Reactions to the loss of John Lewis

Tributes pour in after the death of the civil rights icon and long-serving congressman.

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Big Travis
Big Travis:
Lewis Looks like Elijah Cummings twin brother
How this dude die twice!! JK
Pete Clemenza
Pete Clemenza:
John Lewis: "we don't want our freedom gradually, we want it now " rest in power ✊🏾
Evelia Valencia
Evelia Valencia:
Iam so much pain my God keeps hes family members 💔 strong RIP John Lewis iam going to miss you thank you for doing everything right for me and the planet u did ur Best great work 💯💯💯🌿🌹🌿😇😇😇😇😇
Blankie Ruiz
Blankie Ruiz:
I don’t stand him and now even more. 😁😁😁
At least it wasn't covid19. But in this day and age, we should have conquered cancer already. I lost my father to cancer.
Padma Saini
Padma Saini:
Lewis what you did with 16 Billions dollars you received to fix the city .nothing is done and money is missing .now you are dead .
Matthew Holloway
Matthew Holloway:
Damn, we lost one of the best at explaining why we should always hang our heads in shame,
Hmmmmm... that was fun, good times.
S L Jones
S L Jones:
Did he Run the shopping chain?
This is what systemic racism gets you
Phillip Riggins
Phillip Riggins:
Well done good and faithful servant. He was a great man and he will be missed!
Rest In Peace John Lewis !
Justin Fencsak
Justin Fencsak:
💀 ✌
Mike Sacco
Mike Sacco:
Can’t say I agreed 100% with him.
But many years ago I met him and 1 thing I remember him saying.
If we ALL can live happy and enjoy life we could never be knocked down.

May his family find peace in this difficult time.
Raffi Le Pen
Raffi Le Pen:
John Lewis: The face of Sam Cassell, the intellect of Hank Johnson.
David Smith
David Smith:
You can expect his memorial service to turn into a Biden campaign rally, and his memory reduced to "We have to stop Trump!"
Raymond Fields
Raymond Fields:
RIP John Lewis 🙏

#ADOS are a group with a specific justice claim. The #ADOS movement demands a specific agenda with policy prescriptions that address the losses stemming from the institution of slavery, Jim Crow, redlining, convict leasing, mass incarceration and immigration.
Without specific measures being instituted, #ADOS are locked out of the country our ancestors built during chattel slavery. Without reforms through transformative government, we will be left to continue living a third world life in a first world country.

Let's honor Rep. Lewis' by advocating for reparations!

#ADOS #Reparations2020 #LineageMatters #DataMatters
4Runner 4WD
4Runner 4WD:
He love his country so much that he sold it to the Chinese
Jersey Bro
Jersey Bro:
Reaction is get some new blood who will causally do something for the district ..
Margaret Rogers
Margaret Rogers:
Thank you i see it now
Jeff Dunnell
Jeff Dunnell:
The comments
leeondro jaramillo
leeondro jaramillo:
American Born Patriot.
American Born Patriot.:
Edd Stack
Edd Stack:
He got Re-Imagined
Wait . Didn't he pass 6 months ago ??
Human finisher
Human finisher:
I just came to know about him today
They didn't label him as COVID19? hmm
Gary Bennett
Gary Bennett:
This is super sad
Jon Doubleyou
Jon Doubleyou:
Kurt Adams
Kurt Adams:
RIP my Brother. Thank you and love you for everything that you have done for us
You will be missed here, Rep. John Lewis!!! I'm sure you with your vision, depth and love for humanity will be doing some very important work with the Lord. Respect, honor and sympathies for his loved ones.
Violy Velarde
Violy Velarde:
A Titan? If he is so, why do you still shout "Racist!". He's not that effective. Like Obama, not effective.
david dios
david dios:
He went from relevant 60s activist, to the hollow step and fetch it. of the democratic lefty's. MLK TO CBLM. sad sad sad how easily someone gets seduced and bought, by the enemy within. RIP sir. The red game is just getting started. To bad you died just when you groomed the field of battle so well. Stupid.
Remember, the Violence Inflicted on John Lewis, Was the Result of Democrat Governance
Me Mine
Me Mine:
Another good one
Luciano Figueiredo
Luciano Figueiredo:
Muito triste
Никитин Денис
Никитин Денис:
Что здесь происходит?
Alexis Gainey
Alexis Gainey:
Charles Lloyd
Charles Lloyd:
Is this the same Lewis that rejected Kings ideas of equality. For welfare and lower education?
Dorothy Green
Dorothy Green:
where was his courage to transform his district?
Cerese Singletary
Cerese Singletary:
We have lost a great man. We are really going to miss him. I have followed him for almost 60 yrs. His job was done. God called him home. He fought a goid fight, and he won. I am so proud of this man, he did everything right. My sympathy goes out to his family, colleagues, friends. God bless you all. I don" t have to say RIP, because I know he is at peace.
Johnny schmidt
Johnny schmidt:
Here's my reaction buh bye
Michael Montgomery
Michael Montgomery:
His constituents have suffered greatly
So here we are. The wasteland called Washington, DC. The place where many of our elected officials avoid because of COVID concerns. Can't run the government, except by proxy. Too dangerous... Those of us who lost loved ones couldn't be with their spouse, brother, parent whatever at the time of death. Loved ones couldn't have a funeral service to mourn the loss. We have all lost so much catering to the advice being set forth from our government. But..... What do we have here! The death of a prominent Democrat..... My goodness. Poor man. Politicians won't travel to that den of COVID, will they? Really now. That would be much too dangerous. Wouldn't it? We will see..... We will see how dangerous this virus really is very soon. We will see if this game of lockdown will continue, or will there be a miraculous change to what Americans can and can't do. I mean, they won't have a service for Rep. Lewis and still keep the citizens of America locked down... Would they????
Hail Mary Recordings - North Hollywood, CA
Hail Mary Recordings - North Hollywood, CA:
Jocko Ward
Jocko Ward:
Yet not a single reaction focuses on how we remember this icon. I am a Republican. I detest the BLM movement as being communistic and the culture they seek to destroy. Not one among them (or any democrat I'm aware of) is proposing a STATUE of JOHN LEWIS as a way to redefine the greatness of true American icons. It is right to remove old democrat-hero statues like General Lee and Stonewall Jackson into museums where their evil history belongs, and out of the town square where they have stood as symbols of oppression. It is right to remove Christopher Columbus, who never set foot in North America. But we need to replace those "bad examples" with people of HONOR, like John Lewis. Not one person of national importance is saying this... for a very simple reason: They don't want to UNITE us over GOOD EXAMPLES. All they want is DIVISION and DOWNFALL. So screw them. Let's unite people!
Kathydid55 I
Kathydid55 I:
AMEN !!!
Abdullahi Hussein
Abdullahi Hussein:
Jim Ward
Jim Ward:
He does'nt comes close to Martin Luther king
Paul S.
Paul S.:
Will BLM take a day off rioting to honor him?
EF *
EF *:
So A
Don X
Don X:
Thanks fo' da recall, satan.
Robert Saunders
Robert Saunders:
Where was his concern for the treatment of Donald Trump?

How about Bret Cavanaugh?

Where did he stand on socialism?

The tearing down of statues?

What about riots?

Blaming whites for, like, everything?

I could go on for days. There were many great things about this man. However, I feel his party turned bad, and used him and he wasn’t aware enough to realize what had happened. Suddenly he was on the wrong side. But his own bias and partisanship prevented him from making a change. Like all career politicians… he got too comfortable playing the game.
Roger Taylor
Roger Taylor:
Good riddance
Merle Bonds
Merle Bonds:
Why is this such a big deal that this Democrat died?
God is possibly up to something.
Oh George at the end - fu
Kathydid55 I
Kathydid55 I:
manuel v
manuel v:
As long as you keep that post video doink sound that is very unsettling, I'm going to give you a thumbs down.
Bias ABC and bias comments.
Eddie Valiant
Eddie Valiant:
I just learned that he represented Atlanta. Is this something to be proud of? If his legacy in the promotion of positive initiatives in his district is considered a success than I’d hate to see a failure.
Wild Tiger
Wild Tiger:
Good Riddance
M. l
M. l:
Heart felt loss.
The man stood .
Waves came .
Still he stood.
Thank you for your contributions to our country. R.I.P.
Chris Martino
Chris Martino:
look at Lewis 's face when Obama gives him the metal.... I know what his expression is saying there... Barry never been in a fist fight .... it's totally a class thing folks not a race thing.... i grew up I listening to 80's Hardcore .... which got it right... i know it's loud ...but the lyrics man
So how many times will he be voting in elections in the coming years?
And how many 10's of $M's in kickbacks and graft are up for grabs now in that vacant seat? The DNC must be SALIVATING.
Linda's Place
Linda's Place:
A life well lived. Amazing in his prime.
Francis Mausley
Francis Mausley:
A Righteous Man... "O Lord, glorify his station, shelter him under the pavilion of Thy supreme mercy, cause him to enter Thy glorious paradise, and perpetuate his existence in Thine exalted rose garden, that he may plunge into the sea of light in the world of mysteries." ~ Baha'i Prayer
Ase Jarrod
Ase Jarrod:
Man I thought he died already I got him confused with Elijah Cummings 🤦🏼‍♂️
sunshine Whiskey
sunshine Whiskey:
couldn't have left sooner
Randy Flamethrower
Randy Flamethrower:
He started off fighting for good causes. But that was decades ago. Lewis’s 5th Congressional District, according to Forbes, is the 6th most violent city in America. His district has high unemployment for black people (higher than many other places). By all measures in his over 30 years in congress, Mr. Lewis has failed to help raise his community out of poverty, failed to stop the violent crime, failed to bring jobs to his district and failed to improve the lives of children
Bernie Winn
Bernie Winn:
Here’s my reaction. Good riddance!👋
Liberal in Oklahoma
Liberal in Oklahoma:
Daniel C
Daniel C:
“I've never wished another man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.”

Liberty. Constitution. Republic.
A true legend 💔
Bun Bun
Bun Bun:
I will alway remember the way he said “feces” lol
Arc Anon Drum
Arc Anon Drum:
If you watch C-SPAN (and every American should watch some C-SPAN) you got to see John Lewis fighting for the Working Class people, no matter what their skin color. John Lewis: A Good Man who worked Hard for us all.
A tremendous loss. My ❤ is heavy 2day!
Jamie Jay
Jamie Jay:
He never had a smile on his bitter face.
John Jourdan
John Jourdan:
I thought Elijah Cummings died last year?
Guy Fawkes
Guy Fawkes:
Wait second I thought this was eliajh Cummings the whole time
Randy Watson
Randy Watson:
Mandela Effect. I remember his death reported about 4 months ago vividly.
terry walker
terry walker:
Wow he voted for the murder of innocent babies. You people who think that’s going to secure your place in heaven are seriously detrranged. He knows now! 🤔
Eugenia S
Eugenia S:
Not true - as I said, it is My Opinion! Everyone is entitled to their opinion.
He was my granddad second cousin 😔
Chris Brown
Chris Brown:
Can't tell him from Elijah Cummings,look,sound just like each other,both kept asking what Trump meant when he said the Russia investigation was a "witch hunt", thats what u learn about in 1st grade history class
melia monroe
melia monroe:
Don Crosby
Don Crosby:
Thinning out....slowly but surely
Michael Villarreal
Michael Villarreal:
So um what exactly has he done recently
Steve W
Steve W:
Joe Biden wants your vote!!! Remember, you're not really colored if you're not for Joe!!!
Jai Norman
Jai Norman:
Rest in peace 🙏🏿
R.I.P John 🌹
Anthony Campos
Anthony Campos:
RIP legend
Dean Ossiander
Dean Ossiander:
condolences from The Orange Clown ??????
David B
David B:
R.I.P. Sir Lewis 💔❤🙏
Mark Evrard
Mark Evrard:
Definitely...we need term limits
Morgan Wells
Morgan Wells:
We have to watch out those new deaf drivers sweet 16 years old