Real Sociedad vs Barcelona, Spanish Super Cup, Semi-Final - MATCH PREVIEW

Barça face Real Sociedad in the semi-final of the Supercopa de España, with Real Madrid taking on Athletic Club in the other semi-final. As Ronald Koeman sets out to win his very first trophy as Barcelona coach. Will Messi and Griezmann continue their fine goalscoring form?




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100+ comentarios:

The Super Cup is here! Let's continue our improved form and show our quality against the top teams, let's do thissss 👊
Vasudev Bhat
Vasudev Bhat:
Don't forget the money this trophy will fetch us(around 3-4 million euros). As we are in desperate need of cash . agree with me guys?
hashir jabbar
hashir jabbar:
This trophy is extremely important for us to boost our morale and hopefully we'll come back with it ! VISCA EL BARCA ❤️💙💪
Rushin Bhatt
Rushin Bhatt:
Prolly heard Jamie say "Barca are in red hot form" for the first time since god knows when !
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi:
This is how many goals you want To win by tomorrow
Christian Vargas
Christian Vargas:
This is a big chance for Barca to win a trophy after about a year....let’s go...FORCA BARCA 🔵🔴
Brian _22
Brian _22:
This is a must win game and a must win trophy
Come on Barca!!!!
This is a HUGE game...this is going to be a really tough game for us, but we've started this year off great...if we play our fast fluid football we can get passed these and if we do we have so much momentum going into the rest of the season but also the final in which I want some serious revenge on Real...i absolutely despise them and I really want us to prove that we are NOT out the title race just yet...VISCA EL BARCA VAMOSSSS BOYSSS 🔵🔴❤️
Drew Hannoush
Drew Hannoush:
Why do you still show the formation as a 4-2-3-1 when it is quite clearly a 4-3-3? Just wondering
Come on we’ve gotta keep this consistency going!
Binay sharma
Binay sharma:
This is the time to beat real madrid in final but now we have to win the game and beat real sociedad...visca El barca😎😎
Muzammil Syed
Muzammil Syed:
I wanna see griezmann and Messi holding that trophy ❤️❤️
nirmal joshi
nirmal joshi:
Whenever we are in good spirits we end up lets keep the expectations low..and hope that messi and the team continues the good form with consistency..
lets win this and show we are making progress. please
I can never forget Messi's goal against Athletic in the Copa Del Rey final 2015
Aadil Ali
Aadil Ali:
Im never here this early lol,We need to win this trophy😂
Praneel Munshi
Praneel Munshi:
If you can beat them once, you can beat them twice!
Lollypop gaming YT
Lollypop gaming YT:
A cup is all what we need to boost up our confidence in the time like this!
Young Vic
Young Vic:
I talked to Messi and he said that he’s gonna score 2 goals tomorrow griezmann gonna score 1
maurice aslo
maurice aslo:
koeman stop playing the 4231 he’s been playing the 433
Nimmy Ashraf
Nimmy Ashraf:
Every time Alba played real sociedad who plays amazing because last game he had 1 go’s and 1 assist
And an offside goal
Barcelona Golden state
Barcelona Golden state:
We beat them once we can do it again and were in better form
Lion king Zak
Lion king Zak:
Barcelona 4
Real Sd 1
Who is with me?
Saad Chowdhury
Saad Chowdhury:
I just love the intro.
In this era of no fans in camp nou it makes me feel warm.
We want Real Madrid and we need to prove ourselves, and hopefully at the end we can win that trophy. 🔵🔴
Mostafa Azadegan
Mostafa Azadegan:
I would do the rotations against Cornella, (Copa Del Rey)
Siddhant Pai
Siddhant Pai:
I was getting a little worried Jamie not seeing an upload yesterday... 😅😅. But ur back with a banger 💥🐐🐐
"This is an important game" and we know what happens in important games -__-
Kiama Augustine
Kiama Augustine:
0 - 2 : Griezmann and Pedri to score
malyaban moitra
malyaban moitra:
The supercup is much needed silverware for us . I hope we win our first trophy of the season. Vamos 💪
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh:
We need this trophy to boost our confidence this is very important for us
We need this trophy more than anyone
Barça Community
Barça Community:
I am getting the membership tomorrow Jamie sorry but I couldn’t get it today like I promised
Sanjog K.
Sanjog K.:
We need to win this trophy, otherwise we will be trophy-less this season as well.
Koeman pls wear the blue barca jumpsuit....
Lil Jermaine
Lil Jermaine:
We need to win this to get a trophy in the cabinet and take out real, VAMOSSS
But we have been playing using a 433 formation lately that’s why we’ve been playing way better
Stefan Jakobsen
Stefan Jakobsen:
Jamie, this channel has helped me through hard times! Thank you so much <3
Haitham Alallam
Haitham Alallam:
Let’s hope omg can get the win over odi
If u don’t understand omg= Osman dembele, Messi, griezmann.
Odi= oyarzabal, David Silva, isak
platinum gray
platinum gray:
Hope we can continue building on that momentum from previous matches💪🏾🔴🔵
I've been waiting all day for this. Let's do this! Visca el barca!!
Sam S
Sam S:
Eagerly waiting for this video !
Hope we can claim our first cup this season !
Oluwatenifade Fatoye
Oluwatenifade Fatoye:
When you’re so early,it says no views lol
Lele Koko
Lele Koko:
great spirits, great performance, great results! that’s what we need and it looks like we have right now
Let's continue the winning streak and most importantly the consistency! BAR 3 - 1 RSO (my prediction)
Didds Gaming YT
Didds Gaming YT:
Expecting Barca to win . Lets expect a win.❤❤❤❤
Marwan Mahrouf
Marwan Mahrouf:
Hope Messi can continue his good form🔥🔥
Praneel Munshi
Praneel Munshi:
If you can win slowly, you can win quickly!
Zion Abeiku Thannie
Zion Abeiku Thannie:
Imagine a Clasico final🤔🤞
José Ghaleb
José Ghaleb:
hey jamie! I just wanted to ask you how your mum and grandma are doing
John Cole
John Cole:
RSO | 1 | 2 | BAR
Oyarzabal 56’ Dembele 23’
Messi 72’
Use my comment as the ‘’make your videos to podcasts on Spotify’’ button❤️❤️
faze curry
faze curry:
Let’s get the job done💙❤️
Meme Chugs
Meme Chugs:
The Boxing Vault
The Boxing Vault:
Wtf oyarzabal has already played 200 games😳
whatever dude 08
whatever dude 08:
Jamie make sure people share the game links in twitter pls
ghayal gaming
ghayal gaming:
I want this trophy in messi's hand
tochukwu aligwara
tochukwu aligwara:
I love all ur videos Jamie infact it has turned into an addiction for keep it up💪
Sarvesh K
Sarvesh K:
Me: Thank you for coming in my life.
Jamie: Dude I'm literally TalkFCB
Didi C-gal
Didi C-gal:
It's going to be interesting for many reasons,and do remember our opponent is any walk over so we must be cautious as well very clinical up front and solid in defense #onelove#🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲
Do you think after recovery ansu will be same as before?
Royal Yunus
Royal Yunus:
Only Jamie knows where most of us come from....lets get to know where most of us come from
From lineup to score prediction, i think you got it absolutely right!
Samuel Montano
Samuel Montano:
Imagine our team never lose a single game for the rest of the season. I would love that😁
Ismael Alexander
Ismael Alexander:
Been waiting for this video:)
swayam mehta
swayam mehta:
i dont know about others but this trophy is like the UCL trophy this season for me
Era Nade
Era Nade:
Hey You should do a live stream of u reacting to the game. Just an idea for the future
Who else is feeling that we meet Madrid in finals and take REVENGE 🤧.
Mbasa Philiso
Mbasa Philiso:
This is an important match we need to start winning silverware
Chintu Phiri
Chintu Phiri:
Been waiting for this video since yesterday😅
Awesome video as usual my friend🤝
Now patiently waiting for the next upload on more talk fcb😁🥂✊🏽
GG Guy
GG Guy:
I was ready to sleep Beacuse i have a test tomorrow but is saw this video and said 'barça is more important then that dumb school' 💙❤️
If the game goes well, I hope he brings on Ilaix!
Finally i was waiting for the video for so long😌
Edward Sayeyahgbay
Edward Sayeyahgbay:
Winning something is the best medicine that’s gonna solve our players low confidence
Mustapha Kabiru
Mustapha Kabiru:
The last time I was this early, setien is our manager 💞💞
Eskargo Doumit
Eskargo Doumit:
Come on, Let's do this!!!
Melvin X4
Melvin X4:
I really appreciate it
Ron FTW:
Visca El BARCA ❤️💙❤️💙❤️
Anyone have any idea as to where we can watch this in India?
Mryanhuwi Gardee
Mryanhuwi Gardee:
I am so excited i can't wait to watch the match let's see hope fully we win
Sadiq Melhim
Sadiq Melhim:
Keep up the great work!
Maybe we have Spain's second Ramos
Shawn Cris
Shawn Cris:
barca 5-2 real sociedad
Charbel Asfar
Charbel Asfar:
hope for the best success!❤ and jamie your videos are so inspiring. i really feel happy watching your videos even from the worst matches❤❤
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly:
Jamie any idea how we can watch this one
the minimalist
the minimalist:
We have to start taking about Messi de Jong combination 😏
John Hunter
John Hunter:
Força Barça!🔵🔴🤞🏾
UltraGodOp - CoD
UltraGodOp - CoD:
This is our only chance of silverware Ngl.
Henry Kojo
Henry Kojo:
Dale Barca y seguimos trabajando!!!
(Let's go Barca and we continue to work!!!) Oiste? (You hear?)
Kagiso Peace Matsapola
Kagiso Peace Matsapola:
We need to take all comers on like our lives depend on it - To keep the momentum going and ensure that new found chemistry, energy and form in the side keeps getting better and better!!
Mo AlZaben
Mo AlZaben:
hopefully PM would strike again tmrw, then soon it will be PAM
Senor Flopper
Senor Flopper:
Hopefully Umtiti starts, looked very good against Granada, and obv I'm an Umtiti fan, but he has improved and shown confidence
Hailemichael Yenew
Hailemichael Yenew:
I feel like we should sell cotinuo at the end of the season before he ages cause we have many players in his place.
Divik Purohit
Divik Purohit:
Where I can watch this match in india ? 🙄
You are funny, I like it a lot.. and I enjoy your view about what is going on, realistic too.. no time to lose but win all games from now on..
My name is Jeff
My name is Jeff:
Yesterday was a tough day because I had no video from Jamie. Just kidding, you deserve to take breaks with all the dedication and commitment you put into this channel. Love the videos Jamie and let’s go get this win💪. Forca Barca
Im here when we won 1-3. Im from the future
The Lachi Media
The Lachi Media:
El Classico Final will be intriguing
I Man
I Man:
FORCA BARÇA!!!!!!! 💪🏻💪🏻
Saif Dahabreh
Saif Dahabreh: