Rafael Nadal’s 35 most memorable US Open moments!

Celebrate Rafael Nadal's 35th birthday by taking a look back at his 35 most memorable US Open moments. From his first televised match to his fourth trophy lift, it's been a truly PHENOMENADAL US Open story for the 20-time Grand Slam champion.

Happy birthday, Rafa!

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60 comentarios:

US Open Tennis Championships
US Open Tennis Championships:
People don't realize that Nadal was the USO player of the decade.
Chaitanya Nandurkar
Chaitanya Nandurkar:
Nadal and US Open Ahh.. a secret love story no one talks about
The mix between Rafa and this crowd, is the peak of the energy applied to a tennis game. Nadal loves the US Open, with all his heart.
The New York crowd loves his shotmaking and enthusiasm for the sport. He feeds off their energy as well. Really, this crowd is the most representative of Nadal’s attitude on court.

After Paris, this is the other grand slam that he’s had the most success. 2010, 2013, 2017, 2019 champion.
Burhanuddin Kanchwala
Burhanuddin Kanchwala:
If Roger and novak are playing.. people support Roger..

If novak and nadal play
People support nadal

If Roger and Rafa play.. the crowd supports tennis that is what you enjoy the most ..
Durgesh Patil
Durgesh Patil:
Beautifully covered Nadal US open journey
Happy birthday King
Long Horn
Long Horn:
5:21 I was in Arthur Ash that championship match. The crowd went berserk with this shot and for many others too. Nadal must win the 3rd set to be in the match. He did win it in the tie-breaker. The 3rd set was so out of this world, it could be “The Set” of the decade in a USO championship match. Alas, he lost the match in the 4th set, all credits to Nole, he was a different animal in 2011. But the match was electric than what the scoreline suggests. Nadal is a fierce competitor. I don’t think anyone else has been a part of so many “down to the wire nail-biters”.
Andy Roo
Andy Roo:
That end clip is way too emotional!! Nadal Is My Champion!
Shahmeer R
Shahmeer R:
What a great champion on and off the court. A true inspiration for not only tennis fans but all sports fans around the world. He is the great athlete of his time!
What an awesome birthday tribute! I think you guys should have included the 2018 quarterfinal vs Thiem. It was great seeing young Rafa 😊.
Aly Fahmy
Aly Fahmy:
From 2003 to 2005. It's remarkable how he's grown in just 2 years!!!
Emilda Antido
Emilda Antido:
Rafa Nadal is one of a kind tennis player king of clay the legend GOAT
Noro Shut
Noro Shut:
That's why I love the US Open because of the crowd's love. US Open 2017 my best grandslam for Rafa
Gabriel Margolies
Gabriel Margolies:
What's insane is that a lot of these amazing shots most likely didn't affect the outcome of the match. At 3:33, 6:49, and 14:44, it was too early in the match to matter if he won the point or not. At 8:37, 13:19, and 14:24, he would almost certainly have won the match even if he didn't win these points. The fact that he still tried his hardest to chase down every ball shows why Rafa has the best fighting spirit in history!
¡El mejor! 💪🇪🇦
The Tech Guy
The Tech Guy:
Well the crowd and nadal is the BEST experience in my life!
Jo Living
Jo Living:
Younger Nadal standing close to baseline...going for down the line forehand more often... Unlike Federer and Novak older Nadal looks more cautious...
Gabriel Margolies
Gabriel Margolies:
Lol at 4:04 when Youzhny's shot hits the net I thought for a second that it went over the net and that Nadal hit an insane volley and I was like, "Why haven't I seen this before?"
suzi Manipur
suzi Manipur:
Legend 🌹
M L:
Rafa is a amazing GOAT I could watching him without stop! Such a exciting phenomenal player
Burhanuddin Kanchwala
Burhanuddin Kanchwala:
That gonzalez hitting and Nadal's defence.. he just killed the guy name gonzalez
Michele Z
Michele Z:
I love you, Rafa. Apart from being a great, great champion, he is such a nice, kind, genuine guy. I've been watching him since before 2005, when he hit the big time, and he's always been the same, a credit to the way his family brought him up. No arrogance, no tantrums, no racquet throwing, no swearing or showing off, a real role model.
Burhanuddin Kanchwala
Burhanuddin Kanchwala:
Every shot deserves a comment just rafa Nadal things.. that shot of Harrison insane
Swarnabh Dasgupta
Swarnabh Dasgupta:
he is such a hardworking player one of the best tennis has ever got brave fighter even in defeat never breaks racquet never throws tantrum on field what a man what a player my goat
lemon soap
lemon soap:
king ❤️
moothong dt
moothong dt:
Thanks so much to share such a great VDO of Rafa’s road in US open. He is such a super star
Bratin Basu
Bratin Basu:
15:52 RAFA chant
Miguel Gimeno
Miguel Gimeno:
Thank you very much for this, US Open
Patrizia Giardina
Patrizia Giardina:
Nessuno è come Rafael Nadal
Before Retied 8th US OPEN...
Vamos Rafa
Crowd loves Rafa 😊
deepak chauhan
deepak chauhan:
Vamos ...vam US... ❤️
35 year nadal!😀😀😀
Marissa Ycasas
Marissa Ycasas:
Happy birthday king rafa
Wiesława Bochenek
Wiesława Bochenek:
Rafael 🥇🎾🌍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍🥰🥰❤️❤️❤️
Ybes Prince
Ybes Prince:
Venkatesh Krishna
Venkatesh Krishna:
if i didn't see it with my own eyes🔥🔥
Nurul Ansari
Nurul Ansari:
New Yorkers love and appreciate Rafa nadal, that's nice.
Keep supporting him guys we want to win him at least 2 us open more.
zak proudman
zak proudman:
Surprised that the 2018 match against thiem didn't get on here
Masako Abe
Masako Abe:
Happy birthday to Rafa !!!!🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊🎉🎊
Aarin Hegde
Aarin Hegde:
why didnt u consider thiem and nadal marathon uso QF of 2018. it was a heck of a match
Mazi Thoughts
Mazi Thoughts:
“Phenomenadal,” I think that’s how Nadal would actually pronounce phenomenal if he tried. Like his “unbeliebabal.”
CEC Clinical Excel Computech
CEC Clinical Excel Computech:
Nadal will come back stronger then ever
Shut up
Shut up:
I didn't even know Nadal used to play doubles in GS tournaments when he was young.
Abdo Bouachria
Abdo Bouachria:
الافضل في العالم
Burhanuddin Kanchwala
Burhanuddin Kanchwala:
Rafa telling Medvedev.. this how I dictate the terms
Elio Elio
Elio Elio:
It shows that rafa was the quickest improved player
ammar hassan
ammar hassan:
Nadal didn't play against Wawrinka US Open 2019
Araceli Ebreo
Araceli Ebreo:
Rafa,by any indication,is an adopted son of flushing meadows,new york..they love him,,obviously
10:18 Nadal just goes para pesto
Burhanuddin Kanchwala
Burhanuddin Kanchwala:
Some times you don't win grand slams

You win fans.. delpotro

But some times you win both
20 time grand slam champion Rafa nadal.. and 14th Roland Garros is ON
jaya p
jaya p:
Djokovich's grunt or whatever you can call it... ayyo :-)
2:20 Remember when Nadal against Eminem ?
Parth Chavda
Parth Chavda:
All 4 were won when he was wearing black👀
RG #14 loading...
JBW1988 Warner
JBW1988 Warner:
Attention seeker should have supported Naomi better 👎👎👎👎