, displicent, irresponsable, undiscipline. A mess.
Sala h Drwish
Sala h Drwish:
🌹🌷رافا RAFA🌷🌹
antonio ra
antonio ra:
He visto un vídeo de un humorista junto a John Patrick McEnroe, después del abierto de Australia, haciendo una parodia de Rafa. ¿ QUIÉN ES ESTE SEÑOR, EL QUE HACE DE RAFA?. Me parece sensacional
Daddy Landlord
Daddy Landlord:
Nick let himself lose when nadal winning 6-0 in tie break. Nadal beat a grown man with a 9 year old mentality. I m not that impressed.
James Do
James Do:
Great viewing angle. Only suggestion .... set the camera and leave it be :-)
William Yeoh
William Yeoh:
Krygios really gave it all against Nadal. I think it is just he lost out mental strength in this match.
Rafa was playing with this clown to entertain the crowd !!
Isa Aparicio
Isa Aparicio:
Hello! Looking for a  logical answer to Nadal's case, and concluded that he is playing with great suspicion to avoid being injured again, he still
has the chip from having seen himself with crutches, he loves to play tennis, which makes him drop a little the rhythm of his games and has forced him to overcome them due to a complication of the score against him and he recovers it with that VERY COLD mind that he has, he solves it in his favor...!!!
Salvador Gonzalez
Salvador Gonzalez:
Jugar contra Rafa, te puedes dar por eliminado en un 99%
Rafa Goat
Rafa Goat:
Rafa is definitely winning french open this year
I dare anyone Stop Rafa winning french open 2022
Jonathan Kwan
Jonathan Kwan:
Kyrgios is such a typical non-stop attention-seeking prick. He does have all the talents in the world but he only shows up when playing against top players especially the big three because he knows there would be a packed stadium watching him take down the best and he would be making all the headlines. All this makes me appreciate Rafa even more because he never draws any attention to himself, in fact, he often shies away from it as much as he can and that's why he is my favorite!
Rima Mondal
Rima Mondal:
Nick is a Great player
Mary E
Mary E:
Kyrgios ego and party tricks getting old with crowd. Bet it burned him to shake with Rafa - a guy who is everything he isn't.
Azmi Ganie
Azmi Ganie:
nadal vs nick "joker" kyrgios showing his bizzare serves never seen a kind of serves like these haha ha but still nadal phenomenal, vamos rafa
Rafi Lirio cerezal
Rafi Lirio cerezal:
Cuando juega Nadal
Neha Talwalkar
Neha Talwalkar:
Just happy that Nick lost. With his attitude he won’t go too far in Tennis!
Things you love to see
Spiteful Clown !
Muzzy Big
Muzzy Big:
Rеdnеск Kyrgios.
Mark Hillman
Mark Hillman:
I would like to be able to choose this a the default camera angle for coverage. @tennisTV - can you make camera selection available as an option for subscribers?
Félix Thelmo Cevallos Morales
Félix Thelmo Cevallos Morales:
Nicholas Hilmy Kyrgios, más conocido como Nick Kyrgios (Canberra, 27 de abril de 1995), es un tenista australiano, con ascendencia griega y malaya. Ganó el Abierto de Australia 2013 en categoría júnior. En 2014 alcanzó los cuartos de final de Wimbledon, derrotando a Rafael Nadal en octavos con menos de 20 años de edad. Actualmente esta fuera del top 100. Su mejor nivel lo alcanzó cuando fue top 13. Alcanzó el top 50 del ranking a los diecinueve años.
0:25 LUL
Ryo Shusuke
Ryo Shusuke:
Kyrgios is more of a threat to Rafa than Medvedump will ever be.
Rebecca McFadden
Rebecca McFadden:
I think Rafa`s foot is getting worse.
Kyrgios: My goal is to impress Rafa with my styles.
Nadal: My goal is to win this match.

And there you see the difference.
Christopher King
Christopher King:
Elon Munk
Elon Munk:
video keras kekong la plk...satu view je..x beh tgk..
Vichetsorn Vasuntarapiwat
Vichetsorn Vasuntarapiwat:
Mountaineer Sports and Gaming
Mountaineer Sports and Gaming:
Edward van halen
Edward van halen:
You didn't get the racquet smash and toss!!!!
Valentino Del Piero
Valentino Del Piero:
Ni co
Ni co:
Alcaraz will beat Rafa
Rafa got lucky