Real Madrid vs PSG: Champions League Round of 16 Matchday Preview and Predictions

The CBS Sports HQ team — Poppy Miller, Luis Garcia, Jimmy Conrad and Ian Joy — give a full preview and prediction as Real Madrid take on PSG at the Bernabeu. The game is on CBS or you can stream the match on Paramount+. Coverage starts at 2p EST.

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30 comentarios:

Jolo Bens
Jolo Bens:
It is going to be a beautiful night of football at the Bernabeu. Where dreams become reality🤩
this is gonna be a great game. can't wait to see it
Rod Rivera
Rod Rivera:
Mbappe isn’t out of this game, PSG on top
Darwing Benavides
Darwing Benavides:
Hoy remontara el equipo más histórico de Europa real Madrid 🇪🇸
Its the Bernabeu, Madrid has to win this fixture..
Germán López
Germán López:
I love how they are underestimating Real Madrid, the biggest team and most time UEFA Champions League winners!
angelo nikitaras
angelo nikitaras:
Messi has been missing last 4 years vs Real Madrid,
like we saw with PSG with out Mbappe look average , also PSG traveling have been average they havent won away
This is the best game for sure, but people downplaying PSG’s L1 results should understand that PSG in the UCL are a different team than in Ligue 1 😅
Abdulaziz Hussaini Tahir
Abdulaziz Hussaini Tahir:
Madrid DID NOT LOSE to Inter Milan in the 2nd leg
Wasn’t Mbappe thinking of heading to Madrid last year?
Shaq from #ShaqTV
Shaq from #ShaqTV:
Lol Gana stepped on his foot 😂 he will be fine.
3:22 madrid best Inter both times 🧐
Juna Nougues
Juna Nougues:
The Bernabeu is Messi's home away from home, so PSG by 2.
Alessandro Marconcini
Alessandro Marconcini:
Troppo contento ho esultato come se giocasse la mia Juve. Ho temuto per l' arbitraggio perche' sia voi che noi che il Barca, abbiamo astio con la UEFA. Il PSG sta comprando un centrocampista che palleggia sull' acqua..🤣
simon daughtry
simon daughtry:
the news that broke was broken. .... MBappe is in ....
Dwamena John
Dwamena John:
Heyaaa Real madrid won against inter milan both home and away
stephen mapeka
stephen mapeka:
Psg 4-Madrid 1.Mbappe accepts Psg massive offer!
Robert Negron
Robert Negron:
PSG has good players but if mbappe is not playing. PSG offenses. Not enough.
ARW 11
ARW 11:
Hopefully psg win inshalllah
I like you're OM sticker, Jimmy!
Farrukh Abu Bakr
Farrukh Abu Bakr:
no mbappe no pace thats all
Yuniel Alvarez
Yuniel Alvarez:
Jamoncito para el psg
Trippie Dior
Trippie Dior:
Psg still gon play qpwm
Tareq Ahmed Mojumder
Tareq Ahmed Mojumder:
Ali Keshani
Ali Keshani:
Choketown here I come
stephen mapeka
stephen mapeka:
Psg fans pls relax! There is no way Real Madrid without Casemiro, Kroos & Mendy could eliminate PSG. This game will decide where Mbappe will play next season,i am sure both teams are aware.4-0 is my prediction with Messi scoring 2.
Robert Dalipi
Robert Dalipi:
Experience will win again. HALA MADRID..3_1.
Kamal Kamal
Kamal Kamal:
Psg 3
R m 1
Silmagdonald Velaz
Silmagdonald Velaz:
Hoy lloran los madrilistas