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Another year, another reaction to the Grammy nominees! Here’s my raw reactions to the full list of 2021 nominations for categories including record of the year, song of the year, rock album of the year, album of the year, and many more. Did they drop the ball again??

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100+ comentarios:

Beyond ARTV
Beyond ARTV:
...okay Grammys, you sure are consistent at one thing. Being completely inconsistent, yay! Thanks for trying even harder to appease everyone while dropping the ball yet again. Where is The Weeknd? Where are the proper categories for rock/alternative? Ugh.
There will be just Reputation
There will be just Reputation:
Yummy being nominated is literally terrorism
*The three holy F's*
Fine Line
Future Nostalgia
Arctic Wolf
Arctic Wolf:
I really hope Taylor sweeps the Grammys this time. Even back when I was a belieber, I would never deny that Yummy was crap. And it took SEVEN people to write the song!!?
Miscellaneous Broadcasting
Miscellaneous Broadcasting:
I can't believe yummy got nominated for best song before blinding lights.
I’d rather Billie Eilish sweep the Grammies a second time than Yummy win ONE Grammy
BTS deserved a Nom For MOTS7 more than they did for Dynamite. But because it's in ENGLISH and this is GRAMMYS I didn't expect any less
Asap rocky
Asap rocky:
Blinding lights was literally the biggest song this year damn
Fatima Rashid
Fatima Rashid:
I’m worried that the only reason the Grammys nominated BTS was for their view rates to increase. They know BTS has a huge fan base, and it would be heartbreaking to see BTS not earn the Grammy after breaking musical records worldwide. It was pretty strange for me to see that Dynamite was nominated when it is not their best song. Like, I love the boys to death, but they have so many better songs from their MOTS7 album. We’ll just have to see how it plays out.
Elizabeth Nicole
Elizabeth Nicole:
I'm excited about Taylor Swift's, Dua Lipa's and Harry Styles' nominations. That's basically it. I hope Taylor sweeps. I think The Weeknd was robbed and he should've gotten the 3 nominations that Bieber did.
cowboy cat
cowboy cat:
Let's hope Taylor Swift wins. They snubbed The weeknd.
The Reverse -Flash
The Reverse -Flash:
I’m surprised that Blinding Lights didn’t get a single nomination
Yan B
Yan B:
I'm only interested in Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa & harry!!!!what the hell is yummy doing in there?
Aidan King
Aidan King:
"Yummy" is an absolute hate crime of a song.
Emr Berlin
Emr Berlin:
I hope Taylor sweeps. Folklore is a great record and deserves it. However, I can’t believe that so called “r&b” ringtones album scored 3 nominations while Abel, Rina, Halsey and Mac were paid dust. Congrats to Dua, Megan and cloe x halle. They deserved it. Anyways Grammys = Scammys.
Jesus Christ, The Weeknd got ROBBED this year. He didn't even get a nomination for Blinding Lights and it's one of the biggest songs of the year.

EDIT: Okay, so apparently what happened was The Weeknd had a choice between performing the Super Bowl or the Grammys. He couldn't perform both because of COVID. The Weeknd chose the Super Bowl because c'mon it's the Super Bowl. And the Grammys got so salty about it that they blackballed him from getting a single nomination.
Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph:
Look I'm a hardcore Swiftie but The Weeknd got snubbed HARD
Emma Varkey
Emma Varkey:
so Justin Bieber can make a song of him repeatedly just saying yummy and he gets nominated but blinding lights and So many other artists songs got scammed this year just like every other year. but so happy for bts tho but honestly they deserved way more.
Rahul Mathur
Rahul Mathur:
Taylor Swift ❤️. She deserves for the masterpiece Folklore 🔥❤️
Folklore is a MASTERPIECE.
Amanda Bernström
Amanda Bernström:
My personal opinion is that The Weekend, BTS & Rina Sawayama got snubbed on nominations
Folklore definitely deserves all the accolades
Nursultan Bereketov
Nursultan Bereketov:
BTS deserve it, so proud of them!
The Grammys are such a joke
PopLover Edits
PopLover Edits:
Taylor deserves to win aoty with folklore idc
Kamal LB
Kamal LB:
Taylor, dua deserved.
Where the f is Weeknd?
What the f is yummy doing there??
It's Leviosa not UrALosar
It's Leviosa not UrALosar:
I’m honestly surprised by The Weeknd’s snub. All anyone was talking about when it came to the Grammys was Abel and Taylor were gonna get major nominations. I’m very shocked. I’m glad Taylor got nominated, but I’m not sure the Grammys are gonna let her have another AOTY.
vijaya kumari
vijaya kumari:
I'm literally shocked that Weekend has got no nominations this feels like Taylor Swift's reputation era where she got snubbed badly...😶😶😶😶😶😶
Radhika Giri
Radhika Giri:
I guess BTS is going to take pop/duo group performance, dynamite is so freaking huge
I’m so confused as to how The Weeknd got no nominations AT ALL. After Hours was a great album and Blinding Lights was huge! I’m also sad about Sawayama by Rina Sawayama not being up for anything, I think that was a great debut. I also would’ve liked to see Manic by Halsey nominated for at least Pop Vocal Album, but I’m not surprised it wasn’t up since there were a ton of other great pop albums this year.
Hunter Stewart
Hunter Stewart:
Taylor & Dua the only white women I approve of. 🤷‍♂️
madeleine p.
madeleine p.:
I couldn’t stop laughing at how angry you were about Yummy having a nomination
kpop is overrated
kpop is overrated:
Taylor swift is the music industry
Jeon Jungkook
Jeon Jungkook:
The Nominations this years are just a joke. You just can not nominate "Yummy" and not even give a chance to MOT:7 by BTS. Yummy is basically a guy just singing the same word for 3 minutes and then you have MOT:& with 18 songs and amazing lyrics. I am not even suprised at this point. And even tho i am an army i agree that Dynamite got nomineted because of the fact that its in english but the boys are happy so yeah
BTS has many Grammy worthy songs in Map of the soul 7 album in my opinion. Dynamite is not one of my favourite song but I hope they get It..They absolutely deserve it.. However I don’t think any of Grammy nominations make sense whether they are based on talent or popularity or both.. just so random
David K
David K:
As well as AOTY being a mess, Yummy over Blinding Lights and Changes over After Hours... disgusting. Future Nostalgia and folklore are the only albums I like (and have actually listened to) in the lineup
they really robbed Taylor from Reputation and Lover, but this is her year, i’m calling it🥳
Kharlo Permejo Evangelista
Kharlo Permejo Evangelista:
Punisher, folklore, and Future Nostalgia.

That's the sentence.
Cr1tikal’s Yu Gi Oh Collection
Cr1tikal’s Yu Gi Oh Collection:
Some absolutely god awful and undeserving nominations here (looking at you, Justin) But I’m glad to see Folklore nominated for AOTY, my favorite mainstream release of this year, not to mention that she actually deserves it this time around, because don’t get me wrong 1989 was pretty enjoyable but it won over freaking TPAB
Artificial Gummies
Artificial Gummies:
This is honestly terrible. I’m not even a big Weeknd fan but the snub of Blinding Lights is just tragic
Maya Makked
Maya Makked:
I’m really glad Harry dua and taylor got nominated. I think taylor deserves to win in the categories because I think folklore is better than fine line and future nostalgia (omg the holy trinity of F albums) but I’ll be happy if dua or harry win as well
Sofía Cota
Sofía Cota:
i genuinely thought After Hours was gonna get nominated for AOTY and blinding lights was gonna get nominated as well, i definetely didn’t expect an aberration as yummy getting nominated. Although i hope Folklore wins aoty, i wouldn’t be mad if Future Nostalgia gets it
N Marwa
N Marwa:
The weeknd got robbed +BTS definitly deserved more their Mots 7 album was so good
I also find it funny how the rock category is all woman to show they are fair to woman but they never televise the rock category
Sepia Roy
Sepia Roy:
Huge bts fan and extremely happy that they got nominated. But on the other hand, very sad that their English song Dynamite was the only nomination. I MEAN LIKE COME ON. Dynamite is good, its a catchy song. But their other masterpieces like MOTS:7, songs like black swan, ON got completely ignored(and I pretty sure its because of their language difference). Ugh!
And so happy for Folklore getting so many nominations.
As much as I hate Yummy... I really wanna see that one hour livestream of ARTV shaving his head and sobbing
I can’t believe the weekend got rigged like thst
monique Juliet
monique Juliet:
Bts deserved better. The ignorance to only focus on Dynamite because its a english song when litterly every other song has such deep meaning to it is crazy. Well I'm still happy for them💜💜💜
Purple Vocals
Purple Vocals:
I like how careful he was when speaking about BTS he knows what matters in life and as an army I respect that 😏😎
Reid Simpson
Reid Simpson:
The Weeknd got snubbed.
Mikhail Rahman
Mikhail Rahman:
The Grammys really missed the mark this year. Where TF is After Hours and Blinding Lights??? Where TF is Gaga and Harry in the main categories???
Sophie *-*
Sophie *-*:
BTS deserved so much more their MOTS:7 album is literally art don't even get me started on the masterpiece that is Black Swan... but still I'm so happy for them, finally a nomination after years of snubbing them!!
Miguel Terel Kabigting
Miguel Terel Kabigting:
63rd Grammys winner predictions:

AOTY - folklore
ROTY - Don't Start Now
SOTY - cardigan
BNA - Phoebe Bridgers
It's Leviosa not UrALosar
It's Leviosa not UrALosar:
I think Yummy being nominated and the weeknd being snubbed is a dead give away that this show is fixed.
Leva C
Leva C:
Yummy???? Like really?😂😂😂
How tf is Hayley Willams not nominated for anything???? Her solo album is good
Seab The Vortian
Seab The Vortian:
Uh... there's a lack of Rina Sawayama in these nominations.
Imagine Elton John calling SAWAYAMA his fav album this year yet the Grammys just actively ignored it.
Willie K
Willie K:
Coldplay’s Everyday Life is definitely their most substantial album since viva (which was nominated for album of the year in 2009). There’s a slight possibility that we could have another Beck over Beyoncé moment... but with Coldplay. Although I think Dua and Taylor are favorites
jasoniscool8776 !
jasoniscool8776 !:
I'm gonna be honest and i don't want to sound immature but after seeing Justin in the nominees and seeing BTS in just one category was like -_- I don't know have you ever listened their album MOTS7 but it was one of the best albums i'd ever listened. People has prejudices because some of their immature fans like i did. But now, i'm pretty mad at myself for not giving a chance to their music until MOTS7. Doing their own music is pretty rare thing in K-pop industry and they really came from small company. They did all the way for themselfs with Korean songs. Everyone can speak and understand English and maybe spanish but what about korean? I've really listened their all albums with the subtitles and yes, there is definitly no poor lyrics. This album definitly deserved even more but also i'm suprised too cuz you know Grammys are racist. I just thought that they're gonna ignore them againg. They give them just one and i hope that they will win this one. And almost not giving nominations to The Weekend has to be a joke. I was afraiding for BTS just because Taylor &The Weekend. Race factor couldn't over Yummy🤦They both did big this year And yess i'm so f*cking proud of you BTS, you did great!
Victor Cavallo
Victor Cavallo:
The Weeknd doesn't need a Grammy, The Grammy needs The Weeknd.
juttier fl
juttier fl:
At least my girl Poppy got nominated... Still mad for The Weeknd and Rina Sawayama tho.
Im convinced Justin Biebers manager Scooter paid for his nominations because there is no reason he should have won over The Weekend.
BLACK Pumas album is fire.
Tori Bloom
Tori Bloom:
Grammys have snubbed BTS for years and continue to by ignoring their much better music. MOTS7 was the bestselling album worldwide but not a nomination in sight. I'm army but I honestly don't think they'll win.
marykate mae
marykate mae:
take justin bieber, replace everything he has with the weeknd. but i am happy for harry!
B P21
B P21:
The Weeknd got robbed ...
I can't believe that 🤬😠😠
Geremias Gularte
Geremias Gularte:
I'm disapointed that The Killers' Imploding The Mirage didn't even get a nomination to Best Rock Album
esmaeel kassem
esmaeel kassem:
Where TF is Hayley Williams and Petals for armor???
Jenna Fisher
Jenna Fisher:
If Justin Bieber wins a Grammy, I will rupture my eardrum with a q-tip.
Saakshi Shetty
Saakshi Shetty:
Honestly about Taylor and Dua's nominations. The one they deserve. My opinion-



Brendan Crosby
Brendan Crosby:
To be fair! The Grammy’s have treated rock music better this year than in prior years, but that’s not saying much.
Yummy over blinding lights and lose you to Love me!! Tell me this isn't true😭😭
Alexander Amaya
Alexander Amaya:
Love Dua's nominations, and she's been snubed a lot by other awards, well deserved, and I would have liked more nominations for Harry, but I'm glad he's got a couple
Yarin Alves
Yarin Alves:
The second I saw Yummy i thought "Jon is going to hate this"
Yeni Taylor
Yeni Taylor:
Dua was rightfully nominated! Abel was undoubtedly snubbed....happy for Harry and BTS! 😊
Sunita Minj
Sunita Minj:
Grammy's took out all weeknds noms and put Justin in his place
Valentina Abello
Valentina Abello:
I'm here for Jon completely losing it over Yummy being nominated
Hamza Swiftie
Hamza Swiftie:
I’m so happy for taylor and bts love them so much
Benjamin Spreen
Benjamin Spreen:
So anything from the weekend isn’t nominated? But “yummy” and “changes” by Justin Bieber are nominated, idk, but the Grammys have become even more shity. I am still upset to this day that “melodrama” by Lorde did not win album of the year.
Safana Shaji
Safana Shaji:
Why do they always somehow mess up though? Seeing Yummy on the list just don't allow me to take the grammys seriously..
C. J
C. J:
Let’s hope Taylor swift or Dua lipa sweep this year, they both deserve it ❤️
Euan Jackson
Euan Jackson:
‘Yummy’ is the ‘We Built This City’ of the 2020s, meaning they are both s***!
New era Global kids
New era Global kids:
Lose you to love me got snubbed again (also selena gomez)
Mikha Racelis
Mikha Racelis:
Folklore will definitely win Album of the Year. She’s the only artist who wrote an entire album during isolation, and made it relatable and somehow calming,just to let us know that in even though we are in the middle of this pandemic, music can save us and can be our guide to keep going and to remind us that it’s okay not to be okay for a while.
Robin Chatterjee
Robin Chatterjee:
Other than the strokes album which I love, the rock nominations were embarassing. Its so sad that people dont even know what rock music is anymore....
william binns
william binns:
What the rock nomination list should have looked like

Ozzy Osborn - ordinary man (ft. Elton John)

Lamb of God - new colossal hate

Idkhow - razzmatazz

The Rolling Stones - living in a ghost town

All time low - January gloom

Brendan Benson - dear life

The killers - imploding a Mirage

These are just some songs, I think fit the rock category better where I'm fine with some of the pics they chose. I think these are all better options. I mean, you could have even put stuff from the latest Pele Royale album or Deftones you could even put a song off the machine Gun Kelly album if you really wanted to.

P s if you haven't heard ordinary man by Ozzy featuring Elton John, it also features slash and Duff Mackay again guns and roses, as well as Chad Smith of the red hot chili peppers. It's a phenomenal song and don't think just cause I zis older now, he can't make a great song because this might actually be the best song he's ever released.
Nemanja Nikolovski
Nemanja Nikolovski:
The Weeknd, FKA Twigs for "Magdalene", Rina Sawayama, Fiona Apple for AOTY... so many snubs, oh my.
Suck It
Suck It:
This year just showed that you can get a nomination for the right price because who sat down and said “you know what’s a good song yummy by Justin Bieber”. It’s like every year the Grammys just say “don’t take us seriously we, have no respectability”. I do think into the unknown might win because Disney can just lobby it.
Karan Khulbe
Karan Khulbe:
I 'am Justin Stan but yummy got nominated is really messed up i think the weeknd blinding lights should have been on the list while the other justin nominations are totally deserving changes was his best album vocally his vocals were amazing in changes
Naomi Riendeau
Naomi Riendeau:
I'd love if spotify made their own awards show.
Hershey T
Hershey T:
Atleast they finally nominated BTS, although in only one category although they deserved more. Dynamite should have gotten song if the year
Lil G
Lil G:
OH THANK GOD, The Strokes got ONE nomination! I'd say they need more, because they absolutely rocked my year with The New Abnormal!
I'd also like to say: fuck these popularity contests disguised as award shows. I'm still salty about when High Hopes won best rock song at the MTV music awards last year. Just because Panic! used to be rock, doesn't automatically make this song rock! It makes it worse considering it beat The 1975's Love It If We Made It, that's in my top 5 favorite songs of all time!
Also, where's Blinding Lights? If this is a popularity contest it should totally win something right?! This is one of the best pop songs in YEARS, coming from a big rock/alt fan.
Meagan Bass
Meagan Bass:
Yes, Coldplay was nominated for AOTY for "Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends"
jack will win producer of the year
Justice for The Weeknd and Lady Gaga
Sharon Zheng
Sharon Zheng:
Phoebe Bridgers and Taylor Swift deserve to WIN (and sweep the Grammys)! "Punisher" should have been nominated for AOTY as well though. I do also think The Killers should have been nominated in the Rock category for "Imploding the Mirage" or at least for "Caution".
I'm gonna be honest, I came here just to see your reaction about Bieber (I knew you'll be mad) lol he really doesn't deserve any of that, please The Weekend did more with blinding lights alone than Justin with that whole horrible album. And yes! agreed with a lot of your comments on this list
Omar Owens
Omar Owens:
Loba Étoile
Loba Étoile:
BTS deserved a nomination (at least) for Best Pop Vocals for "Map of the Soul: 7". It's a great album, and it went platinum and has 2nd highest abum sales in the US. It has an interesting concept, diverse sound, amazing lyricism. But, I knew it was too much to expect that from Grammys, considering how they treat POC artist even from their own country.

Dynamite is not their best song, indeed, not by a mile, but, it's a summer hit and the performances they have done have all been different, had high energy, with a production that goes beyond what most artists have been doing. You can not deny they are some of the best performers in the world, so Dynamite deserves that win. Plus, it's the only nomination that is a real group/duo, all the rest are collaborations not songs from a duo/group.
the fact that theweeknd and bts weren’t t nominated for best album i-