Rafael Nadal vs Cameron Norrie - Round 3 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2021

Rafael Nadal vs Cameron Norrie - Round 3 Highlights I Roland-Garros 2021
Watch the best moments of the win of Rafael Nadal in straight sets 6-3 6-3 6-3 over Cameron Norrie in the 3rd round.
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Roland-Garros 2021: from 24 May to 13 June.

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100+ comentarios:

Passing Shot
Passing Shot:
That backhand passing shot to get the 2nd set was overwhelming.
J. Erickson
J. Erickson:
OMG, Nadal is just not from this planet. How many amazing shots one after the other.
Gotta give credit to Norrie, he played stellar tennis...but good lord, Rafa absolutely folded him
I Lanson
I Lanson:
2:26 Norrie served with an insane angle, pulled Rafa way outta position. And Rafa STILL managed to win the point! What a monster!
Rafa's ability of stepping in and out the court and dictating the game all the time is mindblowing. Let's see what Sinner has to offer against him. Djoko-Musseti is a nice matchup too
Ashley Thomas
Ashley Thomas:
2:25, Rafa's backhand in this point is the definition of awesome.
2:26 I love this point so much. That insane return, that ridiculous backhand pass, that roar. Chills.
Lebo Pelesane
Lebo Pelesane:
Norrie didn’t play badly, Nadal was just phenomenal as expected on this surface. Vamos Rafa! 🙌🏽
Who is going to overcome Nadal on clay? He’s been dominating for twenty year. It is unbelievable!!
Gawrike Hettiarachchi
Gawrike Hettiarachchi:
Although how good the other players have been, Rafa is just on a complete different level...........
His level of tennis is simply spectacular!!!
Ben Roqué
Ben Roqué:
Guys can you include the handshake at the end here in the highlights? It's interesting to see how players interact with one another after the matches...
My two favorite lefties on tour. Norrie's shot at 3:16 really impressed me. Rafa on his way to #14 💪
seeing nadal play is just a joy to our eyes , legend ! and one thing you notice is french open clay court is like a dried up version of monte carlo or rome , where in monte carlo you get a feeling of more clay dirt on the court
Pedro Dytz Marin
Pedro Dytz Marin:
103 wins in the same tournament. The tournament is a Grand Slam. Nothing more to say.
Allan Jbara
Allan Jbara:
great performance today by rafa getting better and better each round really happy for him
Trevor Longley
Trevor Longley:
“Jeu Nadal”. It never gets old hearing that.
Ivan Barić
Ivan Barić:
The way he plays tennis on clay is incredible
Max Lee
Max Lee:
2:25 just when you thought it’s over, nadal is unreal
That shot at 2:30 OMG! That should be up there for the shot of the day! Got a bit challenging for Rafa but as always he does find a way. Showing showing of Cam, he kept fighting until the end 🙂.
Look Not
Look Not:
Best tennis player that ever lived all hail king Rafa
Trevor Longley
Trevor Longley:
This was a solid match from Rafa. Cameron is a plucky, feisty player who can cause some trouble, but he doesn’t have the firepower to hurt Rafa. Sinner is going to be interesting. What has he learned from his 2 losses to Rafa? Like Rafa said, he gets better and better each time they play. Rafa cannot afford any loose games. Sinner will most surely play very well, but I think Rafa is extra hungry to get a bite out of #21.
Jhon Jairo Chacon Vera
Jhon Jairo Chacon Vera:
El mejor, vamos por el 1 puesto Rafa
Jack Lee
Jack Lee:
For Rafa, The real tournament begins on Monday!!! After 3 clean matches, no 4 or 5 sets, his beast mode will pop up!!!! He did that more than decade!!! I dont think anyone can stop him for 14th FO. Actually the bottom half is more tricky now due all NEXTgen do under hand serving!!!
Norrie had such a good clay court season. Could’ve gone further if it weren’t for the obvious.
Carlos jose Polanco esser
Carlos jose Polanco esser:
Maravilloso partido por parte de Rafael Nadal.
Saludos a todos de parte de un Venezolano viviendo en Lima Perú.
Hafsham Hamdi
Hafsham Hamdi:
Nadal statue is a spirit to win again this year
Rafa’s level will increase by monday.
Norrie's game is special: he makes very few errors .
mu fc
mu fc:
Vamos Rafa! 🐐 🏆 💙
Best match so far for Rafa. Monday will be challenging. Sinner may win a set. Don't sleep on Sinner.
Andy Roo
Andy Roo:
They don't call him The King Of Clay for nothin'! Nadal Is My Champion!
Aditya Saxena
Aditya Saxena:
I heard Nadal is not playing to his full potential. And, those shots in the highlights. OMG!!
Pritesh Desai
Pritesh Desai:
High quality tennis. Vamos Rafa!
Vamos Rafa Nadal❤️
Arun Raju
Arun Raju:
Dude is like mercury, hard to send the ball where he cant reach.
T Steak127
T Steak127:
Credit to roger for making 4R at 39 but rafas level at 35 and how he can still play with this intensity on a tough surface like clay no wonder this guy has his own statue before even his retirement. Nadals hunger for the game and the level he brings to the court each time he steps on is definitely something we can all admire on. Rafas going for 21 like a bite of pizza
Josh's Universe
Josh's Universe:
Nadal's form is good. I'm liking the lime green shirt on him too.
Roland Garros gets more and more exciting! It's wonderful. That Djokovic/Nadal vs. Musetti and Sinner will be pure fire, I'm sure. Two GOATS playing against the italian promises, that will put up a good fight against them before the quarterfinals.

Can't wait to watch them play! :D
Amor Abad Lozano
Amor Abad Lozano:
Partidazo de Nadal, con puntos preciosos, inteligentes y hábiles , y los ganadores...bufff como siempre ... brutal
Tasanee Wantanakul
Tasanee Wantanakul:
Congratulation Rafa wish all your best 👏👏🎾
Desroy White
Desroy White:
If you have any aspirations of winning the French Open, you'll have to wait until Nadal retires because Nadal may never lose at Roland Garros again!
I have never been a Rafa fan BUT he has my respect and admiration 100% and counting...
With Nadal playing like this he is on the road to victory he is playing really nice, and to not have to tiebreak a hot Norrie in this clay season says much.
Max Payne
Max Payne:
Oh my, I have never seen Nadal so cheeky like that. So many drop shots and lobs, unlike himself
Kaaun Hall
Kaaun Hall:
Great match Norrie wasn't giving up in the last points😉💪🏿
Forget about winning Roland Garos. The real question is, who will get a set from Nadal?
nouman mughal
nouman mughal:
what a brutal backhand on 2nd Set Point🔥
Dan Fernando
Dan Fernando:
Vamos Rafa!👍😄👍🎾
Alex K.
Alex K.:
2:25 what a way to win a set.
Jack Messent
Jack Messent:
Very much looking forward to the match between Nadal and Sinner!
nir S
nir S:
amazing tennis from Nadal just amazing to watch another win congrats !
Mike Atkins
Mike Atkins:
Looking in good form. I think with the test from Jannik in the 4th round, Nadal could possibly hit peak. He's close. From a bodybuilder perspective Nadal looks to have both leaned out bf wise and put on some more muscle in the last few months. Best shape I've seen him in a few years.
Dane Grkov
Dane Grkov:
2:30min OMG what a POINT HE IS A ALLIEN!!! 🔝 VAMOS RAFA!!!..... 🇪🇦❤️🇲🇰🏁
Dr.Khawar Taimoor
Dr.Khawar Taimoor:
Vamos Rafa for Next one
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs
JM Tennis - Online Tennis Training Programs:
Its difficult when you face a player who has a better Backhand than most of Top 100 players’s Forehand!! 🙏🏻
Yusoph Datumanong
Yusoph Datumanong:
Vamos Rafa. 💚🤍
Noorie should be proud that he increased lengths of 2nd and 3rd set though result was same
hassam saqib lodhi
hassam saqib lodhi:
Great Performance by Champion Nadal 💙💙💙💪💪💪
Noro Shut
Noro Shut:
Praying for the best game against Sinner. Vamos Rafa!
Tennis Sir
Tennis Sir:
This Nadal guy has a good future ahead of him - especially on clay
Thiago Ismael Luthier
Thiago Ismael Luthier:
Norrie has a strange but efficient backhand
Heath Ledger
Heath Ledger:
This guy Nadal has some bright future ahead
Kata Kuri
Kata Kuri:
That passing shot tho 🧞‍♂️🗣
These drop shots and lobs have reached a whole new level I swear loool
Ryan Fitzgerald
Ryan Fitzgerald:
Loved the camera angle at 1:30. Would love to see more of that
Jose Perez
Jose Perez:
Rafa is just PERFECTION** .. Vamos por el #14
Rafa won by tactics you can see that Rafa was focusing to hit to Norries forehand
T B:
The one man standing in the way of everyone's bid for the trophy
Sticky Rice
Sticky Rice:
before the match starts the umpire announces: Game, Set, Match, Rafa... Fair enough.
KJ Bennie
KJ Bennie:
Even with all the FH Unforced errors, Rafa still managed to slaughter him in straight sets. I admit he's gotta tweak that a little bit and improve for the next rd !! Cuz Sinner will def be no slouch! He's pissed from last match. He felt he shudda beat him in Rome. Look for Rafa to step it up a notch or 2 and wallop him
michael gilbey
michael gilbey:
Now the opposition could get stiffer but I would still back Rafa for the title this year also.
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne:
Whatever you do , Nadal has always a response.
when I was younger I hated this guy, because it's always the same thing , but now I can only say he's an inspiration, whenever I'm fed up at work I remember his perfectionism
Christopher King
Christopher King:
Rafa = So much power right when necessary. And the spin. And the Brain. Fed looks good and Novak looks great but....
Emprende Afiliados
Emprende Afiliados:
no hay quien le gane a Nadal!! interesante este duelo entre zurdos pero Nadal sigue siendo rapidisimo y nadie puede explotar su lado "débil" que es su revés.
Ben Sona
Ben Sona:
Chair Umpire
“Game; Set; Match - the man with the statue”
Nadal has great drop shots, and also is the best in running to the drop shots.
Takdang Aralin PH
Takdang Aralin PH:
If Nadal Retires from tennis he will always be remembered as The King of Clay...In 30-50 years from his retirement and no one still break his record on Clay Nadal Statue will be remembered as the GOD OF CLAY TENNIS
Bishal Neer
Bishal Neer:
Feeling bad for Sinner for facing this kind of high density matchup very early in the tournament!
Adegbolade Adebote
Adegbolade Adebote:
Rafa was in the mood and feeling himself 😅🔥
Абзал Абзал
Абзал Абзал:
God bless you, Rafa. Stay healthy
Jerod Roshanfar
Jerod Roshanfar:
When Nadal rocks the lime green, it's going to get ugly for everyone.
Luis Rodriguez arregui
Luis Rodriguez arregui:
El "Maravilloso" Rafa..😎
Mario Castro
Mario Castro:
Buen partido .
Expat Properties Mumbai
Expat Properties Mumbai:
Year on Year, the million dollar question would be who is man enough to take a set or two if they dare off Rafa here at RG?
Vamos Rafa!!! #RG21 #GoingforGS#21
Il Conte Orlok
Il Conte Orlok:
What a Monster!
Trish O.
Trish O.:
Go grab your 14th RG trophy Rafa!! My GOAT.. 🙏🏻 🎾❤️ 🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾🎾❤️🙏🏻
We all know who's gonna win this Tournament (again)
Rajiv Shori
Rajiv Shori:
lets face it Nadal is on a planet of his own and is a on the pinnacle of his performance all over the court
Well, that's Nadal for you folks
es peranza
es peranza:
Fantastic Rafael vamossss
Ataman Burnas
Ataman Burnas:
Nadal el mejor de la Historia
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
SMH. Masterful shot selection by Nadal.
Hector Adrian Falcon
Hector Adrian Falcon:
Es una marca registrada pero mucho laburo poreso siempre esta vigente.¡un crak!!..
Justin Tang
Justin Tang:
Every hit from nadal on clay its like checkmate. It looks like he already has the answer before the question is asked.
Once Nadal got you out of position on clay, you can kiss the point good bye. Brutal.
hes amazing
General Shockwave Kingpin
General Shockwave Kingpin:
The great Nadal, the "Demi - God ", of the red dust.
S M:
2nd set was a bit wonky losing serve, breaking serve, Rafa still need to fix few things because Sinner will try to come out stronger with more power and more accuracy.