Red Hot Chili Peppers Perform "Black Summer" / "Can't Stop" | 2022 VMAs

Global Icon honorees Red Hot Chili Peppers perform "Black Summer" / "Can't Stop" at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards. Check out more from the 2022 VMAs here:

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100+ comentarios:

For a few minutes there, MTV Music Awards aired great music again, just like the good old days. Frusciante killed it here.
Walter Moran
Walter Moran:
When they played “Can’t Stop”, the crowd went wild. Even the younger generation recognizes. It’s not easy to stay relevant with today’s generation after being around 30+ years. They are legends, and Anthony Keidis and Flea are in great shape for being in their late 50s/early 60s.
In my opinion the Red Hot Chili Peppers are the greatest band in the world right now, and one of the greatest rock ‘n’ roll bands of all freaking time! In fact their new song “Black Summer” is the best rock song I’ve heard in years! They are to be commended for their longevity and their creativity, these guys are rock and roll geniuses! Rock on! 🎸
This band cannot be criticised. They’ve stayed true to the bands soul, brilliant musicians, started at the bottom and worked their butts off and quite simply getting better
The intro to Can't Stop gives me chills EVERY TIME! It doesn't matter if I watch them perform live or on TV, the impact is the same! love these boys!
Showed to all these young artists how you do it after all those years. Best performance by far.
Robby Hodgey
Robby Hodgey:
As much as I loved these guys with Josh Klinghoffer, there's just something about them with John Frusciante that completes them.
Лариса Торг
Лариса Торг:
The RHCP performance at the MTV ceremony was like a breath of fresh air, their naturalness and sincerity just melted my heart. They deserve all the awards.
Jim Kyle
Jim Kyle:
Weird to see real instruments at the VMA's. Amazing performance... especially Frusciante.
April Jimenez
April Jimenez:
REAL music. REAL talent. Legends.
Leonardo Ramos
Leonardo Ramos:
The only ones who sang LIVE and played LIVE without needing any pre-recorded base, virtual studio, playback or backing vocals with bursting volume to mask mediocre vocals. I really respect those who do it for REAL.
Rachel Slotnick
Rachel Slotnick:
I was there front row!!! John smiled and waved at me, Anthony made a heart at me, and I showed Flea my asterisk tat and he made a heart at me!!! And then during a bass solo he locked eyes at me and kept walking towards me!!!!! Best moment of my life… and I’m seeing them again this weekend!!!
Ryan Scanlon
Ryan Scanlon:
Play more stuff like this mtv you can see how much the crowd were loving it and how different is was. To hear real authentic unautotuned music. Raw as you can get even changes guitars mid performance
You can feel 'soul' and 'chemistry' in this one and only RHCP lineup. Just classic vibe of jammin' and funkin'
Café Arturo
Café Arturo:
En pleno 2022 ver a los red hot chili peppers presentándose y ganando premio luego de su existencia hace más 30 años, Definitivamente está banda es LEYENDA
The Chili Peppers are magic on stage.
Si Kay
Si Kay:
Thank God these guys survived their demons and pulled through. It’s a miracle really. Much love for the Peppers and their real soul they pour into their sound. What will we do when the last of these bands are no longer? We need a revamp music again. New blood where are you?
John’s back vocals in Can’t Stop are just too good
I love the "Support Your Local Freak" decal on Flea's bass. He's such a performer! This whole performance was amazing.
Victoria Caneal
Victoria Caneal:
They will definitely go down as one of the greatest rock bands in history. Awesome show!
Learning Dev
Learning Dev:
Chili peppers did what they do best. They came, they played, they pumped EVERYONE up
Sam Hibron
Sam Hibron:
Felt like the glory days of MTV here for a few minutes. Just some good old guitar, bass, drums, and vocals! Legends!
Vitória Dantas
Vitória Dantas:
John Frusciante still so amazing, what are these solos?! after all those years, the chemistry between the band are a unique thing. I'm so glad they got back, waiting for the show in Brazil 🇧🇷❤
Austin Danquer
Austin Danquer:
the chemistry between these 4 will never be duplicated they are one of a kind. best band of all time.
Brandon Shere
Brandon Shere:
I saw them live a couple weeks ago in Chicago. If you have the chance, see them because It is the most insane thing you'll ever see. Crowd was full of young people, and older. Just goes to show how special they truly are. The second John joins back and the band is united again, they take over the world all over again.
Damien Delvallée
Damien Delvallée:
Wouuh, Anthony has been working his ass off. His vocals are on point!
The band as a whole is flawless...
Matthew Jacobs
Matthew Jacobs:
I understand that nostalgia is a powerful drug...but when I heard that they were doing this I turned on MTV for probably the first time in 20 years. RHCP brought me back to a different time for just a minute. I am not sure that it was a "better" time but it sure feels like it was. I grew up in the 80s and 90s and sometimes I sure wish for that time again. Maybe I am just getting old.
C. Neto
C. Neto:
De longe, a melhor banda do mundo. Vida longa aos Peppers. Love them.
Forgettable Lisa
Forgettable Lisa:
Of all the bands from my youth, I don’t think I would have picked RHCP as one that would actually age well, but these guys are still in their prime. Unreal band.
Marcos Nami
Marcos Nami:
John Frusciante is untouchable. A music genius. God!
Another legendary performance by John Frusciante! One of the greatest guitar player of all times 👏
Just so good. John F is just one of the greatest to ever do it. That solo on Can’t Stop is fuckin intense!
Thiago Kesseli
Thiago Kesseli:
The perfect band. Not my favorite band, but they are truly the perfect band.
Victoria Caneal
Victoria Caneal:
The new album is really great. I love almost all the tracks with the exception of 2-3 but maybe they will grow on me. For me it's the best RHCP album since By The Way.
Matias Zega
Matias Zega:
The quality and the sounds that give them John are impressive. Definitely one of the best guitarists of our time. Best from Argenitna!
Ricardo LE
Ricardo LE:
Excelente RHCP sacando la cara por el Rock, lo mejor de este evento.
It was so refreshing to see them on the awards show. Finally good music.
Tuve que soportar escuchar Reggaetón , hasta K-pop , para después poder deleitarme escuchando la mejor banda , RHCP señores 🖤
Jaime Nava
Jaime Nava:
Absolutely chills when John went into the cant stop solo, genuinely an amazing band they are the greatest
They are absolutely back in their prime again, John picked playing live back up so fast, amazing time..
Siempre es lindo escuchar a los peppers ❤️
John absolutely tore that entire stage up. Unreal performance.
Jesús Lecca
Jesús Lecca:
¡Amo a esta banda! La magia y la atmósfera que crean a través de su música es un placer para el alma. ¡Larga vida a RHCP! ❤
Lil Angel
Lil Angel:
NOW..THIS IS WHAT MUSIC IS!! THIS BAND IS ICONIC!! We miss this kinda era of VMA where real musicians gather together for the love of art and not just being famous for nonsense
Cristian Guerra
Cristian Guerra:
It's always nice to hear an artist with no autotune tbh
STAN ONEUS (stream Same Scent)
STAN ONEUS (stream Same Scent):
No puedo parar de ver estapresentación, estaba esperando con ansias por los Chili Peppers. Verlos tocar para algún programa así como lo hicieron.
More Flores
More Flores:
Amo, amo, amooo, amo a los Red Hot Chili Peppers ♡♡♡♡
Omg John was amazing! All the guys were at their finest! I just love their energy together! Showing the younger generation how we do it!
Yvonne Dercksen
Yvonne Dercksen:
One of the best live-bands ever!
Jazz Rocker
Jazz Rocker:
God bless John Anthony Frusciante. Absolutely phenomenal performance. Imagine a performance at a commercial music awards show that features not only live instruments but *drum roll* improvisation. Solos here were off the charts.
Definitivamente LA MUSICA NO HA MUERTO! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Julio Bozada
Julio Bozada:
Me hizo recordar los 90's donde se hacia música de verdad y no porquería como las de ahora. Gracias RHCP por recordar esos viejo momentos.
Jenna Picken
Jenna Picken:
I can’t believe it is now possible to actually see John frusciante in the flesh… he’s an absolute guitar pioneer legend unbelievable talent
Theo W
Theo W:
30 years ago at the VMAs1992, they shared the stage with Nirvana, Pearl Jam , Guns n Roses, Black Crowes …. And yesterday with Maneskin, Lizzo….
I miss the 90s 🥺
Sara Martinez Lopez
Sara Martinez Lopez:
RHCP never disappoints. Best act this 2022!
Alejandra Arjona
Alejandra Arjona:
You just don't find musicians like these anymore...Will be forever my favorite band 💗
Saludos desde Perú. sigo esta banda desde el 2008, amor de mis amores.
That was easily the best black summer solo so far, absolutely epic
one of the greatest bands ever and still putting out hits !!!!!
EngamOle GD
EngamOle GD:
Blue & Gray Seven
Blue & Gray Seven:
quase chorei quando começaram a cantar Can't Stop! 🥺💖
Jae Beez
Jae Beez:
They killed it just amazing
Dear Nabiki
Dear Nabiki :
No fake artists, pure music...I feel so bad for the young generations now, their music sense lacks realness.
yahi design
yahi design:
love this guys so much, thanks for the amazing music
Lola Frusci
Lola Frusci:
Aguante los chili peppers carajo!!!🇦🇷🇦🇷🌶🌶💪💪siempre van a ser una banda vigente...hay mucha musica nueva ahora y nosotros podemos disfrutar d todo lo nuevo y d estas leyendas eternas.Gracias DIOS x permitirnos disfrutar d ellos🙏🙏🙏🙏
Gregory Wilson
Gregory Wilson:
Watched the awards while on vacation with my family. These guys killed it! Forever a Red Hot Chili Pepper fan! Can't Stop performance was insane! The best!
Sandy Silva Del Pino
Sandy Silva Del Pino:
Siempre soñaré con poder verlos y escucharlos algún día. Los sueños se hacen realidad
Nicolas Frem Asef
Nicolas Frem Asef:
La química de los 4 es innegable!! Temazos!!
rana auliani
rana auliani:
Seeing John enjoy to perform on a big program like this is such a fun. Thank you for coming back John!!
Logan May
Logan May:
Wow. Actual musicians take the stage at a music award show, it’s amazing!
Wow, actually real music on Mtv.....what a concept...
Joseph Corrado
Joseph Corrado:
absolutely incredible peformance by these rock and roll legends
Real musicians!
Fernando Debacker
Fernando Debacker:
Maravilhosos! É tão bom ver mestres da música tocando ao vivo, sem playback.
Stephanie Duran
Stephanie Duran:
Absolutely amazing, I get the chills every time I watch them perform with John 🌶♥️
Shawn Lai
Shawn Lai:
It's sad I'm 31 and I only knew a few of the artists... Glad to see that RHCP win! I've been waiting since 2009 to see them together again. ❤️
After nearly 20 years and I am still having goosebumps listening to this song. What legends these guys are.
Fillipe Machado
Fillipe Machado:
Real musicians!! Best performance by far!
YES! RHCP rules! My favorite band after all of these years. 💜
Rohit Fusion
Rohit Fusion:
All 4 of them are pushing the envelope beyond the imagination... Hats off to the legends 😀🎸
Christopher Carter
Christopher Carter:
What a performance! They always bring their "A" game.
Fran Hernández
Fran Hernández:
Y esto es música, no las porquerías actuales. Gracias John por volver y gracias RHCP por existir.
Shonny Jones
Shonny Jones:
30+ years in the game….and still playing like it’s the very first time 💕💕💕💕 respect
It's so good to see a rock band perform on awards show!!!
Ender Harlem
Ender Harlem:
I was in that concert. One of the best ones i’ve ever been!!
Por fin algo de buen rock en los MTV VMAs.
Nina Apuda
Nina Apuda:
One of the bests on the VMAs. I love this year's VMAs!
Gantsilyo Baguio
Gantsilyo Baguio:
Gosh I love them so. The four of them playing together makes us so happy.
Tulio Henrique
Tulio Henrique:
audio didn't do justice for the performance (especially for the drums), but It doesn't matter, john shredding for them mtv gen z to see was awesome, award 100% deserved
areola ayatollah
areola ayatollah:
Not sure how any other performer that night could have felt proud of themselves after these geezers completely out performed them on stage. This made everything else look like a high school performance.
Iago Moreira
Iago Moreira:
This is probably the best solo for black summer I've seen
Ursula 💞
Ursula 💞:
So happy for them....need more rock music to come back out. Finally MTV you are getting back to what we loved about VMAs don't ever stop having rock music. PLEASE keep it versatile. I love rap music but also love rock music. As a African American I grew up on rock music and love it still. .thank you for this ❤❤❤❤
Al Candia
Al Candia:
The best performance 🥰
Christopher Sullivan
Christopher Sullivan:
Love seeing John back at guitar. In my opinion one of the greatest ever
These guys are just onstage having a good time and probably have no idea just how important it is that they’re there. If just one kid sees this and goes out and gets a guitar tmrw, then it means them keeping real music alive.
Thomas Foster
Thomas Foster:
This felt so good! Like classic MTV. Made me nostalgic for a time I was apart of ! I love the Chilis! 🌶
Thanks mom and dad for making me love this very great band and making me love their albums. And especially thanks to the Red Hot Chili Peppers for making me live everyday like it's the last one
Dr Phot
Dr Phot:
Two things you can count on with RHCP:

1) They're gonna make you appreciate 90's-00's Rock Music

2) Flea ain't find his shirt until after the show is over
Absolutely incredible!!! Finally a band on the VMAs to actually play live!! 🙏🏻