Rants x Culture Cams Manchester United 2-2 Southampton | Match Reaction

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98 comentarios:

Abdul Deen
Abdul Deen:
Rants is very right by questioning the level of coaching.
Peter King
Peter King:
Wan bissaka worst player on the pitch, closely followed by bruno
The Bizness
The Bizness:
The Southampton coach is the real deal. You see the players he’s got and he makes them play a certain way. As soon as our main players come off we play like crap. Rants is speaking facts.
Spitting the facts as always Rants. Love the show
Unless Ole gets 22 great players he's always going to struggle coz he is out of his depth
Truth HasATongue
Truth HasATongue:
I like this brother on the right honestly
David Lakey
David Lakey:
Nah rants got a mind on him
Rach United
Rach United:
Everyone's gonna find Ole out soon 👍 Get this bottler and Cardiff relegator out my club 🙏
Love your show. Level analysis every time. The echo in the room is effecting the quality. Also a good microphone wouldn’t go amiss to take it to another level. Keep up the good work!
Anthony Grandison
Anthony Grandison:
Yow bro this is what I try to tell my boys that lives in London ole not good he has good players
Gotta Give Entertainment
Gotta Give Entertainment:
We were chasing shadows the whole game 🤣🤣
Mojo K
Mojo K:
I question Ole's decision on why Pogba is still playing in a two dm role. Pogba plays much deeper then Matic. Even though it was Pogba's mistake that led to their first goal Pogba shouldn't be near the defence to get the ball out but it was poor passing by De Gea as well. Matic or one of the CBs should be receiving that ball not Pogba. Just because Ole likes this role where Pogba can play as a quarterback and toss it over the defence so our attack can expose defences. I still question why Ole has not placed a style of play because we looked clueless after Pogba and Bruno got subbed no ball control player even though they weren't so great you have to keep your ball players in midfield
nelson akpor
nelson akpor:
We looked fatigued.
Tam Mutu
Tam Mutu:
Ole getting found out again. Bruno and Pogba couldn’t save his shit tactics last night. I have said it since pre lockdown Ole is not the right person for this club. The guy is a clown and we need a PROPER coach. Ole Gunnar freestyle is so correct when people say that about him. There are no tactics. The in game management and decision making is atrocious. How do you take Pogba and Bruno off and give the shittest tactics ever to the team to see out the game. Awful. Ighalo should have come on. 💯. More physicality up top and someone else who could hold it up. Dan fucking James. What does this guy do? He is awful. Mctominay and Fred both look lost. What has happened to both of them ? What was their job? To just run around! Pogba should never have been subbed. Never. Bruno looked leggy. But still. Win the game. It was too important. Now look where we are. Ole will say oh we were unlucky. Shaw got injured and then so did Brandan but fact is it was his appalling decisions that cost us 3 points. I am fuming! Palace and West ham, West fucking ham will be well up for it. They ain’t no gimmes. Last night was so crucial. See it out. But then you have the chuckle bro’s 2.0 at the back in Maguire and Bindelof. How people are still defending this guy is beyond me. He is a fraud. The Iceman? Do me a favor. I don’t give a shit if you can pass the ball. He can’t run can’t tackle can’t head gets bullied HE CANT DEFEND. People will say oh he was pretty good for 80 mins. Exactly! When you need him most that clown always lets you down. Bailly is so much better than both of these shitters. Maguire is in the team to organize (apparently) and time head the fucking ball. Well he can’t even do that. Guy is running around dribbling thinking he is Baresi. Let me tell you Harry. You ain’t Baresi. Not even near his left but. We were wasteful yesterday. Should have been out of sight. But you can argue 2-1 is enough. We are winning. See it out. Not with our bottle jobs. You knew we were gonna concede. Everyone did. Except Ole. Let’s hope this game doesn’t haunt us. I am not confident for Palace and West Ham. Both will be super tough. So again we rely on other teams. Let’s hope I am wrong. We will see the real Man Utd on Thursday.
Premier League
Premier League:
Utd will beat palace and west ham you will see a reaction from the players .
The Bizness
The Bizness:
Bruno as well, I don’t care what anyone says, he is a baller yeah but his ball retention is absolutely dog shite. He can’t find a man in the final third.
William Fenlon
William Fenlon:
Rashford, martial and luke shaw are the only players who played decent today. Was very tough to watch. Just goes to show we still need 4 or 5 really top class players to get anywhere near the top. Do we really deserve champions league i dont know honestly.
Tam Mutu
Tam Mutu:
Rants bang on. System first and put players in to it. Sheffield Utd, Liverpool, City, Southampton all have a SYSTEM! Ole Gunnar freestyle!!! Individuals bailing him out all the time. It’s so obvious. I don’t see how people CANT SEE IT! The guy is a fraud.
Saul Goodman
Saul Goodman:
Rants I like how you conducting this match reaction, completely unbiased!

Keep it up bro
Zelda Taylor
Zelda Taylor:
The way Southampton setup and played against Manchester United is the way Manchester United should be playing football. All the successful teams in the last decade are fast and powerful, closing down the opposition in every game and practising and playing intelligently. Any team that sets up to make sure, we are not allowed to play will hurt us. And so we ought to set up to make sure teams don't play as well. In games like this, a United manager should be at the touchline shouting instructions and injecting a sense of urgency.
Lenro Undikam
Lenro Undikam:
The way Southampton pressed when matic dropped down, opened up space on their left side... with a leftfooted CB we can easily open up that side. I only watched the 10 min of the game btw
Kyle 400
Kyle 400:
my eyes are on that West Ham game. That's how we bottled top 4 under LVG and I reckon it could happen again 🤷‍♂️
c newbz
c newbz:
been saying need fred starting now... get off the matic hype man... Fred was our best player in till lockdown
Gavin Davies
Gavin Davies:
I love this channel all the way from S.A.
Andile Mngadi
Andile Mngadi:
I feel alot of the stick Ole and the team are getting is reactionary and resulting from genuine disappointment about conceding that late goal.. Even the best teams will have off days.. I feel like that if Martial buries that 1 on 1 and Rashford converts from 4 yards out, we're having a different convo..
Cory Chuchmuch
Cory Chuchmuch:
Love Rashford. The game would have been dead if someone told him he could use his left foot
Darian Finley
Darian Finley:
Quality Depth is a must
64 Ahmed
64 Ahmed:
Nothing is lost we will still finish third but we just made it a million times harder, we need to wake up
Lindelof remind me of smalling in the way he gets bullied by strikers
64 Ahmed
64 Ahmed:
This was a reality check for every one who was going about we dont need sancho or upgrades, we need more players and ole needs to step up his game
System always comes before the individuals. That's called "TEAM SPORT". End of argument.
moureni lawani
moureni lawani:
what is this guy cam on all about with depth? why do we even need a coach if we have 22 galacticos?
liverpool is doesnt have dept but is still 34 points clear . city got Mahrez on the bench and still finish 2nd
Sola Specter
Sola Specter:
Y'all make a good combination!, I like it!!
Here is why this happened today IMO:
1) No team that wants to challenge for anything has people like our back 4 as starters. None of those 4 are good enough for top teams. NONE. They do not offer us enough safety and stability; and as ever they need someone to drop from the mid to babysit them or they crumble.
2) Ole is well shit at managing fixtures. This is not an opinion, this is a FACT. He does this shit all the time, has no clue how to rotate and when. Our lads were tired, that much is clear. Instead of rotating with the worst team in the league, last game, we go full strength just to pad some dumb stats that matters not a bit. Now we get to play 3 games in a week with some injuries.... what can go wrong right ??

People just got carried away cause we hit a purple patch, all while playing some of the worst teams in the league. We got no defence, we got a manager that has no clue of how to manage a big team and many fixtures back to back. We got no bench. I dont even know why people got so carried away. Bruno Fernandez is the only reason things improved, but we cant expect him to carry us every game non stop all year long. Our strikers scored but, as always, our defence shat on their efforts. We need a proper back line and the clowns we currently start as bench players. We also a need a proper manager. Simple.
LA FLAME- 5-0:
bro you need to do match reaction by yourself to see what you fully think
The Real Zlatan
The Real Zlatan:
I’m genuinely sick of how unstable our back line is all the time... They constantly invite pressure by overplaying the ball at every opportunity. Southampton literally waited for Lindelöf to play the ball across our defence and then pressed us HARD!! Infuriating. I don’t understand why Ole plays our domineering Centre Back (Maguire) on the Left Hand Side either... Ole could easily pattern this up by sandwiching Maguire between pace. COVER EVERYONE’S DEFICIENCIES FFS!!!
Max m
Max m:
Here's an idea, why don't we buy the Southampton coach/manager and replace him for Ole...
yoonis kamal
yoonis kamal:
Look at this overreaction - United have been phenomenal for 18 matches - southampton beat man city and were so good - credit needs to go to them - where we are on the table is as a result of how bad we were at the beginning of the season and not this match - i prefer to chase rather than being chased where this team could get complacent - pver to u Chelsea and Leicester
I agree with Rants, Bruno was actually a weak link our attack today.. his passing was completely off today... But we move.
DM and CBs u need asap Ur still jus adequate and two subs u man compitulated mad, like you referenced before two injuries and it's done for u man
Would you rants keep ighalo for a couple of seasons,?? Even to allow others to develop
MarbleHalls TV
MarbleHalls TV:
united bottled the second half. you were limp.
Neighbourhood Nip
Neighbourhood Nip:
This one hurt different
moureni lawani
moureni lawani:
watching this United play remind me of the 1990- 2000 Brazil and Nigeria. overconfident in their individualities so much that they dont press the opponent and they are slow to bail out each other .
Leonardo Jr
Leonardo Jr:
We don't have good enough players on the ball they ain't tekky
Nani Nels
Nani Nels:
Nicely said Rants , Tired of hearing people protecting Ole , am done with this manager . If y’all who still want ole think we going roll our luck like this next season you having a laugh
Mr Mitchell
Mr Mitchell:
Well said ...rants hit the nail on the head...no goal is the same...repetition shows that there is a system engrained
Where is our pressing game that ole started out with, we don't know how to win the ball off the opposition
Ole showing his ass again with the tactics
Kenny O
Kenny O:
Martial the french R9
Aar Dalal
Aar Dalal:
We better beat palace this players don't perform under pressure we got better fixtures yet again we're bottling it ole needs better coaches around him differently.
marc10 Piq
marc10 Piq:
marc10 Piq
marc10 Piq:
How To
How To:
Best analysis i heard after the game tbh
Murray Mcauliffe
Murray Mcauliffe:
culture .. top analysis today .. midfield missing for 80 minutes
Live Life
Live Life:
We can still qualify mate I reckon it will end like this:

Final table
3) United 68
4) Chelsea 64
5) Leicester 60
Byron Hall
Byron Hall:
Stole the whole format 🤦‍♂️
Emmanuel ODEKUNLE:
Love u bro. U are always on point.
c newbz
c newbz:
and people 4get de gea kinda caused that s.hampton goal... passing the ball there to pogs that early in game.. clear your line
Christopher Mallett
Christopher Mallett:
This run of unbeaten games means NOTHING if we don't make top 4. Facts.
Qammar Shah
Qammar Shah:
Can’t help it , gutted tonight
Diehard Devil
Diehard Devil:
Rants with the negative agenda yet again. You could switch to a Spurs channel. The Portuguese Hitler is there. I guess Pep was out of his depth when Southampton beat City. Bullocks.
Totally agree with culture this team mentally is weak
Murray Mcauliffe
Murray Mcauliffe:
southampton were fitter stronger and more aggressive .. martial apart
United like to play pretty from the back but our keeper and backs dont have that skill needed ..
Boxing Sage
Boxing Sage:
To become serious contenders we need at least 5 players and a coach who has some serious tactics.
you can't play 2 against our 3 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 OK MATE
64 Ahmed
64 Ahmed:
Something tells me ole aint playing the same team cuz he likes it or anything like that, its bcuz he has no choice, anything apart from the starting 11 is just not good enough, we need sancho and grealish in attack and a similar upgrade in midfield and defence before we can challenge
United didnt win because they didnt make changes and lack depth? Southampton made 1 change in the last 5 games and thats because of a red card... point invalid
Tash love
Tash love:
Not here to watch just here to expose the frauds like pogba bruno and slabface lol
Tawhid Ahmed
Tawhid Ahmed:
A good coach would be ten haag
Prem requires you to switch up the style for certain opposition. There is no one ideal style, or philosophy that beats all teams. Ferguson was a master at this, thats way he did it for so long. Not a big fan of one philosophy beats all.
Michel Dufenberg
Michel Dufenberg:
Ole is a poor coach. Maguire is a poor and overrated defender.

United should aim for 5th next season with them.
Confucius Sun Tzu
Confucius Sun Tzu:
Martial, Shaw & Rashford get 7s (I don’t do .5 otherwise rashford 6.5 martial 7.5) everyone else gets a 5... Brandon gets a 5, Scott and Dan get 4s!
Lindelof position on that corner was so bad
Premier League
Premier League:
Ole took off bruno and pogba they were both tired and woeful ole tried to freshen it up by bringing on fresh legs .
Nathan Ensor
Nathan Ensor:
Listen. Ole is not a coach, he's the man manager, dem man behind Ole (Carrick ect), are the man to blame. Appreciate the content tho blud
Massoud Ehssan
Massoud Ehssan:
Comments section here just typifies how fragile our confidence is and how quick we are to be unbelievably reactionary to this result, Southampton deserve their due they are one of the best pressing teams in Europe and Hassenhuttl deserves credit for turning around the dumpster fire it was after the 9-0 against Leicester but let's not get carried away here making indictments on the coach and the players because we conceded a 96th minute goal when we we're down to 10 men after the 80th minute that's football I'm afraid and we need to move on and rectify it against Palace
There’s a big big problem with teams who press us high up. Even if a league 2 team presses us we will struggle, just remember Rochdale ffs. The build up is awful, we can get better players but without the right coaching we’re going to continue to struggle. Can’t even make basic triangles to get around a press with the players we have. Holding on against a team in the bottom half ain’t on. If we’d played Liverpool yesterday or city we would’ve got battered
ICL Culture Cams knows what he's talking about 💯
Patrick Mintah
Patrick Mintah:
you guys should calm it with the " Ole is not a good coach" talk. Southampton get a draw against us and we are all over Ralph. Ole has beaten Pep, Jose , Nuno and Lampard this season, all very well coached teams . It does not make him a better coach than them.
Anthony Helm
Anthony Helm:
Squad depth probably the worst I can remember at United in 30 years as a fan .. wan bissaka was very poor in possession today . Matic and pogba dont have the legs when facing the high press . Matic given 3 years is rewarding him for 4 months of him playing well what about the 16months of trash? . Bring in a mobile matic and you'll have a good player a partey or ndidi. Degea is gone as a top keeper he is too timid for a goal keeper doesnt command his box . Sancho needed asap to give us balance . Then you have Greenwood to come of the bench to change things . Ole needs to learn how to change his formations in game if things are going wrong ...ole just surrenderd panicked about what Southampton were doing rather than imposing or challenging them with our tactics.
mustafali abdi
mustafali abdi:
64 Ahmed
64 Ahmed:
Pogba and bruno coming off isn't the problem, the problem is that there is noone to come on
Our midfield was bad because they got pressed out of the game. But Ole should have known that before. Hence it would have been up to Maguire and Lindelof to spread it out to the wings as soon as possible to bypass the press.
Tony Don
Tony Don:
If Daniel James played for Liverpool, Man City Wolves even Southhampton .... he would be a SCARY player to play against. Because he would know EXACTLY what to do and the manager would make sure to use his pace to hurt teams. We have shit wingers giving Lindelof and Maguire problems imagine James.. all he needs to do is pick a pass cross or shoot and keep running into pockets of space.. You don't need to be world-class to get coached to do that over and over again..

This is all down to coaching!
Authentic The Exception
Authentic The Exception:
Next year is top 4 guarantee...now were still not consistent.... mata should gave come on in the second half
saaliha naweed
saaliha naweed:
Bring back smallindino hes our best defender axle is close 2 b starter sanchez as well back not bad 4 bench option get sancho that's 3 u could say new signings enough 2 challenge at least
Kingdom of Animaria
Kingdom of Animaria:
Ole subs cost man why take off pogba Bruno yes they weren’t good enough today but they still have that quality where they could just the game in a instance. We need to rely on Chelsea Leicester dropping points which they will
Man u didn’t even lose and their fans are panicking of losing top 4 to Leicester
Too good To Be True
Too good To Be True:
This guy lost me as soon as he sed ‘city are bringing on Foden’ lol. Really???? Mahrez, B.Silva, Cancelo etc. Foden??? People r gassed abt this english yute, Trust me me wen i say this, Foden is poor. Will be another Wilshere and Walcot. Lol. Hilarious. Foden???
Aniruddha Samant
Aniruddha Samant:
Great analysis from Mr. Culture Cam. Does he have his own channel.
Rory Flower
Rory Flower:
We need to get sancho, Grealish, soumare and upemacano in the summer. And let Phil jones, Dan James and Andreas pereira go. Like has been mentioned in this video numerous times, we need more squad depth if we are to challenge next season. And we need better tactics and and pattern of play. Fair play to Ralph hassenhuttel, he is a very good coach and tactician, ole could get a few pointers from him.
He has to go man, when one side of pitch is pressed so well you post players in the next available space and get it to them. This may constitute a switch. You have to do that you stay brave you allow the press on you. AWB head went he needed replacing Brandon is Braver on ball. Your defense and midfield job is to defeat the press. They bottled passes in first half ole should have come on the pitch and berated them.
Otemu Akpobaro
Otemu Akpobaro:
Rants can we get some shorter videos as well, lately all your videos are over an hour. Possible around 30 minutes...... as not all the time it possible to watch videos for so long.
tobi kayjaykay
tobi kayjaykay:
They gave him some money but he is not gonna get 1bn at once. I will rather have him there and learn, true you are right, OGS is crap but he will get better. We are not gonna get a Pep or Klopp or Tuchel anyways, so what’s the point not backing him? I mean we sometimes shit like this under SAF too. Remember we played 50% of our games with Fred and Scotty, for a shit manager we shouldn’t even be here
Abdul Deen
Abdul Deen:
The tactic is wrong. Pogba and Bruno should not be replaced in the second half
Rant couldn't wait to start going at ole about tactics but if tactics the only way to win a game why city haven't won every game bcaz pep has the best tactics in football?