Raquel Welch Is Still Absolutely Stunning At Nearly 80

Raquel Welch is a pop culture icon. If her name doesn't ring a bell, perhaps the One Million Years B.C. film poster featuring her clad in a fur bikini will. That role shot her to superstardom in 1966, but what's happened to her since? To start, she's almost 80 today and still gorgeous.

It's funny that One Million Years B.C. put Welch on the map as a silver screen star considering that it doesn't really showcase her acting chops. She even admitted in her autobiography, Raquel: Beyond the Cleavage, that the fame that followed was something that surprised her. As she put it,

"It felt like I'd stumbled into a booby trap, pun intended. I am living proof that a picture speaks a thousand words."

Although you might think Welch would resent the movie that turned her into eye candy, she has no regrets. While speaking to Piers Morgan years later on his Life Stories show, she revealed that she liked the attention that blew up from the film, explaining,

"I thought that this was going to be one of those movies that was going to make me a laughing stock, well it did that too, and it's a breakthrough. Every single person seems to know who I am."

The flick was so iconic, in fact, that no matter how much time passes, Welch's impression on Hollywood has remained eternal. In 2013, she landed the number 2 spot on Men's Health's Hottest Women of All Time list, proving that age is just a number and pop culture icons never fade.

Watch the video to see how Raquel Welch Is Still Absolutely Stunning At Nearly 80!


One million year-old booby trap
| 0:20
Staying in shape | 1:38
The single life | 2:38
A makeup icon | 3:35
Wig aficionado | 4:55
Latina heritage | 6:04
The allure of a little mystery | 7:21
Hollywood's own "Mama Duck" | 8:13
Just-as-gorgeous daughter | 9:20

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Ruth Gray
Ruth Gray:
Raquel Welch has always been a truly classy lady...self-assured and absolutely unpretentious. I’m years younger, but I remember her film career and how she always maintained her dignity. She’s petite and beautiful and an example for others. And she doesn’t rely on artificiality. True beauty.
S4 Dreamland
S4 Dreamland:
"She doesn't swing her arms when she dances."
Lucky ducki Mona
Lucky ducki Mona:
She is much better than the stars of today such as the Kardashians.
Mike Morgan
Mike Morgan:
Sybil Benefield
Sybil Benefield:
WOW!!! She’s 80, still stunning , she is drop dead Gorgeous, I’m sure there has been some full face lift surgeries, If a person lives a healthy lifestyle, no smoking or drinking and eats right, they will age gracefully...
EI84 Ashlee
EI84 Ashlee:
She is still gorgeous
Manny Samanamud
Manny Samanamud:
Mos beautiful woman ever!
Linda Röth
Linda Röth:
i saw that movie. she was a true beauty. she is thousnds and thousands per cent more beauty than the kardashians, you cant compare them.
Rice Burnerbiker
Rice Burnerbiker:
Original super model.
Jocelyn Jade
Jocelyn Jade:
Raquel Welch so underrated. She was an ORIGINAL bombshell and it’s a shame not many in this generation know her. She had her own style that a lot of people have tried to emulate even today.
Still beautiful. And is quite a comedian. I’ve always liked her.
Billy Bob
Billy Bob:
She was the hottest actress back in the day still a beautiful lady
Mortisha Styles
Mortisha Styles:
She is and has allways been super likeable.
Anibal Babilonia
Anibal Babilonia:
She's still stuning at 80!😍👍🌹❤
Lennard Covarrubias
Lennard Covarrubias:
Wow what a beautiful woman and for those who say surgeons did well I've seen people with all the money in the world that don't even come close to her look....
c robinson
c robinson:
She is drop dead gorgeous! At any age, she is stunning.
Ms. Rosann
Ms. Rosann:
I saw a documentary on her... she was a high achiever , married her high school sweetheart , was super popular in school etc. and just kept going and not stopping until she reached the top , she really is a hard-working woman
Gorgeous woman
Christine Walters
Christine Walters:
I've been doing Raquel's yoga for 30 years too! It's the best ...it's the program I always come back to. 💜
Spirit of Atlantis
Spirit of Atlantis:
Definitely THE Beauty Icon. She set the standard! 🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹❤️🌹💋💋💋💋💋💋💋
Alfred Cannon
Alfred Cannon:
Excellence!! Had a crush on her for years!! Still do in 2019😍😍
stan hootzz
stan hootzz:
Right on COBURN!
Debbie Daniels
Debbie Daniels:
Stay single...
Iam single and it is
going to stay that
way... (2019)
Marlena Forbes-Reidy
Marlena Forbes-Reidy:
She was always beautiful and still is today ♥️🌸
Mark Eaton
Mark Eaton:
True beauty come from your soul. Something you can not cover with Make Up Some people think a box of crap is great, because of the fine wrapping. Then when they open their present it is a box of crap.
Robin Goffinet
Robin Goffinet:
Now just take the name, put it aside, and sell your wigs at a price a lot more of us can afford.
Raquel still a babe and class act.
Carol Driehorst
Carol Driehorst:
I saw that movie when I was 16, she was so beautiful.
Dennis Janda
Dennis Janda:
I remember when she was the Gorgeous Female Model on Hollywood Palace back in the day..Time has changed but Raquel Welch hasn't !!!!!
stan hootzz
stan hootzz:
...........................Latin Babes the FIRST AMONG Equals!!!
Wow this is a great summary of Raquel's life. I've been watching her since the 1960's and 1,000,000 years BC first came out. She is a star in my mind and heart. It's good she lived well and had fame since then.
M I:
Yep, she's still gorgeous
My dog Layla
My dog Layla:
Pure class! Love watching her.
Chris Anthony
Chris Anthony:
One Million Years BC with Raquel at age 12 proved I like girls.
Chris Ruth
Chris Ruth:
She looks 65 she looks good
Patricia Martinez
Patricia Martinez:
She is a beauty and always was.💖
Leigh Leigh David
Leigh Leigh David:
Anybody got 📱 of her plastic surgeons!????
Recalling her appearance on a llate-night talk show, she spoke about playing a most unusual role for an actress such as herself: A person with down syndrome. She went on to speak of how she visited a institution incognito to gain knowledge of the general behavior of people with down syndrome, and one patient there walked up to her and said "I know you're trying not be recognized, but I know who you are."

Also, her earliest screen appearance was as a nurse in a one-piece on McHale's Navy. And she was known for having a "Million Dollar Body" ... supposedly from her body being insured for $1M by Lloyds of London.
Seriously You jest?
Seriously You jest?:
You look like that 80, it's not just money, honey. I imagine it takes work, and saying no to what you put on your fork.
Money definitely helps her look great at 80
chanita Lindgren
chanita Lindgren:
She is my secret icon nobody knows this but Everything I do I do for this woman.
Hernan Valverde
Hernan Valverde:
I'm from Bolivia  I just wish she would had revealed that she was from Bolivia 40 years ago she would have put on the mapbecause people think its in Mexico when I tell them were I'm from.
Sharon Massetti
Sharon Massetti:
True she looks good. We could all look that good at that age with her money and a good plastic surgeon. Yes diet and exercise are good but you can’t tell me the cream has kept her face tight. Just my opinion.
Denise Lorenc
Denise Lorenc:
I remember her on a Seinfeld show. She would cat fight with Elaine. She would walk without moving her arms. That was 20 years ago.
Maw G
Maw G:
She's a beautiful lady.
7 violett
7 violett:
Her surgeons are wizards.
Maggie Mae
Maggie Mae:
But if you take off the wig and makeup??
Fabiola Alba
Fabiola Alba:
She’s beautiful no matter what. Of course if I had her money, I too would fix here and there.
Rae Cooper
Rae Cooper:
It's sad that in this day and age people don't believe in natural beauty. People can't just see that someone looks good without saying things like oh well if I had that much money I'd look good too. If you don't look good without money you won't look good with it. Taking care of yourself helps you age beautifully. I've been poor my entire life but my great-granny always told me to drink plenty of water, moisturize my skin twice daily and use sunscreen. She said too many black people think they don't need sunscreen but they do. I'm now 40 years old and I have a daughter who's 18 and we look identical to the point where we can use each other's identification. And I'm positive that when I'm eighty I'm still going to look great.
First Born
First Born:
Still in Love with Her.....Time Never Changed the way I feel, She's Gorgeousness 💋 ❤️ ♥️♥️💃👑
Jon Fresh
Jon Fresh:
Darling I steal play my Taylor Swift banjo 4 you darling.....!!!!!
Greg Taylor
Greg Taylor:
Want to see someone who aged well. check out Kim Fields who was on Facts of Life as Tootie. Damn, she looks amazing for 50
Coral Troughton
Coral Troughton:
When my parents got there first T. V. Dad layed on the floor to see if he could see up her dress. Mom told that story to this day. Rachel is class
Marie Mary
Marie Mary:
Susan Bannister
Susan Bannister:
Always loved her in movies! Shes one very sharp lady!
Eve Northrop
Eve Northrop:
she is gorgeous due to surgery and much money and an easy life. lets get real
Andrea Vlasis
Andrea Vlasis:
Geraldine Modica
Geraldine Modica:
Absolutely beautiful classy. 👍❤️🙏stay young and stunning always.
what a woman,for all the ages
Robert Nivoa
Robert Nivoa:
she looks a lot like Faye Dunaway now, the lady who played Joan Crawford in Mommie Dearest.
Trevor G Welch
Trevor G Welch:
Absolutely Stunning and Intelligent. 🏆🌹💋⛱⭐️🎁💌
timothy chung
timothy chung:
There was surgery(ies) done. She would still look gorgeous without surgery, but barely any face wrinkles? What, she has another 100 years of living left?
Lynn Cw
Lynn Cw:
Anyone would be with all the operations she's had
Aixa Reina
Aixa Reina:
Wow and I wonder how much money helps
I didnt know shes latina until today...
rodolfo puente jrrodolfo
rodolfo puente jrrodolfo:
I still marry her in a heart bea her daughter too
49ers80 Y
49ers80 Y:
I'm 39 years old and I still have a crush on Raquel Welch she is gorgeous I would marry her in a heartbeat
Gabriel Zapata
Gabriel Zapata:
Hummm, you are still wonderful looking keep it up Sweetheart!
Athena c
Athena c:
I am a Nutritional Counselor/ Body worker and know natural skin treatments well. She does Yoga daily and eats a much better diet than normal. But it's not negative to comment that at 80, it's obvious she has had laser resurfacing and other facial treatments. And that's okay to look her best. Why not?
Gina Friend
Gina Friend:
She was absolutely gorgeous in her heyday 😍
Tina Scrase
Tina Scrase:
A great actress over the years well done Rachel looking gorgeous to x
mark D'Agostino
mark D'Agostino:
She always was and will always be a beautiful woman. Beyond that point, she’s a highly intelligent woman and a highly successful businesswoman.

I wish her many more years of good health and happiness.
Martha Zamudio
Martha Zamudio:
Always been absolutely gorgeous and always will...
kathy Turner
kathy Turner:
This drive me crazy when people say how great someone still looks. Sure after thousands of dollars in plastic surgery and a great doctor who wouldn’t look good?
michelle rosemarie flynn
michelle rosemarie flynn:
She should, she admitted she's had years of plastic surgery. We could look like that also, just need money.
Malcolm Divorty
Malcolm Divorty:
She’s one of the best.
Linda Robinson
Linda Robinson:
Yes ago there was a may west movie at the end of her life. This lady and her daughter should make a remake. Yours Evan's w robinson
Michael Moraska
Michael Moraska:
NO doubt about it! ~^ EVERYBODY-REMEMBERS-HER-NAME-RAQUEL!!!!!!!!!! ^~
Jim Watson
Jim Watson:
The Most Beautiful Woman in Movie History to this Day!
Mark Chappell
Mark Chappell:
Do you like smashing Liam's nose out through the back of his skull due to he being weak like an athlete ?
Mel Sal
Mel Sal:
My Dad was always talking about her and loved her ! That’s all I remember 😅
Say what you want, but that woman is 80 years old.


Richard Falcone
Richard Falcone:
Stunningly beautiful talented and hardworking loved the BC movie when I was a kid
I'm proud of her talk,I agree.wigs for mama's peers.
Roger Wittekind
Roger Wittekind:
Her nose has gone back to the way it was before.
Andy Malibu Smith
Andy Malibu Smith:
Amazing !!! She is sooooo Pretty 💜
Naomi Austin
Naomi Austin:
The samson
The samson:
Wow she 80 still looking good
Steffan Hoffmann
Steffan Hoffmann:
Beautiful visually of course.
Comes at a price i would guess.
High maintenance
I love how this doesnt show any footage of what she looks like now
Fari Box
Fari Box:
She's so beautiful....
Peter Ryan
Peter Ryan:
Wow, she is beyond gorgeous at 80yrs!!!
Pat Christie
Pat Christie:
Saw you at Monkey Mt VN. One of my best memories of being there. We watch the helicopter land and escorted you to the mess hall. Thank you for
giving us a little memory of what was waiting for us at home. I really enjoyed the program as the rest of us did. I am now 80❤
Junior Mcclure
Junior Mcclure:
She was my favorite actress in the 60ies and 70ties..love her in the movie with JIM BROWN
GREAT expectations
GREAT expectations:
jim Maddox
jim Maddox:
Amazing woman
I saw her on the street in Boston when she was making the movie “Fuzz ” , with Tom Skerrit and Burt Reynolds, but I didn’t realize it was her.
Mark Chappell
Mark Chappell:
How long has your heart been riped out of your chest ?
Akua Ishakarah
Akua Ishakarah:
BRAVO 🎬Beautifully DONE ~ Tribute ( there are older stars whom WE ADORE~Horror stories that tear Down their Beauty & talent, mocking them! SO SAD NOT TO SHOW THEM 💜 & RESPECT! AND if Surgery DOESN’T KEEP THEM FLAWLESSLY YOUNG LOOKING ~ SOME Say: And With ALL THAT MONEY…!!! 🌈🌻💜Raquel (N~Nikki Swift) Thank U for FINE VIDEO PRODUCTIONS😘